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Pops Ranger

2 years ago

I want to let the employees, and Dr. Pinkston know how much I appreciated how they handled the euthanasia of my beloved friend Makita. She was like my child. And although I miss her terribly, I felt like she was treated like she mattered. After her terminal diagnosis, I realized she would be better off not suffering any longer. It took all I had in me to let her go. Thanks to Dr.Pinkston and the other wonderful staff members at Help For Animals, this old disabled veteran was able to let her go to her final resting place. Not only were they Angels to me and my pet, they didn't add financial stress to the event. The cost was minimal, and the care and comforting were maximal. I'm still saying goodbye to my bestie, but I will always be grateful for the kindness bestowed on me and makita. Thanks again to the staff at help for animals. I will never take my pets and the animals I rescue anywhere else. God bless you all. And ALL you veterans, listen up! Dr. Well, it's been a year since I said goodbye to my best friend, Makita. The pain of losing her hasn't gotten any easier, but the knowledge of how her end of life treatment at the hands of this wonderful team headed by Dr. Pinkston remains vivid and comforting. Due to the pandemic, it is more difficult to get access to this awesome team of caring people, but I will see them again soon! Thanks again, Dr. Kelly. Even after all this time your love for these fur babies and their parents remain amazing!

David Watts

2 years ago

They did a great job

Nathllely Whiting

2 years ago

If you expect the public to wear a face mask please ask your employees to do the same.. Went there and the people in the front desk had their masks off yet I was expected to wear one.

Mrs. Sharma

2 years ago

I arrived on time for my appointment [about a year ago] and was told my cats would be ready for pickup at noon. I arrive and call them to let them know I have arrived. They tell me they don't have my cats. They told me they were taking them to Ohio to a rescue. After some arguing I was told they "accidentally" got put on a truck to go to a rescue. I was told to come back at 4:00. When I got them home I noticed my cats were stitched terribly [half staples and half traditional sutures] and their ears were tipped. Also they had hospital bands around their necks with the wrong names on them. My cats have different fur colors and I told the people on the phone and at the drop-off time their names. These were my 'indoor' cats. How they got placed in rescue without my permission, I'm not sure??? Even after arriving they still tried to convince me to place at least one in rescue. Specifically my color-point cat [which they kept insisting she was pure siamese- but why does it matter?]. They showed me paperwork where I agreed to send them. Why would they give me paperwork anyway for a rescue placement when I didn't use their TNR program?? I made an appointment for 'indoor' cats not feral cats. Why the rush with their procedures? It seemed they didn't get spayed rather they immediately got placed in a 'truck' to go to their rescue destination. So why tip their ears after I said they were indoor cats? Overall, I was relieved to get my babies back home safely. It made me sad knowing what they had witnessed for something I imagined would be a simple procedure. Please read paperwork and be cautious of anything they make you sign. Even if you state multiple times you are spaying/neutering 'indoor' pets. Or to save your cats ears and bellies- take them to another vet where the price is more expensive. An overall confusing and strange experience. Twilight Zone type situation. I had no issue when I took my cat here years ago. Maybe it was because I took three cats this time? I don't know.

laura bieber

2 years ago

I love this veterinary office,staff is always nice and great with my dogs. The only veterinary office in tri-state area that is affordable.

Guy Tucker

2 years ago

Very nice staff and great price

Stephany Forbes

2 years ago

Great place for fixing animals

Jordan Wyant

2 years ago

How can you charge people for things you don’t even receive? Been here a couple of times but this is the last. Never have even seen an actual vet yet get charged for seeing one. And when you have a surgery cancellation after already paying for it, they come up with bogus charges so you don’t get your money back anyway. And don’t try and say anything to them, they’ll just tell you you’re not welcome back. Terrible customer service, dishonest and honestly, does this place even have a vet? I’ve never seen one. Just a bunch of people who really do not care if you’re satisfied or not with their service.

Gary Reed

2 years ago

They were fast, no problems. Gave our non profit nice discount.


2 years ago

Was pleased with the cost and process. I wasn't so crazy about the wait time in dropping off and picking up but I understand this is a busy place because of the low cost. Everyone was very nice and seemed to really care about the animals they attended to. A bigger location would benefit them with the amount of animals I witnessed going in and out. All in all a great experience that got me in faster than other low cost clinics could.

chaz whitt

2 years ago

They were packed and we had to wait a bit but the waiting room was well large enough to socially distance. Prices were very affordable considering all the services they provide. Staff was courteous. Waiting room was clean. Thankful to have a service provider that we can afford.

Debbie Toncray

2 years ago

I got my cat spayed and they sent her home with pain meds, flea treatment, wormer and gotta get her booster shots in 2 weeks.

Jacqueline Adams

2 years ago

I took Zoie here yesterday to get spayed. They were great! I only payed 83 00…

Misty Adkins

2 years ago

Really affordable place to have your animals spayed or neutered Great nurses and drs that really care .

Char Elliott

2 years ago

They just finished spaying my step-daughter's toy shitzhu. She had an 8 am appointment and showed up at 7:30. She wasn't able to get her dog until 5:25 pm! They nicked the dog's kidney and had to put her back to sleep and operate a second time. She was the first to arrive and the last to leave, after closing, and sent home with her dog having been anesthestitized twice, not even knowing if she'll survive the night. And they CHARGED her for this incompetence!!!

Nikki Wright

2 years ago

Very friendly staff, they are very caring toward your pets while they are there, especially during their procedures. Most affordable place you could take your pet to and get great service too

Kelly Poe

2 years ago

Well I can't get someone to even answer the phone was on hold for a hour and a half yesterday and gave up today I have been on hold for 55min so far where is the call back feature. I will commit of the people and office if I ever get through.

joy cosner

2 years ago

My rating should be a zero I had taken my five month old Jack Russell puppy to be spayed on WednesdayAnd she died on Monday She caught parvo at this place That little girl was so full of life until I had taken her thereSo I learn cheaper is not always better BEWARE

Rj Durham

2 years ago

I made arrangements to miss work to bring my puppy here to get fixed. We had an appointment for 2+ weeks and when I arrive there’s no one there except signs on the door that say “closed until the 20th due to covid” A PHONE CALL WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE???? I know they had the correct phone number on record because the girl I made the appointment with repeated it back to me. I was never contacted and it’s ridiculous. I drove over 45 minutes to be here and it’s very frustrating that these people are too incompetent to run a business. My family has brought all their animals here for years and we will never return.

robert lemons

2 years ago

Very nice place. The staff was friendly and informative. The doc on staff choose what to do and did it. The price was very reasonable.

Meinda Childs

2 years ago

Very very busy. Seeing at least 100 animals a day to spay an neuter.

Mäggie Germann-Smith

2 years ago

Very caring place. Prices are affordable and staff is friendly.

Kevin Martin

2 years ago

I adopted a cat, Olivia, from the cabell wayne huntington animal shelter, and picker her up from here after her spaying. The informed me of aftercare for her. They do good things here. Thank you Help for Animals!

Angelina Sparks

2 years ago

They took such good care of my pit bull and was very good with him very informative about letting you know what was going to happen before during and after

Grace S

2 years ago

Very nice people that work there!

Patty Wade

2 years ago

Wonderful people. Reasonable prices. Real caring staff

Jeffsam Benson

2 years ago

Would definitely recommend this place

Emma McSweeney

2 years ago

The staff is very nice & helpful

Candice Pegram-Garcia

2 years ago

Jeff was extremely nice and helpful!

Bill Stepp

2 years ago

We took our dog there and got all its shops ????????

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