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Tristan Gardner

3 years ago

Great people, great place. Expensive, but if you have the cash your pets will be under excellent care.

Alisa Fueger

3 years ago

Veterinarians who really care!! Heidi is one of the staff I frequently talk to over the phone, she is always quick to help and very patient with me. Dr. Tammy Cherney is a fantastic veterinarian, she is so great with our fussy kitties. Dr. Amanda Sullivan is another amazing veterinarian who has helped us through the struggles with our senior cat. All of their staff are amazing kind people with a passion to help you care for your pet. Can't say enough good things. We appreciate everything they do to keep our pets happy and healthy. Five stars.

Deborah Hoffman

3 years ago

My anxious dachshund literally jumps up and down when I tell him we're going to see Dr. Falch, smiles and wags on the way in AND on the way out after vaccines, nail clips, and various procedures. I drive across town to get there despite passing several vets who are closer. Even I look forward to the friendly staff greetings and it's wonderful knowing my pup is getting the very best care and attention (for 8 years now)!

denise tincher

3 years ago

I called on Thursday around 11. Told them my situation with my dog. Whomever answered the phone told me to come down. I arrived around 12:30. Parked in stall 3. Let the front desk know I was there. A sweet girl came out to take my information. From there we waited in the car with my dog. Around 3pm I asked 2 girls outside when they could possibly see my dog since we were still waiting. One let us know their were 2 dogs ahead of us. I took a chance at 4pm ( still no one came to grab my dog or touch base with me) and call my local vet again just to see if there was maybe a cancellation. Baraboo Valley Vet let me know they had a cancellation and could get Zeus in on Tuesday. I obviously was hoping for answers sooner to what is going on with him. I then called the emergency vet number 4:15pm ( even though their doors were 10 ft away) to let them know I didn’t need their services anymore. The girl on the other line had no records of me. She asked me twice if I was calling the right place. Meanwhile I was in stall #3 and the number is on their sign! Not impressed. Thank You to Baraboo Valley Vet for helping me out. This is why I have used them from day one! Yes I had the air on the whole time and yes I took Zeus out for walks periodically.

Emma Cross

3 years ago

Everyone here is so incredibly nice. The staff all know my name (we have to come a lot lately but still, the effort is nice :) ) and greet my dog happily. The techs are all super nice, front desk staff is always cheerful and helpful (which I SO appreciate) and Dr. Falch is a gem. My dog has a lot of anxiety about vet visits and she's helped him be so much more comfortable at the vet, in addition to providing excellent care. He now loves her and races to her toy bin every time he comes in. Glad to have found a place where I feel my dog's health is a priority.

Jacquelyn Dahlke (Jackie)

3 years ago

Dr. Tammy Cherney, DVM, is the best! She has been with us through many years, with 5 dogs and 5 cats. She is wise, sensible, trustworthy and kind. ????

Jeffrey Harrison

3 years ago

I just came back to Middleton Veterinary after trying a couple other places I tried on my side of the city ( East side )... It is worth the little extra drive for me to go back to Middleton. I always have a nice feeling with there vets and staff .. Very friendly and they seem so honest and understanding. Scarlet is the newest one of all my cats to go there and all of my cats from the past were well treated there also. Thank you and glad to be back.. Jeff

Madelyn Pattison

3 years ago

Friendly staff and great care for our fur kiddo.

Paul John Hayner

3 years ago

I have taken both of my dogs to Middleton Vet for the past three years. I called them first thing this morning for frightening bumps that appeared all over my dog's body overnight. They said she needed to be seen but were not willing to see her in the next 12 hours that the clinic was open. They suggested the emergency vet or having her seen by a different vet clinic. I was taken aback that they would send away established clients, and recommend another clinic. In the recent challenging economic times it seems like bad business to turn away established clients. So in the best interest of my pet I followed their advice. I called another office, Passion for Paws, Junction Road, Madison. They were able to see my dog, showed concern, respect, and gave levelheaded knowledgeable advice that helped my pet. So I am grateful to Middleton Vet for suggesting I go to a different clinic, it actually worked out really well. Rather than wait three years like I did you may want to start at Passion for Paws. It might save you and your pet the wasted time on a relationship with a company thats struggles with basic business management, scheduling and customer service. Thank you!!

Sab S

3 years ago

We are so thankful for the staff and how quickly they take care of things in an urgent situation! Very helpful to have 24 emergency service that is reasonable with their pricing.

Ted Kay

3 years ago

Dr. Ann has been AWESOME. They really care about our dog and have been true professionals while always being very kind to both us humans and our best friend

Irene “Renee” Krumwiede

4 years ago

New place for my cat. They were great!

Simon Fraser Duncan

4 years ago

This is an exceptional vet clinic with exceptional members of staff. My wife and I came here for our miniature pinscher chihuahua mix, and they were always able to calm her overactive nerves. While their regular service was always fantastic, they went above and beyond when it came to getting or dog ready for a transatlantic move. Every step was diligently and enthusiastically looked after by Dr. Schuster, Dr Falch, and the team at the clinic. They genuinely cared about our dog and our move, and that was greatly appreciated during a stressful time in our life. This vet is absolutely worthy of taking care of your pets and should be your choice if you’re in the Madison/Middleton area and beyond.

Rea N

4 years ago

Friendly and helpful. They speak to you like you are an adult.

