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Jakob Jones

2 years ago

Awesome business and great staff! They always take excellent care of my cat at a lower cost than other vets in the area. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS HERE!

Lorena Corona

2 years ago

they take really good care of my dog, my dog get sick often and they always been there to help, they do a very good job.

Aria frazee

2 years ago

I have a skittish, anxious cat who hisses, takes her claws out and fiercely fights when she feels threatened. We came in for a check up and vaccinations. The doctor was patient and gentle with my cat beyond belief. I’m so grateful for how carefully and efficiently she handled such a difficult patient. I was in awe watching the doctor manage a hissing ball of wrath and at the same time being mindful of not making the cat feel more vulnerable. This tiny pet clinic is far from fancy, but they do great work there with a lot of care and respect for the animals.

Grace Pugh

2 years ago

I feel that North Kitsap Veterinary Clinic is the best around I love the women that rain it rennet and I want that take care of my little Tina they explained everything to me it's more than a 5 + star Veterinary Clinic


2 years ago

Great vet, not crazy over priced like most vets in the area. I was worried about my fur babies and the nice receptionist, vet tech and vet put all my worries aside with a quick and easy check up!

Paula Mccune

2 years ago

I’ve been coming here for 4 plus years now with my 4 dogs & 2 cats. The vet & staff provide excellent care & are very compassionate. I think it’s easy to confuse being asked direct questions about your pets symptoms & being rude, but the reception is far from rude. She isn’t just someone who answers the phone. She relays in detail your pets problems to the vet which gives the vet a heads up before your visit. Their prices are very reasonable & they always try to work you in if you have an emergency.

Jana Decker

2 years ago

Dr Clegg has helped me with my puppies. She is patient with me and answers all my questions. Thank you! Highly recommend!

Heidi R Hespelt

2 years ago

Love this Vet! Caring and no nonsense. I always trust what they tell me and feel like my dogs get the best care.


3 years ago

It is wonderful every time

Sally Porlier

3 years ago

Love the vet here. I've had fantastic medical care and advice for both of my dogs. I'm so grateful to have found this vet after mine retired a few years ago.

Lee Vestal

3 years ago

Great service and prices. Been a customer for nearly 20 years.

Kelsey Berg

3 years ago

I recently called because I had heard good things about this clinic. My dog seems to have a hot spot on her paw and was calling to see if they could see her at the clinic. The receptionist, I believe she said her name was Ricky or something similar to that, was VERY rude! She didn’t seem to want to give me or my dog the time of day. She told me they were all booked up, which is completely understandable, and we are knew patients, so I definitely get that. But the way she spoke to me and her tone of voice was completely unprofessional. Because of the service I just receive we will NOT be giving them any new business and will be taking our dogs elsewhere.

dw morse

3 years ago

So we were reading the reviews and were kinda guarded but we called and the receptionist was FREAKING AMAZING my wife has horrible nerves when she has to talk on the phone and this lady handled her with such care and knew what she was doing when setting up things for our kitty and gave us great advice to keep him safe just wonderful thank you

William Perkins

4 years ago

Efficient, no frills not expensive.

Michael C

4 years ago

Good when we used to bring our old cat. Never seems to be open anymore though. Recommend Ridgetop Animal Hospital instead.

Marco Wolf

4 years ago

This place is just amazing. It is all about your pet, not about your money. The prices are so low, there shouldn't even be competition around. The vet is knowledgeable and very open, with decades of experience.

Jeffrey Tillson

4 years ago

This should be your vet-of-choice! The folks here are truly caring and definitely make it all about the animal's well being. The few reviewers who have complained about a rude reception must have done something awful they aren't admitting to... we experienced nothing but love!

dusty Keyes

4 years ago

Best Vet around! Dr Clegg is awesome!!!

Tom Friend

5 years ago

One of the nicest vet offices around. Very old-school philosophy for treating your furry children means you won't get pumped to pay for expensive modern diagnostic stuff. If you have a larger dog, you must do the lifting. A small concession to make for most of us.

kristie king

5 years ago

The prices are great here but OMG!!! The lady at the front desk is the RUDEST FREAKING person I have EVER MET!!! She has been rude to me every time I come here for my daschound mix! Today she wants to yell and me and get in my face because I wanted to know how long I had to wait so I could let my other dog out who is a puppy! I didn’t want to bring her in the damn office was just asking how long!! She tells me no I can’t because of how young she is and doesn’t have certain shots! She has her damn shots and my truck and what I do with my dogs outside of the clinic is NONE of her damn business! I’m making a complaint to the vet today and they are gonna most likely lose my business!!

Brock Baker

5 years ago

Everyone at the clinic was super kind and thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. My cat felt comfortable there, and I was very satisfied with their service.

Bob Karp

5 years ago

Our young dog had never been to a vet before. When I lifted her on the exam table she stressed out, especially with the odd (to a dog) art on the wall that looked like a cats shadow. As soon as the vet touched our dog, she instantly relaxed and engaged... Magic. It was quick, all we needed was flea pills. They were aware of the issue/infestation and provided alternate waiting rooms and kept space from the other dogs.

Robin Sigo

6 years ago

Great work! Ricki at the front desk is awesome!

michael mastin

6 years ago

Down to earth staff and even better, down to earth prices.


6 years ago

I will never take my animals to a place where the first person you speak to is incredibly rude. They are supposed to be the face of that clinic. I called for a "general cost" for a dental of a chihuahua under 20 lbs. She proceeded to comment snidely a 20 lb chihuahua?! After correcting her. She then asked if my dog has had pre-op blood work done yet,l. I said no I do not want that done, she paused laughed loudly and said well that is up to the Dr. I corrected her because a Dr can recommend you do it for obvious reasons but it is still up to the owner. Upon telling her that, she said well then you will have to bring your pet in for an estimate. All I wanted was a low and high range cost. I know you cannot estimate a true cost over the phone. Their front desk person on today's date(April 5th, 2017) is completely rude and because of her I will never take me pets there.

Connie Simila

6 years ago

I had a very helpful phone conversation about dental care for my Westie for both the procedures and expense. I learned so much, and I've had dogs for 50 years! First, tooth discoloration, while it may look nasty does not necessarily indicate a serious problem. I was elated to find out that the vet here does routine cleanings without putting the dogs under anesthesia, and has done so for many years. Of course if extractions are necessary that different. And the quoted prices are about half what I would be paying at my local vet (which is known for great care but being at the high end cost wise). I'm making an appointment today, and I'll let you know how the cleaning goes.

jacob able

7 years ago

Went here because I just needed rabies vaccines for my husky. They were super fast and friendly and very affordable compared to other clinics I called. Will definitly refer people to use them in the future.

Phil Herring

7 years ago

This is a wonderful, caring, and very reasonable clinic hidden under a tree on highway 305. They've been excellent with my cats. Best kept secret in Kitsap County.

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