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kiara i

2 years ago

i used about 1,500 dollars on this place for my dog to come back home almost the same i do not recommend this place. They kept her overnight for “gas” they said they gave her i.v but there was no signs and they did not show proof. They will ask for x-rays even when not needed. Please bring ur pets elsewhere but not here please do not. CASH GRABB!!

ron hughes

2 years ago

Spending money on an emergency is not fun, however mainland was able to save my dogs life and performed the surgery perfect. I have been a second time since, after having tests done the doctor went over and explained everything in plain english. Jan.1,22, just had my third visit to mainland, excellent service, treated with respect, answered all my questions. Thanks, Ron H.

Katharine Pettis

2 years ago

All the staff are extremely kind and caring. I felt very comfortable leaving my kitty in their hands.

Adeel Kothiwala

2 years ago

I normally don't write negative reviews, but had to for this place to save someone in a similar situation I was in with this clinic: Cash grab. We took our cat thinking he might've had a leg injury by the way he was walking and was in a lot of pain. They made us do a lot unnecessary work, and never told us exactly what the issue was. The vet just kept rushing us to sign the service paper and when we kept asking whats the most necessary thing to do, he didn't explain things properly and seem like he was just using scare tactics. I was in a high stress state (and they took advantage) because I thought my cats leg was messed up but they failed to bring this up during the whole consult until we asked what the x-ray showed. Nothing was wrong with his leg, he was mainly dehydrated and was having bladder issues. Total cost came up to $1300 CAD + another $300 at another vet we had to go to for something very simple. If we took off the unnecessary stuff they mentioned, Bill would've only been around 500-600. Avoid if possible.

Hasheem K

2 years ago

They were so friendly and helpful.

Nikki Nothling

2 years ago

The team at Mainland Animal Emergency Clinic were really caring and helpful when our dog, Scamp, was rushed to them with breathing problems at 8pm on a Friday. They gave a clear picture of the costs involved and the possibility that it might all be in vain and Scamp might not make it. He did - and is still enjoying life thanks to Dr Dhaliwal and his team. They were not unreasonable in the charges either. Scamp spent 24 hrs on oxygen, including x-rays and medication for his health problems. Our previous vet had charged me similar for just x-rays in the past. Additionally, I had been referred to Mainland by another veterinary clinic who took one look at Scamp and said that he should be rushed to Mainland Emergency. For that advice, they charged me $40 for a visit of maybe 2 mins. I am really glad that I took Scamp to Mainland Animal Emergency for treatment. Thank you.

Rohit Singh

2 years ago

Cash grab when you are most vulnerable They use scare tactics to get to your wallet. All services are over priced.

Megan Lizee

2 years ago

After being wrongly diagnosed at another vet nearly 10 hours earlier I ended up here at 9pm. Dr. Malhotra diagnosed my dog with severe pancreatitis and kept him overnight. He gave him fluids, checked bloodwork, took x-rays, and recommended further treatment the next morning. My dog was very sick and I wasn't sure he was going to make it through the night, but thanks to Dr. Malhotra, he did. All of the front office staff were incredibly kind in my time of need and so was Dr. Malhotra. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place to others and will be forever grateful for their hard work.

Quy Le

2 years ago

Took my 8.5 year old dog to Dr. Dhaliwal on the holiday Monday. My dog already had pre-existing conditions, but today his cough was a lot worse, was short on breath and was gasping for air. They provided oxygen therapy to start, and it helped. We saw him right before we left and his tongue had returned to normal colour, and he was able to stand up, wag his tail, and kiss my on the hands before I said goodbye. Little did I know, that was the last time I would ever see my dog alive again. We got a call 6 hours after dropping him off that our dog had died. After pressing them for an explanation, the best they could do was say that his heart just stopped. And while that may be in fact be the case, I still suspect that the dosage and morphine provided to a dog with a heart condition might have been too much. I'm not accusing Dr. Dhaliwal of malpractice, but it does seem a little coincidental that he'd be okay on oxygen therapy but collapse and die after morphine and other injections. Additionally, Mainland has a history of charging extra fees and high rates. Dont be surprised if they recommend x-rays and bloodwork every time you bring your pet in.

