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2 years ago

This vet is super unreliable. I brought all my animals here for a long time, spent so much money and now one is dead because of going here and the other suffered so much. I brought my cat for his pre neuter, they did blood work, dr.kayla told me his white blood cells were high but it was because he had a tooth infection and he would be okay. I brought him the next day to have the tooth checked again I booked his neuter and tooth surgery but they told me I had to wait 5 days because the tooth dr is only there sometimes. My cat looked rough they sent me home without anything, no antibiotics they said he was fine. He died the next day at an emergency animal hospital due to infection which could have been avoided. Not to mention I brought my dog who had cancer here, they knew she was dying and yet recommended us to spend thousands of dollars to amputate her leg and made her go through so much pain knowing she was going to die a few weeks later. They’ve also tried to hospitalize our healthy dog because she puked a few times, my husband brought her home and she was fine the next day. I’m leaving this review because I’ve met so many people with horror stories from this place. I trusted this place and spent so much money, they made my animals suffer. I miss my cat so much..

James Williams

2 years ago

Excellent pet groomer, but very difficult to make appointments. Good sign when someone is this busy.

Rata 4U

2 years ago

Not a great fan. I now need to travel 25 kms to a veterinarian clinic for great service. I don't mind the expense or time because ultimately I know my dog will receive superior care and service. Also, I'd remind everyone here about the Privacy Act - you are not to disclose private information online. It's petty and reflects badly on you.

Michael B

2 years ago

I am so happy I took my dog here. She is very anxious and reactive (especially when she goes to the vet), but the staff did an incredible job handling and treating her. They were very understanding and you can easily tell they deeply care about every animal that comes through. Thank you!

Dena Wildgrube

2 years ago

I am so glad I found this place and took my cat here. Both the vets are amazing and the rest of the staff are friendly and helpful. I never felt that they had anything but my little panthers best interest in mind. They've been a great help in getting her diabetes under control.

Maria Barbosa

2 years ago

I am always amazed by the kindness and professionalism this place puts forward. Love all the staff and doctors. The doctors go above and beyond trying to help and support their patients anyways they can.

Leah Almaas

2 years ago

Not the kind of person to normally leave reviews but I just had to say how kind, caring and thorough Paws Pet centre are!! My cat swallowed a piece of string last weekend and I’ve been stressing ever since. I took her in after about 45 hours and they did the best that they could (my cat can be kind of mean at the vet lol) and explained to me all of my options in detail, and took the time to give me estimates for each one. I was concerned about leaving her alone at work all day so they offered to hospitalize her for me while I was at work and keep an eye on her. I felt so much more comfortable knowing she was there. As of about 20 minutes ago she’s officially pooped the string out but just had to say how amazing you guys have been! Especially Dr Kayla and Tammy who both eased my worries about everything tenfold, but a huge thank you to everybody there :)

Mona Butler

2 years ago

Our experience at PAWS has been amazing! Pixel is our first puppy together so we were of course very anxious to making sure all of his introductions to important dog things like vet visits and grooming were positive and this facility delivered! Dr Kayla is a joy to work with, she very obviously cares deeply for the animals that come to her and she's never made us feel like there is any concern too insignificant or any question too small. The groomer, Caity, made sure that Pixel was comfortable at ever step of the grooming process and never pushed him when he was scared (like when he was first introduced to the large dryer). And of course, the clinic wouldn't function without an admin team! Everyone we speak to at the door or on the phone was patient, helpful and accommodating. I've never had a dog enjoy being at the vet or groomer until PAWS.

Rehana Skafydas

2 years ago

Love the staff at Royal City Paws Pet Centre. Everyone is very attentive and they’ve given my senior dog the best care I could hope for. The prices are reasonable and they have decent hours.

Carly Rae

3 years ago

My sweet pup gets groomed here and has visited the vet a few times. Always a great experience here, the staff takes their time to listen to your concerns or specifics about grooming. They are always on time, gentle with the critters and they genuinely care about your pet. I'm so happy to have this place in my neighbourhood!

Lisa J

3 years ago

I have two registered therapy cats and am new to town. Having had a bad experience at another clinic nearby where no one respected the tight knit bond between us, Dr. Casey and Dr. Schlicht, Kelly, Tammy and all of the warm loving specialists made us feel welcome and understood. Everything was done to ensure my fur baby was comfortable and felt connected with me face to face. The reminder and follow up calls gave me comfort knowing they were there and I knew they cared about me as they did my Vivienne Rose! I cannot express how grateful I truly am. There veterinarians and clinics and then there are those like THESE veterinarians, technicians, and all professionals that are angels among us. My Vivienne Rose is home and at one time, I wasn't sure that was going to happen. Oh and hey...the prices are great!


