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Manuel Dejesus

2 years ago

Great place to bring your pet for grooming.

Peter Robinson (budsHanzoSword)

2 years ago

I would give zeros stars if I could. A deplorable boarding experience. Our working breed Aussie was left out to wander around all night during both nights of a two-night stay. Part of why we chose Bowwow to board him is that they advertise 4’x6’ rooms for each dog (see attached image of their website). Our Aussie is well trained in directional commands, and is also crate trained. He willingly sleeps in a crate, yet the owner tried to deflect by saying that he would not go to the room they had for him. I’ll let the picture time stamped at 9am (1hr before their schedule open time) speak for itself. They over booked and our dog drew the short stick and didn’t get a room, which contradicts their service agreement of a 4’x6’ room for our dog. Their website also advertises that someone will be onsite overnight. I can’t verify this, but I find it hard to believe as they do not answer phones. (We called when we checked their webcams, and discovered our dog had been left out to roam). They claim this is for employee safety. An absurd answer. What is unsafe about answering a phone if you are inside a secure building? The other reason we chose BowWow is because many of our friends, family and contacts also take their dogs there. I can safely say they’ve lost at least a half-dozen or more clients over this mistreatment. This is negligence, and in addition to this review I’ll be reporting to the BBB, Humane Society, and ASPCA. If you care for your dog at all, do NOT take them to BowWow Fun Towne.


2 years ago

There's a huge indoor pool for the dogs!

Becky Johnson

2 years ago

Love coming here for the open swim time! They are so kind and helpful.

Chloe Shively

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and nice clean dog washing tubs! Will definitely come back to try the indoor dog pool.


3 years ago

I boarded my dog here, when I picked her up she had a bloody scratch on her eye. No one called me, nor did they have a vet look at it. I took her to the vet, no damage to the eye ball, but the corner of her eye was cut and should have had a stitch, her right eye is longer in the outside corner.

Lauren D

3 years ago

Caution: there is a strain of Kennel Cough here that will likely affect your dog, even if they were recently vaccinated with Bordatella. Their webcams also do not work, despite the website claiming they're functional. I've been taking my puppy here since he was 3-months-old for their "puppy daycare" and it was originally good, but declined fast. The only reason I'm providing two stars instead of one is due to the fact that the STAFF are quite friendly and communicative, but the owner / services provided / cost / facility are not great. For puppies, they provide a "report card" but they were often blank and don't give a lot of information. I've had to call them to explain what a section meant, or what exactly my puppy did all day. They utilized the "puppy daycare" as a means for training, but for VERY generic things such as sounds and sit/down (things we can... you know, do at home). We requested to have them train him for specific things that would benefit him, only for that to be completely ignored. For example, grooming tools - they HAVE a self-wash, why not spend 15-30 minutes out of the entire ~8-9 hour day that he's there, to try and socialize with that? Despite requesting this and the staff giving the OK, we later learned on his report card that the grooming section was completely blank. We called and the owner explained that they "only do training for every puppy there, not just one". So why did your staff claim that they'll do it in the morning, only for the owner to completely say something different...? Mind you, this is $50/DAY. It is much more expensive and adds up very quickly if you go more than once a week. Not only that, but our last visit, our puppy came home with a very debilitating cough. We took him to the vet a few days after, hoping it'd clear up, only for it to get worse. Vet mentioned it was just a clear case of kennel cough - amazing how the daycare facility didn't tell us about this but only for us to find out when he comes home. :) Perhaps this facility is better suited for adult dogs, but if you have a younger dog / puppy, DO NOT take them here. It's a waste of money and a poor experience. We also were never offered a tour of the facility either.

Robyn Weiss

3 years ago

We attended puppy play dates with my Gordon Setter from 3 to 6 mths every Sunday. Very fun and great for her to socialize.

Noah Rodgers

3 years ago

When we came in to have our dog swim in the pool we were met with a very rude Asian lady. We were all ready with our dogs vaccinations and vet history and she was still rude and unprofessional. We were excited to have our puppy swim but she made us reconsider and go somewhere else. If you’re going to have someone work the front desk make sure they have customer service skills.

Cruz Herr

3 years ago

This place is amazing. They treat you and your pet like family. They have a pool, indoor, and outdoor play areas with really professional staff. They also offer boarding and have dog washing tubs to use.

Erika Cannon

3 years ago

Taking our pup to puppy preschool and daycare has been a great experience so far! Helpful staff and fun photo updates on their facebook page. They seem to genuinely care about the dogs here which allows us to feel comfortable and confident with leaving our pup there.

