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Jeremy Halberg

2 years ago

Great experience with Jennifer. She was very helpful and made the adoption process easy.


2 years ago

Lies not what they claim to be..

Carolyn Gould

2 years ago

We adopted a sweet healthy puppy from Jennifer. She is responsive and very professional. Puppies were picked up outside and families were kept at a significant distance from each other. She did ask that we not wear masks when picking up the puppy so as not to scare the dogs, but as we were outside and more than “social distance” apart, it was completely safe. She truly has the animals best interest at heart.

Amanda Lee

2 years ago

1. Jennifer responded the same day via email and was on time to our appointment the next day. 2. She refused to tell us where she got the dog spayed, saying “that’s information I just don’t give out.” 3. Would not tell us what she had been feeding the dog, and didn’t bring any food with her. It is a 10 pound dog, so I wish she could have brought a couple cups at least. 4. Most concerning-dog is extremely skinny; you can see her spine and ribcage. Jennifer said she was measuring her food trying to prevent her from gaining weight. 5. There were not any vet records for her, just a rabies tag and a form of her own saying her shots were up to date. 6. Jennifer said the dog had been treated a week ago for fleas, but that “you don’t really have to worry about fleas in GA right now,” when it’s actually the height of flea season. We were in the car for 1 minute before we noticed the dog was eaten up with fleas. 7. Dog is in good spirits and seems well adjusted.

Joy Johnson

2 years ago

Adopted the sweetest boy! Jennifer was great to work with & we are delighted w/the new addiction to our family.

Lynn Oliva

2 years ago

Nothing but a great experience with Jennifer, she made our adoption process so easy! She was more than helpful with all email responses! We sure love our sweet kitty, he fits in perfect with our family ????

Melissa Contreras

2 years ago

We had an amazing experience adopting from Jennifer's Pet Rescue! She made the experience easy and helped us find the perfect match. We are so thankful to have added another member to our pack.

Bella’s Random

2 years ago

We adopted our dog from JPR, smooth process, very responsive and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend and will adopt from her again.

Phil Weatherly

2 years ago

We adopted a puppy from Jennifer a few weeks ago. She was helpful and responsive up to and including the adoption day. However, after that she went completely silent on us. Our vet needed the info of the vet that spayed our puppy, and she …

Allie Kanrin

2 years ago

It's very unclear to me how this organization is still allowed to use the word "Rescue" in it's title. While the organization proclaims to work towards caring for animals that would likely be euthanized in shelters. Yet, they take litters …

Webster 74 Bumplett

2 years ago

One of the most amazing rescues in the metro Atlanta area. Caring, generous & honest!!! I wish there were more people in this world like her!

Heather Gavitt

2 years ago

I would rather give her negative stars! This reacue is known, on several occasions, to pull puppies and leave moms in the shelter to die. This is not a rescue you should support or ever use. This is not a rescue, This is a puppy flipper!


2 years ago

Animal rescue is saving animals in need. If a rescue is taking puppies from an animal shelter and there is a mama dog there, as a rule of thumb, the rescue should take mama, too. Puppies are easy adoptions. So by taking puppies and leaving mama to be euthanized is basically a ‘puppy flipper’. This rescue has a history of leaving mama behind. They offer numerous excuses: they only take who the shelter asks them to take; they didn’t know the mama was there, too; the puppies were weaned already. None of these are warranted. A rescue should always ask about the mama dog if not told by the shelter staff. And after being shamed publicly for leaving mama, this rescue has not offered to go back to save her! On top of the history mentioned above, it appears this rescue is portraying themself as a non-profit organization. It is my understanding they do not hold a non-profit license or registered with the State Department of Agriculture, both which are required to be an “animal rescue”. Therefore, should not be accepting donations as a 501(C)3. This organization is unethical and deceiving. I will not support a rescue who operates this way. I hope others will not either. If you are looking for a rescue, find a genuine organization to support.

