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Emily J

2 years ago

I truly can't thank Dr. Parshley, Dr. Allen, Dr. Moss, and all the staff at OVS Cancer Center for the care they gave to our dog Lana during her battle with cancer. It was scary to be told by our primary vet that we needed to see an oncologist. Taking her there we knew we were in good hands. They provided the best care and proactive treatment of her cancer until the end and we knew we truly did everything we could. Due to COVID precautions the drop offs and pickups are a little different but just be patient and flexible as the staff all do their best and they see lots of patients. I hope to never have to come here again. (in a good way!)

daniel schuetz

2 years ago

This place has a terrible communication process. It’s been 29 days and still no information from them on what’s going on with our pet. Choose another location. Poor poor service.

Damian Oliver

2 years ago

I understand that treating cancer is difficult. This negative review is not about the clinical course prescribed by Dr. Parshley. It is about the overall experience with the cancer center. We chose this clinic based on our previous positive experience with their associated emergency room and surgery center. Unfortunately, we had the opposite experience at the cancer center. Our initial phone conversation after our first visit was optimistic. After that it was impossible to talk to Dr. Parshley on the phone. When we had questions about moving forward with treatment because our pet’s condition was worsening, we could not get a phone call. When our pet was actively bleeding from a tumor site and everything was continuing to worsen, we could not get her a phone call. When we were considering end of -life measures, we could not get a phone call. Drop off and pick up scheduling was inconvenient but manageable most of the time. On multiple occasions changes needed to be made to pick up times mid-day because the clinic was confused about what was actually scheduled, and we never waited less than 45 minutes passed out scheduled time. On one occasion we waited nearly 2 hours. Several times, staff called to ask if our pet was taking any medications. We filled out medication lists and changes in her condition at each drop off. These intake sheets seemed to be ignored entirely most of the time. For the past 10 years my pet has been excited for every veterinary appointment she’s had. After her first visit here, she was terrified to go back. I can’t say for sure why, but I’m not the only review to point this out. So, it seems worth noting. The bottom line is, we received better communication and a more complete assessment of our pet’s prognosis by another veterinarian in the 30 minutes before she was euthanized than we did at any point from the cancer center. I wish we would have read the similar reviews instead of making our decision based of our experiences with the associated clinics.

Sarah Ackermann

3 years ago

One of the worst veterinary experiences we have had! Their staff are unresponsive, unorganized, and flat out rude. We waited weeks to be given our dogs treatment plan, and once we got it, it only had partial information. We would send emails and leave messages with questions, only to be ignored or given the run around. We finally sent an email directly to the vet asking for a refill on the meds he was on and a copy of his record so we could transfer vets and NO RESPONSE. So now our poor dog is out of his meds and receiving no care. Now we have to start this whole process over with a new vet. They clearly don’t care about the welfare of animals. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone, especially while dealing with something like cancer. Now we are dealing with both the emotional fallout of a sick dog, as well as dealing with this BS. Avoid this vet!!

Andrew Saturn

4 years ago

Dr. Parshley poured her heart into helping our 20 year old Siamese mix cat, George, even trying experimental treatment for her inoperable tumor at no cost to us. Because of Dr. Parshley's help, George enjoyed many extra months of comfort and happiness.

Stephanie The Lovely One

4 years ago

If your dog develops cancer, this is the place to bring him or her. Dr. Parshley really cares about her patients and does everything she can to cure them. Our Kobee has been treated by Dr. Parshley for over 2 years now and she has kept Kobee going when we thought it wasn't possible. We are very grateful to her and her very caring staff for all the wonderful things they have done for Kobee. I would definitely recommend this Cancer Center for the best care ever!

Shane Morton

4 years ago

Wonderful staff, and very caring for their patients and customers.

Sarah Caldwell

4 years ago

We are getting care for our cat and have been very happy with Dr. Dutelle. The two stars is for one of the receptionists. I fully understand that it's busy and there are lots of things to be done, but this is a CANCER CENTER. As a receptionist at a cancer center you are interacting with folks who are going through a very hard time with a sick family member. Being short, curt and not letting someone finish what they are saying is rude, unthoughtful and completely unprofessional. Maybe some sensitivity training would help.

Ryan Davis

4 years ago

Personable staff, kind and understanding doctors. Couldn't be happier with the quality of care.

Rhonda Negard

4 years ago

The entire staff truly cared for Kirby and me and my husband. They helped him reach remission with one cancer only to discover a new cancerous tumor at his one year cancer-free mark. We bombarded them with questions often and always received a courteous and prompt reply. They always worked him into the schedule to accommodate urgency as well as our own schedule. Often, our appointments about Kirby became therapy sessions for us, and I think that level of compassion and dedication is rare. Because of this and the nature of their work, they often get behind with appointments. So, just bring your work, a good, book, a movie on your iPad or phone, or a great attitude for conversation and you’ll be fine. Trust me. When you see a family grieving and watch the staff show so much respect and generosity, you’ll be grateful for the wait and happy to allow more time for them. After all, we will be in that situation one day ourselves and not want to feel rushed. I don’t know how other veterinarian oncologists in the area stay in business with care like this here. Here’s more technical info you’ll appreciate. Dr. Parshely participates in clinical trials. She’s on the forefront of research and has access to testing and research typically only afforded to large universities. You can bet that if anyone can save your pet from cancer, she can. Of course, her hands get tied when costs or lack of money prevents treatment. But, she’ll get you as far as she can without breaking your bank.

