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Nathaniel McCann

2 years ago

Dr. Sparks has taken very good care of our two cats. We have a cat with some pretty significant medical issues and Meadows has helped her live a happy life. The folks who work at the front desk in particular are some of the nicest people ever!

Paul Hwang

2 years ago

Found a great doctor and team for our pets. They are caring and professional. I loved how the doctor went over the care options with us.

Seth Watrous

2 years ago

Meadows cat hospital is amazing. Good people with proper values that are dedicated to doing what is best for the animals in their care. Highly recommend .

Jill McMillan

2 years ago

I wish I could rate higher than five stars. I've tried many other vets over the years in Issaquah, but my search ended here. Since this is a hospital just for kitties, I feel very comfortable with the staff and doctor because of their expertise, abilities, and focus to help my cat. I recommend this place to any cat owner who has ever felt overlooked at other places for bringing in a cat instead of a dog. And I recommend this place to any cat owner who wants the best care, attention and love for their kitty.

Laurel Winkenwerder

2 years ago

I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Sparks and the staff at Meadows for my senior cat, Ollie. I really appreciate Dr. Sparks going above and beyond to help me navigate all the available options for Ollie's diagnostics and treatment. As a senior cat owner, I feel that Ollie is in the in the most expert hands at Meadows.

Mike Hurst

2 years ago

I have been taking my cats to the Meadows cat Hospital for at least 20 years. While the Hospital has changed ownership at least three times during this period. I have always found the services to be competent and caring. The most recent owners are no exception and I highly recommend their services.

Unicorns & Rainbows

2 years ago

I took my 13 year old cat to this "hospital" for a ear infection and an annual exam in good health condition. The "doctors" there recommended some of their cans that contain a lot of protein and after eating from one of the cans, the cat vomited the entire night and died after 3 days. I took the cat there next day after she vomited the entire night and they gave her pain medicine, and they kept asking to do a full blood test for $300+ dollars. The staff there didn't took any responsibility in my cat's death, they charged for their exams multiple times even though the cat got sick because of their lack of knowledge or professionalism. This business is only there in the money making business, they don't care about your pets. The cat could have been alive if I didn't go to this place. AVOID THIS PLACE. Find another place that actually cares about your pets, not only to charge your credit card. This is the lowest quality care I've ever seen.

Megan Otto

2 years ago

I wanted to bring my Sweet Pea to a Cat only vet, I am truly happy with the care they have provided. I plan on staying with Meadows Cat Hospital.

Michelle Harris

2 years ago

Meadows Cat Hospital is of top notch quality. They genuinely care about your pet and their well being. With these people its more about getting your pets health to were it should be rather than however much money thay can collect. I highly recommend these folks.

Susana Leniski

2 years ago

We took our 2 cats here for years (every year). Each time they recommended extensive blood test. Teeth removal, etc. Very expensive, but we didn't care because we loved our cats. Yet they failed to notice a large lump that turned to be a tumor until it was too late. A simple X-ray finally detected a large inoperable tumor. Then, the doctor was unavailable during the emergency, to take our cat out of her misery. Our cat suffered and died at home, one day later. We will never use this people again.

Jay Pham

3 years ago

I’ve been meaning to leave a review for this place for some time now, they’ve always been amazing, but just recently Meadows helped me out tremendously with treating my cat for fleas. They’re always so friendly, helpful, patient, and you can tell they’re really driven by the love of helping cats. Wonderful, wonderful people and I would recommend them highly.


3 years ago

Good service, reasonable prices with caring staff and doctors. Welcoming atmosphere, and pleasant interaction with everyone we had contact with.

Alexis Henry

3 years ago

All the staff at Meadows were attentive and thorough in caring for my cat Lilu. When I picked up my cat from Aerowood, she needed follow-up care and was examined by Dr. Courtney Proctor. I appreciated being asked a lot of thoughtful questions about my cat's health and status prior to dropping her off (Aerowood asked only a couple questions) and when I received updates on my cat's status and care, I felt assured my cat's health was genuinely in the best hands. Dr. Nicholas George and DVM Dr. Laura George also did a tremendous job helping with her treatment. I went home with a care plan and meds, and they checked back frequently to ensure my cat's health was on the right trajectory. My cat was eating and feeling better in a few days. Thank you so much!!! So thankful I took a friend's recommendation to take my cat here!

