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Brian Patrycia

2 years ago

Really helped out when our cat had an emergency

Terry Lyons

2 years ago

New edit January, 2022. Dropped my pet dog off at 7:30pm and was told the vet would call me in a half an hour. It is now 9:40pm and still have not had a phone call. Went in twice after just to be brushed off by the staff behind the desk. All I want was/is to know how my dog is or to at least take him home. Was told he is doing okay by the desk staff. No word from the vet themself. Never have I been treated like this by any other veterinarian. Then they charge exspensively for what they do. They only care about the money it seems for they sure as hell don't care about the client Also, this place has a problem keeping track of things. Picked up another of my dog's cremains on a Friday and then on a Tuesday after Labor Day was called and told I could pick up her cremains. Already had done so four days prior. Plus, the day my little girl was put to sleep they called me and seemed to be a bit discombobulated then too. Like they forget what they're doing from one moment to the next. Am very grateful for their services, just seems they can do better...

Sergio Martinez

2 years ago

It was reasonable.They took care of my Kitty on New Years eve. I was pleased that They were able to take care of my precious Kitty, gave him meds and care Thank you very much my Kitty is back to being healthy.

Laura Prellwitz

2 years ago

I can't say enough positive things about my experience today. My cat was lethargic, vomiting, and not eating overnight. My regular vet doesn't open until 8:15 and who knows when I might have gotten an appointment. I didn't want to wait several more hours helplessly watching him get sicker. I called Blue Pearl in Green Bay and spoke with Mary who was very professional and accurately recorded my concerns and gave me directions as to how to find them in Green Bay (I was driving from about 35 miles away) at 5:30 AM. Upon arrival, we were instantly met at the door and my cat was taken for an exam immediately. Due to Covid, we had to wait in our car, but as promised, within 20 minutes we were called by a nurse who updated us on our cat's current status and confirmed the information Mary had taken earlier by phone. About an hour later, the vet called and she clearly explained her findings so far and stated what steps she would like to take next and outlined the costs involved. She was easy to talk to yet very professional. She also listened to me. We agreed on what should be done next and about an hour later, she called me again with most of the test results and clearly explained them and the tentative diagnosis she had. While it's still a bit of a mystery as to what is going on with him, she addressed some issues, treated him, and within an hour we were able to bring him home. She also let me know she was on call for the upcoming days over the weekend, and if we had ANY concerns, we should call back right away. Yes, the bill was expensive, but that's what veterinary care costs and I would do anything for my cat to be healthy and well again. The staff also communicated well with my regular vet and information was, and will continue to be shared, as more tests results arrive. When it was time to pick up my cat, he was in his crate, ready to go, and was visibly improved already. Everyone was very professional, kind, personable, and friendly. I would not hesitate for a moment to return here again if there was an "after hours" issue with my cat.

John Brunner

2 years ago

Wow. As many others have said, if a 0 was possible, I would have given that. Last evening, we called from Manitowoc regarding our puppy, Charlie. Our normally incredibly excited puppy was lethargic and had an odd cough. We contacted our regular vet who was out of town and recommended an emergency care facility so we found BluePearl. My fiance called and made a 7:00pm appointment and we headed that direction. At first, things seemed pretty good. The staff seemed attentive and took Charlie in back. Because of covid protocol, we were asked to return to our car, which we did. At the 2 hour mark, my fiance called inside and was told they haven't been able to examine Charlie yet but that it should be soon and they would all us as soon as they did. At this point we were still understanding. We waited for a call At the 3 hour mark, we called again and received the same answer. We waited for a call. At the 3 1/2 hour mark my fiance went in and was told it would be soon and they would call us. We waited for a call. At the 4 hour mark (11:00 pm) we had enough. It was quite obvious to us that this facility was not going to be able to help us so we asked to have Charlie back. They told her it would take 30 more minutes to discharge but that they would call us. We waited for a call. Again, they did not call us so I went in and demanded we get our puppy back. Things got heated and they called the Police. Immediately after that, Charlie was returned to us. After taking 4 1/2 hours from us, they demanded payment of $150.00, all for doing nothing except being completely inept at what they do. Fortunately, the Police officer had seen this scenario before. The officer was kind and understanding and even recommended another clinic for us to bring Charlie to. One of the worst experiences I've had with ANY business. Charlie seems to be feeling better today and has regained his energy. We will be bringing him to his regular vet first thing Monday morning, but this was an incredibly upsetting evening.

Paul Leschke

2 years ago

They did nothing,unless you want your pet to dir two days after they see them!

