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Lisa Soehren

2 years ago

I loved going there for daycare years ago. However, they just charged by credit card a few months ago when I don't even live in the area anymore and are not responding to refund my money. Shady business practice.

Thom Blackburn

2 years ago

Riley and his crew have taken great care of my pups for years now. The one with separation anxiety gets excited to go there too!

Robert Hartman

2 years ago

I know Jax is a great place to place to take my dog Arney because when we arrive he practically drags me to the door to go play with the other dogs. The staff are fantastic, patient and good natured and most importantly great with my dog and all of his energy. I always know he is in good hands whether he is spending the day or a couple of nights when I am out of town. A giant thank you to the entire team!

Stickz 18

2 years ago

My dog is very energetic and happy everytime he meets other dogs or people. But, after dropping him off at Jax Dog drop for a couple weeks he started to get more aggressive towards me and started to resource guard more aggressively. I suspect other dogs at Jax had conditioned him to be so. I wouldn't completely trust this place.

Sylvie Joseph-Julien

2 years ago

Jax Dog Drop in Redmond takes such good care of my dog, Kubi. I love bringing him here because the whole staff is always so happy to see him and knows him by name! He is definitely a crazy goofball, but he is always so excited to see his friends at daycare. Kubi is always so tired when coming home that I know he had a blast at daycare and even playing in the pools they bring out. Another thing I love about Jax is the continuously flowing communication even when something minor happens, they are always on top of it. The Instagram pictures are always so fun to look at! I 100% recommend this place for daycare and even boarding, they truly care about the dog’s health, wellbeing and happiness. Their self-wash facility is always so clean and very easy to use! Thank you to all the staff at Jax for your endless love and care for Kubi!

Anne Grill

2 years ago

Friendly, helpful staff who genuinely care about the animals! Our dogs love it here!

Lindsay Pryor

2 years ago

Great place! So friendly, and love that they’re open in weekends. Thanks for taking such good care of Zelda!

Brittany Tureck

3 years ago

I can’t believe this place has as many good reviews as it does. We recently moved to Redmond from out of state and needed to find a daycare on short notice. This was the cheapest one close to home. The smell walking in the door took my breath away. Absolutely disgusting. I immediately felt so guilty leaving my dog with them. There was never once any mention of maybe showing me where my dog would be kept all day? There are no windows to see into the back so who knows what it looks like.. When I came back to pick him up, I could not believe my eyes (or nose). He had never looked so gross in his life. And the smell was overpowering. He looked wild too (it was weird). I knew in that moment I would never bring him back. I’ve been to doggy daycares before and this place is not standard. None if those places reeked so bad or had my dog looking the way he did. They didn’t even want to check his health records before taking him back! Zero trust.

Abbey Whisnant

3 years ago

I couldn't say enough good things about Jax Dog Drop! My dog, Sadie, LOVES going to daycare there. She is a nervous pup, but is always more excited to see the staff when I drop her off, than me when I go to pick her up. I know she is well taken care of whenever she is there and always sleeps great at night after a day of playing.

Daanie Pérez

3 years ago

Super friendly staff, my dog loves being there, she comes back extremely tired after the day so I can tel she had an amazing day

Emma Poffenberger

3 years ago

To many dog for the amount of staff that is present during the day. Staff does not seem to be trained to handle that many dogs with out issues arising. I will not be bringing my dog back here.

Grace McClintock

3 years ago

I've been taking my dog, Kona Bean, to Jax Dog Drop in Redmond for about two and a half years now and I'd never take him anywhere else. Even when I moved away from the Redmond area, I chose to keep taking him to Jax because of the staff and environment. Everyone is super friendly, easy to talk to, and more than welcoming. Jacques is a huge help whenever we come in and is always super excited to see Kona Bean. They make sure he gets plenty of exercise and I feel 100% comfortable leaving him in such capable hands.


3 years ago

Great team of true dog lovers who are doing a terrific job creating a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all dogs! Really appreciate that they are doing their utmost to accommodate my special needs dog and always welcome feedback to continuously improve and expand their great services!

Jeff Amundsen

3 years ago

Staff is always super friendly and our dog is always super excited to go there.