Cruz Johnson

2 years ago

My family and i want to thank you for taking us in when our dog passed this morning at home. You showed us such compasdion and were so very caring in our most tragic time. Thank you for doing everything you could to help us through and treating Thumper with the very best care. We will forever be grateful to you.

Jeannette Figueroa

2 years ago

While I appreciate that there’s a clinic that’s open late at night which has saved multiple pets lives, I do not like how Dr Gary Dhaliwal presented himself. As a healthcare professional myself I feel like he took advantage of a patients vulnerability and exploited that to his benefit. I also did not appreciate how he would not look at me (female) in the eye when he was explaining (his explanations contradicted himself as well). He would look at my brother when explaining despite my dog being MY dog. He would somewhat look in my eyes when I asked him a question directly about my dogs seizure but he would answer looking at my brother. I hope he changes this because it has turned me off from going here, I don’t trust him because I don’t feel respected or valued. His veterinary technician with the green hair is a gem, if I remember from Friday her name is Cambie but I may be butchering her name. She sympathized with me and made me feel better, and she looks at you in the eye. Dr. Dhaliwal please do better with your people’s skills and your explanations. Think before you speak so you don’t contradict yourself later. Thank you very much for taking care of my dog late Friday night/early Saturday Cambie (sp?). I appreciate your customer service and your professionalism. Mainland Vet hospital is very lucky to have you.

Kassie Katze

2 years ago

This clinic is not a 24 hour one which brings limitations to the treatment plans they might have to offer. They also will discharge your pets in the morning before they close, whether the pets are in good enough condition to be discharged or not due to their operation hours. Also while the staff were mostly friendly and helpful, I do find that sometimes it’s frustrating that information doesn’t get passed down to me properly. I took my cat in, and they sent me home some meds with instructions, as well as a recommendation that I’d come back with him the next day for a recheck. When I did return, I took the meds with me and passed it onto the staff asking them to give one to him right away as he was due to take one. I also left the pills there with the staff because they decided it was necessary for him to stay there overnight. When I picked him up the next morning, I was at first told that they didn’t give him a dose prior to his discharge because they thought “it should be taken every 12 hours” when it clearly stated on the label of the pill bottle that it should be taken every 8 hours. Then when I got home I noticed that based on the pill count, they hadn’t given him one right after I dropped him off either. I had to call them for a clarification regarding the medication he was given during his overnight stay, and it was confirmed to me that they didn’t give him the pills at all as he needed/as I requested. The staff cited aggression. I understand that they would be hesitant to give him pills due to aggression, but it was both unreasonable and ridiculous for me to have to ask them specifically to find out what he was (or rather, wasn’t) given during his stay, AND for them to basically lie to me that they either didn’t bother or couldn’t read a label. I would maybe return if there’s an emergency that doesn’t require extended care, but if it’s something more serious and requires hospitalization, I’d take my pets elsewhere.

shukie A

2 years ago

My mice was with my sister for 6 days and today when I got back I noticed his eye was ripped and bleeding. He was scratching his eye over and over again. 11 pm on sat night i had to call the emergency vet and this clinic tells me that can't do anything about it and to take him somewhere else. What kind of a vet would refuse to see an animal suffering with the eye ripped. Poor guy scratching himself and making it worse. I asked him to put him down and they wouldn't help saying vet has refused to see your animal. Now I have to wait till tomorrow till vets are open to put my little guy down.