Hayley Wagnitz

2 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE FOR "EXOTIC" ANIMALS!! Had been to this location on multiple occasions with multiple animals and had had decent (yet pricey) experiences. However, I will forever blame BluePearl for the death of my rabbit and for taking advantage of my mother. I am in college so when my rabbit fell ill, my mom brought him to BluePearl. The problem with rabbits is that they are considered exotic pets. The vet outwardly told my mother that she had little knowledge on rabbits and could do additional tests on him which is expected. However, she offered MANY tests that could be done and at their crazy prices, it simply was not worth it financially when she did not even have a starting point. My mom ended up paying $180 for "fluids" for him. When she made it to our actual vet in the morning, they were horrified by what BluePearl charged my mom for the little info they provided. I was used to the high charges for a rabbit to be seen ($130ish) but usually we actually get assistance. This time we got absolutely zero help at all, simply an "I don't know" from a vet who should be trained enough to give us general assistance. My rabbit was so dehydrated only a few hours later that the first test the ACTUAL vet ran was a urinalysis to check for liver failure. So long story short, that $180 worth of fluids did absolutely nothing and they should have realized how extremely dehydrated he was at BluePearl. I called as soon as I found out the price my mom paid and the first receptionist completely agreed but I did not get a call back. I called again after and the new receptionist stated "well we offered her additional tests" like it was my mom's fault. They simply wanted us to pay for countless tests because the vet had no idea where to start or what to test for. This occurred on September 16th and over 3 months later, I have heard nothing from a manager or anything. He died a little over a day later. I truly believe if he had gotten proper care right away like our actual vet gave him, he would have made it. I definitely recommend only coming to this location if it is absolutely necessary. They will take advantage of you simply because you're desperate for help for your animal.

Donald Klawitter

2 years ago

Great people, took care of my sick dog, very compassionate!!!

Chrissy Taetsch

2 years ago

The staff is absolutely wonderful! We had to rush our poor boy in, something just wasn't rite. His doctor was very thorough with treatment options and gave him such great care. Mortimer came home later that morning, and is already back to his lovable self and is recovering nicely. Thank you, to the entire staff that took such great care of our boy.

Jesse Perez (lilkimiconic)

2 years ago

For a business who claims to be 24/7, that is false advertisement. My friend has a cat who needed immediate care and was told they needed to drive to the Appleton location because the Green Bay Area was closed. Makes absolutely no sense considering it was an emergency. Maybe not have a sign stating it’s 24 hours. Don’t have the coverage? Then don’t open.

Tara Campbell

2 years ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. My cat was here for 36 hours. Only one vet that I spoke with on the phone was nice. Everyone down to the receptionist, Jenny, was rude. They wanted to put my cat through a “super emergent surgery” but kept pushing it off the entire time. Every time they called for it update one second he was doing great and could go home soon, next second he’s looking worse and needs surgery now. It was said to me multiple times that he was going “soon” but never did. Every time they called they added another charge. Right down to an X-ray I never approved. It went from 150 to 8000 pretty quick. I pulled out my cat AMA to bring him literally anywhere else. In their notes, they described my cat as “sassy and uncooperative”. I took him to a different vet today and he purred the entire time.. just confused how that’s sassy and uncooperative. It makes me question how they handled him as he’s now absolutely traumatized of his carrier. He’s been in surgery before and has never been this scared of his carrier. They labeled me as “short and rude”. Every time I talked to them I was crying because this was such a rollercoaster of an experience. They told me I could do surgery or do advanced imaging “which is a waste of time”. In their note they blamed not doing both on my “lack of finances”. Honestly there isn’t even a limit I would spend on my cat. I took him home and brought him to a different vet and they said he looks fine and just prescribed him anti-nausea medication. Nobody once stopped to think what they are putting my cat through. Nobody thought about the aftermath of a giant surgery on my old cat. After talking with many of my family and friends, nobody had anything nice to say about this place. I wish I would’ve asked someone sooner. I have heard many animals getting staph infections post-op here as well. Highly recommend just driving to Madison or stevens point before ever stepping foot in this place. The only time I ever will again will be if my animals already dead. Even then they will probably try to say they need surgery.


2 years ago

Called for an emergency but they couldn’t help and told me to call a different clinic that was closed and I had to wait to get an appointment two weeks later

Samantha Luna

2 years ago

They happened to be the only vet open in the area, late at night. We’ve been here for 4+ hours waiting in our car. You’re not allowed inside to be with your pet because of Covid and just ridiculous wait times. We get one phone call, an hour apart. We were told a few more minutes and we could go home, that was an 1.5 hours ago. They worry about payment first, of course. And then we finally got to see our pet. Didn’t feel like they actually cared and it was more a business than a emergency vet.

Jordan Antonissen

2 years ago

Can't say enough about the staff at BluePearl. We had to go in recently and unfortunately ended up having to put our cat down. The staff was very friendly and made sure we were doing okay every step of the way.

Chrollo Novachrono

2 years ago

Dr. Ryan is fantastic!! He really cares about you and your pets care. I can not say enough how wonderful he is and will always go back for future care.

Sara Braun

2 years ago

I don’t understand what we are supposed to do when the only 24/7 vet office in our area is closed due to short staffed. We are going to risk loosing a family member because of “short staffed” reasons?!!! How can this be and what are we supposed to do with our sick animals in need of urgent care…. Don’t bother calling Appleton either because they tell you not to come. There needs to be something done about this.

