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aaliyah scott

2 years ago

I would like to start by saying my first mistake was not looking at the reviews about this place in the first place. Second the lady who I dealt with never did give me her name . Third I was not only accused of making up a address because apparently my home doesn’t exist I was also asked to go outside or call on the phone because she was afraid I would yell at her or get angry with her. Not only was I crying out of sadness but I also feel like the animals well being was not cared about or even considered.

Alexis Brown

2 years ago

Absolutely disgusting place. One of the female workers racially profiled me and tried to say I couldn't adopt because they are unaware of my living situation and have had "people like me yell at them". I would give zero stars if it was possible. Please. do. not. go. here.

Ashlee Dalton

2 years ago

I’ve dealt with this organization for YEARS. The best animal welfare organization in a 100 mile radius for sure!!!

Rebekah Brown

2 years ago

LCHS is such a special place. All of the workers here dedicate their lives to the animals. They spend so much time trying to make sure that each animal goes to a good home! The employees also ensure they find the best fit for each client and animal. I am in love with this place and if I could give them more stars I would!!!

Tanner Mitchell

2 years ago

This place and what they do for the animals in our community is superior! This is Mary... LCHS alum.

Jadyn Delgado

2 years ago

I would give this place 0 stars if I could. They are super unprofessional and wouldn’t allow for a kitten to be adopted because of the color of a person’s skin. That is outrageous and purely appalling that they wouldn’t want to give an animal a safe and loving home because of someone’s race. Never recommending this place to anyone I know.

Aaliyah Renee

2 years ago

They discriminated against me and wouldn’t allow me to adopt an animal although I had all requirements met

Kailyn Settle

2 years ago

Very challenging experience. A friend of mine was denied an emotional support pet, even after asking what paperwork was needed to complete the process. They were told that their residence “didn’t exist” and the associate stated that they didn’t want to be yelled at even though no one had raised there voice. My friend was told by the associate, “I’ve been yelled at by someone like you before.” We were originally approved for the pet and then told that they no longer felt comfortable letting us adopt the kitten. It was unprofessional and I do not recommend this business. We will not be returning.

Arnaas Valicia

2 years ago

Love the work these people do. Ive had experiance from multiple animals from here and they are treated very good considering. Most animals will pick something up but it is not serious.

Artie Vaughn

2 years ago

Such a great group of people with a genuine passion for helping out neglected animals.

Crystal Spradley

2 years ago

Worst animal shelter wouldn't recommend anyone to go there

Linda Heller

2 years ago

What a great organization with so many wonderful employees who are so passionate about the welfare of the animals in their care!!! I was fortunate enough to adopt two kittens from them who I absolutely adore. Everyone I came in contact with was very professional and helpful. I have spent twenty plus years working with animals in both paid and volunteer positions, and I can truly say these folks are the cat’s meow!!! Keep up the great work!

Charles Finney

2 years ago

Great visit and Great people. Thanks everyone for the great job. You are doing.

Kendra Thesweet1

2 years ago

Very rude over the phone u can't expect someone to talk nice to u when u feel the tension and bad vibes from someone else voice so yeah not my fault lady go home if your tired of working

Jackie Lawler

2 years ago

With the situation it is with soo many people abandoning cats & dogs they are doing the best they can do and are doing everything pissible to keep from putting any animal to sleep do to over crowding. I would not have their job for anything in the world because I could never put an animal to sleep unless it is sick .

Suzanne Setka

2 years ago

Just drove to take in a foster kitten which we ended adopting.

Bethany Hutton

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about this humane society. Their communication is top notch. The entire process from applying for adoption to getting to adopt my kittens 3 weeks later was seamless. I HIGHLY recommend this place!

Markesha cotton

2 years ago

Great customer service and loving place to find a pet

Tommy Reynolds

2 years ago

Adopted a little kitty! Complete professionals, we couldn't have been more pleased.

Faith Hageman

2 years ago

I’ve been a volunteer here for years and have fostered dogs through them and more. The shelter coordinator has always been so disrespectful to everybody. Me, my sister, my mom, and my friends. When I was a volunteer she’d be rude to me for no reason, when my sister tried adopting she was awful and made it impossible for my sister to get the poor (special needs!!!) dog that she was very willing and capable of caring for, and most recently I took a dog in that was in the middle of the road to get a call from her threatening cops on me because I stole somebodies dog??? She didn’t talk to me respectfully or ask questions to get context, just like a child started yelling and threatening. I will continue to volunteer and foster because I love the animals but yikes lady, you need some therapy.

Salimah Crumbly

3 years ago

They had a special going on this weekend and my boyfriend and I went in to try and adopt a pet and they immediately turned us around telling us we had to make an appointment. Doesn’t make sense to me considering that the shelter is at maximum capacity and y’all are looking for adoptions. Very inconvenient and they were not friendly we just wanted to help and give a fur baby a new home but they made it so difficult would not recommend!!!!

Jennifer Simpson

3 years ago

They are a caring staff that really cares about helping animals find their forever homes.

Fiona Millar

3 years ago

Lovely staff. I wanted bring all the animals home!

Samantha Walker

3 years ago

Be wary of humane societies in Alabama. Try this site if you can, Rehome.adoptapet.com

Tara D.

3 years ago

Clean, doesn't have antiseptic smell, staff was friendly and pets well taken care of.

Mariana Alvarez

3 years ago

We had a great experience adopting from Lee County Humane Society. The process was simple, and everyone was friendly and helpful.

Pamela Zehnder

3 years ago

Caring, knowledgeable staff. All communications timely. Highly recommend.

Salty Siren

3 years ago

I used to ADORE this place & until today I have gotten all of my pets at this establishment. Well I applied to adopt another fur baby & made an appointment to pick one out (or let it pick me). All was well until I found just the one I thought would best fit our family & they refused to adopt to me until after the animal is fixed. Ok so these are kittens & the society has to wait until a vet volunteers, so those kittens could potentially be cats by the time the one I wanted was finally fixed. I left not thinking much of it but then I thought “why can’t I get one that isn’t fixed? It’s never been an issue before”. Ha! So I emailed & asked staff & they literally made up that I got a kitten from them & let it run away & it wasn’t fixed. What?!!! I have NEVER done such a thing & was taken aback by the accusation. I calmly explained there must be some mistake to which I was only answered with them doubling down & not providing an explanation. I called them out for firstly attempting to gaslight me then not even bothering to lift the restriction on my file. Great so I’m flagged for no reason at the humane society & the reason is “we just had to make sure”...of what?! I’ve never been so insulted in all my life I have been NOTHING but a fantastic fur mama to my fur babies, happily following every single responsibility & right not to mention donating & adopting year after year. So, instead of there being a legitimate reason for a stipulation like oh idk maybe a NEW applicant, they’d rather just abuse their current client instead bc “they can”. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. You have lost a long time donor & fur mama. SHAME ON YOU

Steve Jankiewicz

3 years ago

Very clean and friendly. They must be getting a lot on the way if donations because it was so inexpensive to shoot a pair of kittens. They were both current on their shots, had been neutered, one already had his rabies vaccination. It was only $10 each plus another $5 for a caring box. So for $25 we were able to take home 2 kittens that were in great shape. They offered hand sanitizer to use between handling the kittens so as not to spread anything between animals. The staff was very nice. The visits are by appointment only with Coronavirus going around and the application was handled online. Overall it was a very positive experience and now we have two cute, healthy kittens as part of our family. Thank you!

Terri McCard

3 years ago

Super nice staff! Please go and meet / adopt your new best friend!

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