Megan Macri

2 years ago

Doctors are amazing here, they have helped me out so much with my dog, stitched up he leg when he cut himself something sharp and they helping me treat his dental issues. The team is also very kind and know how to help :)

James Ewing

2 years ago

Last night we called multiple late night vets because one of our three wasn’t doing well. She was off. Breathing was labored and heart rate was rapid. One of the late night (open to midnight) vets said it sounded like she may need to be admitted and recommended going to Mainland just in case. Unfortunately our girl had congestive heart failure and didn’t make it. I must say that the vet tech/receptionist and Dr Dhaliwal were both amazing. Professional to nth degree. Compassionate, understanding, patient, kind and friendly. They laid out all of our options. Let us talk about Molly’s life with us. Gave us multiple options and didn’t rush anything whatsoever. We are grateful for the way in which they helped us say goodbye. Highly recommended.

Elle M

2 years ago

Saved my poor old boy when he ripped his side open on a loose wire of the fence. As well as they have been treating him for his IVDD They treated him so good and he is living a happy comfy life in his older age

Harmeet Singh

2 years ago

We took our dog in because she seemed to be choking in the middle of the night. I gave the clinic a call before leaving my house and the vet was there by the time I reached. Dr. Dhaliwal was super friendly and my dog was very comfortable with him during the checkup. Also the front desk rep/assistant was friendly n helpful. Thanks ????????


2 years ago

I've heard horror stories about animal hospital experiences and this one did not fail to meet these expectations. As I rushed my puppy in after concerns he consumed something toxic I sat in the car reading reviews on this place. Any horrible review I read on this place carried the same sentiments as mine is going too. These people are complete shysters whose mission and main concern is not the well being of your pet but to rack up as large as a bill as they can. They threw down a $900 bill in front of me insisting that he needed an xray and to stay overnight before even doing any blood work to get some sort of indication of what might be going on. Luckily I had some senses about me (which is hard when you are panicking about your pets well being) to insist on blood work before making any further decisions. His blood work came back fine and I ended up taking home. I ended up leaving with a $500 bill instead of $900 bill with not really any clue of what just happened to my dog. I spoke to numerous friends who have dogs as well as my regular vet the very next morning and they were shocked to hear that his urine was not tested as his symptoms were strong indicators of Marijuana consumption or mushrooms that grow in the lawn. They did not send over any paper work about our visit to my vet like they said they would. I highly recommend that you seriously consider the negative reviews on this place as I felt I could relate my experience to all of them. Some of them were so appalling this place should be shut down. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE. I understand full well that emergency care is costly but there should be full transparency and understanding of what you are paying for and why it is needed because my dog did not need an xray nor did he need to stay overnight. Maybe some of the other costs and medications prescribed could have been avoided had a urine test been done.

Cha Elle

3 years ago

My cat had a discomfort and non-stop meowing. She would roll on the floor and was not really herself. I took her to this clinic at 11 pm. Before going there i asked how.much will i spend. Thenlady said 50 bucks for check up. I ended up paying 400+ . The doc cheked her yp and said rhat my cat is in heat, being not spayed. Was checked and said she is totally healthy cat. However he recommended doing lab tests to see more internally. After waiting for 40 mins lab result came and said that my cat was dehydrated. Recommended fluid qnd i said yes as if i was hypnotized. Another 50 bucks. I.could not say no. I knew it was too expensive but i just could not make any decision to say no. I hope this pandemic time when people are holding tight on their money, the doc could have postponed the lab bcoz he knew the cat is healthy . Could have said nothing to worry as she is just in heat!!

Nina Mosall

3 years ago

My dog, Honey, has been having horrid allergic reactions. There was an evening it was so bad, I wasn’t sure if she would be okay by the morning. I was always hesitant to go to animal hospitals, as I have had bad experiences with them in the past, as well as heard a myriad of horror stories. However, I decided to give Mainland a try, as it was the closest to my home, and the reviews were decent. One the phone and upon arriving, the hospital staff were super friendly and helpful. They made me feel at ease and were super patient. They answered all my questions (no matter how silly)...and I had a lot of them! The vet was also so kind and knowledgeable. He made me feel like everything was under control with my dog and was thorough in informing me about the next steps and what my dog was going through. Since my first visit, I have brought Honey back a second time and received a high level of service and care yet again. My dog wasn’t even afraid, and she’s a timid one! I highly recommend this hospital, as I know I’ll be coming back in the future if needed.

