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Raffaelli Family

2 years ago

Great service besides showing up 15 min earlier then they wanted to make sure we had time for the paper work and wow sat in my van with it running for over a hour in 10°weather at 8 am, 3 kids upset with anxiety upsetting the pup. But finally things happened and everything went well Would recommend them for there services but would suggest a heads up on the possibility of over a hour wait in your car????????‍♂️

Nancy Murphy-Cousins

2 years ago

Phoned to schedule my dog to get spayed and chipped, but had to send an email to schedule. It has been a solid month with no one contacting me to schedule. The message says NOT to leave multiple inquiries, so I have not done so. The system is not working!


2 years ago

The process was very well organized and they took good care ofy cat.

Crystal Sloan McLure

2 years ago

We took our two little ones, Rocky and Velvet here to be neutered and spayed. From the first impression to the last, we knew they were in the best hands. Clean, friendly, kind and loving. Highly recommend ????

Terry Jones

2 years ago

It was good but I feel the communication of approximate time the pet would be finished could be better. We'd traveled 75 miles and couldn't get our pet until 6 pm. It worked out fine as we have family to stay with but that part was not communicated well. I was told "not before 2:30" and that was all. I did not expect 6 pm so it was a small inconvenience. They did a good job, got me an appointment quickly but did not expect the late discharge from vet care. Just ask for more details if you don't have the ability to be flexible with your time.

Jenna Joplin

2 years ago

Tooky 2 cats, Bundy n Gacy to get fixed.. Pet savers was very accomidating, knowledgeable n extremely friendly. They explained everything n were so amazing w our boys!!! Thank you!!!

Yvonne Boyd

2 years ago

Website suggested that numerous services available at this location. I specifically was looking to have a stray cat scanned for a microchip in hopes of finding its owner. Although the website suggests this service is available, at this location it happens that scanning is not available. The person who took my call relayed it to be a service provided only by a Veterinarian and they did not have one on staff. Good enough for me and probably would have given a higher star rating but when I asked her if she knew of any other facility in the area in which I could take the cat, her response was "how would I know?" And then hung up. Not really my idea of great customer service. Calling a retail store that specializes in pets only, one would expect the customer service would be more empathetic and less condescending. Update: I cannot remember exactly who the lady was that returned my call, but it was the morning of 11/22/21. Our cats had been chipped at this facility (Tobias) most recent, so I had made the assumption your facility would scan. Someone had brought to us a well cared for Cat that looked like Sebastián who has been missing for several months, at any rate. SCRAPS was able to scan the cat and also able to find his owners.

S Lund

2 years ago

Efficient, caring, thorough care. Pets well cared for. A vital service to keep the pet population down without poor animals being killed or starving in our communities.

lindsey trujillo

2 years ago

This place has the best customer service Angela always helps me out. I was looking for the match to a collar I got years ago and finally found it here.

beast mode101

2 years ago

I called them and it was all a robot talking I never got to actually speak to a person.

Alisa Baird

2 years ago

Love this place they took care of my kat loki

Tammie Ruff

2 years ago

Had all three of my pets fixed at the same time the staff was kind and my pets are ok! I'm pleased with the services they provide . Very inexpensive as well.


2 years ago

I was frustrated by how busy the pet savers are... I called and the machine answered saying to leave a message, to expect a call back in approximately 48 hours. That being said, they have been my go-to spay & neuter clinic in the past, and take excellent care of my animals! At one point I had 9 boys to neuter and they worked very hard to get them all scheduled the same day... It was quite an endeavor for everyone involved!!

Janet Rosman

2 years ago

Good prices, excellent service, super nice office help!

Holly Johnson-Blue

2 years ago

I didn't have interactions or visited the place of Pet Savers. HJB

Donald Evans (D-lo)

2 years ago

True pros that care for their furry patients. I would trust nobody else to perform surgery on my baby boy! PERIOD!

Brittany Wilson

2 years ago

Pet savers is the best place to get your fur babies fixed The staff was amazing!

bree killstrom

2 years ago

Exactly what I was looking for.

Dan Dupler

2 years ago

Pet Savers is helping the community and provide their services at an affordable rate. Please support them!

Penny Lamb

2 years ago

Caring, compassionate care. Efficient, affordable spay and neuter. I've taken my cats and dogs there for years.

Bailey Dickinson

2 years ago

I have heard great things about this place and they are doing great work but don’t go to the vaccine clinic on Saturday unless you want to spend the entire day there. Our estimated wait time was over 3 hours. They need a better and faster system for this. I really wanted to take my new puppy there but he doesn’t have the patience to wait 3 hours. Kinda disappointed.

DeAnna Knope

2 years ago

They were amazing for my old little dog

Jon G

2 years ago

Honestly, the location and external appearance had me a bit trepidations. Upon entering, the entire feeling changed, the place is really homey inside, welcoming and efficient. The staff is highly professional and kind. I am actually really impressed when I compare it to other clinics I've been to. They do great work there and deserve to be recognized for it.

