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Samantha Moon

3 years ago

Tried to get someone to contact me about getting my dogs shots done. Got a few texts back and then silence for 2 days. Kept asking for pricing and never got an answer. Then I got a response Saturday stating they would be by sometime after 2pm. Asked for prices again still no answer. They show up at my house at 630 Sunday evening and still wouldn’t give us prices. The lady was very rude and unprofessional.

Debbie Pigg

4 years ago


William Murphy

4 years ago

The staff are so nice and knowledgeable, the Dr. is an animal loving person who does all she can to help animals and very affordable. She has now gone mobile so she comes to you .

Sabrina Gunter

4 years ago

This vet is by far the best in North Georgia. If you cant figure something out with your pet ..she can!!

Helene Belisario

4 years ago

I’ve done pet rescue for 25 years and this is the worst vet I’ve ever been to when I took my pets there they all came back sick and vomiting and everybody else’s pets were sick and vomiting As well none of their machines weren’t they could …

Jonathon Nehrenz

4 years ago

The most caring vet in the area have been taking my Doberman here for 10ys always caring.

Lynne Irby

5 years ago

Love this vet. Affordable and caring

Sam Brown

5 years ago

I scheduled a appointment went up there on time. I was advised by the vet tech that she was out of the office. Waited for 1 hour she never came back. Also whomever answers the phone is extremely rude.

Mugen & Fuu

5 years ago

The short story: This vet has no back-up generator, so if there is a power outage during surgery, you will lose your pet. Nevermind the horrible customer service and unsanitary conditions. The details: I made an appointment to have two cats vaccinated and one of them neutered. When I arrived at the appropriate time, no one was at the counter. It turns out that there had been an extensive power outage that afternoon, so all but one technician was sent home. The clinic was pretty much closed up, yet no one had called to let us know about the outage and to reschedule. I overheard Dr. Towles tell another client that she was thankful the power outage didn't happen during a surgery earlier that day, because she would have lost her patient. Surprised, the client asked if there was a back-up generator, and Dr. Towles confirmed that there was not. Dr. Towles then took two WALK-IN clients as I sat waiting past my appointment time. One of those walk-ins was two dogs getting stitches taken out, but instead of taking the dogs into the back room, Dr. Towles and her tech began removing stitches IN the waiting room. The tech kept dropping her tweezers on the dirty waiting room floor and picking them back up to get the next stitch. They left all the bloody, pulled-out stitches on the floor of the waiting room, so I had to tip-toe over them. By the time she saw my cats, it was a full hour and a half past the appt time. She looked at their teeth and combed their fur, and proceeded to make a dozen excuses as to why she wouldn't vaccinate either cat. I insisted that I wanted them vaccinated because even though my kitties are healthy, there are sickly cats in my neighborhood. She still refused. She also wouldn't neuter the one cat, the excuse for that being, "he has fleas." The tech then dropped one of my cats onto the floor and panicked, not knowing how to do her own job, so I scooped up my cat and put him into his carrier. Frustrated with the lack of services that day, I asked to go ahead and make another appointment for later that week to get my same cat neutered. Dr. Towles wouldn't make the appt and instead told me to "just call back later." It was late in the evening by this point, (even though that was her own damn fault!) so I assume she just wanted to go home instead of respecting my appointment. All in all, I wasted about 4 hours getting absolutely nothing done for my cats. They showed no respect for me, my pets, or my time. I've seen some reviews call this a "farm vet," but I assure you it's not. It's just an unprofessional vet in a dirty clinic without proper resources. I appreciate anyone who tries to help animals, but she certainly did not help us.

Merry Reed

5 years ago

The Dr. And staff very helpful and knowledgeable and really care about your pets.

Linda Mckee

5 years ago

Love Virginia!!!! Been going for years !!!!

Jenny Kascsak

5 years ago

I have been taking my animals to All Pets for 24 years. I now live an hour away and still make the drive. It's worth it.

Eric Hàrstad

5 years ago

Dr. Towels is fantastic ,if your looking for a vet that cares about your pet like it's her own. This place is for you

emily lahera

5 years ago

I took my dog to this vet and they instantly started trying to tell me what was wrong with her before even asking me questions.. then they tried to do a fecal exam without asking me first, and they tried to feed her CAT TREATS. I told them …

Deanna Simpson

5 years ago

She saved our rottie and i cant image any one eles to take our fur babies to. She has always gone out of her way to make sure they was ok. I cant express how i feel for what she did tonight, she saved him and me. No one eles will ever compare to her. Thank you Dr Tolls for everything.

