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Bonnie Cole

2 years ago

Review #2. After 3 weeks of immersion training, Wilson is home and life is so much simpler for both of us. He actually does what I ask immediately! Marta has moved him from ignoring me to dropping the Sharpie, and sitting instead of jumping on someone at the door, and walking beside me on our walks. She was great, as was Peyton as she turned him over to me at the end of his training. He still has his fun, puppy-like personality but he settles down immediately when I need him to. They are willing to stay connected and help with any issues as we go forward and I appreciate that very much! Review #1. My year old goldendoodle started board and train at SitMeansSit last weekend. I met with Talia who was knowledgeable, personable and understood my and Wilson’s needs. She gave us a demonstration with her dog that was very impressive and I knew I was at the right place for Wilson’s “education”. I am getting a daily report and photos that help me see how he’s doing and understand the process better. Talia spent a lot of time with me during the consultation and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly then and since. If you need your young dog to learn to obey every time, this seems to be e the place! I’m looking forward to bringing him home better behaved in 3 weeks.

Markita Rhyne

2 years ago

I met with Talia to learn about their program and she was very informative and kind. I love her passion and enthusiasm. I know my dog will be in good hands with her. The price is well worth it. I am looking forward to having my dog trained by the staff at Sit Means Sit.

Maryna Sherstobitova

2 years ago

We had a great experience having our 2 dogs evaluated by Talia and receiving our quote. Talia was very knowledgeable about the best options for our dogs and very helpful in signing up and answering all of our questions. We were surprised that they could get our dogs into the board and train programs within 10 days of signing up. We are very pleased with our service today and are so excited for our dogs to start training soon!!

Naomi Hack

2 years ago

Even before Malley was born I knew what I was looking for. We knew we had very specific goals in mind for her. I started calling and talking to many different training facilities to which one would fit our needs. Sit Means Sit has been amazing for my Malley!!! She started with them when she turned a little over 4 months. She did the Board and Train option. The staff walked me through the entire process. They made sure that I received my daily updates and pictures. Those in particularly meant the world to me! I looked forward to seeing her everyday and hearing how her day had went! On the day of pick up she was bathed and looked so beautiful. She had also learned so much sit , come, and stay are just to name a few. Those may sound so simple but when she left me a few days prior those words didn’t register with her at all. Now all the commands have meaning and she knows how to do them when asked. If I have any questions it’s never an issue to call or message any of the girls we dealt with for help. They are there with informative and positive feedback on how we can make whatever isn’t working or doesn’t feel right go in the other direction. We have also went back in for our check in class and worked through a few kinks with great success. I am so thankful we chose Sit Means Sit for our training! I look forward to continuing her training with them in the future as she grows and we work towards our goals! Thank you Sit Means Sit!!!

Melissa Flournoy

2 years ago

We are so excited for are girl Daisy. The training was amazing. We where very happy with the out come of Daisy training. Thank you so much for loving and taking care of our girl. The Deatherage’s

Heather Webb

2 years ago

We highly recommend the immersion training! Our sweet lab Shula has learned so much and is behaving like never before. I truly appreciate the communication that came directly from the trainers each day. It gave us such comfort knowing he was in good hands. We are so pleased that we made the choice to use Sit Means Sit

Tonya Ouellette

2 years ago

I had to leave a review on how extremely satisfied I am with the training I received at Sit Means Sit. From start to finish was absolutely the best experience for both me and my Doodle Daisy. I will start with giving huge Kudos to Peyton. Peyton was absolutely amazing to say the very least. She was so knowledgeable, patient, kind and loving to my pup. She not only spent hours with my Daisy but she provided me with great training techniques to continue to keep my pup on the continued journey for great success. She also sent daily pictures and a video showing her progress. THANK YOU PEYTON ????. Also a huge shout out to Talia for a fantastic first impression of Sit Means Sit. You were so kind, courteous and professional. To the rest of the staff that I had the pleasure to meet, you were all wonderful and so welcoming. I will see you all at group classes. If you are looking for A+++++ training for your fur babies. Sir Means Sit, Douglasville location is the place to choose. Thank you again Peyton and staff for a wonderful experience ❤