Marie Johnston

4 years ago

The staff is loving and so caring.The cate is going very well

Lynette Solorio

4 years ago

Great with your sick animals

Kenneth Anderson

4 years ago

Very friendly and sensitive to customer situations.

Joshua Williams

4 years ago

These people are amazing and very caring for your pet

Jesse Edwards

4 years ago

Not good. Labs drawn with decent numbers and was made another appointment 2 weeks later. No problem. ( My sweet girl has cancer). I take her in for another scan and it's and it's another issues where blood needs to be drawn, fair enough. More money but I get it. Upon picking my sick dog up none of the labs are spoken about or even brought up, instead another "scan" appointment is recommended for next week yet my dog can't even walk and I'm denied euthanasia . More money. The labs when looked at by a medical professional clearly show anemia and a horrible and rapid decline in multiple areas. ( Medical professional is not affiliated with this clinic) Why am I told to pay for these labs yet the Dr doesn't even bring up how bad and serious the decline is? Labs were not spoken about at the clinic. For me, the lay person I just took the paper work, paid my bill and left . 3 days after my appointment my girl had to be put down as she hadn't eaten in 6 days nor could she stand on her own . Shame on you for exploiting people's emotions and attachment for their pets/family members.

Chris Anderson

4 years ago

Very nice people, buy unfortunately too expensive for my family

Cissy Davis

4 years ago

I've been taking my pup here for a few weeks now and love all the staff. They are sweet, kind and caring each time I go and treat my Jasper the same. A+


4 years ago

Can't say enough good things about this clinic. Dr. Dutelle, Monica, and the entire staff go above and beyond to accommodate and make you feel like family. They treated my dog with such love and respect. They communicate and return phone calls/emails as promised. Dr. Dutelle was truly remarkable when we needed her most in the end. Thank you to you all.

David Ellis

4 years ago

Amazing staff, couldn't be happier to take my sick pup here!

Gerry Stouffer

4 years ago

Very professional and caring staff. Took the time to thoroughly explain all the treatment options for my dog.

J. Smith

4 years ago

Great staff, they answered all our questions and gave us options with how they were gonna treat our dog. Thks Dr. Dutelle and Jess.

Jill Arlow

4 years ago

Excellent staff and excellent care! They take time with you!

Jerad Sorber

4 years ago

Caring, and expert care. They cost a lot, but you definitely get what you pay for. We've had to go twice now for different tumors and the doc has been both knowledgeable and compassionate.

Jennifer Hartman

4 years ago

I was scared and nervous to drop my pup, Max off for his cancer screening. The staff were so kind, greeted each patient and their family and I felt that I was leaving Max in good hands immediately. The facility is warm and inviting as were each person we interacted with.When I returned to pick Max up, I was once again greeted kindly, compassionately and felt my spirits lift. It's not a somber place, rather it is a happy place where pets go to get loving care. The doctor was amazing to consult with and I knew immediately that I had made the best choice coming here. I felt confident that Max had the very best care by an entire staff who cared for the well-being of each individual animal who walked through the doors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the attention and care you gave Max. I dropped off a nervous pup (likely picked up on my nervousness) and picked up a happy dog, tail up, eyes bright, despite his diagnosis. It's scary to bring your furry family member in anywhere, but here you know that they will be in the best of hands. Thank you, especially to Monica and Dr. Lisa Parshley, but also the entire staff at OVCC!!! <3

Helen Tracewell

4 years ago

Absolutely the best top notch care ever! Customer #1!

Jenn Abbott

4 years ago

Dr Parshley and staff were wonderful to work with during this difficult time of my fur baby Fletcher having cancer. We got more wonderful months that we would've otherwise not had with his chemo treatments. Unfortunately we lost him about 2 months ago. I will and do recommend OVS cancer and there other facilities to everyone I know as they all took great care of us. I hope to not have to go through cancer again, but if I do OVS and Dr Parshley will be my first call. Thank you for all the compassion and positive attitudes during a difficult and stressful time.

James Pearman

5 years ago

Hoping to get help with my pekquiness who has a mammery tumer. It is a cancer center specialist.

Ashlee Mitchell

5 years ago

Very kind and patient with difficult news to hear. Took the time to explain options and didnt feel they were rushing out.

Victoria Heath

5 years ago

So thankful to have such a caring facility in the Thurston County area. If ever you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance to have to fight cancer for your furbaby, Dr. Parshley and staff are the army you want to take into battle with you. ♥️

Turbo Turtle

5 years ago

Taking care of a pet with special medical issues is never easy and rarely inexpensive but if you really love your cats or dogs or what have you then this is the place you should go to in Oly. The medical staff are knowledgeable and very skilled. Thanks to them our elderly cat bounced back and we hope she stays strong for a few years longer yet.

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