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Jill Wegener

2 years ago

The only holistic vet in Birmingham! Great to have Dr. Natalie in the area! I'm thrilled to have the ability to get acupuncture, chiro, piezo, laser, and PEMF therapies for my dogs!

Haley South

2 years ago

My experience with Dr. Natalie and all her staff has always been wonderful. I am so grateful to have her taking care of my dogs.

Don't Forget Steven Slater

2 years ago

My Shitzu has been suffering with yeast on her skin, itching, eating her paws, infected ears..........since I rescued her. I feel so relieved to have her in Well Being for Animals hands. So tired of doing the same thing with regular Vets over and over again and getting no results for my Roxie. I am so happy to have found Dr. Natalie! From her first adjustment I see a big difference in her walking.


2 years ago

We love Dr. Natalie and the group. Wilson, my dog, jumps up and down and howls when I tell him that we are going to see Dr. Natalie. He gets so excited.

Angela Meigs

2 years ago

Everything was great. I appreciated talking to Dr. Natalie. I know she is very busy, but I would love to have just a little more time with her. Dr. Natalie & her team are so good with Snuggles & I appreciate them all very much.

Teresa Willett

2 years ago

I was very impressed with the service and care Bella and I received! I have been telling everyone I have talked to about her appointment.My friend Teresa Kopf will be calling y’all soon! Thanks for everything Bella is doing good and can’t wait to come back!

Cherry Williams

2 years ago

My precious baby would not be here today without Dr. Natalie. My Dallas turned 15 yo recently and I entrust her care without hesitation to Dr. Natalie.

Colette Parrino

2 years ago

I ordered organic drops for my puppy’s ears. That’s not what I received. When I called and told them I wanted to return my order for a refund I was told they would charge me a 20% restocking fee and I’d have to pay the shipping. Whatever! I sent the bottles back and after waiting almost 3 months for a refund I received the bottles back again. I called again and spoke to the same woman, Donna. She told me she’d check into why that happened and get back to me. After a couple of hours I called again and again I was told to give her an hour. It’s now the next day and I’ve called twice and both times I’m getting an answering machine. Clearly they are ignoring my calls. Stay away from this horrendous place!

teri philpot

2 years ago

I love everyone at Well Being Medicine. Dr. Natalie is phenomenal and loves every pet like her own. I honestly feel that I may have lost my dog 2 years ago if I had not found her. I also love that she uses a more natural approach. Staff is also incredible and you can tell they love what they do. Would highly recommend!

Melissa Payne

2 years ago

It was a wonderful experience. I learned so much about healthier ways to care for my pets!

Debra Jenkins

2 years ago

It was wonderful. I’m so excited to learn more about the well-being of Mac and Lucy. I am thrilled to find a vet who understands us pet parents and about titers. Thank you so much

jane smithson

2 years ago

The employees and the services are ALWAYS EXCEPTIONAL!!!!

John Jurisoo

2 years ago

The only truly holistic vet in Alabama. Awesome vet care from their caring staff.

Jae Snow

2 years ago

Good place, and the doctor and staff were super nice. They did take a long time to see us, but I'm told that was an anomaly.

Teddy Gossett

2 years ago

You have helped Leo so much it is a miracle. His liver enzymes have improved drastically from over 1500 to 300 at last check. Bless you!

Jerry Hankins

2 years ago

If you want answers, this is not the place for you. It is a disorganized hot mess. Very unresponsive and unprofessional. You may or may not get 5 minutes with the doctor even with a $1,000 bill. Forget receiving a reply, answers or treatment protocol even after labs are back. No return calls or emails with the promise of tomorrow that never comes. My family member was distraught after spending so much money with not even so much as a promised return call for follow up. If they really cared about animals, they would show it in their actions. We would spend any amount of money to help our baby but the doctor just took the money, pushed a ton of supplements, and we are still waiting for interpretation of lab results from a year ago. Thankfully, we found a TRUE animal lover that isn't a scam. This place talks the talk but don't buy the lie! We feel sorry for the animals that slip through the cracks because of their flagrant disregard. Run as fast as you can from this money pit!


2 years ago

Wow. The Knowledge this sweet Dr. has is not found in many vet practices. The time and extra certifications post vet school Dr Natalie has put in really shows. Don’t expect a quick fix if your pet has had years of chronic issues but you can expect for them to start feeling better right away. This Veterinarian is not going to give you a pill for your dogs problem she has the tools and education to put you and your pet on the path to healing and wholeness. AMAZING!!!

