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anonymous user

2 years ago

the other day, I called 3 times and emailed twice in regards to an animal over there. i filled out an application and even got my other pets in the household scheduled for their shots so everything would be ready for our new addition. i found this animal on pet finder, their website, and countless other websites. the last time i called, someone finally picked up just to tell me that this animal was adopted weeks prior. she had such an attitude and acted like i was bothering her just by calling. it’s their job to get these animals adopted. my daughter was STOKED about this pet. she was absolutely heartbroken and in tears when i told her that someone adopted it. it would be nice if they updated their website every once and a while.

B LangeII

2 years ago

i feel there are some very rude workers here who need to get a grip on how to talk to the public.

Catherine Brock

2 years ago

I got a Kitty there and I just love him and I had any questions or concerns they called me bag it helped me they're amazing

Melody Everwood

2 years ago

I genuinely don't think I want to give them a single star. We witnessed a horrible incident where a car hit a dog, and called them for help in what to do and seeing if they could send someone to help. The woman on the phone was incredibly rude, and even got upset with us for not knowing details despite us repeatedly explaining that we had drove by too quickly and were going back to check.

Dark Warrior

2 years ago

They rescue cats and dogs from all over the county, and are very friendly. Please adopt or donate.

Sonya Hernandez

2 years ago

I took my son here because he was interested in adopting a dog. We was taking over to a room where we sat for quite some time before being helped. The staff was busy laughing and playing and was not really working towards actually talking to us about an adoption. When I told the lady that we would go home and do some research and consider she immediately snatched the dog up and left

Amber Moss

2 years ago

Loving folks ❤️❤️❤️ these are my two new adopted family members Ruby with son Reese

TONI WILSON (Andy lelievre)

2 years ago

Thank you for the vans my husband is happy happy happy

Kathy Austin

2 years ago

Went to check out the animals..waited for awhile to just be told..can't walk with busy..why does someone need to walk with you? Will not be back.Not a way to have people interested in adopting a dog.

Maddison Ryan

2 years ago

Only giving one star because I had to in order to leave review. These were the rudest workers. I felt awful leaving the piglet rescue with then. They acted like I was the one who clearly left him on the side of the road. Still in disbelief

Renee Morrell

2 years ago

I give them credit for what they do but their interest seemed real low in my asking about my dog who went missing Feb. 11, 2021 from my home in Holt, FL. This is my girl Spooky. She was 2 in April she is a registered purebred American Bulldog. She is my very own breeding my third generation. PLEASE if anyone sees her PLEASE contact me. She is missed very badly.

Debbie Purdy

2 years ago

Got my new Buddy, my sweet smart protective boy. I couldn't have asked for a better fit ❣️

Linda Peek

2 years ago

They helped me find my 4 legged daughter, Bonnie Sue. She had gotten out of the yard and was MIA for 6 days. She's home now and all is well.

Natalie Schryver

2 years ago

This place is awful they don’t answer their phones they don’t call you back if you leave messages I called four weeks trying to adopt this dog that they had another foster and they said they get back to me and I called one last time and they gave away

Rose Kile

2 years ago

the people at PAWS are angels ! they are overwhelmed and still treat the animals with as much care as they can. they really want good connections with people and pets.......please go adopt if you have the time and space in your will be a rewarding experience !

Billie Todd

2 years ago

Everybody was very friendly and helpful to help us find the perfect match for our family we thank them

Katie Robinson

2 years ago

Picked up my foster to adopt, Honey. Very happy.

Susan Appelberg

2 years ago

We adopted an amazing dog, Lollipop and are extremely blessed with this experience. wonderful people, wonderful atmosphere, wonderful experience.

dav S.

2 years ago

It’s a shame that my tax dollars don’t go towards removing wild animals throughout Okaloosa County I suppose we have to get bit scratched or attacked before the county commissioners and the Panhandle animal welfare Society will do anything about it.

Jonathan Bock

2 years ago

Very friendly people.. that truly loves animals

Teresa Lyn Green

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful. I adopted a cat yesterday (Sunday 3/7/2021) because it was Sunday and she hadn't been in the shelter very long, I had to go back today after the Vet had been in and checked her over and given her a rabies shot. The office was extremely busy, but the 2 office personnel and 2 workers coming in and out, all acknowledged me and reassured me they would get to me as soon as possible. Tally hadn't gotten her shot yet, but the worker, as soon as she found out why I was there, got the vaccine and took it straight to the Vet, to make sure I didn't have to wait long. They worked very hard to get to each "customer" as quickly as possible. Very polite, very efficient.

BB Bgood

2 years ago

A good place to donate food. It made me feel good to donate some food. I wish I could do more.

Brian Eckert

2 years ago

Got a great puppy from them

Devonn DeLong

2 years ago

Adopted my cat here. The staff is very polite, and they take good care of the animals from what I saw.

Kitty O'Rourke

2 years ago

The dogs are so cute and eager for love. Wanted to take them all home. Delayed making a decision until we can take our dog with us to see how they get along. Staff is very understanding.

Brenda Beale

2 years ago

Stood there for about 15 min & couldn't get anyone to help me because they were too busy visiting with one another under the tent with a table put up to help people.


2 years ago

It was a great and easy experience adopting my Bella. Even coming from Pensacola over, they made it fast, efficient, and an easy experience. Granted, I lucked out and adopted an amazing dog in my short husky, but the staff still made the whole thing a breeze.

Robert Borden

2 years ago

If you want good dog or cat this is the place to go

Griphon. Gasedroin

3 years ago

Have my sights set on a young male pit.

Barbara Pierce-Ewert

3 years ago

Take my mothers dog there to the vet clinic, everyone there is very nice and supportive

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