Justine Zimmerman

2 years ago

Long waits but worth it for the price. Appreciated the doctor's opinion.

Maxwell Braviroff

2 years ago

Appointment set for 7 am to neuter my kitten, not a lot of info was given to me by the person who had set up the appointment. I show up, do my paperwork, drop him off and call 4 hours later asking for an update and they just started surgeries and told me it could be as late as 6 pm. Would have been nice if someone let me know. I live over an hour away and can't afford to be wasting gas going back and forth. Not only that but once I got there, the lady who had helped me with paperwork told me my kitten could have worms so I should pay for worm treatment.... Which I felt was not truthful as my cat has been perfectly healthy and he is just a big fattie. I asked if there was a test we could do and was told yes, but they didnt have the things to do it(and its a fecal test which of course would have taken much longer to wait for him to take a dookie.) The same lady also seemed rather cold and unfriendly at the front desk despite how polite and understanding I was, not trying to rush anyone or anything. But I was just given an aftercare sheet and told I was good to go after dropping him off. Really wish someone would have told me beforehand I could have been doing other things than wasting my time sitting in a parking lot for hours... Update: got called at 11:50 saying he came out of surgery and is doing well, but I'm not able to pick him up until 2:50pm :( I had thought recovery time from anesthesia wasn't that long but maybe I'm wrong

Rick Boyd

2 years ago

Long wait to be seen

Oliver Em

2 years ago

LOW INCOME CLIENTS, TAKE NOTE: Grant applications expire after one month. Grant approval means paying full service cost ($20 or $40) upon scheduling your pet's surgery. They will take cash payments if you can find transportation to their lobby following grant approval & their follow-up phone call. If you miss their call, it will take an extended time to get back in contact with them due to an "overwhelming" influx of calls that is actually an issue of efficacy and communication. UPDATE 10/1: "Stephanie Napier - Executive Director" responded to my negative review within 24 hours and, despite claiming she would personally take care of my needs, I neither saw, met, nor heard from her over the process of getting my dog fixed. I can say that they successfully neutered my dog (I mean, I hope -- I'm not exactly planning to test that). Beyond that, I don't have many positive things to say about Pet Savers. It took a month and a half of jumping through hoops and being beholden to unwritten rules before I was finally able to schedule my pup for his appointment. The staff could not even keep their own rules straight in-person, as I was surrounded by three different staff members at the entrance before I was permitted to leave, telling me in turn: First: "We might need to use a stronger anesthesia with your dog because of his high energy levels, but the good news is it will be covered by the grant." And second: "If we use stronger anesthesia you have to pay for it on pick-up and it's $50 but you already knew that because of his border collie thing." The first staff member proceeded to question the second about whether this was true or not because she had been told the grant would cover it. The third did not say anything, so I'm not sure why all three needed to surround me while I sat there. As for my dogs "border collie thing" I believe she was referring to the waiver I signed acknowledging that certain dog breeds may require stronger anesthesia. This was after being approved first for one grant, then the other, then being told that qualifying for grants means paying 100% of the fee up-front (which is still not on their website at the time of writing). The grant applications expire in 30 days, a detail which was newly added to the website after I was told to simply "email back with my pet's information and my name to set up an appointment" only to be told that I would have to re-submit everything (none of it is commonly changing/evolving information). Staff will argue with clients over email despite bright red writing claiming that "this is an automated email". They will not answer questions but will repeatedly insist that they don't answer questions over email, which only increases their workload and the delay of services on behalf of the customer. Setting up a legitimate automated email service that provides the information missing from the website is not only easy, but would save a massive amount of time and energy on behalf of the business itself. Keeping information "secret" and only divulging it through delayed phone calls is not helping low-income communities. I was initially told I qualified for the Barney Jamison Fund, only to be told after the extensive communication delay that there were no funds left in that grant. As a result, I was charged $40 instead of $25 for my dog's procedure due to Pet Savers' complete lack of transparency and effective communication. Here's hoping their surgery is more effective than their customer service.

Mik L

2 years ago

Easy, efficient and they were super friendly. I've had four cats male and female fixed there and never had any issues. The microchip they offer also works well as I've had a runaway cat before and they were able to pick him up and give him back to me ????

Kathryn Pearce

2 years ago

Had my dog spayed there and they were great. Followed all covid protocols for drop off but not for pickup. Only 2 people in the lobby in the am but 5 is ok in the afternoon?

Kelli Geris

2 years ago

I had my German Shepherd spayed here. The scheduling process was simple, the check in/out process was simple, all you have to do is follow their instructions. Any message or email I left was returned very quickly. I misheard my pick-up time, but the gals were still very nice when I showed up a bit late. The pricing is straight forward. 3 days after surgery, my girl was active and acting as if she hadn't had surgery at all. She healed fine and there were zero issues. I will always refer friends and family to these guys. Thank you from Sadie and I.

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