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Alysha Howe

2 years ago

We’ve tried many times in the past year to get our husky mix groomed at petsmart and we’ve either had to pick him up early because he was uncomfortable with a groomer or picked him up and been unsatisfied with the work done. I was so impressed when I came to pick him up today to see what a great job Sabrina had done! Even dropping him off this morning I felt much less anxiety seeing how lovely both ladies were with him. They listened to what we wanted done and took special care in making sure our pup was comfortable and I can tell he was in very good hands.

Sabrina Jane

2 years ago

I recently brought my dog here to be groomed. I wasnt the biggest fan of the last groomer, do I was a bit hesitant to come back. Apparently she has left and the new salon manager was AMAZING!!! Jackie took such good care of my boy, he seemed so much happier when I picked him up and he stayed cleaner than usual, (still smelling good!!! ) she took the time to talk with me about what I really wanted and showed me how to properly brush him out (apparently a comb is required for his coat type!!!) I appreciate the fact that she cares more about his safety and well being. HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Nancy King

2 years ago

We just moved here and I was really very nervous about taking Jasper somewhere new for grooming. With the pandemic, and now our move, he’s become much more clingy. Rebecca and Jackie were amazing. They spent time just talking to me while he became acclimated and then when Rebecca casually picked him up, he didn’t make a peep. That is unprecedented - he’s not that kind of guy. So, I am very pleased with our visit - Jasper can now see again - he’s obviously less adorable without all his shaggy hair but he smells soooo much better!!!

weeding song

2 years ago

Love this place, I'll definitely be going back. So kind and loving towards my dog. Definitely made my pup and I feel welcome. I'm very impressed with the results.


2 years ago

i would rate 0 stars if i could we scheduled an appointment through their website for our cat to be shaved 2-3 weeks ago, we drove half and hour with our cat only to be greeted by someone telling us they don’t have a cat groomer DONT PUT THAT YOU DO CATS IF YOU DONT HAVE A GROOMER. a massive waste of time and meaningless stress for our cat during the car ride.

Renee Stueber

2 years ago

I’m all for supporting small businesses but the last few time s I’ve called to make an appointment I’m told she is busy for the next 2 weeks, this happened last week but when my girlfriend called she got her 2 large dogs in right away, I really don’t what to take them somewhere else as this is close to home plus it has changed management a few times

Ross Abbott

2 years ago

Rebecca did a wonderful job with our Malamute/Shepherd! She's a sensitive little lady and came back to us clean, fluffy, with excellent trimming where we requested, and most importantly she was happy to still be there! Loved her positive methods working with my dog, we'll definitely be going back!

Sarah Couture

3 years ago

Great job on the lion cut so cute and my cat was not traumatized :)

Nathan Mesker

3 years ago

One of my friends was brutally insulted by an employee here today, will never recommend again.

Google User

3 years ago

I've had great service here. They do a good job at a fair price. My dog is unconcerned when I drop her off and seems happy when I pick her up so I believe they are treating her well.

Debbie Martinez

3 years ago

Customer service is important. It is terrible But the work is good.

Celeste Parker

3 years ago

We have taken our dog to this establishment since we moved to the area 4 years ago. Never had an issue until today. We dropped our dog off around 8:15 am and received a voicemail at 2:37 pm stating that he was ready to be picked up. We were unable to pick up the call because my husband was driving and I was on a work call. The establishment called my husband for a second time at 2:42 pm which he picked up. During that call he said he was in Auburn, which is typically a 30 min drive, but on a Friday around 3 pm it can easily take 45 mins. He realized after hanging up that he might not be able to make it before the establishment closed at 4 pm so he texted me asking if I could pick our dog up. I ended my work call at 3:38 pm and immediately left to pick up our dog. At 3:46 pm the establishment called me and in an impertinent tone asked if I was going to pick up our dog before 4 pm because if not there would be an extra charge. I stated yes, that I would be there before 4. The female on the phone said they had been waiting for 2 hours for us to pick up our dog. I stated that I was unaware of this and was shocked that they were talking to me in this way. Then a different female came on the phone and stated that she could tell the other female was upset and she would take over. The second female stated that she called us two hours ago (which our call records showed only one hour prior) and that they are a small business so they expect clients to pick up their dogs when they are ready. I explained to her that both my husband and I work and are not able to immediately leave work at any given moment. I told her I was down the street and would be there shortly. I showed up at 3:55 pm, pulled up next to a car parked with a woman sitting in the driver seat, and when I entered the establishment the women in the car followed me in and walked behind the counter. I said absolutely nothing to the women and the women looked at me and said "I don't know why you have such an attitude, you're not the one who has been waiting for two hours." I reminded her that I said absolutely nothing since I entered the building and I was upset that I was being treated poorly considering I was the one paying for the service. The women stated that they expect their clients to come get their dog immediately after they are done being serviced especially a senior dog that cannot hold his bladder for several hours and that my dog had two accidents since he was there. A young woman from the grooming area engaged in the conversation by calling me "privileged." I told the young women to not call me privileged and then the older women lashed back at me stating something along the lines of "don't go there." I told the older women that I wanted to just pay and get my dog. She swiped my card, charged me $40 more than usual, didn't give me a receipt, and handed the card back to me. The younger women opened the gate to the front counter, told me to come get my dog, I walked past the gate so my dog could see me (he's senior and extremely hard of hearing and only knows if I'm calling for him if he sees me) and the young women yelled at me to not pass the gate. I immediately left thereafter.

