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nick hill

2 years ago

Always super awesome people, the only vet ive ever been to where my dog actually wants to go in the staff are absolutely amazing if i could give more than five stars i would

Hannah P

2 years ago

Frustrating to be completely honest! We get a new vet each time, and when you have an animal with PTSD who has issues you want them to have someone they are comfortable with, someone they know and someone who knows them! It would be one thing if the new vet would review why your pet is on a particular dog food or why your dog was recommended this or that but instead they don't and that is very frustrating! The techs are amazing! I have only met one that was afraid of my Pittbull all the others gave her so much love and saw how loving she actually is! I just do not understand why everytime we get a new vet. When I go to the doctors office I keep the same doctor because that doctor knows me and my back story. You would think this would be the same situation. It is not the case! Each one wants to recommended something different something expensive something that the next doesn't know why was recommended! This should be looked into!

Jason Brown

2 years ago

Love the clinic itself but am so tired of the restrictions put on by the "pandemic" my 5 month old puppy was petrified by having to go to the clinic with someone he's never met before.

Steele Wheels

2 years ago

The covid restrictions are ridiculous. Going somewhere else from now on.


2 years ago

The veterinarians at AMCFD are some of the most thorough and caring doctors I've had the pleasure to take my family of cats to. They are reasonable in cost and will work with your budget. I feel very comfortable about all my cats' Healthcare in the hands of these awesome doctors.

Grant Adams

2 years ago

They denied service to my cat as she was extremely sick and they did not want “to deal with her” I do not recommend them for anyone who cares about animals. As I sit here waiting for another doctor to see my cat, I have to think that just about anywhere else cares, unlike these disgusting people

girlie girl

2 years ago

I am new to the area and recently had my pet cat fall ill unexpectedly, I called this place as the reviews were good but they would not accept my cat as he is not a “regular patient” which is horrible on their part. Really all they seem to care about is money, not helping animals.

Emerson Autumn

2 years ago

I saw the reviews online and thought this would me a nice place to bring my new puppy so that he could start getting checked up, I’m a new pet owner so I was hoping they could help, but they do not accept new pets, only regulars, very disappointing!

David Brooks

2 years ago

Staff very friendly and professional, been taking my pets here for years and highly recommend

Sarah Lhymn

2 years ago

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have been taking my gang (cats ????????☺️) here for about 2 years and I cannot say enough positive things about this office. ???? This is a team of exceptionally talented, intelligent, caring, friendly and amazing doctors and staff. Not only are they super friendly and personable, and make you feel like your loved one is the most important in the world - but this office is also incredibly equipped to handle pretty much anything!! What do I mean by that? One of my cats had some possibly very serious health issues, and this office was able to run a bunch of diagnostic tests, including an echocardiogram, and potently for an ultrasound if needed. This is not the norm. I’ve been to 4 other offices in the NoVa area, none of which could have done this and more or less would have stopped at blood tests and x-rays. I would have been left with a “hm.., maybe we can refer you to a specialist…” with me being a ball of nerves about my gang member. Animal Medical Center are, in my view, specialists and then some. ???????? My gang means the world to me, they are my family, and I would do anything for them. ???? if you are like me with your furry loved ones, then I urge you to take your loved ones to this office for all their health needs. Even though I moved and am about an hour away, I’m still coming here. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Allan Colvin

2 years ago

Great place for pet care

Moira David

2 years ago

Best veterinary clinic in the area. Professional, knowledgeable, and kind staff. Sarah, the vet tech, took the time to listen to me and took excellent care of our cat. The veterinarian, Dr Orta, was also excellent. Very knowledgeable and compassionate. We bring our dogs to the same vet practice and are never disappointed.

June Malone

2 years ago

kind and lovingly cared for my Lily. provided the right treatment for her with a couple of test. She is doing much better and won't need future more expensive testing. Thanks ever so much Dr. Welch.

Quiet One

2 years ago

I have been here since they have opened very professional, Bruce and Brian are the best at what they do. The staff is very experienced and curious thank you for everything.

Jim Habel

3 years ago

Absolute top quality care and compassion.

