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Brenda Billings

2 years ago

Very busy place. We had plenty of time to spend with the puppies to decide which one we wanted.

Trish Stafford

2 years ago

Got my pups here! Our shiba's are so adorable!

Jennifer Harter

2 years ago

Very nice staff, small pet store with little food options. Also to the people who claim they only get their puppies from reliable breeders; if any breeder requires USDA inspections, they are a breeding mill. USDA inspections are only required for breeders who have a SUBSTANTIAL amount of breeding dogs. IE: A puppy mill. Don't be confused and think a USDA certification is a good thing when purchasing a animal, especially a pet. Reliable breeders will not sell to pet stores and they rarely will advertise their dogs as the list is long to purchase from them. If you want a reliable pure bred dog, get on a waiting list.

Thor is a Dog

2 years ago

We adopted our puppy from pet city, it was the best day of our lives thanks to them.

Crystal S

2 years ago

Here is a summation of why the children are giving this business 1 star reviews: they get dogs from puppy mills, you should adopt, staff was rude and/or the reviewer was passed up on the waitlist and the store/animals were dirty. The Truth: This place is 5 stars and it's so amazing that even these 1 star trolls haven't been able to mess with it! The website specifically says they use reputable breeders! The store was sparkling clean. The dogs were perfectly clean and had plenty of room. The people were caring, patient, and understanding with us. This is our first dog and we've needed some extra patience and guidance. Since they only get a couple new puppies a week we went on a waitlist. They told us specifically that you need to answer the phone when they call you on the waitlist. We were 4th on the list but we got a call because the 3 others hadn't answered. They sold us a pure Maltese puppy with papers. No issues after 9 months. We have a healthy, beautiful, good tempered Maltese. We appreciate that this store exists and how helpful they were! I would recommend this store to anyone looking for a pet store!

Joseph Moody

2 years ago

I have worked here for several years, they do not source from anywhere but USDA inspected breeders.... The owner herself takes a yearly trip to personally visit where she is getting her pups from.... If you're about rescues then by all means get a rescue. People who want control over a puppers disposition or want a working doggo cannot resort to rescues.

DaMario 2017

2 years ago

Customer service is horrible. They wouldn’t let us look at the puppies unless we were positive we were going to make a purchase. The ladies working stood around and judged us as they had nothing better to do when the place was disgusting and the puppies were sad in their small boxes. I have had better service at McDonalds and am so unimpressed by their lack of manners and basic kindness.

Heather Bisson

2 years ago

The puppies come from puppy mills

Brett Hill

2 years ago

Actually they do care about their pets and people should appreciate this quality long term business in Colorado....providing a connection between quality breeders and future pet friends!

Howard Family

2 years ago

Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Kimberly P

2 years ago

My first time buying from a pet shop.I was very skeptical.I did go into the shop several times over a week. The staff was very pleasant, and seemed to engage with the animals. I did buy a beautiful pup and couldn't be happier. Complete paperwork, everything was explained in detail. Erin and Josh were patient. I feel confident that I paid a good price,I expect to pay more for a pet at a store, but I feel she was reasonable and the prices of their supplies are great!


2 years ago

So many cute puppies!! Friendly staff!

JJ Jalving

2 years ago

We had the best experience with the folks at this establishment. Total transparency with where the pups came from providing information about the breeders. Needless to say after enjoying our pups for nearly a year (and continuing) we are so pleased with how the dedicated employees handled their duties.

Shaun Neiderman

2 years ago

greaet selection and service so amazing

Jillyan Patalina

2 years ago

I've gotten a cat and a dog there. Both were healthy and customer service was great. They had all the paper work on the breeder and provide the USDA number for the them. Yes I did look them up and no they weren't a puppy mill. I'm very happy with my boys!

K Daniel

2 years ago

Puppies seemed sad without a lot of stimulation, standing on grates. Very listless. Do they ever get to go outside? I bought some treats there and they are super stale.

Kelsee Ward

2 years ago

We’ve purchased 3 dogs from here over the past few years and the experience has always been wonderful. They take great care of the animals and they’re so helpful with questions. They helped our family out a lot and we love our 3 babies!!!

Natacia Larson

2 years ago

Horrible place!! They sell sick dogs and don’t care for them and keep them in unsafe conditions. You are buying from a puppy mill!

Colton Xavier

2 years ago

Do NOT adopt from these places. They don't take care of their animals properly and honestly should not even be in business

Peggy Vaubel

2 years ago

We bought a cute, sweet little Yorkshire/Bishon mix 3 years ago. He is the sweetest, smartest little dog. Pet stores are overpriced due to their overhead. I always bought puppies from private breeders, in the past. We had a good experience at Pet City. We paid cash & got a discount. We love our little guy & are happy we bought him.

Libby Kern

2 years ago

Went to go meet the Klee Kai they had. Firstly they wouldn't let us play with the dog unless we were positive that we were gonna adopt. BS! How am I supposed to buy a dog that I can't even interact with?! Secondly the conditions are disgusting! They are all standing on grates, no blankets, no room to run, no food and water. Clearly they are all depressed. Everyone who works there should be embarrassed of themselves! Absolutely disgusting! They had problems with dogs attacking eachother yet don't have any room for them to run around.

yousef shahin

3 years ago

My wife and I had a great experience here. We were able to play with our puppy before we bought her. The staff made the process easy and informative for first time puppy owners.

Sathington Willoughby

3 years ago

Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Rick R

3 years ago

I got a Weimaraner here a year ago. I was skeptical when I was told she came from a hunting line but sure enough she’s a natural. She’s been amazing. My only qualms are that since they are in small spaces, they can lay in their filth, and her ears needed a really good cleaning/flush. Also she has bad allergies which are hereditary. The Weim breeder they work with they need to reasses - luckily I adopted her but if somebody else did I doubt they would have given her the care she needed. Lastly - a chicken and rice formula probably isn’t what they should be on. The staff was very helpful, and happy to see her when I brought her back. Overall this place was great.

raven Splitstone

3 years ago

Really rude customer service Jill was unprofessional literally yelling at me just for asking questions. Made a scene and everything. Please don’t go here

ralph michael walther

3 years ago

Affordable prices & Friendly staff makes for a great store, for your dogs, cats, rabbits, birds- all house pets needs can be found here at awesome local pet store ????!

Mitchell Crowther

3 years ago

This place is truly a disappointment, I would highly recommended that you do not go here if you believe in honesty. They don't honor their wait list and gave us the wrong dates the dogs were being delivered . My sons cat just passed away I was told we were 1st on the waiting list. My son was looking forward to getting his new dog. Come to find out they already let people put money down on the dogs. My son is very sad right now because of how Pet City handled this.

Michael Ball

3 years ago

Excellent staff and experience. I purchased 2 yorkies from them many years ago that grew from healthy puppies to healthy senior yorkies. I just got a wonderful Japanese Chin from them and look forward to 12+ years of companionship for my family and me. I completely trust the animals they sell as well as the Petcity care.

Ashley McMullen

3 years ago

Very pricey but cute pups. We decided to rescue from a shelter and it was the best decision ever.

Carly Scott Cooley

3 years ago

We have purchased most of our fur babies from Pet City. Each pup has been healthy and happy. Thank you.

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