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Becky George

2 years ago

Love all the staff here because they treat your pets like family

Willis McDowell

2 years ago

Very caring office. Have taken care of our families cats and dogs there for many years. They are always happy to welcome a new member of the fur family and truly sorry when we have to say good bye to another. In between they take wonderful care of our furry family members.

Sharen Mills

2 years ago

Love them very good to my Dogs

Don Lane

2 years ago

Definitely will not take my animals here. Called to obtain some info on a new puppy that was having issues, got cut off told they weren't taking clients and to call someone else.....

Kayla Lane

2 years ago

We recently bought a new puppy. We were having a bit of an emergency with him and called this "animal hospital" to see what we should do or if we should bring him in. My husband started explaining the situation, the receptionist cut him off and asked if we had been there before, he told her no because we had literally just gotten this puppy, she said "we aren't taking new patients" and hung up on him. I understand not accepting new patients but how incredibly rude to cut him off and hang up on him when we're just trying to get help for our puppy and after all this IS an animal "hospital". We called another animal hospital in town (apple valley) afterwards and they were exceptionally kind and helpful.

Green Fern

2 years ago

The prices were very fair and I felt I wasn't advised to get services I didn't need. They were real and took good care of my pets.

Jess Cutshaw

2 years ago

Dr. Carleton is the best.

Elise McKinney

3 years ago

I have taken my cats to this vet for a year now and each time I felt like there was little communication. I think the staff are friendly and nice but I felt like they didn’t ask how my pets were doing.. feeling or if I had any questions. I took my cats there for a dental separate times and I did not receive a quote or estimate of how much it would be. They went over forms when we dropped off but my fiancé and I did not let us know how about the amount of extractions they needed and the extent of it. I am a veterinary technician myself and I know that we have dental consults and form an estimate/quote accordingly. If they need any additional extractions during the surgery they’d call the client before proceeding. I’m giving two starts because the staff and doctor are friendly, they just need to ask more questions about our pets.


3 years ago

Called this morning to see if I could book an appointment for my rabbit who has the sniffles and an Amanda said, "No, we don't take them." I mentioned it was on their website which is why I called and she sharply said, "Nope, we don't and hung up." Great customer service... O.o... Website Blurb: "Types of Pets Seen At Colony Animal Hospital LLC we care for mostly dogs and cats and can provide a small number of services for other pets such as rabbits and ferrets. For illnesses or injury we will refer these pets to veterinarians who specialize in their care."

Betty Langager

3 years ago

Just love going to Colony Animal Hospital, been going there since 1999. Took our new puppy, Otis, there last night, appt at 6:30. Denise, Bobbie and Dr. Deborah Carlton were so happy to see us. They are so caring, gentle with Otis. Answered any questions that I had. Otis got his temperature taken along with some shots. Also a phone number to call for a free 30 day insurance policy for Otis. We return in 3 weeks. I would also like to mention, Amber, the receptionist is always so pleasant when answering the many calls for appointments. Any medical questions, she will give the call to the Tech, or info to Dr Carlton and get the proper answer. I highly recommend Colony Animal Hospital. 2-5-2021

Ashley Murray

3 years ago

Friendly staff. Reasonable prices. Love Dr. Carleton! Been going to her for many years.

Fran Mysti Hafey

3 years ago

Colony Animal Hospital take great care of our dogs. Doctors and staff are always happy to help. We're very blessed to know them.

Dannie Bell

3 years ago

We will always take our animals here. Dr. Carlton and staff are truly animal friendly people and really care about your pets!

Cynthia Slusher

3 years ago

Great prices. Very knowledgeable veterinarian !

Charles Fishman

3 years ago

Great care for my very old dog. Great Vet and Vet Tech. Thanks from Pedro too

Cathy Mckee

3 years ago

Love the care everyone puts into animals.


3 years ago

We have a little dog, Patron. She was my roommates dog and is about 12yo. He was no longer able to keep her when he moved out, so me an my GF have been caring for her. We have had her for almost 2 years now. She has been well cared for, and other then getting old she has been very healthy. Today we took her to a new vet, as we just wanted a general check up. We had questions about her teeth, her skin, and a growth. I have many dogs in my family, and my mother was a manager at an emergency Vet hospital. So with that said, our dog Patron did not have any major issues and had been living a pretty good healthy life for the most part. So this vet does the check up, and gives the shots to update her etc... BUT ... decided to make the decision to extract a tooth with out our permission or consent . We here our dog yell loudly, and see the vet with pliers in her hand. No numbing medication or anything. Literally rips this tooth out. The vet says the bleeding will stop soon, and told us she just assumed we wanted the tooth pulled. Mind you this is a 5lb 12yo dog. Yes her teeth are old, but this vet did not ask us, nor was it the proper procedure. We were aware of Patrons dental condition, which is part of why we took her to the vet. So that we could decide the best course of action in the coming months. Until now Patron has had issues with eating or any discomfort with her teeth or anything else. So after about 45 min and the bleeding won’t stop, we return back to the vet. It’s obvious they don’t know what to do. We immediately took our pup and went to the emergency vet. The Emergency vet informed us, that the tooth that was pulled has created a hole into our dogs nose because of the tooth and bone structure that was removed. They had to sedate her and stitch up the hole. So now we are left in a position to have to fast track dental care for our dog who was just fine hours ago, because of the negligence of Colony Animal Hospital in Winchester VA , Papermill ave . Having grown up with many pets and animals in my life, and having family and friends work at or are Vet techs. This is the worst experience I have ever had. The negligence and lack of care is beyond words. They will be hearing more from me.