Girl P

3 years ago

Great place to bring your dog to if you don't mind that the owner treats their employees horribly. Morale is extremely low. Employees love the dogs and they receive good care, but it is not a fun place to be if you're a human working there under Mary's authority.

Jaren Balzer

3 years ago

The best place to have your dog socialize and get tired out. The owner and staff are the absolute best.


3 years ago

They are amazing here !! Such a blessing !!

Joshua T

3 years ago

Great place to socialize/board your dog. The puppy socials are a blast and if you board your dog you can watch your pup play with others on their webcam!

Julie Wyman

3 years ago

Love it. They treat their dog's like family

David Hursey

4 years ago

Great puppy play time. Good staff.

Benjamin Ault

4 years ago

Owner is really terrible to her employees and cuts a lot of corners and takes advantage of most of them being young and not knowing what a hostile work environment it is because they don't know any better.

Marques Parker

4 years ago

Manager doesnt treat employees well and the lack of delegation leaves things very unorganized

Anna Dahlin

4 years ago

I take my dog here for boarding, daycare and swim time! She loves it Mary does and excellent job caring for all the dogs who stay here.

Ann Hursey

4 years ago

Our puppy loves the Sunday Puppy playtime 11-noon!

Alex S

4 years ago

Let me be clear, employees are friendly and clearly love the dogs, but owner comes across very rude, is often short and demanding to her staff, then sometimes puts on a happy face to customers, but sometimes is just condescending instead. Creates a very uncomfortable atmosphere for customers. Staff looks very overwhelmed, like they’re trying hard to hide it, but with how the owner talks to them and how overcrowded with dogs this place looks on the cameras, I’m not surprised. Prices are awfully high for how crowded it is. Lot of new faces consistently too, and very young, a lot of them look like kids... poor things. This vote is for overcrowding and for the owner.

Aretha Alexander

4 years ago

My dog loves this place

Erin Walsh

4 years ago

Staff is blunt but a great place all together. Love taking the dog to the self wash. Let's me take my time and wash how I like and not have to deal with the mess!

J Mills

4 years ago

Found this place when we got a puppy 4years ago.. (we did puppy class and traing classes) Now that we have another new puppy we are back. I didn't fully appreciate "puppy play date" on Sundays with our last dog. All of the staff are great! Friendly, helpful and genuinely love working with your dog.


4 years ago

I was considering taking my dog here for daycare but after reading the negative reviews and the response from the owner to them, I have changed my mind. The business has a a lot of reviews compared to most places which brought me here. My rating is based only off the lack of customer service from the owner online. When a customer brings up problems they have experienced, the problems are never addressed and instead are deflected. The customers personal information should never be disclosed into a google review to make a point including dates of service. I would recommend reevaluating how you address your clients and or potential clients online. Just take this as a reminder to take responsibility for your business regardless if it is 100% your fault or not. Admitting you are wrong or made a mistake can show integrity and there is nothing wrong with that. Note: A reviewer can not respond to a review reply from business owner. A review can be based off interactions with a company/owner/employee without paying for service to be a legitimate review.

Joni Sharrah

4 years ago

Our dog loves to visit his home away from home! The staff, facilities, and activities all combine for a positive experience for our dog.

Linsey Roberts

4 years ago

Our husky loves it here!

Liz Rich

4 years ago

Our pup LOVES going to daycare here. He doesn’t even look back when we drop him off, just heads back to play with his friends. We’ve had very pleasant experiences with all of the staff, and they take great care of our dog. The prices are great for being able to leave your dog for almost 12 hours of play time, and the overnight stays have been very helpful when we’re traveling. We don’t have to worry about a thing after dropping our dog off! The handy app also allows us to check in during the day as well!

Emmeline Ong

4 years ago

Awful awful place. Do not take your dog here. Took my pup for a nail trim. Was greeted by the owner Mary and she asked if my dog bites. My dog has never bit anyone and has done just fine during nail trims. She calls another employee to help her. She brings my dog to the grooming session and I can hear my dog crying and hear the owner, Mary, loudly yell NO. Don't do that. Let me repeat. My dog has never bit anyone and she claims that my dog does bite. The way she treats her employees is completely unacceptable. After the employee was done helping her she dismissed him and told him he could go back to what he was doing. Another employee who was there looked terrified of working there as well. She is going to make a review and tell me I am not in her data base because when I went today I wasn't in her data base. But I will highly recommend NOT take your pup here. It is an unsafe environment for your dog and for the ones who work there. My family will not be supporting this business.

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