3 years ago

Took my girl Ruby for a check-up. The vet was very helpful and thorough. The vet tech's were very friendly as well. Thanks for taking care of my girl! Just put the drops in now! Thanks again

Roger Touch

3 years ago

Great service and staff. Would highly recommend

Chris Craven

3 years ago

Friendly and love that they follow up when I my kitty has had health issues. Also love that the groomer can do lion shaved with out having to put him under

Kait Maartman

3 years ago

The staff and dr are amazing. They are kind and caring.

Cynthia Tjandra

3 years ago

I am a new customer for their vet and grooming services. I love their vet, showing care for my dog even after the visit they do checking in how is my dog doing. Their grooming service is ok. It would be great if they can remove my pom tear stain under his eyes. When I saw their website it says they will clean the eyes as well so I already expected some cleaning done for his tear stain. Also, my dog still a little bit smelly, but perhaps it's just how dogs smell (I'm a first time dog owner so I am not sure). I'm just a little bit disappointed on that part. The groomer told me about the probable consequence of the hair cut I chose if it's too short and she was so nice to my dog, which is great. I am quite happy overall.

شراره فریور

3 years ago

These people not only appreciated my gorgeous show dog, but they were fully invested in exploring everything that could give us some answers for his upset stomach. Follow-up was good, and I'm looking forward to booking him in on the other side for a bath and spa day.

D (Tom Nook)

3 years ago

*UPDATE* Response: If you put this much effort into being combative and accuse me of exaggerating (which I find extremely infuriating that you would lie) instead of actually being able to accept constructive criticism and move forward with training your staff then you wouldn't be seeing these 1 star reviews. Seems like all you care about is ratings as I emailed you this exact message over a week ago with no response and not even within 24 hours your replying here. I am extremely disappointed in the customer service we've recieved since starting my account here as you are rated the best veterinary clinic in New Westminster and the Greater Vancouver area. I have already emailed you about this and of course there has been no response or apology. I have since switched clinics to the guildford animal hospital and I am extremely happy. Here are some points from the visits to warn other from coming here: • Actually charging $10.00 for a first time late fee right off the bat for our first visit with no prior warnings (6 minutes late) •General rudeness by one of the vetinary assistants  (sighing, blaming faults, lack of enthusiasm) •Showing up early or on time and being ignored and made for our pet and us to wait outside in cold, windy and raining weather for about 15-20 minutes • Lack of communication such as; (one incident) going to the counter for our appointment and being told to sit in the car and wait to be called only to be forgotten and ignored for 20 minutes and then when we came back to check to see what was going on the vetinary assistant said they would never say such a thing and blamed us for not coming back. • When promised an invoice and breakdown of things done in the appointment it is forgotten and when we call for one. The receptionist had no idea what an invoice is and I was treated like it was so much trouble (sighing) and that he was doing me a favor by sending the invoice. • Charging fees without telling me prior. On one occasion I was promised an invoice as the charge was very expensive and wasn't  told as to what was being charged ($450). After phoning to get the invoice sent to me I noticed there was a $50 consultation fee that I was not told or have any knowledge still to this day what that charge was as it was not charged in any other appointments. The Feliway diffuser and refill was also put in with her medication refill even though we said we would be purchasing those products elsewhere. • Not providing the services promised such as for nail trimming. I found out later at home they did not do it. In the next appointment I mentioned this and the vetinary assistant said they would get it done and after the appointment she said it was hard to cut the nails and once I arrived home we noticed that only a few nails were trimmed and the ones that were trimmed were covered in blood. She now does not let us cut her nails. • Quick to charge us $35 dollars for a missed appointment even though the appointment was rescheduled to a different day and was also confirmed. We were then blamed it was our fault for not confirming the switch and when showed screenshots of the proof there was no apology. •The final incident and the last straw was when we were running about 5-10 minutes late because our pet was hiding and running around the house and we had been trying to catch her for about 30 minutes. We called 10 mintues before her appointment to say we would be there about 10 minutes late (we agreed to pay the late fee) and then they told us no and that we were not going to be able to come by anytime that day because her appointment is so short that they can't fit her in anywhere (which is a contradictory statement). We were already in the car on the highway with our kitten and we had to turn back. It's very stressful for our kitten to go outside and this was needless stress caused for her. Even though we paid roughly $500 for her package (was told 300) and she still needs her rabies vaccination and spaying ($600 ESTIMATION) we will not be returning


