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Kara Byrd

2 years ago

We got a wonderful new addition to our family from there great people great dogs

Amber Paul

2 years ago

We tried to walk in today to see their cats but we're informed that since civic you now have to fill out an application & be approved before you can even get an appointment.

Tabatha Linley

2 years ago

I visited this lace for the first time. It's amazing to see these people give love to these fur babies. ❤ I'm looking for a forever pet for my family ???? and I will be back .

Pj SChirmer

2 years ago

Wonderful staff!! All animals are treated with compassion! I adopted my forever friend,family today! Thank you for your being so thoroughness, and kindness!!


2 years ago

Sadly this organization doesn't seem to truly care about finding animals homes. I hope something changes for these poor animals.

Amber Salentijn

2 years ago

Volunteers are great- owner needs some love in his life though. very rude on the phone while I was waiting outside to be approved to see dogs. Wanted to know what my methods would be for training and disciplining- I said whatever was recommended. He states they don't recommend anything and don't give advice on dogs. I said I wasn't sure what the answer was, but I'm open and willing to learn. not the right answer.

Andi Smith

2 years ago

Didn't get the help I was needing

Renee Martin-Golden

2 years ago

Probably Good, I think.My trip to here was 2 look 4 my special indoor-Neutered-Vaccinated Beautifilul Long-haired Smokey(BOOBOO)!! but** they were just closed, but when i took my BOOBOO to Animal Contril, becuz of hardship w/ my 7yr old Cat Bird,THEY PROMISED ME, that he w/ go 2 GA** for Ga Adoption**but ACTUALLY -LIED-Booboo-Was Shipped OUTSIDE US, when i went back to get him, AC - said it was HS-of Cartetsville's FAULT, in Any Case-BS-2020, 6 days B4 my B-DAY..still going Back 2 see if they can trace him w/ ID# given 2 me that AWEFUL DAY..MY MISTAKE - 4 Trusting Anyone @ ANIMAL-control-right-NEXTDOOR 2 HS of BARTOW CO., they knew VERY PAINFUL 4 me 2 choose between my 2 cats** he was barely 3yrs..i Rescued him from a Parking Lot@ 3weeks old, Vet Vaccinated him& said he was LUCKY that I found him..where was his mothet?? So I got him 2 come 2 me, then raised him as my own..and my older Cat - BIRD - actually adopted him as a Little bitty Gray baby- bro,I I will go back to HS, looking 4 his whereabouts? & maybe adopting another baby Animal..Worst Decision I've EVER MADE,, my Fault- 1s tb4 Trusting their Knowkedge, who blatenly LUED FROM START, then 2 blame it on BARTOW CO HUMANE SOCIETY Mon-11/15/21,Maybe ill be able 2 Rescue Someone ELSE::??? wish me Luck -EveryOne Who Reads this Post. always Another Day to Give a Hone to A beautiful Animal at any Age, that NEEDS A LOVING ❤ ???? ???? ♥ HOME** pls Everyone GO TO YOUR LOCAL HS 2 help a Animal in going 2 definitely** once Again but this time- Won't be Kitten in Need of Food & Care Under Truck in Parking Lot,,, I thought it WAS Fate & Destiny 4 me 2 find him like I DID** but was my Mistake 2 Trust AnyOnev@;BARTOW CO. ANIMAL CONTROL 4 TRUTHFUL l INFO***always HELP any Animal IN NEED, wont turn Out LIKE MY Particular SITUATION. please Go Adopt ANY Animal in Need** Especislly if Ababdoned Or Hanicaoed!! OUTSIDE & Or In your Local HUMANE SOCIETY...pkeade Help these UNWANTED Animals:: little babies Or Full Grown...Sincerely ** FOREVER an Animal LOVE ???? ER. *** go Adopt & Help Any Animal in Need of LOVING HOME ???? **

Rick Cox

2 years ago

Dont bother. While the rest of the world accomplishes moving forward this place doesn't even know how to open doors and adopt animals out....sad for the dogs and cats.

Ricky Ford

2 years ago

Love it i dune all my cunmty cevers there

Specter 189

2 years ago

For one they dont take in pets, for two when asked if the pound they take animals from kills them I was told rather roughly that they dont "kill" animals they simply "euthanize" them, then was instructed to educate myself on the difference. He then proceeded to tell me there isn't a shelter on this planet that hasn't had to put down animals in their care, which is a blatant lie. Furthermore, basic research indicates this humane society doesn't even use its budget to assist rescue groups in the area, they just sit there and let everyone else come to them, then they take the credit for "rescuing" strays. I would encourage the man I talked on the phone with to educate himself on difficult to grasp topics such as common courtesy and respect.

