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Laura Jameson

2 years ago

Dr. Austin recently saw our cat for a broken leg and after some discussion about treatment we agreed he needed an amputation. She performed the surgery and he’s healing great! AHMV have been so wonderful and helpful especially with recovery and follow up questions. Dr. Austin is so understanding and clearly cares about us and our cat- she always lets us ask all our questions and gives clear answers. Thanks!

Savanna Lake

2 years ago

We took our puppy here for a checkup/vaccines and the staff was super friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We will definitely be coming back in the future.

David North

2 years ago

I took one of my cats to the Animal Hospital of Maple Valley because he was showing signs of illness. The veterinarian recommended an x-ray, and after the x-ray was taken he said there might be something on the film, but he wasn't qualified to read x-rays so he would need to forward the x-ray to a professional who was qualified to do so--for an additional cost of over $375 and a wait of a few more days! Really? You've got to be kidding me. I paid for an xray that no one there could read, then was told after the fact of the added cost for reading. This was dishonest and unprofessional. I recommend you take your pets to a veterinarian that has more integrity than that, and who can read their own xrays.

Audrey Miller

2 years ago

This was the best vet experience I’ve ever had. My cat developed an abscess right after Christmas and my regular vet was closed. There was also a snow storm and all of the other nearby vets were also closed. I called Animal Hospital of Maple Valley and spoke with their receptionist who was very kind and understanding and was able to find an appointment for me that same day. I was able to go into the room with my cat and actually got to talk to the doctor. She answered my questions, was gentle with my cat, and explained everything to me: what she believed was going on, the possible solutions, and gave me a price quote. They did the procedure on him and got him out within an hour of me bringing him in. The pricing was fair and they went through the invoice with me. I started the day stressed out and worried about my cat, but by the end of the visit I felt calm and assured that he got the care he needed. Huge thank you to the team for such a wonderful experience!

Ashleigh Chute

2 years ago

This clinic literally saved my dogs life. We were to the point of planning for her euthanasia when this wonderful clinic saved her. She needed daily shots of antibiotics for two weeks because of bacterial meningitis. I couldn't afford to board her for the IV antibiotics so they went out of their way to help me in every way they could. She is alive and just as happy as she was before now. I can't thank this clinic enough for the amazing and wonderful things they did to save my baby

Michaela Pannone

2 years ago

**this review has nothing to do this the vet staff themselves. Customer service related only. Been using this vet loyally for just over a year now. VERY STRICT CANCELLATION POLICY WITH NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. My mother cancelled an appointment same day and I called less than 30 minutes later to take the appointment for our other animal to avoid her being charged the late cancellation fee but they had already filled the slot. So I said that’s great and asked if they could waive the fee since the appointment slot was filled and they said no because “it’s policy.” They were not willing to offer any customer service or waive the fee even though they are not losing money or appointment slots and I offered to take the time slot. I’d understand if the slot didn’t get filled but it did. I even spoke to the manager (I believe her name was Sabrina & she just kept saying “it’s policy”). That’s one way to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth. This is probably the first negative review I’ve ever written but charging people for no reason & lack of customer service are a big no no for me especially is financially difficult times like these.

Sarah Russell

2 years ago

Fast, kind service and can get appointments quicker than most places. They helped us quickly with a dog emergency.

Warren Andersen

2 years ago

Now, I am not a veterinarian, so admittedly don't understand the nuances of treatment for different animals injuries. However, as a pet owner, I'm pretty disturbed by the fact that my cat's injured paw was neither bandaged or "treated". After speaking with a vet they told me the best course of action was to keep it clean and give him an antibiotic. He still has an open wound. Seems not worth it to me 100+$. I called Another Animal Clinic and they gave me a contact list for emergency hospitals, for free. So...

Alfa La Croix

2 years ago

When I called my vet clinic (which is great), they told me my dog needed to be seen within one or two days given her status, but they didn't have a vet that would be available in that time frame. They told me to try Animal Hospital of Maple Valley. I was lucky enough to get in because of a cancellation the next day. Dr. Ashley saw her, took tests, implemented immediate actions along with take home meds for her in all in about and hour! Dr. Ashley called me at home after closing time to give me lab results, possible causes, and a plan for an x-ray on Monday if she didn't get much better over the weekend. Given how sick she was, I have to say that I think Animal Hospital of Maple Valley saved her life and she is back to the dog I know and love in just a few days. The other staff was great. Thank You!!!

Lois .johnson

2 years ago

Ashley is amazing woman She really speaks to the pet owner from the pets mouth itself. She is honest and caring but always professional

Krystyn Logan

2 years ago

Thank you so much for Josh & the vet ( I can't remember her name, had a light southern accent I think) who cared for Sheila. It was curb side service for us today which worked out well for me since my 2 year old son was a wild pants. I definitely appreciate them coming out with her meds and taking my payment ????. Definitely will recommend & be back. Thank you again!!

Yelena Sednev

2 years ago

We have been going here for 4 months with our 2 puppies. Have seen Dr. Ashley Austin and Dr. Josalyn Bruce. Both doctors have been knowledgeable and great. Staff has been very helpful and polite. So thankful to have found a great vet office close to home! I definitely recommend this place!

CJ Spencer

2 years ago

Dr Austen is amazing! First met her when we had three Papillions, when our boy was diagnosed with CHF, she told us we could get his meds at Walmart and Costco. Our only Papillion, who is 14, really only stops shaking when she comes in the room, she trusts her.


