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connie blehovde

2 years ago

Clean. We'll cared for animals. Caring staff

Fay Weiland

2 years ago

This place is wonderful, I just signed up to adopt two parakeets from this place just a few days ago. The housing for the pets here is wonderful and it's clear that the animals are well taken care of. The workers definitely know what they are doing, this is one of the best shelters I've seen in quite some time.

Kerry Evans

2 years ago

The people were friendly and very well informed. The animals were healthy. The animals living spaces were immaculate. I used to go to "the pound" when I was a youngster in Phoenix. This was the complete opposite of what I remember of that place. We sure hope our application is approved.


2 years ago

I appreciated the emphasis this shelter has on educating adopters!

Josh Fisher

2 years ago

Please call the number on the dog tags before sending a dog here. You'll be shelling out a minimum of $90 if they have the dog overnight. Even worse if it's on the weekend since they aren't open sat evening or Sunday. I'd rather have my dog roam around than deal with them again.

Sammy Nieman

2 years ago

We got Amable here in February 2021. I really enjoyed the class tat they had each person take before taking the pet home. As a first time cat owner it was a very helpful class!

Barent Johnson

2 years ago

Just adopted two year old litter mates. So happy they have joined our home

Devin Matznick

2 years ago

Absolutely phenomenal. I've never seen another rescue that takes as amazing care of their animals. I recommend my friends from across the state to come here

morgan prnce

2 years ago

I went here last week to adopt a cat, staff was extremely rude and not helpful.

Shawn Hoffman

2 years ago

Very friendly and very helpful

Tiffany DeDeyne

2 years ago

Tunas pic was on the stray animal for this site, I posted bond for her and after 4 months she was back home. The OHS had great accommodations for her during het stay. Thank you again guys.

Kelli Kay

2 years ago

It's so sad, because the ppl at Oshkosh Human society used to be so nice. The dog adoption lady, Ann is so RUDE! She doesn't want to work with you, or listen to your ideas, thoughts, wants or give you any direction, just to tell you No to the dog you want to hopefully adopt. Her remarks are always rude. Please find a better dog manager, or these poor dogs will be kept there longer than needed.

Becky Stoddard

2 years ago

Great staff. Clean facility. Well cared for animals waiting for their forever home.

eliz blah

2 years ago

Very kind staff with a wide variety of knowledge. And you can truly tell the animals are very happy and very cared for.

Kayla Morrison

2 years ago

This rescue discriminates against people with mental illness. I had great references, filled out everything they asked of me and out in an application for a dog that has been at the rescue for a little while hoping to give him a forever home. When finding out I had a mental illness and was hoping to make this dog my companion and ESA they denied my application without checking my references and doing any sort of home visit. I’m very disappointed with the fact that is the reason my application didn’t move forward. It’s also very sad for the dog that has already been there for a while. Do better.

David Wiskow

2 years ago

Very good experience loving people who care about their pets can't say enough thank you so much

Elizabeth Heintzelman

2 years ago

So many cute animals in need of a family. Crew were nice and helpful.

Dana Kay

2 years ago

We have had such good experiences at this shelter. Always our first place to go when looking for a new furry family member.

Mitch Kroll

2 years ago

I recently adopted two cats from OAHS. I was extremely impressed with how clean the facilities were kept and how well the animals were cared for. Kendra and Breanna were super kind and helpful. All the staff were very knowledgeable, and you could tell how much they all genuinely cared for the animals. I would highly recommend adopting from here (especially if you are looking for a cat!)

Sam Telin

2 years ago

Excellent Staff and a very warm experience every time we visit.

Nick Brewer

2 years ago

Customer service was horrible! We submitted an application for a dog and were denied for that dog because we have a cat. That's fine, I understand but there was absolutely no help with finding another possible pet. All answers were short and unhelpful. Speaking to Leah on the phone was even worse! She made it seem as if my wanting an animal was an inconvince to them because they would have to cat test a dog. At a meet for a dog they didn't like that my dog was not playing much with their dog. They got along fine, just weren't playing much. After being denied for that dog there was no effort in trying to help us find a different dog. We were sent an email simply saying they went with a different application and that was it. I prefer to support humane societies but this one needs new management and workers!

