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Kyra Wiggin

2 years ago

I can definitely see why people say this woman lacks bedside manner. Wow is she ever rude and completely unnecessarily. All she had to do was use some semblance of politeness but instead she was rude and dismissive. Needless to say, I walked out and said I will go elsewhere to which she replied "good, GO, I don't you need you." Oh and I was nothing but polite back if you think that was reason for her obnoxiousness.

Aubree Ann

2 years ago

My sister had to have her cat put down due to kidney failure and it needed to be done asap. Poor kitty. She called them because they are open on Sunday. They wouldn't take her because she had never used them before. For a place that calls themselves a Healing vet they aren't very caring at all. Thank heavens we were able to find a place to take him. Shame on you A Healing vet. I wish I could give you zero stars.

E. Maximo L.B.

2 years ago

First dr conner was impatient over the phone then when we got there she asked about why we picked our dogs food and i was telling her it was just the right fit after doing research But she insisted on why and I assume it’s because last time we brought her dog and she kept insisting on this brand of food that she promotes. I kept telling her that my girlfriend did the research and pick the food and then she got short tempered and said if you’re not going to work with me then find another vet and she slammed the papers down and said bye leave. Super rude, unprofessional and will never return again.

Tracy Blass

2 years ago

We absolutely are more than happy with Dr. Conner!! She has researched our pets treatment options before beginning treatment and we are confident that she has chosen the best plan! She treated our rescue for tape worms, hook worms and currently treating him for heartworms. She also cleaned my 11 year old rescue baby's teeth and he is feeling so much better since!! We love this vet❤????

Art Atencio

2 years ago

After not having success with a previous vet treating a weight problem with our rescued Dobie Bruzer Dr Connor tested him and found hook worms, tapeworms, and heartworms. We are not treating him properly and feel ver confident that she will be successful in his heartworm course of treatment. She worked very hard to plan the best treatment course possible. We would recommend Dr Connor to all our friends with pets.

Brian Hakala

3 years ago

Be warned. Extremely rude, and is NOT feline friendly. Took my cat in for a dental cleaning, and was not informed correctly as to what steps to take before the appointment. Dr. Connor became hostile, and slammed my cats file on the counter, and went into the back room and closed the door. I called her later that day since she abandoned her counter while I was there, and was told to "find another vet". Never seen someone so willing to drive business away. Do yourselves a favor and avoid the stress, take your pets literally anywhere else but a healing vet.

Via Thorne

3 years ago

It was only over the phone, but she was extremely rude and unprofessional. I called this morning and asked what her prices were for a couple of vaccines and she gave me a quote and I let her know that was a better price then my vet then she hung up on me. so I called right back and said hi it's me again the conversation ended before I could make an appointment and she said "ya we're not interested in competing with your vet" and hung up on me again.

Todd Kaeppel

3 years ago

Best experience I have ever had with my pet at a vet...which by the way my Benny is a family member to me...Susan was very helpful informative and caring for him...I will take him anywhere else...

Suzette Fazio

3 years ago

The most caring informative vet I have ever been to.

Karina Joya

3 years ago

The lady that answered the phone was VERY rude. We called to reschedule because we had missed our appointment when she asked us our last name she said “Oh yeah you missed your appointment, you’ll have to find another vet” and promptly hung up without giving me time to explain myself. I was so shocked. Anyways we won’t be giving our money to this please and I suggest you don’t either.

Janine H

3 years ago

After a failed attempt to get our bunny spayed at another clinic, we were referred to A Healing Vet by the Northwest rabbit rescue. I left a message for Dr Connor and she returned my call the very next day. I explained our situation and she was able to fit us in just a few days later. Our bunny was in good hands and was kept for monitoring for most of the day. Dr Connor talked about how sweet and adorable our bunny is and took time to give us thorough care instructions after the procedure. She even provided an additional item line in our service at no extra charge to help reduce swelling and increase speed of healing. Bunny spays are not cheap, but A Healing Vet falls in the middle of all the quotes I had received from around the area. If you have a rabbit, I wouldn't hesitate to bring it here.

Dennis Yudich

4 years ago

This may me the only way for me to get the owners attention. I called asking to speak with the owner and the lady who answered the phone said “good luck with that , she owes me $50,000 and until she pays me that I’m not connecting anyone to her” that was rude. I’ll delete this review once I know the owner is aware of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Matthew Tarbet

4 years ago

More like “A Stealing Vet.” Horrible customer service, quite frankly they were very rude. Guilt tripping because we couldn’t afford their over priced services, used fear tatics to convince me my cat was gravely ill and would require extensive and expensive surgery. Got a second opinion at a great vet nearby and my cat’s illness was treated with success and at a small fraction of what I was quoted here. I’m sure they’ll use their large profit margins to pay to have this review removed quickly.


4 years ago

Dr.Connor is the best! She has an extensive knowlege in a variety of animal breeds. Very good at explaining what she is doing and why. Your pet is in very good hands.

