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Allen Esper

2 years ago

Real good veterinary care not cheap houses everything is high and Hartland and a count of everybody thank you got money.

Jen Herro

2 years ago

Dr Goode is caring, concerned and spot on with diagnosis and treatment. Connie, her vet tech could not be more gentle and caring of our cat. The office people are responsive and efficient. I highly recommend Lake Country Veterinary

Tina Clementi

2 years ago

I love you guys!!! You have always been great! I've never had any problems with anyone from your staff!!! The receptionists have all been nice,helpful and knowledgeable, the vet techs are always great! We love Connie and Andrea! The Doctors have all been wonderful (I've probably seen everyone over the years, but our favorite is Dr Good! Thank you for taking care of my most priced possessions! We appreciate everything you for us!! Keep up the great work!!

Beth Pollard-pape

2 years ago

Love ya guys, but hope you will be opening to in-person soon.

Megan Dahl

2 years ago

We are very disappointed with the care or lack thereof. We had been taking our dog to LCV for the past 4 years. Due to COVID they decided to do drop off services. Our dog has a history of trauma and abuse as a puppy so she is very anxious around those she doesn't know. About 5 minutes after dropping my dog off Dr Dietrich came out stating that she was refusing to see my dog due to aggressive behaviors stating multiple times that she was "too old for this" and referenced my dogs chart stating there were "notes" stating my dog was aggressive. She insisted I give my dog several sedatives and reschedule my appointment. I can sympathize knowing that they would not like to handle dogs who are "aggressive" but I do not appreciate the lack of empathy on her end to understand the history of an animal's trauma. If she can't handle a dog with severe anxiety who is acting out due to fear then who will? Staff seems burned out and unwilling to work with animals who have anxiety. We will not be returning.

Alexandra Saa

2 years ago

Excellent service and top notch care!


2 years ago

First visit went very well!

Denise Peterson

3 years ago

They take great care of my Golden Retrievers!

Tyler Sack

3 years ago

Dr Good was very good with our dog!

Shelli G

3 years ago

Love love love the vets and techs. They've been with me for at 6 pets. Would recommend the anytime.


3 years ago

I have been taking my pets to Lake Country Vet in Hartland for years. Over the years, there have been times where the staff (Andrea and Dr. Kay Krueger) have been snippy with me and not very friendly. But I just brushed it off. However, two days ago I called and Andrea answered and I proceeded to tell her that my beloved dog of almost 16 years was going to need to be euthanized. She was very short with me and almost seemed irritated that I was asking questions about the process and so on. And then she tells me, "You can make an appointment and drop her off at the curb, we aren't accepting anyone inside". I said, even for euthanizing a pet? Not even one person can come in with the pet? She says no. OMG. Here I am in tears over my sweet little dog I've had for 16 years and this woman has zero empathy. I ended up having a mobile vet service come to my home and they were incredible and so awesome! The vet did it right in our dogs bed where she loved to be. It was very peaceful. And he did her paw print in clay for us too. Needless to say, I've called and had all my other dog's records switched over to a new vet.

Bonnie M

3 years ago

Dr. Good is the best!


3 years ago

Curb service, they come out and get the animals also deliver any meds, ect. Hopefully they'll reopen to the public soon. I'm grateful their open!

Debi Brook

3 years ago

After being with Lake Country Veternary since the day they opened in 2005 I will be transferring my animals (all 3) to another veterinarian. The groomer they have associated with the practice told the office personnel to tell me to find someplace else...I did just that!!!!

Edie Baars

3 years ago

They were so kind and helpful when my baby boy my dog Doc Holliday died.

Felicia Froschmayer

3 years ago

I had been going here for the past 15 years. Everything changed with Covid. They stopped letting me go in with my pets, which was fine for small things. I had to wait 2 months to get my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in for his annual check up. He has a stage 4 heart murmur. These dogs have anxiety by nature and I was told by this same vet not to stress him out. Like most dogs going to the vet is stressful. I was not allowed to go in with my dog and was treated rudely over the phone by the office manager. She gave me no options and kept trying to get me off the phone. When I asked if they would continue to fill my dogs heart medicines if I decided to try and get into another vet she said NO! The vet (Dr. Kay)called me back and wouldn't let me come in either but we came to an agreement that his check up could wait until March of 2021 and she would continue to supply his heart meds. She was not interested that her office manager had been rude. Last week I called to refill the prescription and found out the office was closed down due to 1 person having covid with a very long message that they would "try" and take care of medicine requests. Someone did call me back quickly and I asked if I could have my pet's records when I picked up the prescription. When I reviewed the records the top page had negative notes on it about me and the two previous phone conversations mentioned in this review. Things that were never said such as I accused them of "killing my dog" if I could not go in with him and it would "be all their fault" which is a far cry from the conversation we actually had. I am shocked by this treatment of a loyal customer of 15 years. I was even buying prescriptions (over paying) from them in support during these trying times. By the way the one prescription jumped from $96 to $123 (price gouging?) This vet used to have a Facebook page but it has been removed (my guess is the poor service and many complaints) Main vet is 65 and needs to retire anyway told me she had an auto-immune disease and that is why no customers are allowed inside. Claimed their office was too small for social distancing which is simply not true

