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Rick S

2 years ago

They take very good care of our cat and usually are very quick to respond to any questions we have.


2 years ago

Great people that do great work.

Heather La Plant

2 years ago

Would highly recommend them. They treated my fur baby with great care. They addressed my concerns and did a very thorough job. The doctor himself called to check on us the next day- which I thought was great!! Thank you

Scott Hansen

3 years ago

The Consult went great !

Paul Menne

3 years ago

Most caring and professional throughout the entire process. Thank you for your love for my dog!

Allison Beyerl

3 years ago

Our dog needed two broken teeth extracted. They took great care of him and followed up with us multiple times to make sure he was okay. Great service and communication from Dr. Honzelka.


3 years ago

Dr H and staff did a great job on my pup, they saved four bad teeth and gave him a healthy pain free mouth again!

Rolando Melendez (Foot and Ankle Specialist)

3 years ago

I called, the doctor answered all my questions about my sick Guinea pig. Thank you


3 years ago

We cannot be more thankful for their responsiveness, compassion, and professionalism for our furry family member. We are extremely fortunate to have been referred here (by the always wonderful Fox Valley Animal Referral Center). We are very fortunate to have such a amazing resource for our animals in our area. It’s clear the entire staff has a genuine love for animals and they walked us through the whole process of our cat’s surgery and follow up. We just can’t believe the difference in our cat since his teeth and jaw issue fixed - he’s acting 5 years younger! Four paws up and extra purrs to Dr Honzelka!

Larry Luther

3 years ago

Thank you Dr. Kressin for being there for us and our Golden Retriever Lily as she dealt with oral cancer. You are highly skilled and very compassionate at Lily's end of life.

John Lowther

3 years ago

The owner races porsche and skylines, come on that's totally bad @$$

Joe Wade

3 years ago

Dr. Honzelka and staff are both very caring and very thorough and professional. We are very happy we brought our dog here when he broke a tooth. I can tell they took great care of him. I wanted to give our dog the same level of dental care as we would get for ourselves, and Animal Dentistry met and exceeded all expectations.

Jim DeWeerd

3 years ago

I had a very rewarding time there. All the people I met including Dr.Honzelka were very friendly, thorough, and professional.


4 years ago

Dr. Dale Kressin was wonderful in explaining how my guinea pig's procedure might go. Very insightful and informative.

Brandon Bittrick

4 years ago

They were nice but I don't understand why a biopsy couldn't be done without an $1,800 teeth cleaning. Kind of run down. Maybe put a little more money into the place and less money into Porsche SUV's..

Berkeley Blum

4 years ago

Amazing staff. From the doctors to the nurses. They care about your animal as much as you do. Want to give it the best life and change it can have. Had a full oral surgery for a cat and things went extremely well.

Ashley Ball

4 years ago

Incredibly dishonest veterinarians who will charge you double to make a mess of your pet’s mouth. I am a VERY conscientious pet owner. I own five little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and am completely devoted to them. I am very careful about everything from what they eat to how their vaccines are spaced. I only allow board certified surgeons to operate on my pets. My youngest Cavalier was born with a cleft palate. I talked to 2 board certified soft tissue surgeons and to the veterinarians here who claim to be board certified oral surgeons. Dr. Honzelka assured me that he was the best person to do this surgery and that he had the most knowledge. I stressed to him repeatedly that I only allowed my pets to be operated on by specialists and that I wanted my puppy’s surgery performed by the most skilled and experienced surgeon. He assured me that was him. I (foolishly) believed what Dr. Honzelka said and scheduled surgery for my puppy. Dr. Honzelka said that my puppy should be at least 6 months old (he was about 13 weeks old at the time of the initial exam) before the surgery was performed. I brought Halo in for surgery and Dr. Honzelka kept adding more and more things that he thought were necessary- two sets of dental x-rays and removing puppy teeth that hadn’t quite fallen out yet. He also cleaned my puppy’s teeth, despite the fact that the puppy didn’t even HAVE all of his adult teeth yet, and charged me for that as well, insisting that it was necessary (guess what… none of that was necessary). Within three days of the surgery the repair had completely broken down and my puppy was sick with a bad infection as no antibiotics had been prescribed to him. I took my puppy to my vet and he was immediately put on antibiotics. His palate was wide open again. I spoke with 3 different board certified soft tissue surgeons who all told me that 1.) The man is just a dentist and dentists have VERY MINIMAL surgical training, 2.) In all specialty practices and universities cleft palate repairs are performed by soft tissue surgeons, 3.) My puppy’s surgery should have been performed when he was between 12 and 16 weeks of age and, 4.) Dr. Honzelka did the surgery incorrectly and left too much tension on the repair which caused it to fail almost immediately. Over $3,000 later, not only was I back where I started, but the surgeons all agreed that Dr. Honzelka had damaged the tissue and blood supply to the palate, which made successful repair less likely in the future. I took my puppy down to Michigan State University where he was examined by two board certified soft tissue surgeons. Not only was the repair site torn back open, but there was a new y-tear created by Dr. Honzelka’s haphazard attempt to fix his palate. My puppy’s tonsil was exposed and had become infected as a result of Dr. Honzelka’s botched surgery. The next day my puppy went in for revision surgery and to have the inflamed tonsil removed. This time he was sent home with antibiotics and I knew that the surgery had been done correctly because an ACTUAL surgeon performed it. I was charged less than half of what Dr. Honzelka charged me and this time the surgery worked. These guys are dishonest and I would NEVER allow them to touch one of my dogs again. The name ‘oral surgery specialists’ is incredibly deceiving. They might be qualified to pull an infected tooth, but I wouldn’t have them do anything more than that. If you want to pay two or three times as much as your regular vet would charge so that they can do a dental, you will probably be okay, but if you need any actual surgery, take your pet and run. My little guy was sick, his mouth and throat were damaged, and I paid a hefty fee for the privilege. Untrustworthy and unskilled.