Lesley Hardegree

2 years ago

Jennifer runs an amazing rescue! You can tell she genuinely cares for animals. Thank you Jennifer for helping the animals of Paulding County!

Robin Allgood

2 years ago

I wish I didn’t have to give one star. Jennifer should be ashamed of herself for pulling puppies from a shelter and leaving the mama behind. If you are a caring legitimate rescue you save all the dogs you can. Why did she leave mom behind? She thinks she isn’t worth the time and effort to get her adopted. Puppies are her easy money! This isn’t the first time she has done it and won’t be the last. Some people don’t need to be in rescue!

SQUIDLY Gamer 101

2 years ago

Not a legit rescue. Any rescue that rescues the puppies, and not ask or take the mom along with the puppies is not a rescue. It’s a puppy flipper. She’s making big bucks. No rescue makes big bucks. No legit , good rescue leaves a mom behind. Just like backyard breeders, a bad rescue needs to be outed, and shutdown.

Beverly Temmerman

3 years ago

The dog we chose from Jennifer was exactly as she described. Jennifer replied to my application quickly. I applied online for other dogs and got no response. Our dog, Sophie, is the perfect match for our other dog, and we couldn’t be happier! Jennifer was very polite and professional, and I would recommend her to others who are looking for a rescue.

Frances Wilson

3 years ago

Jennifer told us that she only adopts to people who don’t wear face masks. She brought this up on her own when we inquired about a dog in her possession. My mother and uncle have COPD and are high risk for COVID, so we wear masks when out …

Tannisha K.

3 years ago

Thank you Jennifer, for picking the perfect princess for me and my boys. Nala Rose has been a breath of fresh air. She is so loving. Thank you for a pleasant experience. I am very happy that I made the decision to reach out to you!


3 years ago

Will not meet with people who wear face masks.

Hillary Neill

3 years ago

We got our little Penny last [puppy number 1] week! She was the runt of her litter, but we wanted to adopt her despite ppL telling us to be cautious as ‘runts are hard to train’. Jennifer described the process she used to care for our …

Wynona Buco

3 years ago

Jennifer made our adoption process super easy and quick! Communication was great and we were provided the pup’s detailed health+behavior history. We are extremely grateful to have our new family member home!

teresa smith

3 years ago

Very very rude to my daughter. Uneccessary to treat people this way when they are already in tears

Tammy Feliciano

3 years ago

Staff was very responsive to all my messages and questions and sometimes even replied within a few minutes. The adoption was very easy even during the Covid19 pandemic. I was able to meet the puppy first before deciding and picked her …

Sarah Miller

3 years ago

this is the best place ever

Patrick Magill

3 years ago

Read the reviews. Most of the negative ones read like unhappy narcissistic customers (Karens). I'm glad their unhappy. Its an animal rescue more than its a business and the dogs are more important than the people IMO. If you guys ever need someone to foster a dog a while I have a big fenced in back yard and one elderly pit/terrier mix.

Laura Walsh

3 years ago

Very quick at responding (thank you!), but wouldn’t let us meet the dog before adopting it. Emailed in an unprofessional manner and was quite rude. Dog looked cute though.

kirsten mangrum

3 years ago

This isn’t a review! I need help please! I’m having to regime my dogs and I do not want them going to a pound they don’t deserve that! One is two and the other is five! I don’t want them to be separated they are also amazing with kids and house trained and amazing with other animals. Please help!

Karin Pearson

3 years ago

We found Midnight, now Loki, to join our family a couple of weeks ago. He is the sweetest dog and loves his human sister and dog sister dog. Jennifer was very responsive and made the adoption process very easy.

Kailey Hawn

3 years ago

Rude, unprofessional, and very sketchy. This rescue gives me a bad feeling, but it is not the dog's fault! Continue to rescue them, just know this is not a quality rescue to say the least. As you can see from her reply, she deleted me from …

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