Rebecca Hunter

3 years ago

Amazing! I have gone there for over 20 years. Everyone there is so nice, knowledgeable & caring. I highly recommend this veterinary practice!

Robert Mac Nally

3 years ago

I have had many pets all seen by this clinic since I moved into the area about 5 years ago. I have NEVER had a bad experience here. The doctors and vet techs are superbly professional with all matters and they have worked us in more times then I can count. We have had two of our dogs put to rest by this clinic and they go so far above and beyond on those hard days. If your new to the area and need a vet, or your looking for a new vet to go to for some reason, give this clinic serious consideration for your pets medical care.


3 years ago

I love Dr Sue Hirsch! She is the smartest, most caring vet! I value her opinions so much on our pets' care. The staff have been good to us too.

Vicki Brown

3 years ago

They were so caring and sympathetic. Our fur baby Shelby was diagnosed with final stages of Kidney disease. There was no hope for her. They helped us with all the final arrangements which made it easier for us. Thank you for all of your help.

Allison Elder

3 years ago

A wonderful, caring staff will look after your animals as if they were their own. If your animal needs a gentle touch when it comes to vet care, look no further.

Deborah Athey

3 years ago

The Vets and staff are wonderful!!!

Sara Groves

3 years ago

Started using this vet on a friend's recommendation. I was not disappointed! The staff was friendly & efficient and Dr. Sam took her time to talk with me about my newly adopted senior dog.

Ashley B

3 years ago

Thankful for Dr. Sam and the entire team at AMCFC. Always very friendly and so caring towards our pets. Our dog loves seeing everyone in there getting all the rubs!

Lynn Dampman

3 years ago

Shared from a friend. No compassion. Unreal! Told adopter cat had medical issue that needed special food. Wouldn't tell what kind as $92 balance to be paid. I asked them to release, we would pay, just not there yet. They won't release until paid. I told them I didn't want to bother my mother, who lost her child ffs, with this yet, could they please just tell the food name? No. Adopter tried again, no. Mother calls to pay they tell her to call and pay collection agency, but don't provide ref number so we can't. I call to pay with the understanding they will release the records They take my payment then still won't release. Front desk was told not to, she needed to talk to the owners. They used to be good vets who cared about animals.

Kristen Bunny

3 years ago

I trust them with my pet family.

Rebecca La Tourette

3 years ago

Soooo....a client dies, her cat has to be re-homed, and you won’t release the cat’s records to the new owner over a $92 balance that you sent to collections and even when the client’s family PAID the balance you STILL wouldn’t release the records??? So much for caring about the cat and his kidney problems. BAD FORM! It’s all about money.

Samantha Turner

3 years ago

Everyone was really kind and caring

Shannon VanGrol

3 years ago

Stay away from this place!! My friends sister passed away and they were fortunate to rehome her cat. Long story short, this cat is on special food and medicine and the vet will not release the records so the new owner can find out any of this information. There was a fee that went to collections and the family of the deceased tried to pay and they still won’t release the records!! This sickens me as this is a place that should care about the health of animals.

Stephanie Jahnigen

3 years ago

They don't care about the animals in their care, they only care about every penny they can get. My personal experiences with charges double the estimate with no change in care or procedure, no explanation. Death in the family and even when her balance was paid, they wouldn't release her cat's medical records because of a collection fee. I even offered to pay the fee, we needed the info right away...nope. hung up on me instead, I wasn't even rude, just shocked! Wouldn't even call me back. No common decency. Used to be a great place...

Teri Corsaro

3 years ago

My cousin attempted to get records for the cat she took from her sisters home who had just passed away very unexpectedly. After much hassle, nastiness and extremely unprofessional behavior from the staff...she was unsuccessful in securing the necessary information for the cat potentially resulting in some more significant health issues. There’s some knowledge that the cat has some medical issues but not the specifics. When we speak of cruelty to animals, I feel that this falls into that category and these are the folks who are supposed to be there to help! I want to make sure I share that apparently there was an outstanding bill that was attempted to be paid, and still no help. Not call...PETA!

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Animal Medical Center of Frederick County, West Virginia, Stephens City

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