Joshua T

3 years ago

Our dog got kicked out of this doggie daycare for barking we had no warning we were just told one day that we were not welcomed back. One of the employees said he would talk to his manager for us and call me back. I was never contacted


3 years ago

Terrible experience at the Redmond location. We spoke to Riley over the phone about the temperament test. He was great and informative, we had never boarded our dog before so this entire experience was new to us and our dog. We went in expecting the same customer service, unfortunately, that was not the case. The lady that checked us in was friendly, not so welcoming but it seemed like she may be new as she was struggling checking our dog in. We were told by a lady with pink hair that it would be 2-4 hours, after hour 5 we called to check on our dog and were told "he's fine, you can pick him up if you want". Didn't mention the test or the fact that it had been 5 hrs when she said it would be 2-4. We picked him up and had to pull the info out of her. Unfortunately our dog had been mounting other dogs and had to be physically removed from the other pups. At this point I had no interest in discussing this with her as she had been a terrible communicator. We called the Bellevue location to see if we could bring him in to see if the outcome would be different and were told the manager declined because they uphold the same standards. Just a tip, maybe work on the standards you have for your employees as well.

Kari Armour

3 years ago

The manager and support staff are wonderful people! My dog is always happy to come and wiped at the end of the day from having so much fun w his puppy pals!

Brooke Saul

4 years ago

Very sweet to our girl Maddie! ♡ She comes home happy.

Amber Arzt

4 years ago

They take care of our dog, Fenris, as if he’s their own. They’ve actively helped with training him, as well as helping him with his separation anxiety. I love all the staff; they’re always so friendly and communicate well with us about what’s going on.

Chalee Johnson

4 years ago

Great place for our hyper pup to burn off some energy. They know our dog by name and are always very welcoming. Dog comes home exhausted. B

Chasstan Prichard

4 years ago

Love this place. Staff is always friendly and happy.

Christa Keizer

4 years ago

Affordable and efficient! Staff is very kind and they seem to genuinely care.

Fanny Vadillo Herrera

4 years ago

We've been using their daycare and boarding services for a year now and our doggo seems to love it. We have a Siberian Husky and he is always excited to come here.

Felicia Star

4 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!! When I walked in, there were two ladies chit chatting with each other at the front (pretending not to see me and were ignoring me) and then a 3rd one walked in to join in the chit chat. Not a single one said hello. I wait 15 minutes for service, and still they were chit chatting and laughing about some cute guy they met at a party over the weekend. Small shop, no way I wasn't noticed, and there weren't even other customers around. I then was finally asked if I needed help (still no greeting), which I did. They didn't carry what I came in for and when I asked if they knew a place to find it, I'd received a shoulder shrug and an "I'm not sure, try up the street. Maybe there's something that way." Then the lady gives me an eyeroll and continues on with her chit chat with the other lady. Makes me wonder how they treat their dogs if that's how they treat humans.

Kristen Lynch

4 years ago

You can smell this place before you even go inside. When I picked my dog up he smelled the worst he's ever been. I immediately gave him a bath when we got home, and had to clean his collar which also smelled. I might just throw it out because it still smells. Would not recommend this place to anyone that cares for their dogs health.

Machelle York

4 years ago

I love the people and the facility! Every one here treats my dog like family, they are as invested in his health and happiness as I am. It's like taking your kid to Grandma's- if she were young, fun and energetic. But that's the best description for Jax - they are an extention of my dog's family and home.

Martin Fecteau

4 years ago

Great place and friendly staff. Our dog goes there twice a week and is always super excited to go and exhausted when I pick him out. They also have an outdoor area for dogs to enjoy fresh air.

Miranda O'Neill

4 years ago

I really do love this place and the people who work here. They work hard and are so patient with the many dogs and owners who are not well trained. Yes both. I've been jumped on so many times by dogs leaving with their owners basically whispering 'no honey don't do that' to their dog. *Cue eye roll* There are a lot of great dogs and owners too though! I think they really need to have a cap on dogs they accept. My dogs started doing odd things they've never done in their entire lives and it was because 70 dogs came through there in one day alone. Per the workers count and they told me that. All that stress and anxiousness affects the dogs and handlers. There was so much barking I could barely talk to the person at the front desk and they looked so frazzled. I'd get my dogs back some days and they'd be wired and hyper for hours. I would love to keep bringing them but I think they need a bigger facility or a cap on dogs please!

Tyler Simons

4 years ago

Summer runs down the stairs every morning thinking we’re taking her Jax. She comes home happy and tired. Staff is always friendly and accommodating. They’re also quick to respond to the bell if they’re out back with the dogs. The staff even packaged up one of her lost puppy teeth awhile back and gave it to us! They post pictures of the pups on Instagram frequently. #famous

Chris Barnes

5 years ago

We have washed our dogs at lots of self service place but their wash room is the best by far!

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