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Brooke Jansen

2 years ago

I rescued my dog Copper from JR's. Their volunteers are amazing. Highly recommend.

Janelle Johnson

2 years ago

We ended up going through MADACC instead of them but they were super professional. Would definitely use them in the future

Cody Groh

2 years ago

Two week approval process. What a joke

Ava Torrez

2 years ago

Don't waste your $5 on the application. They don't get back to you and you find a dog elsewhere by the time they will. Scam.

Elizabeth R

2 years ago

Got my sweet baby boy savior of a pup here and everyone was so nice and helpful and you can tell everyone just wants the best home and parents for these dogs.

Karen Kasian

2 years ago

They have a very nice website


2 years ago

We had such a good experience the first time around, we’re doing it again! I continue to be impressed with their personal touch, knowledge, and immaculate care for their animals. They are wonderful matchmakers!

Peter A. Ernst

2 years ago

My son adopted a dog through this rescue last year. I am uploading his story because it seems to have been filtered out by the rescue. My son’s story: I would HIGHLY recommend that you look elsewhere if you are looking to adopt a dog. This rescue enjoys "the concept" of rescuing dogs, but does not actually follow through with the rehabilitation of their dogs. It becomes a numbers game to them - both in terms of number of dogs out the door and money received for their dogs - they charge exorbitant prices for dogs. It truly is a “buyer beware" type of situation with JR's. I ended up spending an adoption fee of $550 and over $650 in Vet bills within the first 5 weeks of adoption through this "rescue" (would have easily exceeded $1,000). They did not vet the dog well enough prior to adoption, were un-responsive in my requests to remediate the situation with the dog, and never offered any support for me or the dog. Prior to my adoption through JR's, I was made aware of three key items: 1.) He was diagnosed with coming into contact with an unknown chemical that caused skin irritation and was given anti-biotics and anti-itch meds. Prior to my adoption of him, the foster told me that he was improving on this medicine. 2.) All vet bills in the first 30 days related to his skin condition would be covered by the rescue, as was in the CONTRACT that I signed the day I adopted Cooper. 3.) His medication was causing him to relieve himself in his crate. I was told he did not relieve himself prior to the medication. I moved forward with the adoption with the pre-tense that the dog was diagnosed correctly and all vet bills would be covered by the rescue. As it turned out, none of the above were true and I had a horrific experience taking care of their dog. There were many occasions where I would leave him alone in his crate only to come home to him having scratched himself raw on his neck, chest, and ribcage area - leaving him bloody, and him having relieved himself in his crate. I had to get him out of the kennel, bathe him, clean his wounds, and disinfect his entire kennel. This ended being a routine for me any time I left the house - even for minimal trips like grocery store shopping, home depot runs, and other small errands. The first week I had him, I brought him to the SAME Vet that JR's uses in Waukesha to help treat his continued itching. The Vet diagnosed him with mites, which was a different diagnosis than the chemical. I sent an email to the rescue with the vet bill attached ($250) and a detailed explanation of what the Vet told me asking to be reimbursed. There responses were rude, curt, and I never received confirmation that I would be reimbursed, as indicated in the contract. I ended up taking Cooper back to the Vet a second & third time due to his continued scratching (total bills = $650). He had 3 different diagnosis' each time. I emailed them multiple times asking them to help me with these issues and take responsibility for their dog, only to be ignored. Trying to get JRs to help me with this dog was like pulling teeth. They continued to ignore my requests for reimbursement and ignored my requests to help remediate these issues with their dog. Words cannot do it justice on how angry and upset I am at them and how they handled Cooper's situation and how they treated me. I gave the dog back because they were unwilling to help me or the dog and I did not see an end in sight for his medical bills, which were piling up quickly over only a 5 week period and would have easily exceed $1,000 if I had kept him. Key Takeaways: 1.) JR's does not vet their dogs well enough - they keep them for a few days and then list them . Be wary of dogs with no / little description please. 2.) Communication - Complete lack of communication skills and they will ignore your emails until you go away because it is no longer their issue. 3.) They do not honor contracts signed by the adopter. Please proceed with extreme caution when adopting through this “rescue”.

Elly Pirman

2 years ago

They save the lives of so many pups. awesome organization!

Hope Krause

2 years ago

We went thru a rigorous background check and were able to adopt the best puppy for us! The process is rigorous for a reason. They want their rescues to go to homes where all can be happy and healthy. I highly recommend them!

Shirley Konopski

2 years ago

Terrible the way they help elderly and disabled people that want to adopt

Elicia LG

3 years ago

This is the best rescue! Some of the most caring people I've ever meet.They always need good people to help out..come change the life of an animal in need.

