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Rachel Mayfield

2 years ago

I love the work you do with our dog. I wish you had a place in Guam. I'll be sad to leave. Thanks for everything.

Karla Koch

2 years ago

The woman that helped me was very kind and helpful, thank you for your help.

Manjinder Rai

2 years ago

I'm updating my review. Great employees today.

Pamela Audette

2 years ago

Your groomers always do a fabulous job with my Sadie Belle. Today we had Kris and I know she loves my puppy and takes great care of her.

David Nutter

2 years ago

Everyone at the store is very helpful..The young lady that helped us with all our items was wonderful..

Michael Swiger

2 years ago

Good service and friendly staff

Ruth Blair

2 years ago

They are attentive and caring with our elder dog, they also take the time to talk to us about any concerns.

Vince Dancer

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable in their areas.

Alyssa Pickett

2 years ago

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG HERE TO GET GROOMED. This place ABUSES animals. My poor grandmothers dog was absolutely terrified getting home (along with my grandmother who called me frantically and needed help) and my moms dog was literally bleeding on her back seat, after calling the vet, they told us what to do and we are keeping close watch to them but this is absolutely NOT OK. And when we tried to speak with them about it, they completely denied it ever happened. I also have a friend who coincidentally just went in there and had the same exact thing happen with her fur baby!

Karen Hendricks

2 years ago

Always find what I need plus

Bree Rittaler

2 years ago

The stylist went above and beyond what was included in our package and did a great job buffing our dog's nails.

Aileen Waugh

2 years ago

I didn't shop just looked

Chuck Blatchford

2 years ago

This place is great i git some good things for my new pet and he loved them.

Connie Christian

2 years ago

The cashier was very helpful and offered to help me with my large bags. I thanked her but told her I could use a cart to get to my car. She was very friendly and helped me find my items.

gina bell

2 years ago

Great service! the dog treat bar and good prices!! Cute clothes!

Lilynor P.

2 years ago

I called the day before to ask when is the 60th day so I can still returned the stuff he said tomorrow. That day I came there to returned the dog flea shampoo and spray. Just to find out that the cash register machine won't allow the return item because it's more than 60 days. They said they can only give me a store credit. There pricy for me so I don't go there often. It's $60 plus tax that I could use for my groceries instead.

Lisa Simmons

2 years ago

Pricing isn't very competetive with online promo code deals.


2 years ago

If given the chance to give 0 stars, I would have!!! I was in to buy cichlids and upon looking at the available tanks with those fish, there were half a dozen dead fish in just the few tanks that I had an option from!! ????

NaShea Ridgeway

2 years ago

Love the curbside pickup, but I wish they'd let me know if I order something online and it's not in, instead of just removing it from my order.

Sheree Arnold

2 years ago

My dog and cat love this place

Alex Studyvin

2 years ago

Items tend go be more expensive than petsmart especially in regards to reptile and amphibian items. This store seems to be pretty understaffed and usually there isn't people at the register so you have to wait a bit to get checked out.

Deanne Larsen

2 years ago

They are always low or out of small pet bedding, prices are a little high, but friendly service

Leo Bachand

2 years ago

The fish rights activist wouldn’t sell me and my daughter a goldfish. Their goldfish are special. What I do with the fish isn’t any of their business, I can eat it if I want to. Not to mention they sell “pinky” mice to feed to snakes at pet stores. Let’s not go down the ethics route of a store that sells animals from cages. This was the worst customer experience ever The quote was literally “ I can’t sell you a goldfish unless you have a 55 gallon tank”. The funny part is the goldfish are being sold out of 10 gallon tanks. They sell many gold fish tanks in the store that are all under 55 gallons. I have a successful fish tank, some of my fish are over 12 and even 15 years old. The arrogance of some fish people is intolerable

Mario Canela

2 years ago

I love the workers best service ever ????????

Christian Daniels

2 years ago

Just getting some crickets for my gecko, very quick to get the crickets and get out

Elan Lason

2 years ago

The staff have always been helpful, and so nice. I have no complaints!

Sara Little

2 years ago

Very discouraged about this place. If you have a love for animals, please, do not shop or give business to this place. Firstly, their staff knows absolutely nothing on the animals they are selling. I'll go into detail with that when I have time, but long story short the animals in store were not being fed properly and they were giving out very BAD advice for such a sensitive creature. I bought a bearded dragon less than a week ago. I got home, set up everything, and within 2 days I noticed my dragon not acting as he should be. I took him to the emergency vet and my dragon has a rare sickness and is DYING. Mind you, it is highly contagious so that means all of the bearded dragons will have this disease. We just dropped $600 at petco, then to find out we were sold a sick and dying animal, have to take it to an emergency vet and drop another $300, to just be told there is nothing we can do. The veterinary clinic told us based on how he is presenting, he was sick BEFORE we even bought him. And that he has been suffering for a couple weeks. Please people, if you have a heart, do not come here. Animal abuse is not acceptable. Stealing from people is unacceptable. We are out almost 1k because they sold us a very sick little guy. My family was so happy to have him, bring him home, and have him for many years to come. And now we are preparing to bury him. Our hearts are broken. And we are absolutely disgusted in this store. They should not be allowed to sell any LIVE animals, as they are poorly mistreated.

Thea Smith

2 years ago

Tia gave our Brutie a great grooming!


2 years ago

Always have everything I need and excellent customer service by all employees!

Edge Walker

2 years ago

We have used the Petco in south Marysville for a year and just wanted to pass on our experiences. The staff there are helpful, personable and knowledgeable. Our experiences have been consistently positive! Our needs have been fish related and they have been addressed with excellent customer service! Robin has been the best person to deal with and he has a good understanding of our needs to keep our fish-buddies healthy. Free water testing, money-back guarantee for deceased fish within 30 days and your receipt. We forgot our receipt one day when returning a dead fish (sad). The manager tapped a few keys and brought our receipt up on the register, then credited our account for our new fish. Definitely recommend this store for your fish-related needs!

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