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Edward Mikinka

2 years ago

The only reason I gave this place only 4 stars is because nothing or no one is perfect but if you have a 4 legged furry family member it is a great place to take them

paul Born

2 years ago

Caring docs and friendly staff

Joe Nobody

2 years ago

All the 5 star reviews I can agree with but when It counts they are not there for your animal. I have been with this vet with my 2 dogs for at least 5 years and every time its critical they turn you away. This last incident was it for me. My dog was having an extreme allergic reaction to medicine they prescribed for her. I called in the first day and they told me to give her Benadryl and monitor her. Her condition got much worse so called back the following day with my concerns and they said they would have the doctor call me back. Two minutes later the same lady calls me back and says if it gets worse take her to Green Bay. The doctor did not call me back nor have they ever, it’s always someone calling that has ZERO help, just if it gets worse take her to Green Bay. I asked if I could bring her in or if there was any other info considering they have been seeing her multiple times within a week span because of this and they said sorry we close in 20 minutes so we can’t help you. They are always so caring when you go in and really act like they love your animal but it’s all a front. When their time is up it’s up, you’re on your own to figure it out. I called Door County Veterinarian Associates and they were closed but still had someone taking calls. The associate asked a few questions about my dog and what’s going on and one minute late their doctor was on the phone with me. Talking me through possible options for treatment and what may be going on, this doctor was at a birthday party not at work and took that time and true care. This vet didn’t ask me for any info about myself, only cared about my dogs safety. That showed me the MAJOR difference between the two vets. Needless to say my dogs are no longer with Sturgeon Bay Vet Clinic. The dog is improving drastically from the advice of Door County Veterinarian Associates doctor that didn’t even know my name only cared about our family member and how to help her. Guess what, they show the same level of care and love for animals as the other but they also will take the time when it matters the most. Sturgeon Bay Veterinary Clinic cares about your animal when they are up to it and falls between their hours and not a minute more accept when they want a payment.

Tim Greene

2 years ago

Needed emergency care for my animal and was told at the door that they were booked for the day and turned me away with a pamphlet for another 24hr Emergency Care Center (which this place says they are) almost 40 miles away!

michele grovogel

2 years ago

I'm extremely disappointed with the Animal Clinic. They have lost their personal touch. All calls are answered with voice mail and sometimes they still don't get the message that is left, medications are distributed via a box outside the door. I felt my concerns about our dog were not being addressed, that something more was wrong. They did accurately diagnose her thyroid issue but didn't seem concerned about her additional symptoms, which may be indicative of another condition. We have changed to another vet clinic.

Lisa Wade

2 years ago

Great veterinary clinic I would recommend to others .

melanie clark

3 years ago

Sweet people. Reasonably priced. Knowledgeable

Mary White

3 years ago

Dr. Lois and the staff were extremely kind. Dr Lois was thorough with the diagnosis and it was obvious she is an experienced veterinarian who cares about animals!

Rebecca Braschnewitz

3 years ago

This is the second time I have had issues with "Karen" First time was when I called because My dog was having a tooth issue and, I wanted it looked at, tried to make appt. But I was told they wheren't doing dental appts for two months, asked if I could schedule a reg appt to have dog looked at. Was told No. Took her to another vet, Thank goodness I did. Second incident with Karen was had an 8:00am appt. Got there at 8:10 ( Sorry, kids gotta get to school traffic was crazy) Tried calling 6 times to let them know I was there it went to voice mail or said phone was busy... At 8:23 Karen Answers, snotty and rude replies the Appt was at 8, you need to reschedule! Yep, Nope Sorry.. been sitting here trying to call.. So appt was for shots, she's a tiny dog we we leave her there to be monitored. Wasn't like it was for surgery! Point is... small town once you loose valued patients you do not get them back. I love the vets here...and Dr. Dan is the best just to bad Karen works there.

Christel Ruddy

3 years ago

Always a good experience. Dr. Lois always takes time to explain and answer questions fully. Their commitment to care, and to safety during the pandemic, is apparent and appreciated!

firefly 1152

3 years ago

The staff is always very professional in handling my cat and answering any questions I might have. They are also very quick to act when the pet's owner messes up. For example, when my cat was fixed, she was sent home with medication that had to be refrigerated. Well, one morning I was in a hurry, and forgot to put it away. I came home from work and the medicine was still on the table. So I called the clinic and they had a new prescription filled in 10 minutes. Plus, the clinic is AAHA accredited. They're not legally required to be, but it's just proof that the staff will go above and beyond for your pet.

nicole hilander

3 years ago

Lovely customer service, very kind staff

Staci Reinhard

3 years ago

This place is amazing. Taking every precaution during the pandemic, and still giving great service. They treat me and my cat with kindness and compassion, despite my cat's temperament. These people really love animals. Highly recommend.

Rick Clarizio

3 years ago

Outstanding professional place to bring your pets to. Staff is awesome and loves the pets that come through the door.

Nick Tipler

3 years ago

Always very helpful and professional with my Dog and two cats. Happy to go back time and time again.

Jim Briggs

3 years ago

Had to stop when on a trip to pick up a perscripshioon my vet faxed them. They were great with calling us when ready and reviewing the details. Great to have another caring vet that works hard to make sure you are taken care of even when traveling. Thanks again

Chris Lawrence

3 years ago

Best vets in Door County. Fair prices and great service. Our German Shepherd loves it.

Barb Johnson

4 years ago

The Vets are awesome at the Animal Clinic of Sturgeon Bay

Beau Bernhoft

4 years ago

Called a week before i booked an appointment on Christmas Eve and they were extremely accommodating. Great place to trust with a pet.

Candy Olson

4 years ago

Awesome with my cats. They actually have a cat do They listen and actually take time to answer. Thank you so much. Our little Jorgie passed and they donated a tree planting to him. I love you guys so much. Thank you.

Francesca Pignataro

4 years ago

Helped me out in a bind with my cat! I'll always be thankful for that.

Linda Spude

4 years ago

The staff has been so good to all of my babies!! Love everyone at the Animal Clinic????????

Candy Evans

5 years ago

Incredibly compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable staff!

Brenda Bayer

5 years ago

The vets and staff are absolutely amazing..they take fantastic care of my fur babies!❤

Denise Schroedl

5 years ago

They are very caring for any animal that my husband and I have brought in .

James Dunn

5 years ago

They can handle a hyper 100 pound German Shepard to a sick kitten Ann everything in between. I don't know if they do any herd vetting though.

John Wagner

5 years ago

Great staff. Take very good care of your pet. Appointments on time.

63fourtree McKoneHoelzel

5 years ago

Only place for my animals I won't go elsewhere

Julie Lawrence

5 years ago

Amazing, caring staff! Love them!

Justin S

5 years ago

The staff here is extremely compassionate and professional. We were certainly pleased with our experience here.

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