Neil Ball

3 years ago

We have been applying to your rescue for a dog since last fall. We did get to greet four dogs. We immediately knew that three of them were perfect for our lifestyle and checked all of the boxes of our application. We were denied every without satisfactory explanation as to why we were denied. We believe that bias has been shown in their decisions. Neil and Mary

William Casto

3 years ago

They take their placements very seriously. During our Zoom interview it was obvious they wanted what was best for the rescue and for a potential new "parent". This volunteer organization is great in finding lasting pet/human experiences.

John Rock

3 years ago

Had an application in. Everything was great on paper. We have had dogs and cats before yet were denied. Based on the others who were approved, their homes were just the same as ours. A typical family looking for a companion. I made sure to ask and talk to almost anyone and everyone there as possible to get all the information I needed about the pup. Diet, energy, lifestyle, training, personality, etc... We were denied without any explanation. I responded quickly and asked about what the issues may have been. No answer. I read in another review that they were denied even though they were a perfect candidate. They felt they were denied partially because they weren’t white. Now that’s all I’m thinking about. That they denied a beautiful dog a forever home because of their ignorance

Tenia Ruffin

3 years ago

We got our wonderful puppy from here and couldn't be happier. The application process was easy but tedious, understandably so. They are very responsive to emails with any questions or pups/kitties you want to see. We have had Bear for almost a year and a half and still keep in contact with the foster mom. It's a wonderful organization and I would highly recommend.

Zach McLay

3 years ago

Was denied and wasn’t sure why. We have had dogs our whole lives. Tried to message back and talk to someone but was ignored. Have a feeling their being biased

Allison Schulz

3 years ago

Loving rescue focused on finding the best fit for each and every animal that comes through it's doors. I highly recommend finding your furry friend through JRsPupsNStuff!

Katie G-w

3 years ago

Wonderful staff who really care about the dogs and making sure the dogs are match to the right family. Amazing place that rescues amazing dogs

Kristin Mireles

3 years ago

I have adopted two dogs from this organization. Both times it has gone easily...which is why I came back a second time! Everyone was helpful and friendly and best of all I have a new buddy to love!

Shamell Billups

3 years ago

Don't waste your time they act like you trying to buy a house when you contact them hello i'm here to buy a Cat

Amanda Dickenson

3 years ago

I understood they want what is best for their pups and in finding a good home, but they expected me to go against my vets guidance in caring for my existing kittens in order to qualify in my application. I couldn't do it and was disappointed in their lack of compassion and absoluteness.

Mark G

3 years ago

When it came to our family's adoption experience, it was both professional and personal. The foster family was amazing and great at communicating. JR's has a well thought out network and process that worked very well even during the Social Distancing environment we all find ourselves living in. The application process was complete and accommodating for both sides. If you are seeking an addition to your family... JRs is home to rescues that their foster teams care about as if they were their own. Thank you JR's.

Mel Tonks

3 years ago

It's a nice place everyone there is so nice but how they keep the dogs in the back they should have better cages and not have all the animals in one room together. Also there is a dog there named Panda who bites and nobody is aloud to see him they have his cage cover up.


3 years ago

This adoption agency seems legit because of their initial extensive interview process. We were honest and forthcoming in our application and all seemed successful on the video call interview. We know we are fit dog parents, live in a safe area in Mequon and have more than enough time, income and all around commitments to care for a pet. After our positive experience in our interview and home visit, my husband and I felt confident that our application would be approved. A few days later however, we received an email response stating that our application was denied. I emailed back asking why our application was denied considering we were qualifying adoptees on paper. We received no response. My husband and I are African American. After further researching their Facebook page, and uploaded photos of newly adoptive dog parents to their various social media accounts, we can’t help but notice all approved adoptive parents are predominantly white. I will not accuse JRs of being discriminatory based on race; this is merely an observation. No harsh feelings! We have adopted a pure bred Alaskan Malamute from another agency three months ago and could not be happier with the service, care and trust provided by them. Just writing to encourage caution to future prospective adoptive parents that a lengthy, lagging-response and unreasonably (and unjustified) filtered adoption process is in store for you at JRs pups.

Robin Corozza

3 years ago

Awesome small rescue that help lots of animals find fur ever loving homes

Amy Borkowski

3 years ago

We adopted our little Nugget from JR’s 2 months ago. We feel so fortunate to adopt this loving dog. We were so impressed with the whole process of adopting at JR’s. From the volunteer, Tracy that did our Home Visit, the foster, Robyn who knew Nugget so well in a short time, and the administrator, Lisa who processed all the paperwork so quickly, we were treated like family. I highly recommend adopting through JR’s, volunteering, and donating to support their continued mission.