Rd Yaeger

5 years ago

Super caring and knowledgable. Very efficient and excellent surgeon's

Nancy Fritz

5 years ago

Recommended to us by our vet, we could not be more impressed with Dr. Honzelka and his staff. Our 93-pound Shepherd-Husky mix did not intimidate Dr. H. Once in the exam room, all 6' 89" of Dr. H. got down on the floor with our Artemis and made his acquaintance. After a suitable period of "we know each other now," Dr. H. examined Artie's dead teeth. He recommended root canals for each or extraction at half the cost. Dr. H. explained the benefits and negatives of each clearly, in a way we could understand. We opted for root canals, given these were the large canine uppers. In one day, everything was done and we took Artie home. Dr. H must have been tired from a long day's work but that didn't stop him from fully explaining the procedure and showing us ex-rays so we could see and understand what was done. How Dr. H and his staff perform this fine-scaled work is beyond me. But they do a fantastic job and now Artie will be able to keep his teeth! Dr. H. called the next morning to see how "the Big Guy" as he called him, is doing. What a great doctor! Offering a complimentary 2-week recheck, Dr. H. once again got right down on the floor with him. We are so happy with the results and that we chose Dr. H and his staff. They are the best!

Chris Schmidt

6 years ago

Excellent quality, friendly caring service

Jacqui C

8 years ago

Dr. Kressin and team were absolutely amazing and took wonderful care of my dog. My baby had many teeth knocked out from an accident at the dog park on a Saturday. Dr. K even took quite a bit of his own time to view photos of my dogs mouth and chat with me about the situation on a Sunday! (Talk about customer service! Who does that anymore?) Upon exam, Dr. K suggested emergency surgery to save what we could of his teeth. Needless to say, I was very scared to send him in for surgery but Dr. K and his team made me feel comfortable and that my dog would be taken care of by caring people that would treat him as if he were their own and they sure did! After a four hour surgery (a nervous dog Mom) all came out perfect! He also gave me multiple options and suggested a treatment plan for my guy (which was not only the most expensive option). My dog is now doing great and thanks to this wonderful team, he still has plenty of teeth to chew his food with and a very clean mouth! I would highly recommend Dr. K and team to anyone with dental issues without hesitation! One more note, Dr. K found a dead tooth in my dogs mouth that was probably poisoning him from the bacteria and potentially causing heart/kidney issues for quite a while! My vet said it was not an issue and it wasn't bothering him so don't worry about it! Well, obviously vets don't necessarily know what's best when it comes to dogs oral hygiene so I will only trust Dr. K to my dog's teeth now!

Natara Loose

8 years ago

I have absolutely loved working with Dr. Kressin and his team. I have had a handful of very difficult cases regarding palate injuries, TMJ disease, and mandibular fractures. The amount of patience and guidance even over 1000 miles away has been life saving to both myself and my patients. I can't recommend them high enough. Could only wish they were closer! <3

Elisabeth Condon

8 years ago

They were able to help me out when my dog needed a root canal at the last minute. I had a tight schedule, and the dentists in my town were not able to see my dog, so I drove over an hour to see Dr. Honzelka. He was extremely helpful, and my dog really liked him. He was really sympathetic and straight-forward with what procedures would be done and the estimated costs. The only downside was the price, but I have health insurance for my dog, so I will be getting reimbursed for most of the cost of the surgery. If you can afford to work with these folks, it is worth it!

