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Storytime Bunnies

2 years ago

I adopted/purchased two dogs from this business. It was years ago. My dog after 7 months had full blown mange. This store said it wasn’t their fault that it was the breeder and they had no idea. We also around the same time purchased a Pekingese and my friend purchased one of the siblings of the Pekingese within a year and a half my sweet doggie was dead. The vet said it was inbreeding because his organs gave out. My friends died within four months and she tried to confront the breeding practices of these dogs but farmland could care less and had no accountability. Please do not buy from this store. They are dirty and poorly managed. They care only about money. We thought there would be some kind of legal action for selling dogs that are in such poor health but it’s very complicated and you won’t get your money back not to mention the store will not care. Please do not support them by buying anything hopefully they close down soon.

Theresa Deno

2 years ago

This is truly a family owned business with one-of-a-kind pet help on hand. I remember when Shannon was a little girl "helping" her dad. They have been priceless with their knowledge and help over the years.

Mary Rausch

2 years ago

Great store lots stuff for just about any animal you can think of... staff is friendly and knowledgeable. This is a smaller store packed with great stuff, isle ways are narrow, if you walk with an assisted device, attention is needed..

Kelly Harrington

2 years ago

Everything is crowded and not super organized, but the workers are nice.

Dennis Albertson

2 years ago

Nice people to bad kitsap County will not allow them to sell kittens or dogs. They have a lot of good things.

Al Pal

2 years ago

Great service and knowledgeable staff so much stuff in such a small area parking still really good and handicap accessible.

Anthony Gapp

2 years ago

Horrible customer service and rude I just wanted a few fish the guy was so rude I just felt violated

Beth Leurquin

2 years ago

I love this place. It's packed and messy but that just adds to the charm. Great selection of fish. They have other small animals also. And it's nice to have knowledgeable help.

Chris Motter

2 years ago

Have a variety of pets supplies

Chuck Ernst

2 years ago

Always friendly and has items that are sometimes hard to find in other stores.

Corinne Welander

2 years ago

Not a good place to get pets or supplies they don't have the knowledge about pets they think they do extremely rude

Olivia McCarthy

2 years ago

I go here for their aquatic selection. They had a decent variety of creatures and plants, and I'm glad I don't have to go to pecto or leave kitsap. One warning tho: if you are claustrophobic, you may want to skip this shop. It's packed very tightly with supplies and I sometimes have a hard time getting through the aisles while holding things.

William Clark

2 years ago

Allot of supplies staff was friendly and helpful

Michael Rustad

2 years ago

love places like this. i got a beautiful girl ferret. just today. so excited.

Michelle Barker

2 years ago

Lots to offer. Friendly helpful staff. Will be back!

Peter Tennigkeit

2 years ago

Nice old school vibes, helpful folks, and good selection

Darcy Buell

2 years ago

Shannon and her crew are great.

Lexi Taylor

2 years ago

this is a puppy mill - please don’t patronize this shop! can tell you which establishments abuse animals to make a profit (spoiler: this is one of them). please don’t support this shop!!

Jaxson Davis

2 years ago

The bettas are in tiny cups and half of them look sick. As someone who loves and cares for fish i am disgusted. The bunnies cages look so dirty and they’re so small. The chickens “coops” are so tiny and over crowded. This is animal ab*se and cruelty and i dont understand how you can treat animals like this. Don’t give them your money :/ do better.

Elle “Kitty” Boukhtin

2 years ago

The people seem friendly enough, but I don't have any idea how anyone knows where anything is here.

Elise Greenlee

2 years ago

Great customer service, been coming here for a few years now

nataly montalvo

2 years ago

Good selection of animals but please take better care of your rabbits ???? those are ear mites we were taking out of his ears.

Shari Dugan

2 years ago

Great place. I didn't know you could by fish for pets there . But I do now.

Kelsey Ames

2 years ago

Got 2 bunnies and a pacman frog here. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. Super low prices for animals and feed alike! Was cheaper than Petco! I will be returning for my food for my new buddies. :)

James Westcott

2 years ago

its sad to see a teller refusing payment then embarrassing them. there was a person i saw that had to pay some in cash and some on card because they didn't have the full amount on the card. the older lady at the cash register actually refused to accept payment and refused to let the customer purchase snake food. the teller made fun of him to the customer behind him and they both actually laughed at him to his face.

julie wilson

2 years ago

Great place to get any supplies and little critters for my barn and my aquarium too.

Aly Stratton

2 years ago

Crowded with merchandise; phasing out a lot of products for horses.????

Jumi Lim

2 years ago

Please, DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! Just by looking at the pictures, you can tell how badly these animals are treated... Animals are sick, malnourished, and are receiving improper care. Cages are tiny, many are wire bottomed, and the animals just arent getting enough.. People need to be properly educated about these kind of things and it is not okay that some think these animals are happy..

Brian Newvine

2 years ago

Great place to find my pet supplies from food and toys to over the counter medicine.

Marcella Workman

2 years ago

We were just visiting the area and stopped in. What a fun place. We enjoyed reading the funny cards. Looking at the animals. Had a good conversation with the man cleaning the rat cages. If you need anything for your animal it's going to be found here.

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