Anneliese Knop

2 years ago

Does your vet approach diagnosis and treatment from a medicinal perspective, or do they look at behavior, nutrition, and physiology? For that matter, does your own doctor treat the whole of you? I started out a skeptic, but the practical, holistic approach the folks at Wellbeing take changed my perspective on healthcare. They accommodate my service dog's needs, as well as mine as a disabled owner. Alternative medicine has a reputation for being expensive, but Wellbeing's well-informed staff can find options that work with any budget, and any set of needs. I've never met such dedicated animal healthcare professionals as Dr. Natalie and her staff.

Kathy Cook

2 years ago

Our dachshund Lucy’s back legs were completely paralyzed due to disk injury in late December of this past year. She was in pain, on steroids & anti-inflammatory medications. Her prognosis for ever walking again was not optimistic, even with surgery. A good friend & former client referred me to Well Being Medicine. From my first contact with the scheduling staff Lucy & I have been treated with complete compassion. Under Dr. Natalie & Bo’s thoughtful & thorough treatment plan including electro acupuncture, various other therapies & holistic supplements, Lucy has healed. She is now pain-free, happy & walking again! In fact, she has never looked better. Her eyes sparkle, her skin & coat are healthier than ever before. The atmosphere, attitudes & care received at Well Being Medicine is outstanding. Lucy will continue her care at this facility for the remainder of her life. Needless to say, they have my highest recommendation.

Bernadette Morrin

3 years ago

I appreciate the personal attention and care given to our fur babies when we are there. The atmosphere is calming and our family enjoys working with Dr. Natalie and her team!

Hayley DeShazo

3 years ago

Our dogs live their happiest lives because of Dr. Natalie and the team at Well Being! Our older dog has become a completely new dog after regular treatments. His quality of life is so much better and we really believe he will live longer because of this clinic!

Holley Henderson

3 years ago

In terms of attention to detail, willing to take their time with customers and answer all of their questions along with balancing options for best care. Dr. Natalie & this team are the best of the best to take care of my Winston!

Kristen Moore

3 years ago

Ya'll are wonderful and Sammy would not feel as good as she does today without ya'll. I recommend you to everyone.

suzette Fisher

3 years ago

Very caring and knowledge about your pets health

Abigail Key

3 years ago

We are so thankful to have found Dr. Natalie and her wonderful team. She cares so much about her patients and their well being. Even if you Aren’t local to Birmingham and have to drive a bit longer , it is well worth it for the care you and your fur babies receive!

Dawn Edmonson

3 years ago

Dr. Natalie and her entire team are the most caring and professional animal vet practice. I am 62 and this is the first time using a holistic approach for my new puppy. This will start her life out right and without toxic chemicals prescribed. They also offer acupuncture and chiropractic approach for your pet as well. So happy we have Dr. Natalie here in the Birmingham area. We couldn't be happier with Well Being Medicine.

Joanna Garcia

3 years ago

Dr Natalie, Beau and the rest of the staff are absolutely incredible. God has undoubtedly gifted them with the beautiful task of caring for his creatures. Dr. Natalie is such a blessing. She’s extremely knowledgeable and compassionate about every animal that walks through her door. You can clearly see how passionate she is about the wellbeing of all animals entrusted to her care. I love to watch the level of connection her and Beau have when interacting with my dog. It’s a spiritual connection that goes way beyond what you would normally see. I can’t recommend them enough.

Laura Cummings

3 years ago

They do love their animal clients. They have a tendency to doo a lot of things chiropractic, acupuncture, laser loop, and some other “magic” devices in addition to working with Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics. If you aren’t watching closely, you may not know all this is going on. Take your own notes. They are very hit and miss of sending out vet notes after the fact. If you are worried about COVID-19, don’t make the mistake we did & go in with your animal & sit in the small exam room with up to 4 other people. I (wrongly) assumed they were following the (current) mask order, occupancy & social distance suggestions. They have a reason. I’m not sure it’s valid. Tell them what is OK & not OK to do & send your animal in with a tech. We have kind of an overwhelming amount of supplements for a dog that I feel is pretty healthy when we can get the food that works for her.

Outlaw Rue

3 years ago

Had no idea what to expect going to a holistic vet but I was amazed. Dr Natalie and staff is amazing. They helped my Mia over a year ago with her recurring urinary issues and overly aggressive behavior. They work to fix the problem and we haven't had any urinary issues since! I can't recommend enough.

Gillian McCown

4 years ago

My dog Dulce was diagnosed with an Insulinoma, a tumor on a pancreas in January 2015. Thanks to the amazing and fabulous Dr. Natalie Lenoir, we are able to keep Dulce relatively stable and healthy. With a traditional vet the prognosis is 6-24 months from diagnosis. We are now at 48 months (!!!!) later and Dulce is still doing great. Forever thankful for Dr Natalie and Wellbeing Animal Medicine Society. Dr Natalie doesn’t just look at a diagnosis and treat the symptoms. She looks at the whole pet and discovers the root causes and treats from there.

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