R & R Home Sales

4 years ago

Dr Connor is great with my dog. She understands my dogs fear of “The Vet” and she encourages us to stop by whenever we are in the area to visit, get some snuggles in and a cookie. This helps with my dog so much with her anxiety at the vet. The services here are thorough and the prices are fair. Dr Connor may has been known to have an abrupt bedside manner with humans at times - but she is always gentle and caring with the animals. Her knowledge and care for the animals is why I keep going there.

Shannon Gonsalves

5 years ago

Affordable care, high quality treatments, and very kind to the animals. She is very knowledgeable and even takes exotic pets.

K Machicado

5 years ago

This was the weirdest experience I have ever had with a vet. It was only over the phone, but she was extremely rude and unprofessional from hello. I asked my one question, and she immediately turned me away. All her rude comments ended with her saying, "Call somebody else, I'm not interested in helping you" and then hanging up on me. A rating below one star seems more suitable.

Keli T

5 years ago

Still hold a grudge against this woman years later. I was set up to have my 3 cats get dental cleanings (AKA hand her almost $2k). Rude and unpredictable behavior and responses. No tact at all, talks about other patrons that she views as bad or incompetent. Highlights from the day I fired her: - Went outside as she made me cry and she locked me out. Claimed it was she was worried my cat would escape (the door is heavy solid wood) - Snark and sarcasm while saying "I'm sorry your cat scratched me" - Put a hamster ball on my cats head to keep from getting bit (cat isn't the least bit aggressive) - Attempted blood draws from all 4 legs before going for the carotid. Not a cat friendly vet. Not a human friendly vet.

Kimberly lee C

5 years ago

This was also a weird phone experiance, I called to find out about an appointment for my cat, when I inquired about the cost after explaining the problem with my cat, she rudely said oh no, she couldn't give price quotes over the phone as if offended that I would ask, she then badically hung up on me. I have called other vets and had no problem getting that kind of information to help me make an informed decision. It seem very risky when a vet doesn't offer any kind of price quote at all. I love my pet and I also have financial responsibilities so its important to be able to make a descion weighing all the factors.

Sean Davison

5 years ago

Might be good with animals but has little respect for people! Parking lot Nazi!

Zach Ryan

5 years ago

Dr. Connors is super nice, great with our pets and sincerely tries to keep your costs down!

Rebekah Sandusky

5 years ago

Very rude on the phone when trying to ask a simple question. Told me I had to make an appointment to talk about fleas. Perhaps —after reading other reviews — a new receptionist is needed.

maresa edwards

5 years ago

She it great. Cares about these animals so much and does her research on new tech in and out of the industry to discover new ways to help our tailed loved ones. Just great!

Allyson Blacketer

6 years ago

MOST UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDE. I was a client for many years after moving out of state I requested my vaccine documents be emailed to me. The front desk assured me they were sent. I did not receive them. After calling again she was very rude to me, refused to send them again and told me I should have kept my invoice making it very difficult for my dog to be accepted into a new vet clinic without our medical history. So confused.

HeeWon Lee

6 years ago

Dr.Connor is wonderful. She's so knowledgeable and personable. She's open on Sundays which is a huge plus.

Nancy Andrist

7 years ago

I took a ferry to bring my dog here a number of times. I love the honest and straightforward way that Dr. Connor conducts all aspects of her clinic. I do not trust the care of my dogs to very many. Dr. Connor is at the top of the list.

Jesse Stipek

7 years ago

Great. Took my female feline in for some shots recently; my cat is a feisty little thing but Dr Connor handled her with utmost professional ease. Loved talking about horses with Dr Connor, too. She knows her stuff.... thanks.

Ryan Cutillo

7 years ago

I've been bringing my cats here for well over a year now, and I'll say this much immediately; you can ignore any of the bad reviews you're reading here. One cat, with kidney stones, literally had to come in every 3 weeks for a shot for the past 6 months. I say this so you can know that I am very familiar with Doctor Conner at this point, and have been in this office probably 20 plus times. Doctor Conner also just did the surgery we needed yesterday, and for less of a price than the low price she quoted me originally. Worth also noting, she has worked with me SEVERAL times that I did not have the money, or enough money for treatment. Doctor Conner's first and foremost priority is the animals themselves, a fantastic quality for a vet. Her work follows this mantra, always. Simply put, you will not find a better, and more caring, and more reasonable vet in this area. I guarantee it. Doctor Conner, thank you. You have a life-long customer in myself.

Laura Muai

7 years ago

Horrible experience, completely disrespectful and unprofessional. Have never been treated so poorly, me or my sweet little dog. Her personality changes between odd and evil. Still angry at how she behaved. Shame on you Dr. Susan Connor.

Traveling Stone

8 years ago

We are getting a new puppy in a few weeks and was making phone calls to find a "reasonably" priced vet for shots and such. The lady I spoke to was EXTREMELY rude! When I asked how much they charge for neutering surgery, her reply was not their rates, but "If you're looking for the cheapest place then you need to call down the street!" Needless to say I ended the conversation, she obviously was not going to be helpful and I certainly don't need that kind of attitude every time I come in with my new puppy!

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