Meghan Vos

9 years ago

If I could give more stars I would :) When my 7 year old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon fractured a canine, I was devastated not only because of the discomfort it caused him, but also because I thought it would mean the end of his very successful show career. I work for a local general practice veterinarian and he referred me to this team of specialists. From my very first telephone conversation with them, I knew that I was going to the right place. They scheduled a consult for Enzo and I for the very next day and he ended up having a root canal that day as well, even though they already had a very full schedule. Dr Kressin explained all possible outcomes and the costs associated with each. He was very easy to talk to when I had concerns ranging from anesthesia and patient monitoring to the budget I had to work with. This team provides nothing but the very best care and the patient is very obviously their number one concern. They use the most up to date anesthesia protocols and carefully monitor vital signs during surgery, I could not have been more comfortable leaving him for the procedure. They went over all dental x-rays and explained the procedure to me when I picked up. It is clear that it is also very important to them to educate their clients. I would highly recommend this team!!

Cheryl Page

10 years ago

Dr. Kressin and his team have worked with two of my pets, Ayla and Lincoln. My experience with all of my visits (3 total, so far) has been wonderful. Both of my pet's received comprehensive oral health assessments while under anesthesia, full mouth dental x-rays, and teeth cleaning and polishing, The examination revealed problems I was not able to observe on a daily basis. In Lincoln's case, it revealed tooth resorption and some extractions were necessary. Ayla's exam revealed some enamel defects which at this time are not problematic. I am pleased with the care and respect my pet's receive from Dr, Kressin and his staff and would recommend them to anyone whose pet's need dental care!

Karen Whitely

10 years ago

Sophie had her teeth cleaned under anesthesia, she had full mouth radiographs, the fractured canine cut her tongue which we sutured back up, and she had two root canals. My dog is so important to me,the care that Sophie received was wonderful,this team of specialists made me feel so comfortable from my initial phone call-to the actual consultation,and the surgery was just as they explained to me step by step.Both Sophie and I were treated with the best possible care,I am so thankful that I was referred to Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists.I am happy to say that Sophie is resting comfortably, and I know we have found the best possible care/treatment for the future. Thank You for all you did to help my dog.I am grateful beyond words.


10 years ago

I have a 3 lb. precious yorkie, that needed his second set of teeth out. I had a lot of anxiety about him going under anesthesia because of his size. These Dr's were great . I received a treatment plan, estimated cost in advance. They called me every step of the way. They spent a lot of time with me and Malcolm, and did a great job. very happy, .I would not go any other place.....KATHY

McKeever Dermatology

10 years ago

I took my middle aged greyhound to see Dr. Kressin this year. He performed an oral health exam under anesthesia with full mouth x-rays. I am so glad I had his team work on my greyhound as this breed is very prone to dental disease, especially due to the raw protein diet they are fed at the race track. I knew that I wanted her to get checked out right away, and I took her to THE BEST of course. :) I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kressin and his team's services whether it be for routine dental work, or something more complicated. He is so personable and really cares for each pet he meets!!!!!

Sherri Pfennig

10 years ago

Over the course of a few days Dr. K and his staff saved Cookie's life. I found her after three days missing huddled up in the corner of the garage half dead. I ran her to the emergency center and was told it was an impossible situation. Even if she could survive the surgery the weeks of care afterward would be very hard on her and would require an e-tube. I knew what a tough cat she is and and begged for help and they contacted Dr. Kressin. I learned eventually from Dr. K. and many x-rays that not only was her jaw halfway ripped off but that she also had teeth smashed up into her zygomatic arch and both torsion and horizontal fractures and everything was quite infected. He had visited her on his day off and after one more day of fluids and antibiotics to stabilize her I took her to his charming office in Oshkosh the next day and he and Dr. H worked on her for hours completing over 30 procedures. They performed medical miracles that only such highly qualified specialists with such long term experience and skill could. That would have been enough for me but they wowed me even further with their "cage side" manner. Cookie was semi wild until she was full grown. She is cute but she is still half Ninja. Dr. K. was so kind and gentle and loving with her that he picked her right up out of her carrier on a follow up visit. When she was half dead this was not so surprising but when she was back to "normal" it was unheard of that anyone would have done that. He talked baby talk to her and medical talk to me. It was expensive but he gave me all the info and costs in advance and critical information about how each treatment would help. Since then he has helped me to cut costs on work he has done with Cookie and my other cats in the years since. He is always very thorough in explaining options, outcomes and most of all in his sensitivity and care for the animals. I can not begin in words to fully describe how great he is with the animals, with people and how much he truly cares. I highly recommend him!!!!!

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