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Bahar S

2 years ago

Not only is Dr. Shamsher great, his front desk staff is very responsive and helpful. I have a lot of questions and they are always happy to answer them. I am aware of how tough this industry is, and how spread thin vet techs and veterinarians are, but they go out of their way to be supportive regardless and I am really grateful for that.

Kim W

2 years ago

They always take great care of my cat and go out of their way to check on us the next day to make sure we are doing well. Great staff, affordable prices, highly recommend!

Tomson Hu

2 years ago

Doctor is nice and patient

Kristy Eirikson

2 years ago

Dr Shamsher is very gentle, kind and knowledgeable. Every visit so far has been positive.

Tink Laviolette

2 years ago

Always had great and caring service from Dr Shamsher and his excellent staff.

Mat Bradley

2 years ago

Awesome service with caring staff!! Definitely recommend.


2 years ago

-This vet is very inclined to prescribe medication that isn’t needed. -The prices are also pretty high in comparison to other vets. -The front staff have always been available to help and the vet will come and talk to you about your concerns after seeing your pet. -They also do follow up calls after your appointment.

Bev Neifert

2 years ago

Excellent! As always good service!

K Nicole

2 years ago

I honestly rarley take the time to leave reviews... but in this case, I felt the need to share our experience with Dr Shamsher at Willoughby Animal Clinic. We adopted our puppy and his initial visits for vaccinations and exams completed elsewhere. He is now 5 months old. Over the last 5 days we have noticed he has been stuffed up and congested with sneezing but no cough. Today he vomitted. Which sent me making panicked calls to our vet with nothing they could do to see us until the following day........ I called Willloughby after and was told the same , "super full BUT come down and you may have to wait but we will still see him" . There was no wait, we could go inside with our boy(Mountain View you are required to wait outside the clinic and have the vet call you during the exam). We were sent home with antibiotics and a treatment plan .He also noted another issue our prior vet failed to notice after 3 exams. I cannot explain the care on a personal level... we will be choosing them for all future needs

Michelle Wong

2 years ago

Dr Shamsher is one of the few vets that I trust with my animals. I feel like my animals are well taken care of everytime I have to bring them in, and his prices are very fair compared to other vets I have been to in the past. His team is friendly and welcoming, and they all do an excellent job with educating and walking me through my concerns as well as the aftercare of my animals each visit.


3 years ago

Brought my 1 year old cat because she was small for her age and had an ongoing, sporadic sound when breathing. Of course we went to trusty Google and it was suggested it get looked at, could be anything from allergies to heart issues. They weighed her, tried to listen to her lungs and heart but she scratched the doctor so he did not persist.... She has never scratched anyone so she was very scared. The doctor did not have much to say, just that she was a small cat and that was ok. He said we could try antibiotics for the breathing issue and also suggested an immune booster paste. I have had a sick kitten before and she was small because she had a disease and we had to euthanize. I appreciated the reassurance that she was ok, but how does he know without hearing her lungs, heart, checking for allergies etc. Waste of time and money to find out nothing.

Derek Garner

3 years ago

Very knowledgeable and helpful with my new puppy that is unhealthy due to previous owners home assessment of he megaasophagus and food in her lungs. I will be a regular. Highly recommend!

Richárd Péter Kántor

3 years ago

Where can I start? Maybe with the Doctor, he cares and that's is a very rare quality now days. The staff is the best! Thank you Victoria for helping us through like everything with Emmy from day one. My puppy Emmy is a patient at Willoughby Animal Hospital since we have her, we moved quite a distance away, but we still take her back there. So long story short: They Care they know what they are doing, personable and you CAN TRUST THEM!

Igor and stacey K

3 years ago

The ladies in office were so kind and detailed. The prices were a lot better than other places close by and no unnecessary up selling. We chosen them to do our cats spay next week !!

Amanda Wyenberg

3 years ago

Dr Shamsher is so wonderful! You can feel that he really cares about animals and won’t suggest things that are unnecessary for your pet! I’m so happy to have found this clinic! We will continue going here for all our future vet needs.

s nelson

3 years ago

I think their front line staff needs training to be more professional. The main vet is amazing though.

Jus Johal

3 years ago

Dr Shamsher very nice and honest person.the staff were friendly and accommodating. They were very gentle about the euthanasia process. I appreciate their kindness and professionalism, Thanks

Kristina K

3 years ago

I have never experienced such an amazing caring crew of people at a vet clinic. Dr Shamsher is compassionate and actually cares, as do his staff. I million times over recommend Willoughby Animal hospital ❤️

Lisa C. Desj

3 years ago

Dr. Shamsher doesn't like to prescribe medicine unless he has a diagnosis. My cat was sick for months with known kidney disease and (later diagnosed) cancer. I brought up the option of cerenia or an anti-nausea medicine a few times to control his vomiting but the vet wanted a diagnosis first. When I could afford the $600 ultrasound and we got a cancer diagnosis, that is when he finally prescribed cerenia for my cats nausea. My cat died a week later and he was pretty sick at that time. I recently took my other cat to a new vet for vomiting reasons (same) and the new vet prescribed nausea relief right away before we got bloodwork back. I know there are sometimes reasons not to prescribe meds until a diagnosis but in my cat's case he needed nausea relief. Consider this when choosing a vet. Also Dr. Shamsher quoted me at over $500 for xrays and blood work. At this new vet, I paid $481 for xray, bloodwork, nausea medicine and pain meds. And sometimes I felt like Dr. Shamsher didn't remember my cat's case and I kept having to tell my cats history to him again and again. Not the worst but not the best level of care.