Rose R

2 years ago

WOULD GIVE A -0- IF IT WAS AN OPTION. My impression is Pathetic!!!! Yrs ago I had a kitty that needed urgent help and there was another facility in Ashwaubenon I took her too. That place did nothing or her either. Now today is Saturday and my vet is closed for the day. I just discovered that my cat may have bladder issues. So I called to find out if they could see her and if she needed meds would they be able to provide them? The response was they are ONLY seeing LIFE THREATENING cases. I thought wow ! Your supposed to be an after hours facility and cuz my cat possibly can't pee isn't important enough? What good are you if you won't see animals in need????? I thought that's what you are there for. So much for 24 hour emergency care. In reading other reviews people were told to go to Milwaukee or Madison. Seriously?? Short staffing shouldn't be an issue either. So what would be acceptable is just like any other place you wait your turn. Severity of life threatening yes come first but an animal in distress is also HUGELY IMPORTANT as well. I hung up I was so upset. I will never take a pet to them !!! I cannot believe that any vet would be so cold as to deny any animal help. Not being able to pee is major and pretty darn close to life threatening. Causing bacteria and infection ? Yup. I know enough about animals and grew up on a farm no I'm not clueless. I wonder what sort of response I'll get that the staff joined this profession because of their love for animals. I think it's the love of the cha-ching in the cash resister. I've read over 3 dozen reviews and every one of them is unsatisfactory. If someone gave a 5 star I wonder if their pet had a life threatening issue? Never will give you any of my hard earned money. Might as well burn it - it'd be the same thing.

Laurie Walters

2 years ago

The staff and Doctor were very helpful and comforting at a very difficult time.

Christina Butler

2 years ago

If I could I would give them 0 stars. And it's really a shame because when it used to be the animal referral hospital we we had good experiences. Our dog had dental surgery on Thursday and started throwing everything up Saturday. We took her there only to be told that while she is urgent she is not emergent and they would only see her if she started having seizures. They said this was due to being short staffed and were currently only taking dogs that we're currently going to die. And even though she was very sick she wasn't dying that second so they couldn't see her. When when asked what are other options other options were they told us that we could either take her to Milwaukee or Madison. I said that I wanted in writing that they were refusing service and I was told that I could call back Monday to speak to manager. My dog could be dead by then!!! How can you claim to be a 24 hour vet service when you're clearly not and you're refusing animals that are very sick and could die. Thankfully I called every vet that I could find on Google and found one that would come to my house and help my dog. I will gladly give him my money and business instead. People who don't care about animals should not go into this business!

Dorred Schubert

2 years ago

Thank you for your kindness with Korbel. Your kindness and dedication will not be forgotten. Thank you all.????

Jacqueline Lagowski

2 years ago

Great service, kind and attentive staff. Knowledgeable vets- very happy with outcome. Phone hold time was a bit long when you are coming in with emergency situation.

Kaitlyn Goffinet

2 years ago

I will never go to this hospital again. This is the second time that I’ve gone that they have made me feel bad for bringing my dog in. She got stung by a bee tonight and was acting extremely abnormal. When I got in the front desk lady told me that I shouldn’t have come in unless she had a swollen face. We came down to the Appleton hospital and they saw her right away after they realized she wasn’t neurologically intact. She could barely walk. Be careful bring your animals to them………

Tina Adams

2 years ago

10/10/21 4:00 pm Our dog is vomiting, has an elevated temperature and has bloody diarrhea. My husband took the dog to the Green Bay location. There were no cars in the parking lot and yet they claimed they were too busy to see our dog. They also said that it was unlikely that he would lose enough blood to make it life threatening. We asked if we could go to Appleton. They told us that Appleton was also too busy to see him. I’m getting the impression that they don’t want to evaluate dogs unless there is the potential for expensive care that will be required. This is not the same level of care that was available before the facility changed ownership/name.


2 years ago

We took our dog to the emergency on holiday. I very much appreciate people who work on holidays.. Wait time was a bit long as expected so we got a hotel and waited. They gave us a call for an update and that was very comforting. It was not expensive for a emergency. Thank you!!

Michelle Schaefer

2 years ago

They don't care about animals.

Sasha Bessette Verkuilen

2 years ago

I was there with a friend and the staff there was so kind, compassionate, and honest.

Allison Mielke

2 years ago

Great friendly service. They told us we could call anytime for an update and it was the cheapest emergency vet visit I've ever experienced.

Erin Mendoza

2 years ago

Great service.. took wonderful care of my cat, but wooo! $$$. ???? I'd still go back if I had an emergency though they were very efficient and organized just expensive.

J Cio

2 years ago

We took our cat there because she was having seizures. We live an hour away. After 4.5 hours of waiting, all they did was put an ultrasound probe on her. Then asked if we wanted blood work done(after 4 hrs of waiting). No, just give us our cat. They originally told us there as a one hour wait time. Charged us over 100.00 for essentially nothing. Dr couldn't say much other than. um... um....waste of time and money.

Leigh Rupert

2 years ago

Very caring staff! ❤️Saved our ???? so much pain! Thank you so much ????Raji is still sick was at doctor appointment today, so we'll see what happens in our future!? ????????????

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