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K True

2 years ago

Not sure how you can be an emergency vet and not be able to see an animal in an emergency. Wouldn’t recommend.

Jodi Schlimgen

2 years ago

My dog was in a fight with My pig and was hurt pretty bad! We called the vet right away and they were able to see him ASAP and take good care of him!!! He is my baby and the sweetest dog I have had in awhile!!! I call him My Angel Baby because I truly think he was sent to me from Heaven, so you can imaging how worried I was!!! I am so thankful for veterinarians and the staff members that help during stressful times! I would come back here in a heart beat!!! Thank you again! ????

Brooke Acker

2 years ago

my 12 year old yorkie got into a fight one night. i called this place and they said it was a 5 hour wait over the phone, however i only waited about 1.5 hrs. the doctor and the vet tech were so friendly and communicated with me very well. i would absolutely take my dog here again. thank you so much for all you do!

Deanna Cresanta

2 years ago

This place is amazing. The doctors and the whole office was so caring. They took my lil dog Martini in on emergency, when no one else would. They took excellent care of him and saved his life. I am extremely grateful for them. He was there for 3 days and they always took the time for my multiple calls during the day and night. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much.

Teresa Kellogg

2 years ago

Lovey received great care here so I am grateful..However they sedated her without asking me ..She is too old and too much is going on with her right now..Many vets won't chance it period...Lovey is a very good dog and so mellow she doesn't need sedation and it's risky.....

Balsu K Thandu

2 years ago

Our dog, Lucky, had eaten something that he shouldn’t have which resulted in a blockage in his stomach. He had to have immediate surgery which turned out to be a major one, took 4 to 6 hours. Dr Fleming, Dr Hill, and Dr Hart and the staff the clinic took good care care of Lucky during the whole process. It’s been two weeks since surgery; Lucky has recovered well and is back to his normal self. Thanks to everyone in the clinic.

Paul McDaniel

2 years ago

took our dog there for suspected intestinal blockage. dog had collapsed at home and couldn’t walk. they took her right away. at 11pm. amazing service. got her patched back up with fluids and thank goodness no surgery needed. very caring, great service.

Hiroaki Takamatsu

2 years ago

We had a coughing issue with our dog tonight. Nurse actually helped us to understand what's probably going on and possible treatment without the visit. It is very thoughtful advice. Our dog has been hospitalized this place several years back and we also had a great experience back then.

Walker Murray

2 years ago

Our dog was vomiting for about 24 hours. We brought him here to find out was going on (all the other 24-hour vet ERs were full). I appreciate that they saw him right away, but after blood work and an x-ray they had no answers as to why he was vomiting. They charged us $1,271 and told us to bring him back if he kept vomiting. He was given sedation meds and sub-q fluids so he was disoriented and swollen when we got him back. The staff member who brought him out and gave us discharge instructions wasn’t even wearing a mask.

Anastasia A

2 years ago

If your pet unexpectedly feeling bad for no reason don’t take him to this facility because they don’t have a proper diagnostics equipment(mri machine) and professional doctors! Our dog stopped eating/drinking and walking in one day. This emergency was the only one with the shortest wait list so we decided to go here immediately . After X-ray and some blood work we were told that he has some back issues and all he needs is rest and painkillers and he will be fine. After 4 days nothing changed , we went to another emergency and after mri it was obvious that he had IVDD but because nothing had been done about it 4 days earlier the nerve was damaged so severely that his rare legs were paralyzed and he needed a surgery so that there is a little chance for him to walk again. If only we were told earlier that he needs more diagnostics and that this emergency doesn’t have mri machine and there is a possibility for having IVDD he would be walking by now. This all happened back in February

Amy Kosche

2 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about them. My lab is very mischievous and gets into things that she shouldn’t all the time. I’ve had to take my dog in during a “food” emergency and they were so kind and responsive. They’ve answered all my questions whenever I’ve had to call. In comparison to other places we’ve tried I highly recommend them and I’m grateful for their services!

Brooke Garrett

2 years ago

I took my elderly (16 years) cat to them because she was not eating or drinking well. After spending $1,500 on every scan and test they could think to offer the doctor was SURE it was a tumor. …

Neil P.