Wilson Rodriguez

3 years ago

My girlfriend and I willingly and eagerly adopted a 6 year old boxer named Boss about 2 months ago. Although he was the best behaved pup with us he displayed severe aggression towards strangers. We worked with Boss’s socialization and training every day until he unfortunately attacked someone. This event was a breaking point for us. We love him very much, however, him actually biting someone was something we could not have repeated. After discussing options we decided the best thing for us, others, and Boss was to surrender him back to JR’s. We unfortunately do not have the time, finances, or liability to train an aggressive dog who will attack. This event that occurred along with Boss’s aggression is not the purpose of this review. We were more than willing to work with him until the moment we visualized him biting a stranger. That being said we do feel we were misinformed about Boss’s behavior. He was at JR’s for about 6 months prior to us adopting him which was a red flag. I asked a couple of employees why he had been there for so long, particularly for the feeling of it being due to aggression, but nothing related to that was noted. Where I become dissatisfied with JR’s is when I arrived to surrender Boss. I was “greeted” by Harmonee while walking up to the door and was told to wait outside until a worker grabs Boss and brings him in. She said this with a very antagonistic tone. The worker proceeded to walk up to the gate and I gave him the leash. Boss did not growl or lunge and I told Boss it’s OK. As they are walking into the entrance I am standing there with a big bag of his toys, blankets, food, etc. and follow behind the worker into the building. He holds the first door behind him for me to enter. The second door he walked through brings us to the common area which he did not hold open. I still proceeded to cautiously open the door where I saw Harmonee standing. After a brief discourse about his vaccinations and heartworm I asked if they would take his belongings. She said “We will take everything you have” with a snobbish grin. This strengthened my notion of not being welcomed which I had contemplated when first arriving. I noticed that the male worker and another female worker took Boss into the “meet and greet” room. I asked Harmonee, “can I at least say goodbye to my dog” since she was being really short and no one else was talking to me or giving guidance. After looking back at the door she responded by saying “We are going to give him a chance to decompress before he goes in the kennel” I looked at her in disbelief as I realized I won’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to him. I asked her if they would take his bed which was in my trunk and again she said “we will take everything you have” with that same grin. She followed me outside to the end of the entryway where she stopped. I grabbed Boss’s bed and made my way to her where she said thank you. I did not respond. The unprofessional employees I experienced is the reason for this review. I felt unwelcome and condemned during the surrender process and am extremely hurt that I was unable to say goodbye to him. We do not recommend this rescue.

Steven Tucholski

3 years ago

I cannot recommend this adoption organization after the lack of communication and how drawn out the entire process is. My wife and I sent in our adoption application several months ago. While the website stated we would be contacted within 2-3 days, we heard nothing for close to a week and a half. After some back and forth, we got a virtual meeting scheduled. The virtual meeting was pleasant and is the only reason I'm giving JRs 2 stars. During our meeting, we were informed the foster assigned to us had some other issues going on, and that's why our application took so long to be looked at. That's understandable, though it did cause us to miss out on several dogs we were interested in. This should have given us some red flags for how slowly this organization is run. We recently attempted to adopt another dog, as an adoption approval means you are set for one year. We replied to our approval email within the first day this dog was listed on their website asking for more information (as the dog only had a placeholder sentence.) Over a day later (this was in the middle of the week, not on the weekend), we finally received a message that the dog's foster parents were contacted and that we should receive an email within 1-2 days. The email explained we MUST reply within 24 hours of their email. Nearly 2 days pass before we receive a 1 sentence email from the foster asking what information we were after. Communication like this continued throughout the entire process. We would reply, and then wait over a day to receive a reply. It took over a week just to schedule a meeting with the dog and foster family. During the dog meeting, we were informed that JR's requires each dog to stay with a foster for at least two weeks. Odd. Like other reviews have stated, adopting through JRs is a competition with other people interested in the animal. After our meeting, it took four days to be informed of their decision. This entire process took nearly 3 weeks due to lack of communication and the arbitrary time wasting this organization imposes. My wife and I were just happy that this agonizing process was over. For anyone interested in JRs and actually reads this, take note of the short 5 star reviews posted here. Most are from people who frequent their Facebook group, and are members of their foster network. They're as close to paid reviews as an animal rescue can get.


3 years ago

Adopted our pup from here and had a wonderful experience. Yes, it does take time, which is it clearly states on both the email you get and on their website. Makes sense since this is a volunteer run rescue. If you are looking to adopt, make sure to get pre-approved so you don't miss out. Overall, we are extremely happy with our dog Pepper!

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