M T Egger

3 years ago

Clean organized efficient and helpful

Marco Diaz

3 years ago

Friendly staff. The doc is good too. Very reasonably priced. I’ve taken my dog and two cats there.

Meagan Seeley

3 years ago

We love Dr. Shamsher & all staff at Willoughby Animal Hospital. Prices are fair, and even more important, it's very clear the doctor and staff really care about animals and are very knowledgeable. When our pup needed vaccinations, he gave our little guy a heartfelt hug and said "I'm so sorry for the pain I caused you". They always make time for us to explain procedures and medical issues in detail so that we can make informed choices. They give great advice over the phone which sometimes saves the cost of unnecessary appointments for minor issues, and every time I've asked for last minute appointments, they always find a way to squeeze us in. Can't say enough good things about Willoughby Animal Hospital and the amazing care they give our dog.

Ms. Pretty

3 years ago

Friendly staff, very clean waiting room. Our cat pooped in his cage on the way to the vet and made a mess of things to say tge least. The receptionist was kind and acted like it nothing out of the ordinary for her. She was very helpful. The Veterinarian was kind and really helped to ease my anxiety about the issues my 16 year old was having. I didn't feel hustled at all. Will definetly go back again.

Robyn McFarlane

3 years ago

Dr. Shamsher is a fantastic vet


4 years ago

We just adopted kittens, and Willoughby is one of the VOKRA partner vets. We went in for the first time yesterday, and have also been interacting with staff over the phone. Everyone including the doctor has been so kind and helpful. We will definitely continue to bring our kittens here as long as we are in Langley.

Robert Parsons

4 years ago

These guys wants your money, I will not go back.

Logan G

4 years ago

I went to Willoughby Animal Clinic for the first time yesterday after being fed up with the service and hit or miss doctors at Langley Animal Clinic. And let me tell you, the experience was night and day. The front counter staff was very friendly, kept me updated, asked me a ton of questions about my dogs history. The doctor was great - I wasn’t rushed, he was very thorough and informative and I got to explain all of my concerns so he had the full scope of my dogs issues. He came up with a treatment plan, explained everything and then offered sedation to clean my dogs messy wound, which he refused to let anyone get near. Normally, when you hear the word sedation, you see ????????????. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sedation, the medications, new food and the actual consultation was all very reasonably priced. And not only that, but he offered me a quote right in the room from his computer. At Langley Animal Clinic, they tell you what medications you’re getting, say goodbye and you walk over to pay not knowing what the damage will be. So it was nice to be told upfront before pulling my wallet out! And the icing on the cake? A personally decorated bag with my dogs name on it for his medications (a thiughtful touch!) AND a follow up call to ask how my dog was doing and if I had any questions ???? I am very happy with the service and care that they provided and, although I hope I won’t be back anytime soon, I have confidence now that I have found a reliable place to take either of my dogs :)


4 years ago

The veternarian and staff here are of premium quality, and it is clear they are not trying to gouge patients/customers with unnecessary costs. My wife and I appreciate everything this animal hospital has done. I would recommend this establishment to anyone who has ever felt they've been taken advantage of with veterinary costs.


4 years ago

WORST vet in lower-mainland, “dr” shamsher does not care about your pet or any others, only cares about how much money is going to end up in his wallet. First, he misdiagnosed one of my dogs by saying his eye problem was just allergies after examining the eye TWICE on the same day making me take him to an animal hospital to find out he had an ulcer all along and needed treatment right away. Second, I take my puppy to him just so he can tell me that he’s probably not going to make it, so I go to pick him up so I can take him to a veterinarian that actually knows what they're doing and he tries charging me $780 for telling me my dogs going to die and having him there for barely even 30 minutes. Absolute joke. STAY AWAY To the reply, This animal hospital’s procedure to diagnose this virus was to return home 20-30 mins away and collect my puppy’s feces even though they thought he was so rapidly deteriorating and also did not have any in-house test kits on hand . It was clear my puppy was not doing well which is why I did not want to waste any time and called another veterinarian that stated that there are in-house test kits for this virus to quickly diagnose my puppy and not waste any precious time. Thankfully the test came back negative to what your “dr” thought he had jumping to the conclusion that my puppy was not going to make it . FORTUNATELY, we made the decision to seek other help for our puppy elsewhere because NO thanks to Willoughby Animal Hospital, our puppy will be just fine. Please stop trying to salvage your guys’ reputation, at the end of the day everyone has their own opinions and they will also soon come to realize through their own experiences, like us. We will never be returning.

Darcie French

4 years ago

We have been going to Dr Shamshir for over a year now and we are so happy to have him as our vet. He has performed several surgeries and does all our puppy vaccines and vet checks. Pups in pics were born by c-section - one pic is right after birth and the other at 3 weeks of age. He is very knowledgeable and professional and is excellent with the dogs. We highly recommend him!

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