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Luciane Dias

2 years ago

I can’t thank the Intercity veterinary hospital enough and doctor Nimarta Sekhon for saving my loved dogs life. They were so kind and attentive to us. They moved the schedule around without extra fee to accommodate my dogs surgery, and the …

Ashlyn Brantner

2 years ago

I don’t understand how these people are still in business. There are more bad reviews than good, and all the good ones are years ago when there was a different owner. The current owner will use excuses in their responses like “sorry we couldn’t find you in our system” okay? like did you even check? that’s cap. Also lying about the names of their employees.They have a horrible attitude in the responses to these reviews and are extremely unprofessional. I will not be taking my pet here. I suggest you go somewhere else.

michael roderick

2 years ago

Been going to this place before the new vet took over and I believe this place ripped me off 120.00 said it was my bill that's stupid we have always paid never had a balance with this establishment so I quit going there we needed dog meds and really didn't have the money for them but not going to let the dog do without her meds so I very reluctantly paid them to get the meds.

Dr. Chassidy Lucas

2 years ago

These people are the reason my little girl is dead.

Susan 1

2 years ago

They really charge me 60$ for no show. And they didn’t call me and no reminder sent . I will never go back there , they almost kill my dog for neutering sergery And they charged me way too much for that . Pay more and go other places.

Tatyana Yurevich

2 years ago

Changing the name of this place will not change anything untill they change the horrible management (Sabrina) the Manger recently told me that she can no longer service my dog because I mentioned I wanted to see a different vet for a second opinion on his skin condition that they couldn't figure out for 3 years of going. They put my dog on 2 expensive medications that he took twice a day every day for 3 years when I mentioned it wasn't helping they put him on new food, shampoo, vitamins, oitments nothing was helping I would leave the vet paying hundreds of dollors with a sick dog. After 3 years and thousands of dollors my dog is still sick. Really does feel like a big scam for money. Not to mentioned the attitude that I would get every time I would come in to pick up meds. One of the times there was a customer with a cat that was witnessing her being so rude to me about and stood up for me. The front desk just has poor customer service and when they lady stood up for me Sabrina defended herself by saying we are short staffed. So if u want to waste your money and get bunch of attitude from the front desk for there hour long hold times 5 days to pick up medication that in the end wasn't even helping this would be the place to go. Very suprised they are still in buisnness. The reviews speak for themselves!!!! Don't let me fool you.

Candis Sagisi

2 years ago

Called Value Vet recently to make an appointment to treat my dog's kennel cough. Whoever was at the counter in the morning was very rude and uncaring. Asked me to send my dog to emergency when there is no need; the cough just started a couple days ago and it is not lethal. I asked them again if I can make an appointment, then they responded with an angery tone, refusing business. I told them I would need to hang up because of their disrespect, "Well SORR-Y." they said. I don't care if one of you guys are having a bad day, it's not right to act that way towards a customer. I am no longer visiting this place from now on. Ridiculous.

marie Auckland

2 years ago

I have no complaints, about the care, but when they charge more than $20.00 dollars more for my perscription than another vet it's time to change vets, also other prices are price gouging like teeth cleaning.

Joy Michelle Willett

2 years ago

Phoebe is perfect when she goes there!

Bella Osseiran

2 years ago

Well it was expensive I don’t really care about the price for quality pet care, my issue was with the front desk woman who was disrespectful to another cat owner. I was really uncomfortable witnessing her wait for hours and then be treated poorly. After seeing the reviews I think it would be in the best interest of my animals to take them elsewhere before I have a bad experience and I suggest you guys do the same.