Arshdeep Kailay

3 years ago

Had good experience with them on 27 feb 2020. Brought my dog to the clinic midnight and they responded to us right away. They are very professional and caring and explained everything to us. A little expensive than day clinic but completely worth it.

Brian Auzins

3 years ago

Our dog had kennel cough but we didn’t know, it would be obvious to any other vet (because we took it to another vet the next day when they were open and they said it was kennel cough right away) yet they charged us $600 for tests and tried to keep him overnight, the vet used pressure tactics such as “your dog is sick and you don’t want to keep him over night and give him medicine?” to get us to leave him overnight where they would charge a lot more. Gut instinct was to get him out of there despite it being a very tough decision to make, when we went to our regular vet when they were open they seemed pretty appalled with the manner in which this vet conducted himself.

Ryan Coppard

3 years ago

Tried to ask a simple question for something that concerns me about my dog. "A white mark on his mouth and gums". If they call themself a vet, they should have a general idea of what I'm talking about, and be able to help a customer seeking information! They were rude,and wouldn't help with giving me an idea of what my concern was,unless I brought him in for an examination. All they want is your money.

Susann M

3 years ago

We had the best experience with this emergency clinic on Feb 4/2020. They are very professional and caring and explained everything to us each step of the way. The tech and vet were excellent. Our girl received very good care. We will use this clinic again. Highly recommend.


3 years ago

Our family took our one year old dog to the clinic for an emergency visit because he was coughing and trying to vomit in the middle of the night. At the clinic, we were checked in by the receptionist while the vet listened behind the door. When we finally met him, our dog was already in the back and told us that our dog had kennel cough. Though the doctor thought he had kennel cough, he did not do a good job of explaining that to us and was rude/condescending about it. He seemed keen to push antibiotics. He ran blood tests and told us our dog was dehydrated. After we had paid the $415 bill, we finally got to see our dog. He looked very thirsty, so we asked if they could get some water for our dog. He refused and told us to give him water at home. It seemed like he was more interested than making his money than actually caring about our dog. I will not be going back to this clinic.

Simran Brar

3 years ago

My 10 week old puppy got sick one night and started vomiting. I called the clinic and they told me to come in. Both the receptionists and vets were super caring and very helpful. They were really good at explaining what had happened and gave great directions on any next steps. Service was prompt and very professional.

Sarah Plantinga

3 years ago

Our 12 year old chihuahua had congestive heart failure and had been living on meds for about a year. On a holiday Monday he was doing very badly and we knew it was the end. We were unable to get in contact with any vets, even some emergency vets were closed. My husband called mainland and they made space for us right away. The staff was extremely compassionate and caring during his last moments of life. They let us go in with him and stay as long as we needed. Very thankful we went to them.

Saagar Dhaliwal

3 years ago

I brought my dog here 1 week ago and he was lethargic. The receptionist was very nice. They responded to my dog right away. And, since that day my dog has been happy.

ryan ince

3 years ago

I had an elderly dog that was becoming more and more ill as the weeks progressed. I was on a trip to Edmonton for 3 days and came back with limited resources. The following night i woke up at 3am with the dog sick. I took her to the vet at 330am and came up with a financial plan with them in order to treat the dog. Unfortunately there is some things money can't by and I ended up losing the dog that night which was incredibly heartbreaking. This vet not only showed me empathy in the way I was treated but they didn't over inflate the cost of everything. I am grateful to have randomly drove by this vet on my way to a different vet at 330am. Also not knowing any other vets I feel completely comfortable taking animals there in the future.

Jay Dub

3 years ago

Took my pet rabbit here as all other local vets were closed. They treated her very quickly and effectively. Both the receptionist and the Dr there were very pleasant to deal with. Pricing was extremely fair and I would not hesitate to come back. Highly recommended for anyone in a emergency.

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