Bibianna Vazquez

3 years ago

Since we added onto our family about three years ago, with the addition of Lilly and Leila, we have been visiting Dr. Deborah and her team. Lilly had a right femur fracture at two months old which required surgery and Leila had several hypoglycemic episodes which needed close monitoring and regulating. The clinic did an amazing job on providing the essential care for our girls and treated them like the family members they are to us! We adopted Zuli almost two years ago and didn’t think twice to take her to have her vaccinations and exams at Colony Animal Hospital. All of our girls have been able to live healthy lives thanks to the team at Colony. Zuli will be getting spade this Spring and we couldn’t be more confident in the capable hands of the clinic staff. They’re not our pets, they’re family, and they treat them as such! Definitely recommend!

Jessie List

3 years ago

I am a first time cat owner, and I recently found that my kitty has fleas ???? I called Colony Animal Hospital and they helped me right away. They gave me a great flea medication as well as information on what I had to do to treat my home...all this in the middle of a pandemic when I know that they must be so busy. Thank you so much, Colony Animal Hospital, for easing my anxiety and helping me through my first pet crisis! ????

jolene brown

3 years ago

Ive brought my animals here for years and i just adore the way they treat us. Efficent and kind. They tell it like it is and i really appreciate it. And my animals don't mind coming. No stress or anxiety when they are done. Happy dogs, happy dog mom.

Maria Allyn

3 years ago

The lack of professionalism and communication is beyond words. They will never be getting my business again. I took my cat here about three times and each and every time they were poor with communicating with me. When I first got him, he needed a stool sample tested. I took them the sample and they asked when was it collected. I said this morning. They asked if I had kept it cold. I said no, I didn’t know it had to be (my sister who knows a lot about cats also didn’t know) so I had to take another sample. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t live over an hour away from Winchester. The second time he went in for a respiratory infection. The doctor did tests and prescribed medication which did work. And lucky it did because she had me believing my cat had feline herpes! He doesn’t, thank god his medicine worked, but why scare me like that when it quite clearly was a respiratory infection? Lastly, I took him there to get neutered. I call to pay for it around 3:00 when it’s time to get him, and they inform me that they didn’t do his surgery because he had a high temperature and it wouldn’t come down. The problem doesn’t lie with that they didn’t do the surgery, it’s that throughout the day, as his temperature was still high, why didn’t they call to ask me about it? Why did I find out when I went to pick him up, blissfully unaware that he wasn’t neutered? Also, staff do not follow any guidelines for stopping the spread of COVID-19 and are maskless inside. Basically, if you live in the Winchester area, do not take your pets here. You will either be misinformed, or not informed at all with what is going on with your pet.

Robert Gallalee

3 years ago

This is the only place I want to take my dogs!

Sarah Joy

3 years ago

The entire staff is amazing! They took time to answer all of our questions & were very patient with us. They walked us through some of the issues our dogs were having and explained everything. Our bigger dog can get pretty aggressive when she's nervous. They worked with her & had her in a lick-fest! Great experience!


3 years ago

I’d like to know WHY they shaved my daughters doggies back to neuter him. Waiting for a call back now. No one seems to have an answer

Tupapi Vega

3 years ago

I love this woman she definitely is a gem

Sarah Smith

4 years ago

If you are looking for a skilled vet who truly cares about animals -go here! I have never been to an animal hospital with such a caring staff and vet before!! I had taken my dog to two other animal hospitals in the area, & was pressured into buying things my dog didn't need and lengthy tests that didn't produce any results. But when I found Colony, I finally felt like I found someone I can trust all the way around. Dr. Carlton and her staff are intelligent, kind, and genuinely care. Their prices are very reasonable, and like others have said- don't try to push random products and tests on you. When my dog needed attention for her eyes, and when she needed an emergency pyrometra spay, they did everything they could to get us in ASAP, and even though my dog is an older pug mix, upping the already risky surgery--she came out just fine and now my dog us doing better than ever. I am so grateful to Dr. Carlton and her staff. Thank you so much!!

Anna Goultrey

4 years ago

I feel they are the best clinic that I've been to. The doctor and all the staff are very caring and really understand what you're going through. I would recommend that everyone that really wants a caring veterinarian go there. Thank you caring for Brandee/Mandy and Ginger


4 years ago

The veterinarian herself is kind of rude. She came in, didnt introduce herself at all or even say hello to my dog. Not a good first impression . The techs seem like they were just hired and of course I was fed a bunch of useless medicine so they could meet their quota.

Billy Watts

4 years ago

Very helpful, our dog Chester is happy to be a patient and we are gonna recommend to all

dale thompson

4 years ago

Helped with a decision we didn't want to make.

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