2 years ago

I was concerned about bringing our dog here after reading the negative reviews, however it’s the closest to our home being it was later in the night. Our 7 month puppy’s eyes were droopy and shut suddenly after being outside. We called and received a calm and reassuring reception on the phone and decided to take him in. They saw him right away, diagnosed the issue and our dog was better. Phew! Great service, excellent professionalism, and people. Thank you! Glad to know we have a team we can count on close by.


2 years ago

My 6 week old puppy who I’ve had for less than 1 week suddenly had swelling on her bottom. Fearing a prolapse, I called over 25 vets and emergency hospitals before Redmond said to come and get in line for the night! We did wait for a little over 3 hours but I was told when calling other vets that Redmond had the shortest wait time. They were calm, professional, and transparent about wait time and diagnosis/treatment. The fee was very reasonable, especially considering it was an emergency appointment on a Saturday evening. The actual exam was quick and thankfully my little one was better off than anticipated so she didn’t require treatment. Discharge instructions are helpful and they reminded me to call with any questions or concerns which I appreciated. Overall, I’ll be adding this clinic to my emergency fridge list and would recommend to anyone who’s concerned their pet might be experiencing an emergency.

Brian Moran

2 years ago

Didn't end up bringing my animal in, they were at cap which is understandable. 2-Star rating as I agree with the other assessments here; Cassie needs an attitude adjustment.

Erica Neiderer

2 years ago

I called this vet tonight since another emergency vet wasted an hour of my time and the woman who answered the phone immediately told me it would be at least a 5 hour wait and I said thank you and hung up and didn't waste even 2 minutes of my time looking for a vet to see my dog for a relatively non-serious issue after hours. Kudos to the professionalism, honesty, transparency, and actually caring about the animals instead of ensuring an extra customer.

Porsche Christian

2 years ago

Brought my cat here with a urinary blockage, they saw me immediately which was an enormous relief on account of every other emergency vet being full or a 6 hour wait minimum. They were extremely helpful and compassionate and made every effort to help educate me about my cats condition.They helped me find the most effective life saving treatment for my cat while letting me know ways to help me afford and make that happen with the money I had. They literally saved my cats life and I am extremely grateful. Would recommend to anyone.

Conner Dersch

2 years ago

We took our 8 month old puppy here when he swallowed a big chunk of plastic. We called about 5 or 6 other pet ERs in the area and all of them were either not accepting new patients, or had 5-6 hour wait times. We then called AEHR and they were able to see him immediately. They induced vomiting and got the plastic out, and were extremely helpful and kind. I would definitely come back here again for any pet emergencies!

Nia Deng

2 years ago

My dog was having out of the ordinary and severe symptoms which include foaming of the mouth, discoloration of the gums/tongue, vomiting, decrease in appetite, diarrhea and wheezing. If your loved pet had these symptoms you'd worry too right? Not Cassie! (If that's her real name) Cassie is the lovely woman who literally laughed at my husband over the phone and told him that our pup didn't have kennel cough or anything serious (without even seeing him in person or listening to all his symptoms) If this is how you get spoken to over the phone I wonder how they speak to you face to face! Same energy? After her chuckling and having a good laugh at the pain and suffering my pup is enduring she went on to ask where we live and if we were serious about coming in. Thats a great question cass, I just like to call random emergency pet hospitals when my dog looks like he's dying just to get a good laugh like you! If you like being talked to like a child or as if your suffering pet doesn't matter by all means come to this location! And ask for Cassie!