Beth Muskovich

2 years ago

We were looking for a dog that would keep me company. We found the perfect dog. He's a loveable, friendly and trained. I want to thank the staff for their knowledge and response to our questions.

M. J.

2 years ago

Great people doing great things!!! You can tell they love the cats and dogs in the shelter just like they were their own pets!!! Also super friendly, professional, and very helpful.

Tammy Edmiston

2 years ago

Really work hard to find the right pet. Very friendly. The animals are top priority to them. The place is spotless.

Tiffany Earley

2 years ago

Cute puppies rude staff. I told someone in reception that I may want a dog or a cat after filling out an application and I was told to come in to see some pets. When I got there I was told that I need a separate application for a dog. The people working at this facility act indifferent towards the patrons. Why is it difficult to adopt?

Sharon Williams

2 years ago

What can I say about this place? This is supposed to be a rescue and do what’s right for the animal and the person who adopts? My dad was 86 years old and went to pick up a small beagle “as advertised?” And what does he get but a medium size cross Bassett /beagle who jumped constantly! My dad was a fall risk and they should have seen that the dog was too strong for my dad. I had to re-home after my dad fell ill but lucky he didn’t fall? You need to rethink who you dump dogs off on and don’t just take money from people that do match the breed! The worse thing about it is that he could ill afford this! Shame on you!


2 years ago

Poor response to an emergency

Allayah Davis

2 years ago

If I could give this place no stars I would. I don’t normally speak negatively about a business, but after this experience I felt like I needed to tell other people so it doesn’t happen to them. Tried to adopt a puppy here and was denied the puppy because someone had their application in on the 16th “for this specific dog” (my application was approved on the 24th) even though the dog was just posted 2 days ago?!?! I also got a email late at night saying there was two applications before me (making me think that the lady I talked to knew the person that wanted it) Also my appointment was before theirs. I DO NOT recommend this shelter. VERY rude staff and also lied to me multiple times about not saying “you have to see or touch the dog before you can hold it” and I had 2 other people backing me up. I had just lost my dog of 14 years of old age and honestly had my heart set on this puppy. I’m glad that the puppy will hopefully be in a good home. Just very upset how I was treated during this experience.

Heather Davis

2 years ago

This place is unbelievable! The rudest staff ever! Nancy Gunter told us that you cannot reserve a dog to adopt in advance. She said that whoever sees/touches the dog first gets it. Well, we made an appointment, went to the appointment and saw the dog we wanted. When we asked to adopt it the lady said that someone else had their application approved before us yet their appointment was after ours and they had requested the same dog. She later e-mailed and said they had taken the dog, and it wasn't available anymore. She also lied and said she never said that about seeing/touching the dog, but said whoever's application got approved first got the dog. What happened to not being able to request a dog??? She also said these people's application was approved a week before the dog was even posted, so how does she want to tell us that they requested the dog on their application before the dog was even there? She had to know the person, and not allow my kids to have the dog that should have been theirs. I'm furious to say the least. She also hung up when we called her to complain. My mind is blown with how bad of an employee she is. We will NEVER adopt from here.

Maureen C. Allen

2 years ago

Rating based on praise from respected dog experts and my visit to their excellent website.

Tommy Myers

2 years ago

Anybody who doesn't love a humane society should be put in animal control for a few days to find out what it's like for these little animals did their owners just throw out or surrender because they want them anymore. Humane societies everywhere get a five-star review from me. They all do great work.

kimberly bello

2 years ago

Great service! The director is very personable and he's easy to work and communicate with! We are happy with our rescue kitten, named Carly ????! Great addition to our home :)

Lisa S.

2 years ago

Wonderful experience adopting my fur bsbies@

Sharon Camp

2 years ago

So happy for Etowah's progress.

David Rush

2 years ago

Good place just note that one of the dogs that I adopted like 3 years ago teddy got really sick and we went to different vets and all of them said the same thing and then one day he collapsed in my yard and later died of kidney failure.


2 years ago

Very nice, you can tell they love animals!

Mike Wood

2 years ago

Great place to adopt an animal very loving and very caring people

Travis Croy

2 years ago

Well stocked over worked but very caring. Got my best friend from there.

Sharon Benne

2 years ago

The folks at Etowah Valley Humane Society were very friendly, patient and helpful in finding my new pet, Sheeba. I highly recommend them.

Jerry Keplar

2 years ago

Very nice people to work with you

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