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Caleb Wilcox

2 years ago

The groomer did a great job on cutting my dogs hair. Super friendly on arrival, you can see they really care about the animals.

Michelle Daugherty

2 years ago

Just answered questions I had over phone. They had no availability for the week I needed.

Sarah Folger

2 years ago

We tried doggy day care for the first time here. When I came to pick up my dog for only being there 7 hours she was completely matted with urine. The strange part is she never uses the bathroom on herself in her crate at home or elsewhere. (She will pee if she is excited but she has never sat in her own urine before). She was also overly excited to see us and pulled me out the door as fast as possible. She whined in the car for about 10 minutes on the way home.

Jim Strauser

3 years ago

Bella loved it! We had to extend her stay a little longer than planned, but they were very gracious. Will come again.

ilona lindsey

3 years ago

Took my baby for the first time he looked like he wasn't groomed at all I even showed her a picture what he's supposed to look like and he did not look like my dog at all I'm so freaking mad he looked like somebody old scissors to him it's messed up now I got to find me approved what that will do her job disappointing she said that he didn't hold still but it's your job that's what you going to say to me after you messed my dog up unbelievable the first picture is what he's supposed to look like in the second picture is what they did to him

Hannah Zappia

3 years ago

Not a bad review, not a good review. I took my dog to doggy daycare in hopes of letting her play with other dogs while I ran a few errands and napped (I work nights). When I dropped her off, I asked if I could see the place where my dog would be staying while I was gone while she was at daycare. I got to look through a window with cages which reminded me of a pound. I was okay with it, but I wasn’t shown where she would get to play outside during the day. I felt like I paid to have my dog sit in a crate and taken out to use the restroom. That’s it. Wasn’t much of a doggy day care experience I was looking for. Let’s just say, she was happy to see me back in less than 2 hours after I saw a post on facebook with just her outside looking around without other dogs to play with. Didn’t fear for her safety, otherwise I wouldn’t have left her there. I just expected more from a facility who advertises doggy day care. I could’ve put her in a crate and took her out more frequently than that.

Tara Horton

3 years ago

The staff loves our cats and cares for them well.

Sammy Hamilton

3 years ago

They took great care of our 11 week old pit bull. He was there for 2 days and a night. We will definitely be taking him there again. I love that they post pictures on Facebook of my Brutus so I could see him playing and being loved on by the staff. Definitely recommend this place!

Lisa Vice

3 years ago

Love the facility, awesome staff and most importantly our Zeke loves everything and everyone at TWI.

Chana Dixon

3 years ago

Our pups love this place. They have never seemed fearful to go in and are very excited. It is the only place we have felt comfortable leaving them while we are away.

Bill Bartlett

3 years ago

We left our two big boys here for a week. They posted pictures on Facebook of our guys playing and even showed a video of our Black Lab swimming and dock diving! The facility is very well run and the staff is great, even during this pandemic. They aren't good at responding to emails. Only knock on them. Our boys seemed to do great at Tin Woof. Highly recommend.

beulah allen

3 years ago

Taking training classes. Things went well

Adam VanKirk

4 years ago

Such a wonderful and professional business to work with! The attention to details from the leadership and staff is proof of how much they are invested in doing things the right way!

Rick Davis

4 years ago

Our basset hound, Daisy, stays at the Tin Woof Inn (Ashland) once or twice a month and her tail is always wagging when we drop her off. The staff greets her like she is one of their own and are very attentive to her needs. When we pick her up she is happy and clean and well cared for. We love the staff and are thrilled to have somewhere safe and caring for our girl to stay when she can’t travel with us. We would 100% recommend Tin Woof Inn Ashland!

Natalie Canfield Spradlin

4 years ago

I just picked my dog up from boarding at the Ashland location for one week, and I was absolutely shocked at her condition. The person doing the intake had accidentally written down that I would be picking her up in the evening, so when I arrived early this morning to get her, she hadn’t had the bath I had requested; this was fine—I figured she would be a bit dirty from playing outside. When I asked how she had done that week, since it was her first time boarding, the lady told me she “guessed she did okay—I don’t remember anything catastrophic happening.” This, in itself, alarms me. If they had actually spent time playing with my dog, as they were supposed to, I would have expected more details about how she did during the week. Then, they bring her out, and she is positively COVERED in urine. Her whole backside/belly was wet, not to mention the hair with dried urine, like she had been laying in her own pee all week. I am livid. I immediately took her home to bath her, but she is acting very despondent, and not at all like her playful, spunky self. I’m honestly afraid she was just kept in a kennel the entire week, with no interaction, laying in her own waste. This is NOT what I paid hundreds of dollars for—I paid for someone to actually care for my dog. I would not recommend this establishment, nor will my dog EVER be going back.

Lisa Prichard

4 years ago

They charge 25 dollars to trim nails but if you go over a week on the vet won’t serve you before you can get an appointment and since the warning about grain free foods they are still pushing it offer no other. I thought it was a place that actually cared about my baby but once again—— they fooled me and took me to the cleaners wouldn’t recommend them to anyone

Jon Brannon

4 years ago

My dogs love it and they always come home fit and happy.

jen Vice

4 years ago

All the girls at Tin Woof Inn take such good care of my dog! He absolutely loves going to daycare and playing with his dog (and people) friends and they make boarding and over nights so easy! Definitely recommend them.


4 years ago

When we picked up our pups, they were filthy and one had her white chest all brown. We asked if they were playing on mud, no reply. When we got them home, we gave each one a bath. The brown on my pup's chest was actually her own blood. She had a dog bite on her ear that was gushing blood down to her chest. She had another injury to one of her rear foot claws and it was also bleeding. No one mentioned anything to us about these things. We're not leaving our pups in their care again. We love them too much to have a place like this not properly watch over them, which is what we paid them to do.

Dale Whitaker

4 years ago

Great place and really nice staff

Bush Hoggin

4 years ago

The staff took great care of our dogs while we were away. They took photos and sent them to us so we could see the were happy and well cared for. I recommend them.

Amber Murphy

4 years ago

This place is amazing! My dogs don't even say bye anymore, they're too excited to be there.

Elisha Walker

5 years ago

My dog boarded with them for 5 days and had such a great time here, he was sad to leave! Will definitely be using their services again.

Josh Juckett

5 years ago

They take great care of the animals and the obedience classes are great as well. They offer a lot of services and can help with just about anything.

Sonya Patrick

6 years ago

They took such great care of our dog. He loved it and they helped calm him when he was nervous.

Matthew Gyurgyik

7 years ago

Love attending DockDog events and swinging by for practice.

Sherry Lincoln

7 years ago


Randy Moore

8 years ago

RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING. Zeus is our 2 year old German shepherd. I only knew small dogs and inadvertently made Zeus aggressive through inappropriate, rough play. His bad behavior was due to our lack of training, not the dog's lack of …

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