Alexia R

3 years ago

A fantastic, professional and caring team! I highly recommend Meadows Cat Hospital! This was my first visit to Meadows (10/3) when my cat unexpectedly stopped eating and had troubles using the restroom on a Saturday morning. In a pinch I called around and inquired about good local vet clinics, I was referred to Meadows Cat Hospital. While I didn't have an appointment (always highly suggested) I was in an emergency situation and met them at the front door right as they opened. I was greeted at the front door and kindly asked about my cats symptoms. Here's the moment I knew I would continue to take my cat here - while they couldn't give me an appointment they made room to allow me to keep Mama Kitty onsite and assist her the moment they could diagnose and treat her condition. I was and still am incredibly grateful. They stayed in close correspondence with me, took amazing care of my cat and continued to follow up with her progress thereafter. Pricing was well explained, reasonable and I didn't feel pressured or "sales pitched" to do any more than what was needed for my cats health. My cat was relaxed and happy when she was returned to me. I highly recommend this veterinarian hospital to any feline parents out there! Thank you Meadows team for your kindness and support. We look forward to our next (non-emergency) visit. Alexia & Mama Kitty

Christy Sanchez

3 years ago

New to the area, I made several calls before finding Meadows, which was able to get me a day of appt. for my terminally ill cat. Kind, caring & professional, Dr. George & her staff were able to walk me through the process of end of life with grace & kindness. As this occurred during the stay at home crisis, I was still able to be masked & gloved & be in the room with him as he passed.I am so grateful for that. I highly recommend Meadows.

Grace Adler

3 years ago

Had a great no-contact first annual exam with my new cat! They took the time to discuss my questions and I appreciate that they have a quarantine system that is safer for their team, patients, and owners. I didn’t feel like I was waiting long at all, and the phone conversation setup was seamless. Thanks again!

Leah Morshed

3 years ago

I have 4 cats that I have been taking to Meadowd Cat Hospital in Issaquah, Washington. I had been at a different veterinarian prior and one of my cats would go into such a panic at even approaching that Vet office. A good friend recommended Meadows Cat Hospital. Everyone is so caring and their services accommodate from routine wellness exam to more specialized care and hospital procedures. They are true cat lovers. They are compassionate, they fully explain information and my little girls love the staff. I have recommended them to friends and they also would take their cats only to Meadows Cat Hospital. We don’t live in Issaquah, but would go no where else because their care is so wonderful.

Robin C

3 years ago

I took my cat here for many years. I'd still go back, but it is overly expensive, they charged us $800 for a dental surgery and they didn't even remove the tooth (even if there was nothing wrong with it I would have liked it to be removed because now her new vet also wants it removed and continually putting my cat under anesthesia is not fair). They also transferred her medical records incorrectly to me. The male owner to be fair, is really kind. They also sell really good cat food that finally solved my cats digestive and obesity problems all in one. Update: I changed my review from 3 to 4 stars. The vet reached out to me and cleared some things up, the cost of $800 is incorrect, that was the pricing for an earlier dental extraction which was successful (no problems there!) but the cost for the later dental examination which resulted in no dental extractions was less and there was miscommunication prior to that examination.

Yicun Zeng

3 years ago

Friendly staff and timely service for my cat. My cat's respiratory problem is quickly treated by them and get cured very soon. Price is very reasonable. Meadows also builds cat profile page with Petly, so I can keep track of visit records.

yinan ding

3 years ago

My cat is treated by Doctor Courtney and passed away one day later, I don't think she's professional and responsive. My cat stopped eating and drinking during the labor day , no animal hospital open that day, so I waited to next day(9/8). I can't make same day appointment from many other vet clinic, so when Measows cat hospital said I can walk in, Doctor Courtney can see my cat during interval, I felt so lucy and thank her thousands of time in my heart. She did blood test and X-ray and told us blood test is normal, from X-ray, there may be some lung infection and she may also have asthma. She use such words like maybe, little, that made us think it's not a big problem. After taking antibiotic medicine and inject some fluid, we took my cat home in the afternoon. But the cat became worse at home with rapid breathing and wheezing, also vomit. We called the office and sent them a short video, then we're asked to bring her back for Aerokat inhale. Then we're home again. During the night my cat became worse, she wheezed all the time and fell down on the ground this morning. It's my fault not bring her to emergency since we thought she's treated at day, we thought the recovery maybe slow.Instead, I brought her to the Meadow cat hospital again in the morning (9/9). I arrived there at 7:40, when the officer came at 7:45, she called the doctor and said she can't come today and suggest me to bring my cat to other hospital. I arrived at Alpine but they can't save her back. My cat passed away. I'm really sad and want to say: 1: Doctor Courtney is not professional, she told us it MAYBE lung infection, not severe, why it deteriorated so fast that my cat can't last for a night? I even don't know the real cause for my cat's death till now, so sad. 2: Doctor Courtney is not responsible, since the cat already showed symptom of asthma, whey didn't her remind us some red flag to go emergency during night? I'm lack of knowledge I can take any blame, but as an animal doctor, shouldn't her be more responsible to tell customer the symptom for emergency? Especially when she's out of office next day! She should arrange some backup for follow up. I really regretted choosing Meadows cat hospital. It buys google ads and appears on top when searching, be aware of it. I really felt sorry to my cat. No matter what I type, it can't bring back her life.