Mark Streight

4 years ago

My dog was sick my regular vet said he was ok so we took him to Middleton Vet Hospital in a very short time he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer.This was the best vet clinic I've ever been to and very professional.Thank you to all the great folks at Middleton Vet Hospital for taking care of Rocko so well.

Leaky Spigot

4 years ago

Absolute great group of people here. Our dog has been going through some inconsistent, difficult to diagnose changes and the primary vet dealing with our case has been very helpful at every step. She has regularly called us to get updates when we haven’t called them and despite our frequent calls and worries in the beginning-middle stages the whole staff has consistently been patient, helpful, and friendly every single time we’ve called with even minor concerns. They’ve gotten us in quickly during non-emergency but urgent situations and they have walked us through each step of our dogs care with clear explanations and recommendations that are informative but not pushy. They even have had great turn-around times on preparing our dogs meds despite our poor habit of calling them in last-minute on several occasions. I would highly recommend them to anyone who prefers a reliable, friendly group of people to help look after their pets.

Kathy Boelter

4 years ago

Their kindness at a time of heartbreak was so comforting. Thank you all

Katherine Speth

4 years ago

I recently had an emergency with Maddie. She has a cancer mass on the side of her face and it started bleeding. I left her with the staff and they were absolutely the best. The caring environment is amazing. I was very stressed and knowing she was being cared by them made things a little easier. When I went to pick her up they had a concise plan for Maddie's continuing care. I highly recommend Middleton Veterinary Hospital and its staff.

Kate Ryan

4 years ago

Our most recent visit was quick, just to drop off a stool sample (my dog ate a rabbit) and renew medications. They were ready and even had her bag of meds waiting for me. When I called the day my dog ate the rabbit, they gave me good advice over the phone, including to come back in two weeks with the sample. They have provided excellent care to my last three pups. Best care anywhere!

Joseph Reinemann

4 years ago

Great care provided for both dogs and cats

Jim Noel

4 years ago

Watch out! They like to run up the bill on unnecessary tests and have you come back so they can charge you again for more office visits. My dog's annual checkup cost nearly $400 (it took them about 20 minutes total). They scolded me for being 8 minutes late and didn't apologize for making me wait over 25 minutes at my follow up appointment. I'm not going back and wouldn't recommend.

Jedi Sentinel (Jedi Nelson)

4 years ago

friendly and knowledgeable staff who love helping animals! what more can i say? in other words, great place, and the people know what they are doing

Fluffy Fox Cosplay Photography

4 years ago

I used to like this place, but every time I call there's a new secretary at the front desk, and new vets on staff. They seem to always have some confusion over what work he needs done (surgery).

Alex Rezutek

4 years ago

So nice to our cats, both our cats go here, our smallest just got fixed, staff is so friendly and genuinely loves animals

Shane Sommers

4 years ago

They've provided great care for our 2 cats. Their price for a tooth extraction was cheaper than another vet quoted.


4 years ago

Google would not let me submit a review with ZERO stars but that what I give this place after many many visits and loyalty. The only shining star here is Dr. Sullivan. She is amazing and will do whatever it takes to make your animal healthy. She is thorough and very determined to make a diagnosis, no matter how difficult. Now for the NEGATIVE stuff. The front desk staff, the vet techs, the overall organization of the office, it's all TERRIBLE. I don't mean just a minor mistake here and there, but the only thing they can be consistent with is their horrible service and outdated knowledge. I am constantly getting bad advice and incorrect information from them over the phone. It typically takes 3 or 4 tries to get any records via email after requesting it. And my most recent experience, I had two of my cats boarded for a day while my apartment was being painted. Perfectly healthy, young and vaccinated cats who are normally very outgoing and friendly to strangers, were both shaking and scared when I picked them up. I don't know what happened in there but I have NEVER experienced this when boarding elsewhere with these same cats. THEN on Saturday one of my cats was itching his ear to the point of bleeding and I had to rush him to the emergency vet because nobody else was open. $250 later, my poor Koda has ear mites and I had to pay for revolution for all 4 cats to prevent the spreading and kill off the infestation. I also have to give ear drops twice a day for the next week. So what do I do? I don't get angry or upset at anyone and I decided I would call Middleton Vet on Monday to tell them about this so they were aware. Not to get any compensation or to complain, but to give them the information so they could sanitize or do whatever they see fit. What does the receptionist tell me when I kindly convey this message? That could not possibly have come from us. That's all. Not a sorry to hear that or a kind message of hope. Just an attitude that their "poo don't stink" and that it must have come from somewhere else. WHERE? They are indoor only cats and the two that were itching their ears just happened to be at the most unprofessional vet practice in the area just 3 days prior to that. WOW. Never trusting them with any of my pets again.

Heidi Horn

5 years ago

This is the best place to take your pet! They treat you like family, and love your pets as if they were their own!

KC Kurtz

5 years ago

Supper nice staff. They were very loving, getting on the floor to feed treats and examine my dog. I called about some medication questions and the vet Valerie Schuster was so nice and helpful, really taking the time to decide what was best for my dog. Their prices are good, and I would definitely take all my animals back to Valerie. They are even doing renovations to update and enhance the clinic.


5 years ago

They always take such good care of our pets.

Judy Fredericks

5 years ago

Nice facility, very clean. Easy to find. Especially friendly staff, very caring.

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