2 years ago

I had to bring my sister's very sick cat in for her. We had gone to the Wilderness place a couple times, and they were so awful that we could not bring our poor dying cat there again. They took tests, didn't check them, said he was all good, didn't tell us what they tested. Well, the Animal Hospital requested all the paperwork including the tests, and were amazed - there was blood in the urine, protein as well, crystals somewhere else - the cat was obviously in pain and dying. We will never go back to Wilderness again. The vet here at this Hospital has switched over since then, but still the same, attentive, thorough care that we got in the beginning, and about half the cost as Wilderness!! We went home, hydrated our kitty with a bag of water and needle, gave him meds to increase appetite, meds to decrease nausea, meds to fight off the bad stuff, and even a little pain meds. Eventually my sister had to let him go, but at least his final days were better than the month before in that nightmare called Wilderness. This Animal Hospital also took care of the next phase. My sister picked up the ashes in a small and tasteful urn; she even received a thoughtful card that was signed by everyone. It has been a sad time for my sister, but we are so glad we left Wilderness to come here. I will be brining my dog here as well.

Peter Strnad

2 years ago

Very pleased with Dr Austin and AHMV. We initially took our new kitten to another vet in Maple Valley. We were disappointed and changed to AHMV. Good decision. Staff and Dr Austin gave us as much time as we needed to ask Qs over multiple visits. Knowledgeable, detailed and empathetic. That’s all I can ask for. Giving medical care to an animal probably isn’t easy. They can’t talk. So details and communication with pet parents matters.

Lee Chris

2 years ago

I had a litter of puppies, 5 weeks old. One injured his rear leg. My normal vet was booked out over 2 weeks. A puppies bones are growing in so fast that wasn’t an option. This place got him in next business day. They quoted $55 for the exam and $100 for the xray. There was a hairline fracture, but everything was where it belonged and was healing nicely which put my mind at ease. And the bill came to exactly what they quoted me on the phone. Not a penny more. They were thorough, and answered all my questions. Even trimmed his nails for free. They will be getting all my canine business from here on out.

Kasandra Tadeo

2 years ago

I love coming here Dr. Austin and the staff are amazing . I come from downtown Kent and I don’t mind the drive at all because of how amazing Dr.Austin is to my dogs. She’s very caring, honest, and takes her time to really answer any questions you have. I really recommend !

Dina Guest

3 years ago

The staff is great, the new vet is very thorough, helpful, provides options. Great place to take your pets

Amy Wilson

3 years ago

We took our dog in to be seen by this vet. They were super pushy and rude. We won’t be back. Edited to respond to their response: You literally sent me an email requesting a review. If you didn't want an honest review, maybe you shouldn't ask everyone. You made snide comments like, "Well, if you'd brought him here in the first place..." While this is true, it's also obvious, unhelpful, and accusatory. Maybe you think you're pleasant and nice, but I perceived your interactions on the phone with me to be terse, cold, and unfriendly. You recommended and began to work on an estimate for a biopsy. A biopsy only makes sense if you plan to use the information that the biopsy reveals. You didn't ask what we'd plan to do with the results. You just tried to push the biopsy as the option. After being terse, unfriendly, and judgmental. We have a vet. We also have a friendly back-up vet. We wanted to get him in quickly and unfortunately neither had an appointment available. After discussion with our normal vet, we have a course of action that makes sense for our family. Because they asked questions, listened, and were friendly and non-judgmental. If you don't want honest reviews, do not request them.

Jill Reyes

3 years ago

Easy to get an appointment. Responsive to listening to my concerns. Offered options. Professional and caring. The only reason I didn't give 5 star is because there was a fairly lengthy wait, despite having an appointment time. I will definitely be returning.

K Vanous

3 years ago

We took my son's cat here after being referred from Enumclaw's Country Animal Hospital since they were booked full the entire week and needed urgent assistance. They were so pleasant and accommodating, and took the little fluff in via "drop off". They took a bunch of requested tests, treated her, wrote up a prescription and gave a gentle pass-off of her so we could be on our merry (and relieved) way. Thank you MVAH!

Lisa Martinez

3 years ago

My dog got bit by another dog and needed to be treated. We were fortunate the Animal Hospital was able to see him right away since our regular vet couldn't take him. He was well taken care of.

Maria Paneto

3 years ago

They truly dedicate their attention on the patient....our fur babies

Michelle James

3 years ago

I am a huge Dr Austin fan, I followed her to MV Hospital. I won’t let anyone else treat my babies without her backing. Her team is professional and you know they truly care about our fur babies.

Varsha Ramoutar

3 years ago

The staff is so compassionate! Excellent care for your pets and they really do go above and beyond to help you. I brought my 12 year old cat in for a dental cleaning and extractions and she did so well , she was even happier now more than when I first adopted her :) Thank you for all that you do! You truly are exceptional at it !

Michael Buban

3 years ago

Very caring, took great care of my dog.

Jacque Short

3 years ago

The girls are always pleasant and professional and I see the love of animals in them

Ed Chapin

3 years ago

These guys were outrageous. I barged through the door past all the signs cuz I had an emergency my dog had an inch and a half piece of wood stuck in his mouth. They took him in sedated him and got it taken care of.

Cindy McMullen

3 years ago

I have had the same vet for over 15 years and I can never get appointments and the receptionists are always rude. I have been wanting to find another vet clinic but it has been so hard with Covid. A friend of mine told me about this clinic so I called and they were so nice and helpful. I got an appointment with in the week and when I got there everyone was friendly and nice. What an awesome experience. AND it was less expensive then my other vet clinic!!! Thank you so much!!

Jacki Chase

3 years ago

Very caring staff. I would recommend to anyone with a fur kid!

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