3 years ago

I ran across Meadows after my beloved cat friend of 18 years died and I needed cremation and didn't know where to turn. They were (and are) amazing. The comments about their compassion are spot on. We were surprised to meet a three month old kitten last weekend who has some health issues and everything about Meadows is the pinnacle of caring, compassionate, and competent. I am so grateful to have my baby in their care, and can't give a higher recommendation or possibly adequately express how grateful I am for them ????.

David Lewis

4 years ago

We had to board our terminal cat who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Our usual ( and VERY expensive) vet did not board. So we had to look for other options. We found Meadows Cat Hospital and went in to chat and get a feel for the place. After just a few minutes of talking with Nick and Dr. George we were immediately put at ease. The level of care that our cat (Archie) received was amazing. They gave Archie the full treatment and was incredibly reasonable. My wife and I wish we could do more to show how much we appreciate the service and caring showed to us by the entire staff. Needless to say Archie only goes to Meadows from now on.

Jeff Miller

4 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff. Dr. George is amazing!

Leslie Thorgalsen

4 years ago

I can’t enough about how much I LOVE this cat hospital. The staff is exceptionally warm and compassionate. Dr. George has her degree from the University of Wisconsin, one of the most prestigious universities in our country. Her expertise reflects that. Beyond that she truely loves cats! Nick at the front desk also has a PHD from University of Wisconsin and is extremely caring. I lost one of my cats due to old age. Not only were they so compassionate knowing that our cats are family members, but went beyond by writing a beautiful note to our family.

Linda Legg

4 years ago

Ever since the Doctors Laura and Nick took over Meadows Cat Hospital, the caliber of care has gone UP exponentially! They not only instill in their staff the exceptional level of care required, but they truly care about the well being of your cats health. They will offer numerous ways to address an issue and be up front about ongoing care. And then there is the "spa" which is what I tell my 2 Pixie Bob boys when they come to stay for awhile. They are truly pampered and JW now thinks he is part owner. Meadows is THE BEST!

Margaret Stewart

4 years ago

Dr. George, you deserve a bad review. Although your staff (front desk people) are wonderful, as the vet, you never addressed the problem that was killing my cat, but only wanted tests and office visits about other issues any geriatric cat might have to increase your bottom line. And then, you would not give any medication to ease his pain and suffering as he was dying without another extremely stressful office visit. We had him euthanized at Seattle Humane Society which is just that...HUMANE. I absolutely refused to call you after you would not even give pain/suffering medication. Plus, I can only imagine what YOU would have charged. I also suspect the visits, tests, and unrelated shots hastened his demise. I will give to Seattle Humane Society at any time, but will never visit you again. I know you will delete this; it is your website, so go ahead. I just wanted you to know.

Riley Drake

4 years ago

Absolutely wonderful Hospital! I have been searching for a Cat Specific Clinic for my kitties and Meadow Cat Hospital is the perfect place! Dr. George and her husband are both extremely knowledgeable and compassionate when it comes to your cats. We took in my 4 year old Calico who ended up having six stones in her bladder and they explained everything that would need to happen to help her as well as the costs which i really appreciate. They were able to do a surgery on her that day and even spent the time afterwards answering literally any question we had regarding not only or sick girl, but our other cats. You can tell just how much these people care and are willing to go above and beyond for their patients and clients. If you want the absolute best for your kitties go to Meadows Cat Hospital!!

Stacy Harfert

4 years ago

I could not have received better care or attention from Meadows cat clinic. They were so kind and compassionate when it was time to say goodbye to my little fur baby. I was so lucky to have them help me through this time and felt so fortunate to receive the care from this team. Best Issaquah cat clinic. I highly recommended them!

Царь Ъ

4 years ago

Many doctors are friendly. I rate for doctors professionalism, not just for friendliness. Our cat has problem with hear loss. Doctor can't diagnose it right. Cat was prescribed antibiotic ointment, then antibiotics - nothing helps... Diagnosis wasn't right. Prices are very expensive, but not adequate to the diagnostic accuracy. Won't recommend this place for friends and family members.

Kenley_and_Miriam Lamaute

5 years ago

This place was AMAZING!! When it was our first day, the staff was very warm and welcoming. My cat and I were in and out with smiles on our faces! The office is very comfortable for both you and your cat. When my cat got shots, they called the next day to check in on him!

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