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Patrick Nickell

2 years ago

Kate is absolutely amazing! Really, she's utterly spectacular.

Rick Deery

2 years ago

Kitties adore Dr. Stevens and staff. She has also shared her talents and personality with GEMS (girls exploring math and science).

Patricia Ellis

2 years ago

Called 2 days ago no response.

Amy Kunz

2 years ago

Veteran vet assistant here of 20 years, 15 spent in this county. I have known other ppl who have worked here. Having said this, I was reluctant to call but desperate because we had a sudden death in the immediate family across state, and had to unexpectedly board my dogs last minute. I was incredibly grateful they got us in last minute for updating shots. I brought my last 100 bucks, should have been fine. Was NOT presented an estimate, and they gave me a 400 dollar bill instead. I tried scratchpay, didn't work out. I was mortified, and gave back everything that wasn't injected with sincere apologies. The front staff was VERY sweet and understanding. Left owing a balance, paid it immediately with our next paycheck 3 DAYS later. Called today to finish my puppy's last shots to be told I was blacklisted from services. Wow ????. They made an upsetting situation so much crappier. The Stalin-like work atmosphere I had been told about confirmed. I only gave 2 stars because the support staff was excellent. I have no words or respect for the management. If you are unfortunate enough to be working there, GTFO. There's better for you!!!!

Jar OT

2 years ago

Would trust them with my own life. They are so wonderful and helpful with my family's pets though all of their struggles.


2 years ago

We have been taking our pets to Dr Lisa Newnham for over five years now and just love her. Lisa and the entire staff are friendly, smart, responsive and helpful. Well, yesterday our Blue Heeler, Toby, decided to raid our overnight guest’s luggage and devoured 12-14 Dove dark chocolate pieces, foil and all. We discovered this after about 1-1/2 hours, and immediately called Companion Animal Wellness. This was a Friday at 2pm, and they had us bring him right in. Dr Stevens was there that day, and she took great care of him, making the time to treat him between her previously scheduled appointments. We were able to bring him home that night, and he is doing just fine. Thank you to Companion Animal Wellness for the excellent service you provide.

Katherine Lakin

2 years ago

Brought my fur baby there to have dental cleaning and abscessed tooth removed. Dropped her off am and several hours later the tech called me while at work and said my dog was out of surgery and 17 teeth were removed. I was mortified as this was never discussed nor was I called during treatment that the treatment plan had changed so drastically. My dog obviously cannot speak for herself and I am her advocate and neither of us were given the option to discuss this change in treatment it was just done without question. Then was charged 2,000 dollars for additional treatment I never consented to. Thankfully my dog fully recovered but since I am always mortified and nervous to take her anywhere as my trust in vet care after visiting this "reputable" practice has me guarded for any future vets. Would never recommend this place to

Linda Good Ware

2 years ago

I love this place. The entire staff is wonderfully kind and knowledgeable. I've been to a few other places around here and no one matches the good feeling I get from both vets. At some places I've never seen the same vet twice. Because this is a small practice, we have comfort that each vet knows our pups' histories. We recently had to bring our older pup for end-of-life services and they could not have been more warm, caring, and comforting. Both the vet and a technician were with us and looked almost as sad as we were. We received a sympathy card that was genuinely heartfelt and specifically for our pet. I've received sympathy cards that have felt extremely cookie-cutter from other places -- including once where I received one for the wrong name. Dr. Newnham, Dr. Stevens, and their entire staff are just wonderful. I can't thank them or recommend them highly enough.

Nora Adams

2 years ago

I’ve brought my cats and dogs here for years and there’s no other vet clinic I trust more than Companion Animal Wellness Center. Highly recommend. Amazing vets, who are also amazing people. The whole team is amazing. Very knowledgeable.

Will Grant

2 years ago

The only place we will take our fur babies!

Daryl Kent

2 years ago

Worst vet experiance I have ever delt with. DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE EVER. Never tell these folks that you are upset with anything they do or criticise them about anything they failed to do because they will refuse service on the spot. Even in a quality of life euthanization situation, and don't protest their decision at that point because they will threaten to call the police on you.

Samantha James

2 years ago

Made appointment for end of life services a couple of days ago and was told that we could bring our other dog and all 3 adults for her farewell. We were told we would have a room or could be outside. We were scheduled for Friday but had to move up the day as her wellness of life had slid downhill. Morning of appointment we arrive and send the text we are there, they go and ask all the same question over again, like they didn't take notes. Then they take her in and never communicate that they have to do their own exam to verify quality of life and diagnosis. Our pup is 13 and has a very large tumor on her liver, slowly refused to eat and her mobility has dropped to nil. Now, when they come out for payment, no quote is brought so we can see were the charges are and how much this new cost is going to be. We were not happy at the non communication of this part. The Dr comes out and is not happy or comfortable in continuing the procedure if we are in satisfied with them. Then refuses service because we had our day for her ruined. She then threatens to call the cops because one of us asked "what the f*ck am I to do now?" They quickly return our dog with her in a fashion that has her nearly panicking. Not a place I will ever recommend to anyone.

Paige Middleton

2 years ago

The compassion and care that your animals receive here is amazing! Highly recommend!

