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John Rigby

2 years ago

Been taking dogs there for years... Knowledgeable & attentive staff.. Other family members do too. We bring them for all day daycare with bath & haircuts only 4-5 times a year but they still remember us & our preferences. I like that dogs for grooming are not locked up before/after/ between their grooming times.

Tim Waldron

2 years ago

I really like this place. When my Golden was allowed there he came home extremely exhausted. As for no longer being allowed there...he was labeled "aggressive" for reasons I completely understand. I respect the womans (sorry cannot remember her name) opinion that until after he is neutered he won't be allowed to return. I'm sure they dont enjoy turning away any customers but they had to make a decision that is best for all the dogs. Again, I can respect that! I hope he mellows after surgery and can return.

Gloria Garner

2 years ago

Very nice, clean place to board your fur baby. Friendly clientele as well. Would definately recommend.

Alanna Leon

2 years ago

I sent this email to get the manager drew to call me around yell at me. Below is the email. I just want you guys to be aware that Bella came back with Kennel cough AGAIN after she visited this weekend. I understand how contagious it can be and now all my dogs have it. Never have I had this happened so frequently at a boarding facility (and I use to work at a animal hospital/boarding place). You guys really need to amp up how things are being cleaned. You also need to be checking when a dog is overdue for vaccines and stool samples because my sisters dog is overdue and never had a comment made. Upon pick up I saw a worker spraying the dog perfume that’s in a can (I know it’s that because again use to use it) throughout the whole place and that’s not a way to get rid of bacteria nor is it safe for the animals to breath in all the time. Also since bringing up complaints Noah’s toenail his Dewclaw that I specifically asked the groomer to cut because it was so long got infected because It was not cut like asked I didn’t even think to check because I trusted the groomer. We have probably had to spend close to $500+ on vet bills and have spent close area to 2k in boarding and grooming exc. Luckily one of my dogs has not died but I don’t want this to continue for the future of the other dogs at your business. Please look into this matter with your staff. We appreciate what you do and I know it’s a super stressful job and hard but something gotta get done. On that note please remove our account because we can’t afford our animals getting sick anymore with all these vet bills.

Ella Mae

2 years ago

Super nice staff. Very reasonably priced. My dogs had a great time...they were so excited to get there everyday during the week we vacationed.

Gary Morris

2 years ago

Took our pup in for the first time, very clean and well organized. Picked her up and she was a happy girl. Will be using again.

Sandy Smith

2 years ago

The staff is so kind and helpful

tiffani gruber

2 years ago

Best groom my baby schitzo bichon has had! My girl does not do well with others and they always make sure to take care of her while she is there!

Kenneth Hemshrot

2 years ago

The Dog House Staff is truly Awesome & extremely customer service oriented! Our Dogs love to go there and play and when we pick them up, they are exhausted from playing so hard!! We highly recommend the Dog House!! V/R Ken, Paula, Roxy, Ruger & Ranger

Adventures Await

2 years ago

By far the best doggy daycare we have experienced. Hours of operation accommodate employees work times by staying open until 6:00pm. Clean, ran professionally and super accommodating staff. From what I can observe they truly care about your forever pet!! Recently boarded my pup overnight and was pleased that the owner checked in on him personally! Having your puppy in air conditioning when the weather is sweltering outside is great. Thank you!

Andrew Adams

2 years ago

We had a great experience here and will be returning. The prices are good, and our dog seems to enjoy his time. They have plenty of space, and the dogs get lots of social interaction with others under supervision by employees.

Ashley Shaw

2 years ago

We left our dog here for a night and he received excellent care. He was a little overwhelmed by the noise the other dogs made at times, so the employees made it a point to give him some extra love and attention to make him more comfortable. We will be returning for sure.

Michelle Frisch

2 years ago

Giannis (our dog) loves being there. The staff is so incredible!

Dawn Larrison

3 years ago

I Love the Dog House, they are very accommodating and very very clean place. My Dogs loved the place to stay and play.

Eric Wright

3 years ago

I was very happy with the service/price for my malamute to spend 2 hrs or less there. Getting a bath and and nail trim and also a fur blowout.... leah and I are very happy with the service..