Rakhi Bisen

2 years ago

Well... I called to see if I could adopt a dog.. and the lady was soo rude. No where in the description does it state that the dog doesn't like cats. If I could put a 0. I would give them a 0 for customer service... I mean I rather save a rescue.. but apparently they'd rather keep these animals imprisoned for life. I would recommend adopting elsewhere.

Jennifer Chatham

3 years ago

They took the stray dog we found and brought in with very good care and friendliness for not only us but the animal as well.

Joe wolf

3 years ago

Lots of animals for adoption, due to covid the front door is locked and they are limiting the number of people in at one time. Very friendly staff

Sandra Marcoe

3 years ago

SO impressed with this place, Everyone was so nice. They really take care of their animals. Very helpful. Great experience. I got the cat meant for me.

Colleen Tomaschefski

3 years ago

We was there yesterday too look at janis female cat i hope we get her

Ashley Brown

3 years ago

I’ll start by saying, they continue to delete this comment, and I will continue to repost it and here’s why: Repeatedly deleting the comment is proof that they’re well aware that the actions taken were not appropriate Upon further investigation, I realize others have had similar experiences I feel the situation was absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for and since others have had similar experiences and nothing seems to have been done about it, I’m going to continue to bring it to the forefront I went online to see what dogs were available for adoption and I came across Roxy. I emailed them to set up a time to meet with her and got no response. I then called to set up a time to meet her and they said I was not able to meet her until I filled out the application. I live in an apartment that does not allow dogs so I wanted to meet her before I went through the process of getting approval from my landlord but I decided to go ahead and go through the process and my landlord consented. I then filled out an application and less than 24 hours later, I received a call stating that Roxy is not appropriate for an apartment setting and would be a liability as she is a pitbull and she is strong and will attack other dogs. I explained that I understood that she does not like other dogs and I do not have another dog. The woman I spoke to continued on to say that it didn’t matter because she would encounter other dogs and that my boyfriend has a “criminal record”. I stated I was confused by this because his only violations are traffic violations and I don’t know what that has to do with owning a dog and that I would be willing to work with Roxy on training to which the woman responded by saying “she’s untrainable”. It was clear that no matter the reason, they didn’t want me to have the dog so I said “I don’t agree and I would still like to have her but if you guys don’t feel that I’m a good fit, then there’s nothing I can do.” The woman on the phone then mentioned other dogs which I firmly stated I did not want any other dog and she suggested I come down and see how Roxy reacts around other dogs. When I got there, I hadn’t even met her yet and the lady said to me “let’s show you how she reacts around other dogs and then we can discuss other options.” She brought another dog out and referred to him as “the victim dog” and walked him out on a leash and then brought Roxy out on a leash. Roxy barked and lunged and growled, however this is expected behavior seeing as they literally said she does not get along with other dogs so I’m not sure what they were expecting my reaction to be. It was completely unnecessary and they put both dogs in distress for no reason that I can see other than to set up this scare tactic. Mind you, all of this was done after I had already told them that I accept if they don’t feel I am the best fit for Roxy but I am not interested in another dog. The entire experience was very negative from beginning to end and the women I worked with were rude and belittling and wasted all of our time.

Desirae Sattler

3 years ago

They have awesome animals and I have never had a problem with them in the past. But last time I went, we were looking at cats and one worker kept on saying that the cats we were asking about wouldn't be a good fit for us without learning anything about us. When we were having a private conversation she would listen in and then reply. That is my biggest complaint about that place.

Leah Farley

3 years ago

We got the best cat ever from here. We adopted him after he was a stray for 4+ years. He is sweet, kind, and so full of personality. When we met him he had lice, fleas, Upper Respitory Infection, and didn't have a lot of fur and had open wounds from how bad his fleas and lice were. So I'm extremely thankful that the Humane Society could take him in and clean him up and hope that the right people would come along and get him. I'm sure he would have died without help. We've had him for over a year now and we're still as in love as ever. We're so glad he chose us. He is my 2&4 year old boys best friend. The only negative thing I have to say is there is one particular lady in the cat room who's very rude and snarky every time I see her which has been multiple times now.

Ron Reick

3 years ago

People helpfully and friendly. Know about the dogs & cats.

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