William Stearns

2 years ago

Talia was the initial contact I had. She was very thorough and knowledgeable about the training options and the expectations for each option. I chose the immersion training for Poe. She was professional and responsive to my concerns. She is integral from start to finish and a great asset to the Sit Means Sit company. Peyton was Poe’s trainer. She has worked wonders with Poe. Poe was about 16 months old when he started training. He had a stubborn streak that was prevalent. When he was off leash he simply would not come . I could have a steak bone strapped to my neck and he was simply defiant and not going to come until he was good and ready. This was my number one problem. Post training by Peyton, Now even in a high dust storm From 1000 yards out with one eye closed Poe comes on command to my feet every time. Since I have had Poe back home (3 weeks) he continues to follow the commands he was taught by Peyton. Upon completion of his training Peyton then gave me a training session so that I was able to carry on the same protocols they taught Poe. Finally, the daily report cards , photos, and video updates were invaluable and helped me feel connected with Poe during his training . I was referred by a friend and I recommend them to everyone. Thanks again!

Chelsey Powell

2 years ago

We have had an amazing experience with this group. From the first consultation with Talia to now the second session of training with Jessie we have been nothing short of impressed and blown away by the thoroughness, communication, reassurance, and results. I would highly highly recommend this if you have concerns about your dog's behavior. I went from taking on a rescue that I was anxious to walk around other dogs and getting pulled to now being confident and calm while feeling very knowledgable about how to continue with the process! I know they will have my back and answer my questions along the way.

Audrey Gilbert

2 years ago

Sit means sit did an amazing job when it came to working with my dog and I. Talia was great about giving my dog the proper assessment and setting her up with the right classes.

Nanci Moon

2 years ago

Brought my dogs for "board and review". I call it boarding school. 2-3 years ago, both dogs had gone through training here, and I totally recommend them. Daily, I was given an update and a photo of the pups, and any questions I had were answered promptly.

Skylar Redwood

2 years ago

You have to come in person to find out the price which doesn’t change its $3600 for the boot camp. I’m leaving a 3 star as many of us do not wanna make a hour trip to find this out put it on your site.

Joshua Figgins

2 years ago

Worked great with out dog. He is very well mannered now and the trainers are great with communicating with us through out the whole process.

Elizabeth Berchak

2 years ago

Thanks to sit means sir ATL! They truly have the most patience !!! Our 1 year old doodle has proven to be an hard headed, over active, wild one and they work tirelessly with him (and us!) he has come leaps and bounds and they refuse to give up (on him or us!!)

Allen Edgar

3 years ago

Went in for a consultation for my 6 month old rot with obedience issues. I've shopped around for a bit trying to find the right fit for our issues. While they seemed intelligent and respectful in the field they represented it seemed to me …

Susan Sweat

3 years ago

Sit means sit did an amazing job with our 7 month old German shepherd, Enzo. He is super smart but was off the chain as far as his behavior. Sit means sit in Douglasville kept him for two weeks and returned a manageable pet that still loves to play and work but also has manners. It may seem too pricey but it’s worth every penny! We look forward to his weekly group classes too (for a whole year) that is included in his training fee! Call them. You won’t be disappointed!

Rigged-In Crane Services

3 years ago

Great trainers at Sit Means Sit

Raven Godwin

3 years ago

Some of the best customer service!!! My toy yorkie is currently doing a 10-Day program & we are excited for the results.

Rachel Guerra

3 years ago

I was so nervous about getting a puppy because I have a four year old daughter who has Down Syndrome and I just didn’t know if I could deal with them both and keep my sanity. My husband and step daughters are dog people and I, too, love having a furry companion, but I said no for years. Then we found Maverick and I couldn’t resist. I knew we needed help with training a new puppy so I called 10 different dog trainers within 2 hours of my home. Most were very helpful but couldn’t take Maverick when I needed it. I was in tears when I called Sit Means Sit and Peyton answered the phone. She immediately made me feel better by assuring me that help was just around the corner! Her calm demeanor and professionalism along with a ton of heart and empathy, let me know that we had found the right place! Maverick did the 21-day program. Since we have had him home, he is the absolute BEST addition to our family. He minds incredibly well. He can chill when I need him to chill, but is still our fun, playful boy!!! I am literally amazed at how wonderful this experience has been! We now have the puppy we have always dreamed of because we are not having to fuss at him constantly! Thank you, Peyton and all of the incredible staff at Sit Means Sit. You guys will never know how you have improved our quality of life!!!!