Danny Scoggins

5 years ago

Im really surprised to see a 4.4 star rating. Although the Dr. knows whats shes doing the place is so out of wack Im looking for a new Vet. I mean if I order my pets heart worm meds two weeks before there due from 1800petmeds and the day their due I still dont have them. So I call 1800petmeds and they tell me they cant get in touch with or get a call back from the vet to approve the prescription. So I call the vet. After a long time ringing someone finally answered. I explain my delima and she told me they would call and take care of it. Well its the next day. Nothings been done and its now the weekend. First of next week I'll be out of town working so where does that leave my four legged babies. WITHOUT THEIR MEDS AGAIN!!! prices are good at this place but your animals will die before they get what they need. I know this because my daughter's dog Roxy had heart worms and the vet I used before All pets wanted 1500.00 dollars to treat. All pets said they'd treat Roxy for around 300.00 but needed to get meds when she got them for another animal that needed treatment because they were cheaper that way and that she'd call me later. Later never came so I called back. They took the message and I never got a call back again. Roxy died. I couldn't afford $1500.00 the other vet wanted. The reason I gave this place 2 stars is because of the prices and prices only. If you use them you better start whatever you need earlier and stay on their asses until you get results. Oh and the first time i went there the scales were broken and I had to go to petsmart and use theirs. Also their excuse for not getting my dogs meds in a timely manner this time is because their fax wasn't working. Its 2018 go buy a $30.00 fax machine.

Candy Buchanan

5 years ago

No frills, excellent pricing and a bottom line down to earth vet who will love your pet as if it were hers. IF you are looking for a high tech country club vet, this is probably not the best pic for you, but If you're looking for that common sense bare bones right to the point vet , then you can't go wrong. You won't be paying for a bunch of fancy equipment. You'll be paying for wisdom, and just plain good decision making. Virginia Towles has cared for my. Dog since he was weaned. GREAT vet, period.

Angel Nunez

5 years ago

Do Not Judge a book by it's cover!!!The Doctor is funny as heck! She's in this field because she truly loves the animals. I've been with her for 11year +. I Always have a laugh with Dr. Towels. My fur babies have a great doctor i can 100% trust she's going to do what's right for them and not try to stick me with a ridiculous vet bill. If you're looking for a vet that's honest and knowledg and has character this is her! I definitely recommend her. Laura Nuñez

adam gilbeau

5 years ago

Unbelievable care for my pets over the years. I cant say enough good things about this place. Prices are some of the best around and a fraction of what Cedarcrest AH charges right up the road for a fancy building

Bill Black

6 years ago

The Doc really knows and loves animals!

Jess ica

6 years ago

Great prices and very knowledgeable staff and veterinarian. Would give it a 5, but sometimes it is unorganized. But they do call if they have an earlier time available!

Madelene E

6 years ago

I had a first time appointment with All Pets Hospital. I arrived on time and when I entered was told that the doctor had an emergency and was not there. I'd have to reschedule for the next afternoon. Why did they not call me ahead of time? …

Gregory Tucker

7 years ago

DVM and her staff went above and beyond to give us 4-5 more months with our 16 yr old cat.

Val Davis

7 years ago

We have been trusting Dr. Tolls & Staff with our dogs for many years. They have have cared for them through good times and bad with patience and love. Dr. Tolls is always compassionate, knowledgeable, and goes beyond expectation with her care.

Sabrina Campbell

7 years ago

I have been using Dr. T for 19 years. She is a amazing vet who truly cares about animals. Domestic or wild. I have a male neutered cat who kept getting crystals in his urine. She would cather him and keep him a few days. I would bring him home but would have to take him back the very next day. This happened a couple of times. He was in such pain and I couldn't afford to keep doing this so I told her I just wanted his pain to end. She refused and ask me to sign him over to her. After approximately 3 months her office called and said that Dr. T worked with another vet and they did surgery on him. Removing his male anatomy turning him into a female so he would never have this problem again. She ask I pay a portion of the surgery if I wanted him back. I did and he is a healthy happy boy. He is the sweetist cat and happy to be back home with his sister. I have other stories of how she has saved my other pets lives and how she was so kind and considerate when I had to put my little dog down but I think you get the idea how amazing she is. I strongly recommend her to anyone.

Ruff-N-It Pet Boarding & Training

7 years ago

Dr. Towles is very direct and to the point and I like that. She is very reasonably priced that is why she stays so busy. She gives great care and her staff is super nice!!

Robert Moreland

7 years ago

I have been to many vets in the area looking for the ONE. She is as close as I can find. She is there for the animals and not the money. She is very caring and loving and will actually do whats best for your pet. I have found too many vets pushing unnecessary things and its all about the money for them. Now her office is not the most professional setting so you have to look past that. Its kind of like a country vet if you know what I mean.

LuvTa Plz

7 years ago

The staff at All Pets Vet have been awesome to all of my pets. I have been going to them for over 3 years and would never change. The vet there really loves and cares very well for every animal!????

June P

7 years ago

Dr. Towles is wonderful!! A few years ago we found an injured stray cat. She did multiple surgeries on his leg and ultimately saved his life! Since we agreed to adopt him, she only charged us for the anesthesia and asked that we donate pet supplies. I have never been to a Vet that cared as much as she does. I would recommend her to everyone!!

judy chastain

7 years ago

This has got to be the worst vet I have EVER seen. We purchased the puppy plan for $200+ for our new puppy. He has had an itch that took her 2 months, (regardless of us telling her) to diagnose. She kept saying it was allergies and told us …

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