Nigel Pearce

3 years ago

Very great staff, I can't say enough. They took care of all 3 of our pets (dogs and cat) like they were their own. Sometimes there is a little wait but that is because they take the time with every pet they see and ensure there are no unanswered questions. When it was time to put our girl Niko down they made extra care it was peaceful and private, even during COVID (they took proper precautions) they went out of their way for us and I saw that they really do care and know the patients they treat. In my 15+ years of dealing with various vets, they are the gold standard and will always be my go to.

Jason Sepielli

3 years ago

I've brought my dog in to Companion Animal Wellness Center 4 times over the past 3 or 4 months. She's been dealing with some tumors on her side and some nasuea. She has been examined 3 times, had blood work done 3 times, x-rayed twice, had surgery once to remove a couple of lumps. I have paid around $2,500 for this and she still has lumps (they're coming back!) and is vomiting blood now. I brought her in today to look into the vomiting. I wax initially quoted $500 for blood work and x-rays. When I picked her up, the bill had risen to $780, including $150 or so to get a second opinion on the x-rays. That wouldn't be an issue, if the first opinion wasn't, "It looks fuzzy." In the end, I end I spent $650, got $60 of medication and received no diagnosis. The folks working the front desk responded to my frustrations with nothing. I'm sure the care offered is fine for some folks, but that doesn't help my dog. I cannot afford to spend this much without getting results. I apologize for getting upset, but I think that's reasonable given the extreme cost variance and lack of a diagnosis. I'm going to be taking my dog to another vet. Fingers crossed that we get this figured out before I go broke.

charles olson

3 years ago

Always caring and compassionate for our fur family. Dr Stevens is the best. Thank you..

Connor Almon-Griffin

3 years ago

Dr. Newnham is hands down the best vet I've ever found. Smart, caring, and friendly. Cannot imagine ever taking my pets to anyone else.

Kamina Flemming

3 years ago

I started coming here after my best friend recommend it. I have brought my dogs and cats here for years and the staff is always very friendly. I would recommend it for anyone in the area looking for great service!

Ken Ragsdale

3 years ago

Absolutely love this clinic! Very kind and professional!

Margie Lavender

3 years ago

Update to compassionate services offered by this clinic. Our kitty reached the end of her retirement days. I am grateful to Dr Stevens and the personable care team. It was a difficult decision for me to face and evaluate “end of life” …

Mary Kelley

3 years ago

We have 3 dogs all of whom have received excellent care here!

Shannon Mesenhowski

3 years ago

If we could give more stars I would! During the busy holiday season combined with the pandemic, Dr. Stevens made time to see my dog and went above and beyond to coordinate care with the other doctors who have worked with him recently. She and the team are knowledgeable, kind, and thorough. As a vet myself, I am both happy and relieved to have found CAWC.

Tree Lawrence

3 years ago

Local caring gentle people that truly care about your pet! This isnt a chain store nor do they treat you like one. We thought our pooch had irreversable damage from a large tumor on his eye. Lisa not only saved his eye and eyelid but her surgical prowess made it so you would never know the tumor was there and it didnt break the bank.

Tysheiana Velez

3 years ago

I'm not sure what was decided in a span of a day, but I tried to have a friend's dog become a client of this clinic and go in for a surgery and she has an existing complication, for which she already started antibiotics for. We were told the day before they would let us know if they had any openings and when she could be seen the next day. Next day comes and I am told that the doctors have no availability and there is no effort to try and get the dog in, and that's it. Don't know if the doctor's can't look at the dog because they think it's not worth it, or the complication is too risky and they'd rather not. I'm going to be positive and hope it's not a race thing because we're hispanic. Super disappointed that I was just not told in the face why they couldn't or didn't want to see her. It might be considered rude to some, but I value honesty over anything.

Tanya Kushner

4 years ago

Dr Newnham and her staff show the level of care, compassion and empathy that goes above and beyond of what I have ever experienced from the vet clinic. They helped our family to get through the tough times when our dog, Benny, became terminally ill. I am so grateful for them.


4 years ago

These guys are so cool! They really care about our pets. They're genuinely excited about what they do. Bring your pets here, you'll appreciate then too.

Rebecca Howell

4 years ago

Awesome staff that are friendly and love animals! My friend gave me this vet as a recommendation because she uses them. Glad I listened!

Brenna Lander

4 years ago

My husband and I have moved states four times with our dog and cat which means we’ve had several different vets. This clinic is above and beyond all the others! It really feels like everyone adores our pet right when we walk in. The level of care is top notch and they are quick to lay out all options (lesser expensive) out on the table before proceeding with a treatment. Our pets are our babies and we want the best for them and this clinic provides that! I highly recommend Companion Wellness!

Terry Howell

4 years ago

Super great place! We just moved here from out of state and went there on a recommendation from a friend. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Told us about a few things to watch for in our transplanted animals. I would highly recommend this veterinarian office for your pet too.

Trisha Silvernale

4 years ago

Going to let you in on a little secret, this vet office is one of the kindest and most efficient offices I've ever encountered. This vet is wonderful, from the reception staff, to the vet techs, as well as Dr. Lisa and Dr. Kate! They are compassionate and loving. My sweet Callie dog has struggled with skin allergies and they took the time to give me detailed and straight forward advice on the diagnosis, options for medical intervention and the prognosis Very fair pricing, I didn't feel like I was being "upsold" on anything when we came in. If you want a great veterinary office that will treat your pet like family with reasonable pricing and ensuring that no stone is unturned, you have to bring your dog here. Thank you to the staff at Companion Animal Wellness Center, for all the love and care you give our dog!

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