3 years ago

March 2020 update. Give yourself at least three weeks of wait time for a booking if you have a large dog. Once we got in my dog was taken care of well. We don’t do trims, except for paws and ears, so our service is just shampoo, wash, dry, and clip toenails. Not sure if they missed the part about ears but they were not done. I can do that at home though. Time will tell if we will keep coming. We’ve had a hard time finding a groomer that would take our large dog and our dog would be happy to go to. Our dog is super nice and friendly, and very easy so it is heartbreaking to see when she does not want to go to a groomer. So far so good here. March2018- decided to give this place a try again, despite hesitations. A friend with a large dog swears by it and reviews seem OK too. Called in February for grooming appointment for our 11-month old puppy and no answer - left a message. After not hearing back for two weeks again I called them back (now in mid March) and they would not get me in that weekend, in fact would not be able to get me in for another month!!! I explained what happened again and the receptionist had no empathy for it and seemed zero interested in providing good service. Instead she was holding my dog’s breed standards against me. Dec 2017 - Not happy with this place. The first time we called for grooming (in Nov) we left a message to get a booking just before Christmas. We never heard back from them. I called after two wks and they would not get us in before Xmas (fully booked by then). Eventually the manager called and said she found our voicemail message and got us in before Christmas. Thank you ad thumbs up. However, when picking up our 8 month old puppy they complained about how much fur she had and how long it took to dry her, though they were aware of her breed and her age/size when I booked. Seemed unprofessional to complain about a fact that is normal and standard for the breed. The grooming job itself was as expected so that is a plus. Customer service needs serious improvement.

Sam Bean

3 years ago

Had such a bad experience with another vet before coming to Paws. Dr Kayla Stinn and the whole staff are fantastic, they get you a solid plan and follow up for check ups. Beyond happy with the results and care for my cat!

Rysty Won

3 years ago

I would NOT take any dog that needs high maintenance grooming to Royal City Paws. Work is very inconsistent, my dog left looking like a hack job some days and others looked best in show. It really depends on what groomer they decide to schedule you with. I’ve tried requesting specific groomers, however Royal City Paws doesn’t accommodate. I’ve also had poor nail trimming done here. I had my dogs nails trimmed then one nail split and broke a week later. Call it bad luck, I call it negligence. I frantically called Royal City Paws as my dog bled and cried in the park on a hot summer day and the staff was quick to say they were too busy and tried pushing me off to an emergency clinic. I did not find this helpful. I gave this place hundreds of dollars and one two many chances. Save your money and your dog the embarrassment or possible injury.

Alex Pesun

3 years ago

Amazing caring staff. Always a good experience.

Alexandra Hogg

3 years ago

I get my cat groomed here regularly and it is always a positive experience! They do a great job.

Andrew Adamson

3 years ago

Got my dog and I in on super short notice, were friendly, efficient, and did a great job.

Brianne Bourdon

3 years ago

They love animals, very kind and great service.


3 years ago

This is an excellent and professional establishment. They helped me save my kitty from cancer with care and early diagnosis.

Camille D

3 years ago

I brought my cat here about a month ago or so, primarily to get another opinion on a skin issue she was having, and for the first time, I felt like I was actually listened to and everyone I have talked to at the vet was caring and tried to help the best they could. The vet I had, Dr. Stinn, went above and beyond to explain the results of the exam, along with all possible options for treatment, but not once did I feel obliged to spend tons of money like some other places I've been to. I felt like they genuinely cared for my cat, and I am happy to have finally found my long-term vet :)


3 years ago

Royal City Paws diagnosed and supported me with my cat who had cancer. They answered all of my questions during the difficult time and made sure I had all the information I needed. Seriously, I had so many questions and concerns and instead of getting impatient and frustrated with me they were helpful and understanding. They are genuine folks who care a lot about animals. The vet they choose to work with for surgeries also had a lot of kind hearted staff. Even though my experience with my cat was heartbreaking, I know they did what they could for us.

Chris Ouimet

3 years ago

Fantastic service, friendly staff and they were able to accomodate me and my cat on very short notice. Highly recommended.

Kim Fizz

3 years ago

They are simply the best! They care for not just the pets but the owners as well.

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