Tudor Ancas

3 years ago

Probably the best day care my dobie ever went to

Tony Gilman

3 years ago

Our girls have stayed out at The Dog House a couple different times while we’ve been out of town and it’s always hard to get them to leave! They want to stay with their new friends and play a bit longer. They’re always exhausted when they do come home, which to me means they are getting plenty of exercise. The change of scenery is good for them and the interaction is great for them so we’re going to start day care for them periodically! Thanks Phil and staff!

Dave Lyons

3 years ago

We bring both our dogs (young pup and older lab) to the DogHouse for daytime drop offs and extended stay. Staff is super dog friendly. I always feel my dogs are in good hands.

Anne Hoepker

3 years ago

My fiancé and I brought our 2 large dogs for one day of daycare while on vacation and everything was fantastic. I have never seen our dogs happier than when we picked them up. Price was fantastic as well. Highly recommend!

Helen Voigtlander

3 years ago

Lucy had fun getting her grooming done. She smelled so good and looked wonderful. Friendly atmosphere and employees are caring and kind!!

Jean Gehrke

3 years ago

Love them, they always do a great job on my dog when he needs his grooming.

Jean Wedwick

3 years ago

We’ve had only great experiences! We have a one year old German Shepherd who attends daycare occasionally, and was recently boarded for a week at the Dog House Pet Resort. She was nervous her first few times that we dropped her off at daycare, but the staff did an amazing job going at her pace, and introducing her to the group slowly ... Now she whines and cries out of excitement as soon as we pull into the driveway! During her week stay, she was well taken care of, and came home exhausted and happy. We received several updates throughout the week to keep us at ease. The staff is great, Their prices are very reasonable, and I’ll recommend them to anyone that asks!

Jeffrey Samphere

3 years ago

Very nice and helpful staff.

Jen Kostro

3 years ago

My dog loves going there and I can tell the people who work there really care about her.

Justin VonGotti

3 years ago

Awesome service, fare priced, and likeable staff.

Pasta Panda

3 years ago

I took my 16 year old blind dog to get groomed here. The lady got frustrated with him because he wasn't walking fast enough and she YANKED him almost making him fall over! Unacceptable! Never again.

Roxanne Scott

3 years ago

We love taking our dogs here. They are treated well, taken care of, given their meds, and staff is always available to answer questions.

Sean Cairns

3 years ago

They do such a great job with our dog!

Tim Smith

3 years ago

It was a gr8 place to take our dog to get his nails clipped. Only waited one day to get him in .Prices very good and we are considering doggie day car. Very friendly staff also. Thanks so much.

Beth B

4 years ago

Took my dog in for an overnight stay and bath. I specifically discussed with the staff what time I would pick her up the next day. I asked for a bath and clipping of some mats behind her ears. I asked that she NOT be in play group because I’ve seen literally dozens of dogs in one large room and didn’t feel it was safe. I arrived on time to pick her up the next day and she was in amongst a hoard of other dogs and FRANTIC to get out of there; literally pawing at the glass doors. She was very damp and hadn’t been combed out very well. She was covered in drool; something she never does. I got her home and noticed the ear mats hadn’t been touched. I called and the owner apologized saying he hadn’t had time to finish her because “I came early.” I told him I came at the exact time I told his staff. He told me I could bring her back in a day and he would finish her grooming. I agreed. A short time after that call I noticed she was acting uncomfortable and I found a large “wound” area in the fur under her jaw! It appeared to be a burn from a grooming noose and now had turned into a hot spot as well from her being wet so long! I called him back and expressed my extreme disappointment and told him I would not be bringing her back there. He was polite but TOTALLY indifferent. I thought $60 was unreasonable for a grooming but gladly paid it, and tipped, because she is large. Now having an injured and traumatized dog to deal with makes my heart break. NOT WORTH MY DOG’S WELFARE AT ANY PRICE! We gave this place a try because it was very close to home. Will gladly go back to Pet Retreat in the Dells even though it is a long drive - they have NEVER given us any reason for concern there (in fact just the opposite) and she jumps out of the car to get inside as fast as possible! Hard Lesson learned.

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