Carlos Ramirez

3 years ago

My pups always come home happy and looking amazing

Ashley Trevisanut

3 years ago

I believe they may have lowered their prices. 2 years ago I spent $105 with tip, last May I think I spent $70 with tip. Very affordable, neighboring groomers will run you about $90 (small dog). They did a nice job.

Nita Rinehart

4 years ago

They do all that is expected at a reasonable price and time. Very friendly!

Milo Creations milo production Milo smith

4 years ago

Great experience. Dog looked great and was calm. Staff very friendly. Reasonably priced.

Michael Culver

4 years ago

Great service, efficient and detailed


4 years ago

My dog came out looking and smelling great. Attention to presentation of the location, dusting etc. would garner a five star. Second grooming experience garners a decrease in “star” appropriation. Sadly, I decreased the approval rating as my dog was not”groomed” but rather “severely shaved”. A complete shave doth not a grooming make. I asked for a “puppy shave or teddy bear shave” my dog came out looking like a rat. Not a joke, honest to goodness rat. Sadly the hunt is on for a new grooming experience.


5 years ago

Great people good service. Took great care of my puppy.

Lauren Schneider

6 years ago

I took my daughter's cavachon in a couple weeks ago for a grooming. I have her for the summer and needed a place close by. I believe the groomer's name was Alaina and she was amazing. She knows dogs and loves them (her 3 very well-behaved dogs were there) and did a very good job with our Chloe. Our expectations were exceeded and this is where we will have her groomed whenever she visits.

Lisa Saleumsay

7 years ago

We've been going there for 3 years, but for the last year we've been going less and less because of the service. I have 2 large dogs and they don't get dried all the way so they still smell when they get home like wet dog. The price has gone up and I'm being charged extra cause 2 groomers was working on my dog cause it was end of day and they wanted to close. My last groom was over $120. Plus he was bleeding cause they brushed him to hard. I'LL NEVER BRING MY DOGS BACK THERE AGAIN!

Nancy Palmer

7 years ago

My Westie has been going to Pampered Pet for nearly 7 years, report cards and all. He always got "A"s. I got a call from the owner a couple of months ago to tell me that they no longer took BIG dogs. Westies, BIG dogs??? I don't know?

Kayla Kautzman

7 years ago

They have new staff and I was so pleased with my experience. The passion they have really shows! After reading reviews I really think the owner made changes for the better. Totally worth it!!


7 years ago

I am posting this to highlight the terrible management of this place. My wife was offered a job and was fired less than one day after she was hired because she didn't have enough training, something she let the manager know prior to hiring. It is astonishing to learn that someone can be so devious and inflexible to hire someone and then fire them when nothing changed between the hiring process and the actual hiring. We have a baby and she quit her job to work at this place. This is a despicable company and should be shut down. Update: She also tried to get out of paying her for the time she worked, her accountant had to tell her to. How dispicable.

Brand B

7 years ago

I started using this place a couple years ago and at first it was fine. As time went on, however, some things about Pampered Pet bothered me. 1. This groomer gives your dog a report card. Now, my dog is not terribly behaved, but he is a dog. He doesn't like clippers around his face or getting his nails clipped. He won't bite, but he is wiggly. The groomer "graded" my dog based on this, and let's just say she gave him less than an A+. What am I supposed to do? Go home and put him in the corner because he didn't want his nails clipped? 2. This place charges extra if your dog has even a small tangle in its ears. Before dropping my dog off last time, I brushed his ears to make sure there were no tangles. They still charged me extra. Groomers, I PAY you to groom. That's why you are called groomers! 3. The groomer didn't do what I asked. I asked for only a very small amount of my dog's ears to be trimmed. He's a poodle, and I like him with long ears. When the groomer brought him out, his ears were so short that he looked like he was wearing pigtails. It was ridiculous! I was willing to overlook all of these gripes until I called recently to book another appointment. The lady on the phone informed me that they had changed their "business model" a few months back and that because I hadn't been in for such a long time, all the appointments were booked by their "regular" customers who come in every two weeks or each month, as if I'm a negligent pet owner. Excuse me, but I was too busy having a baby to bring my dog in every two weeks so you could chop his ear hair off and charge me extra for the imaginary tangles! Dont waste your money here!

Becky Degenhardt

8 years ago

We've been going there for years and our dog loves it. So do we!!

Blake Walker

8 years ago

They do a great job and they treat your pets like family...

Yvonne Fishburn

9 years ago

My Cockapoo looks like a rat after they groomed him. I understand that he had some mats but I brushed him before bringing him so I knew they were not serious. Other groomers never found it necessary to shave all the hair off his face and tail. Additionally I asked them to leave 1/2 inch on his coat and they barely left 1/4 inch. They said they had to charge me an additional $7 because of the extra time the mats took but just how much time could that be since I got him back 1.5 hours earlier than they told me. Of course, since they were just shaving him and not really doing any styling it shouldn't have taken very long. Also, I received a phone call shortly after I left telling me that they had shaved his tail and face and they didn't want me to be shocked when I picked him up. I would have appreciated being given the option to go back and get him and bring him to a more experienced groomer before they did that to him..

Lori Young

12 years ago

Pampered Pet not only does a great job, they consistently ensure that you get what you want. My dog was very afraid of going to the groomer after a bad experience. On our first visit, they treated our sweet dog just like she was one of their own. She now LOVES going to Pampered Pet to see all her friends and one of her best doggie friends, Charlie! I highly recommend Pampered Pet.

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