Tammie Baldwin

3 years ago

I took my cat in last Thursday night because she was gasping for breath. They took her in immediately and got her stable. They did an X-ray and found fluid around the lungs. They drained that, did another X-ray and found a plum size mass on her lungs. They did an aspirate of the mass, which is 60% reliable and I knew that going in. The doctor that was there when I took her in, Dr. Flemming, was amazing and if I knew I would deal with him every time, my review would be different. He kept me updated the entire time and was very informative, nice, but honest. The trouble started after I took her home. I was told I would have the results in the next two days. I called the end of the second day to see if they had the results and they didn't, no worries there was a snow storm that weekend, things get delayed. Sunday she started her labored breathing and stopped drinking and eating. She also started being very lethargic and couldn't walk or hold her head up. I called the clinic asking if there was anything we could do. The doctor on call that night was very rude. As I'm crying on the phone and admitting that I didn't know what to do or how to help her she said to me, " Well I think your cat has cancer and there is nothing I can do to help her." While that may have been true there are about 1,000 different ways to tell someone that. I went to an emergency clinic in downtown Seattle instead of taking my girl back here. The doctor at SVS was so amazing and kind and tried to stabilize her. Unfortunately she was just too far gone. We ended up euthanizing her there that night. I am glad that I went there because their customer service was amazing. The vet tech even cried a little seeing how much my girl was loved. I will drive anywhere else to have my pets seen from now on.

Pumpkin Spice

3 years ago

Our dog ingested a large quantity of dark chocolate while we were out of the house. When we discovered what happened, we called AEHR and they told us to get her to their site as soon as possible. Once we arrived, she was taken immediately for treatment. Throughout, her treatment we were kept apprised of her condition. Thankfully, our dog has recovered beautifully. We are grateful for the excellent care and expertise of the AEHR staff and Dr. Hale. We highly recommend AEHR for animal emergencies!


3 years ago

As advised by the clinic when we called, we filled out the necessary documents for our pet online. When I arrived at the clinic, I was advised that there was a wait, and for me and my pet to wait in the car. After 3 hours, a made 2 attempts to call the clinic, and was able to find out that their were others ahead of me and they couldn’t tell me when they could help me. I was advised to call other animal hospitals and they she had ‘heard’ another hospital had a low wait. My pet and I returned home with no care.

Briana Alcala

3 years ago

They were so helpful and responsive over the phone. Long story short, we thought my cat broke her hind foot or at least dislocated something after getting her foot caught. She turned out ok and they didn’t even charge us. Bless them!

Christy Astle

3 years ago

We called several Animal Hospitals last night after our cat started urinating blood. He has a history of FLUTD, but his regular vet could not see him for a few days and would not administer a prescription without verifying there wasn’t a blockage. Animal Emergency Hospital of Redmond got us in and out in under three hours. It was the quickest and most professional emergency visit we’ve ever had!

Danielle T

3 years ago

My naughty 12 lbs, 6 month old toy poodle/chih/terrier mix puppy got a hold of some dark chocolate covered coffee beans and ate close to 4 oz! I called right away as I know that both chocolate and coffee is toxic to dogs, and was told to get there immediately so they could induce vomiting. They took her back right away and successfully got her to vomit up the toxins and gave her anti-nausea so she would be comfortable afterwards. The moment we got home she went to bug the cat, so I think she was feeling good. :) Thank you so much for saving my baby!

Kenneth Lee

3 years ago

Gave us advice over the phone for our little corgi that got into something we thought was toxic. Very calm and reassuring. They’re the best!!

Kris Rudella

3 years ago

I cannot express how pleased I have been with the level of service at this facility. When our cat needed emergency care and every facility was turning us away, they took our cat in to get her the help she needed. Even though our best friend had to pass on in the middle of the night, the lovely employees at this business were there to comfort us, and make our cats final moments comfortable. The doctor was extremely professional and caring, walking us through step by step the pros and cons of different procedures, until every option had been exhausted. I wish we could have left with our best friend, but I left confident they tried everything they could to make her happy and healthy. The employees at this facility care about you, and your animals. I cannot express how highly I recommend this practice if your pet needs care. Don’t think twice, take them here.

Laura Cain

3 years ago

I, unfortunately, have had my fair share of experiences with emergency vets and this was certainly one of the best. The Doctor and staff were very communicative for time expectation as well as the steps they would take. I am confident in their care if ever I need to take my little boy there again, which hopefully I don't.

Vlad Mмм

3 years ago

Changed opinion after interacting with the clinic.

Kyle Gill

4 years ago

Exceptional, quality compassionate care. We had to take our Great Dane in on a Sunday and were a little nervous to see someone other than our regular vet. Everyone there from the doctors and nurses took great care of our Millie. She ended up needing emergency surgery and they saved her life!!! I give my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a caring office. They also helped us make it affordable.

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