Paige B

3 years ago

UPDATE: We are now working in group classes and thoroughly enjoy them. So far Jessie has been our teacher and like Peyton she is amazing as well. We look so forward to each class and to learning more and more. The pictures posted show our boy Doug on place at home. We recently adopted a beautiful boy from the local Douglasville shelter. We knew in advance whatever we adopted we wanted to have obedience training. We made an appointment with Sit Means Sit to see what programs they offered. We chose the option of being totally involved with our dogs training and the following Saturday started the program. Our trainer’s name is Peyton and to say she is amazing is an understatement. We immediately felt comfortable with how she handled our dog and how she relayed instructions to us. We left that first lesson feeling pretty confident. It’s been 2 weeks and we see a huge improvement in our dog. Of course his training is still ongoing but we are thrilled with his progress. We highly recommend Sit Means Sit Douglasville.

Lylith Elaine

3 years ago

Great facility! Our wild dog listens to commands now! She’s still a happy hyper girl who is obedient. Definitely check this place out :)

Lauren Crowe

3 years ago

This is our second time dealing with them. Great to work with! We love peyton and how knowledgeable she is. She is getting our saint bernard puppy under control and making it so much easier for others to be able to enjoy her. Definitely would recommend sit means sit for all your dog training needs no matter how young or how old!!

KC Luu

3 years ago

Drove 50 minutes from Atlanta to here for a "free assessment" on my dog. Ended up with a young 20ish girl just telling me the prices of board and train and she couldn't give an assessment of my dog because there wasn't enough time to see my dog react to stuff. Her explanation is reasonable but why offer a "free assessment" gimic? I basically wasted 3-4 hours of my day for nothing. Highly dissatisfied with the service.

Jennifer Onuschak

3 years ago

Sit means Sit Atl has been a great experience. We brought our GSD mix in June - started with puppy preschool, did the extensive immersion training, and go weekly for follow up classes. The trainers are friendly and knowledgeable. Rae went from your average 12 week old puppy full of mischief to a 7 month old puppy who we can take anywhere and get compliments on how well she listens. Talia helped us understand the packages and walk us through the East enrollment process. Sit means sit gives you the tools to help make your dog a great dog. If you listen to the trainers and work with your dog regularly at home and attend follow up classes you will be thankful and see progress in no time. I highly suggest Sit means Sit Atl, so much so we tell everyone about them when they praise Rae for her behavior and we will be bringing out new addition Odin there as well. Jesse is an amazing trainer who takes the time to help every class no matter how big or small the issue you believe you are having is. We are proud to be part of the sit means sit family and suggest you check them out yourself.

Grant Crowe

3 years ago

Highly recommend Peyton and Sit Means Sit. This is our 2nd pet we have had trained there and we couldn't be happier with the results. Very good with animals and also explain to owners how to continue reinforcing what they do in lessons at home.

Camelia Hines Ruffin

3 years ago

We board our dog here without hesitation. She comes back happy, clean, and even more well behaved than when we left her. The team of trainers and the manager-Peyton, Jessie, Talia, Gema -are professional, responsive and friendly.

Beth Lutostanski

3 years ago

Great training!!! Love them and so do our babies!

Brian Murphy

3 years ago

Jessie was very knowledgeable and helpful with our Doberman puppies. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to have a more well mannered Dog.

Benjamin Warlick

3 years ago

The training is amazing and well worth the cost. Our puppy was a wild child, and now she is a well behaved happy little dog.

Camelia Ruffin

3 years ago

We entrusted Sit Means Sit with the training of our Boykin Spaniel as soon as she was old enough for the program. They took great care of her and the training was outstanding. I recommend them to anyone in need of training that actually works !

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