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Helen Ashenfelter

2 years ago

The staff and Dr Zucker are amazing. They care for our cat. Always ready to answer questions!

Brent Lally

2 years ago

Incredible! Best vet I've ever gone to. They are very responsive, work around your schedule, do not over-charge, are always nice, and Dr. Zucker is the kindest vet there is — and explains everything in detail, giving you the plusses and minuses of each option. I went to several other vets in Morgantown before a friend recommended that I try AMC. I have been taking my cat (as well as a stray) to them for about 4 yrs now, and am extremely happy. 6 stars out of 5. They're really that good. IMO

Patricia Matthews

2 years ago

Without a doubt the best care for your pets! They found space to spay our puppy after the Star City vet sent her home when I questioned their prices. Honest, sincere people who didn't even charge me for so many treatments. Check around! This is the best~!

nicole carline

2 years ago

Everyone here is always so nice, and Dr. Zucker has been wonderful with my dogs.

Maya Nye

2 years ago

Dr. Zucker and his crew are always very kind and gentle with my kitty boys (even the finicky one). They treat them as if one in the family and always make sure to answer my questions. I highly recommend Animal Medical Center!!!

Deanna Heger

2 years ago

Your furry family member will receive excellent care and so will you from the entire staff. They truly love and care for our pets. The only veterinary clinic I will take my pet(s) to for the best medical care and attention

Alexis Hilling

2 years ago

I was really hesitant to post this, but if you’re in the Morgantown area, I would be cautious about taking your pet to Animal Medical Center of Morgantown. We have always taken our older dog, Rumour there and have had no issues, but our puppy, Remi passed away due to their negligence. At Remi’s first vet appointment, a member of their staff had Remi up high and somehow allowed her to hit her head on a cabinet. Dr. Zucker did do an x-ray and explained the situation to my mom, which we greatly appreciated. The next day, Remi acted a little odd, so my mom called and notified them. They stated that puppies are often lethargic like that after vaccinations and told her if she continued to act abnormally to let them know and/or bring her in for a checkup. Remi then started to act normally until Monday when she started whining non-stop, sleeping, then started having convulsions or seizure like activity. We were actually out of town when this occurred, so we rushed her to the nearest vet. This vet notified us that just from a simple examination of Remi’s head, she could feel something wasn’t right. This vet then called AMC to obtain the x-ray they took and there was obviously no haste on AMC’s part considering it took quite some time for them to send it over. No big deal, our dog is just having non-stop seizures, take your time. Of course, the x-ray did not show anything as x-rays do not often show much of anything in regard to brain trauma/injuries. Her conclusion was still that Remi had experienced trauma to her brain. Sadly, we had to then make the heartbreaking decision to put Remi to sleep as her condition was worsening and there was likely little to be done. I am not here to bash this business and certainly not Dr. Zucker, a vet that I was actually quite fond of. What I am here to do is express concern over the handling of the situation. We were not notified about any warning signs of brain injury that we should watch for, Remi was not set up for any more checkups, and worst of all, after being notified that Remi was at another vet and in critical condition, they did not reach out. I understand accidents happen, but I also think it becomes clear that negligence plays a role here. I am unsure as to why Remi was allowed to be put in the situation she was in the first place. She should have never been given the opportunity to hit her head in the first place, but most importantly, there should have been more of an attempt to follow up and monitor Remi’s condition. Maybe I shouldn’t have made this post, but I definitely shouldn’t have had to experience the trauma of watching a puppy whine non-stop in pain and have one seizure after another, especially as a direct result of negligence. AMC was notified about Remi and we have yet to hear anything from them. Honestly, in this situation, even a bit of empathy, a phone call, or anything would go a long way.

Drew Settle

2 years ago

Great vet, they take great care of my aussie

Jared Anderson

2 years ago

Great facility. Vet has always taken time to look over our dog and answer any questions in a thoughtful and professional manner. Support staff is great. Very thorough.

michelle blair

2 years ago

I absolutely love this place. Professional,caring,compassionate. Highly recommend

harry sprouse

2 years ago

Been with them 10 years now

bonnie winston

3 years ago

Very friendly and informative...great service at a great price

Andrew Hardman

3 years ago

Excellent quality of work, highly recommendable. Very affordable cost. Not out for putting holes in your finances, they genuinely care about all animals. I honestly cant say enough good things about this place. The people make this clinic an excellent experience. I truly appreciate every one of you.

Michael Plastina

3 years ago

Great vet facility, friendly accommodating staff; limited boarding space.

Karen Brock

3 years ago

Clients since 2007, no complaints they always have time to listen. We have had new pets and also had some that have passed away. This group of people are awesome they care about you and your pet.

Lukaas Hendrix

3 years ago

Easily one of the best Vets in the area.

Virginia Hyatt

3 years ago

Excellent staff. They really care and really try to work with you. I highly recommend them!

Charles Mupamombe

3 years ago

These guys are amazing. They are always patient with me and my many many questions! Genuinely seem to care for my pup and are always ready to help. All staff are extremely friendly too, could not ask for a better healthcare team for my boy!

Holly Legleiter

3 years ago

They are personable, professional and kind. I love their curbside service during the pandemic. It shows that they really care about the health of their clients. They have always been honest, fair and straightforward.

Zachary Fancher

3 years ago

Dr. Zucker and his staff were phenomenal with my new puppy on his first visit. I am a new dog owner and they were incredibly positive and patient. They also took time to walk through how to do positive reinforcement with him. Overall amazing experience. They even trimmed his nails!

jayme lewis

3 years ago

I LOVE animal medical center!

Amanda S

3 years ago

Wonderful facility! Affordable prices, all staff were professional and polite. They were very helpful with suggestions as we just adopted a dog. I highly recommend this clinic!!!

Brett Paugh

3 years ago

Great doctors with a great facility

Cassandra Sisler

3 years ago

The staff was wonderful. They were attentive and informative and patiently answered my questions and explained all tests and procedures so I could make educated decisions regarding my pet's care. In addition, their safety protocol regarding Covid-19 exceeds anything I've experienced thus far from a business.

Christy Lyons

3 years ago

Everyone there at Animal Medical Center we're all very nice and they took good care of our kitties. I got their appointments very quickly. We got an appointment in just a couple days. They had them treated and out in the same day. They all took the time to call after their appointments to see how they were doing. I would recommend them to anyone that needs their animals treated. Thank you to everyone there!

Deidra Walker

3 years ago

Friendly and works with patients during financial hardships

Jesse Lazzelle

3 years ago

Everyone is friendly and caring, their work shows they are genuine. I would recommend anyone with pets to visit Animal Medical Center. Our cat Rose recovered well from being spaded and we appreciate the care she has been given.

John Richardson

3 years ago

Great place to go and friendly staff. Maybe a bit expensive but worth it

Karen Smyth Buttermore

3 years ago

No waiting on appointments, service provided with professionalism and the staff is responsive to the needs of your pets and to you. Excellent and reliable.

Linda Antonini

3 years ago

AMC is the best for pet care from regular visits to compassionate end of life care. Dr. Zucker and his staff are the best!❤️

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