Jan Kanastab

3 years ago

Everyone at the clinic is helpful, caring and professional. Our pets have received excellent care from Dr. Good and her Vet.Tech. Connie for years! Thank you!

Jason Wasserman

3 years ago

Absolutely horrendous experience after 4 years of being a regular customer. Brought my dog in for a lump on his neck and they took a test to send to the laboratory. We were then sent home with antibiotics and told that we would have the test results in 2 days = $225.00. After 2 days I called back and was informed that the test would actually be 5-7 days. When voicing my displeasure at the misinformation that I was provided I was met with excuses and a dismissive, non-committal tone. I have since contacted another veterinarian and was assured that the tests can and should be expedited due to the nature of the lump and the continuing, aggressive growth - tests to be returned within 24 hours. What LCVC should have done differently: 1. Provide correct information with a single source of truth when I talk to your team - it should not depend on "who did you talk to"? 2. Be empathetic with my anxiety and displeasure after you inform me that the information provided by your team was incorrect. 3. APOLOGIZE and take OWNERSHIP when you upset the customer - your excuses are worthless to me & my family and they do NOTHING to improve the health of my best friend. I will not return and I will spread the word...

Jess 11

3 years ago

I have been going to Lake Country Veterinary for a long time & have been very happy with everything they provide. I’ve had emergencies that were handled quickly, with care & compassion. I’ve also recommended them to friends & neighbors.

paul carroll

3 years ago

Busy place with great vets

T Pelt

3 years ago

I have been taking my cats and dogs to Lake Country Veterinary Care since they opened in 2005. I also took my animals to Dr Kaye before that. They have always gone above and beyond for my animals and myself. They care about my fur babies if they were their own and always call to check on them if one has been there for some problem. Yesterday I rescued a new stray. He had been outside for some time and was severely malnourished. I did not want to have to quarantine him so I called to see if I could get an appointment. They got him in yesterday and checked him out completely. I am happy to report that although skinny he is healthy. When I came to this site to leave a review, I was shocked to read a bad review. No, I could not go in with my new pet but since I have complete faith in their handling of all my animals, I was OK with that after all COVID has made everyone have a “new normal” and they are following the guidelines prescribed for them. The doctor tried to call me in my car but my phone did not ring so she came out to talk to me about the plan for my new baby which are the actions of a very caring individual. As far as filling prescription’s after you have changed doctors I seriously doubt any doctor would fill a prescription for anyone (animal or human) if they were no longer the attending physician that would be reckless and not in your animals best interest. They always have had and will continue to have my highest recommendation.

Bs Mom

4 years ago

Best vets ever. Reasonably priced & always friendly.

Cherrie Brewer

4 years ago

Wonderful, caring vets and staff. Excellent compassionate care.

Chris Dwyer

4 years ago

Great people, very friendly staff! My dog loves going there!

Cindie Zehnder

4 years ago

Great, caring staff and reasonable prices!

Dee Maki

4 years ago

Dr. Kaye is the best. Very patient with my dog and very kind. She knows her dog breeds very well too. I love that she always takes her time and never rushes you or your animal. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Dwayne “Mose” Mose

4 years ago

Dr. Kay was so good with our Maltese. Doc and her entire staff is top shelf!

Jacqueline Quast

4 years ago

We have taken our dogs here since they were puppies (~6-7 years), convinced by Lake Country Vets that our dogs were misbehaved and needed to be medicated and muzzled before coming in. At our last visit, the veterinarian was very harsh with our dog, and snapped at me for trying to comfort him while she said he was "misbehaving," when in reality he was very uncomfortable and anxious. Also, they misdiagnosed our dog. Fed up with this, we decided to try another vet in town. Our dogs were treated with more respect and did not have any issues.

Kaitlin Meyer

4 years ago

Really great vets and vet techs. The front desk people are super nice and welcoming. They are very knowledgeable here and do a great job! I definitely recommend bringing your pet here! They do a very good job. They also have amazing groomers and well.

Keri Agnello

4 years ago

Dr. Krieger is kind, knowledge and will not over treat!

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