Angie Hoffman Forster

2 years ago

In my search for a new forever vet for my dog after moving to Everett, I checked out this place. My dog had an ear infection I needed help with, and they were the vet that could get him seen the soonest (2.5 weeks out). I should have held out for quality and not speed. I arrived early and filled out all the paperwork. While filling out the forms, the two folx at the desk started talking badly about the customer before me, and making fun of him. Wow. Huge trust lost there . After 30 minutes we were brought in and the dog taken in the back for an exam. They agreed that he had an ear infection, but also tried to upsell me on dental cleaning with anesthesia. (He just saw another vet a few months back who said his teeth were great for his age.) After taking the dog back, we waited in the tiny exam room for a further two hours and twenty minutes. No update on time. No update on procedure. Just silence.

Matthew Jones

2 years ago

I brought my cat in after I noticed his shoulder was injured. The staff at Value vet were able to see him quickly and schedule an appointment to get him fixed up. He received quality care and the staff was very helpful answering questions for me. I will bring my pets back here anytime!

Maria Melarosa

2 years ago

I have taken my kittens here before and they made me wait hours joke sitting there when there was absolutely nothing !the first time I was ok,something else might be going on in the back ..but nothing no other pets were seen !! Also every time I tried to call they would make me sit and wait and wait and wait on hold …I don’t recommend this place to anyone

michael DeJohn

2 years ago

Took my dog in for a tooth extractionHe died three weeks later

Veronica Talcott

2 years ago

Best veterinary doctors & friendly staff.

Barbara Ludwig

2 years ago

First I called and the phone was picked up but no one answered or said anything. The receiver was placed on the desk or something because I could hear two people discussing charts and it sounded as if one was being trained. The trainer began to bad mouth one of the doctors and I realized they weren't going to answer the phone so I hung up. I called right back and explained that my dog couldn't walk, wasn't eating or drinking and was in pain - no compassion from the girl who answered who also never asked any questions whatsoever and told me the soonest appointment was 13 days out. When I asked if there wasn't something they could do, I was told, "nope". I scheduled the appointment but my dog died before she could get to the appointment. There is no compassion from this place and I will never bring another pet of mine here again.


2 years ago

My pets are turtles. I had an event with one of them, and I went to this vet clinic to ask for help or information. Although they do not treat turtles, Shadie was very friendly and provide me with information and places I could go. Very professional service.

Chad (slyusmc)

3 years ago

Brought our dog in for a bite wound our dog got from our other dog. This bite needed stitches or staples and the wound to be cleaned out and closed up. Value vet charged us $205 for cleaning and meds and wanted another $618 for "surgery" our fury family friend didn't need surgery just needed to be cared for and given options other than an expensive office visit for a bite wound. Instead sent our dog home with a open wound a few days worth of meds and a smile and a wave good bye. Called around to other vets in the area and got the situation taken care of for another $268. We are transferring all of our pets to another vet clinic. There is no "Value" in value vet. We felt all they wanted was our money and the care of our family friend was not taken care of with passion, care and consideration of what is affordable within reason of the situation.

Josh Kerr

3 years ago

I had a few issues with this place but they fixed everything. Good people.


3 years ago

They dont have the time of day for pets and zero compassion! I will never bring my dog back here!

My Email

3 years ago

Just needed a paper filled out for a flight. Over the phone it was no issue and one price was given. In person suddenly an exam was required and the price about tripled. During the exam the price double with no reason other than this is just a cash grab, they tack on another $70. From $12 to $150 just for a paper for a flight.

Monica Hayward

3 years ago

I had an appointment and when I showed up early to fill out the paperwork they said that someone had called and canceled which no one did. Then they told me there wasn’t much they could do.

Maryannie Little

3 years ago

My dog has liver disease. She was poisoned with buprenorphine (they knew she had liver disease) by the Lynnwood vetrinary specialty center. I attribute her being alive to the handsome and kind Dr. At Value Vet. He personally made sure to talk with me at no cost the best treatment, it took little time for him to get back to me as he was making rounds if phone calls, seeming to care about all of them personally. After spending 1700 elsewhere we had very little money left. He made sure she did not become critical with sound advice. If your dog has liver disease please double check every perscribed med. The purina flora fauna has copper as a 3rd ingredient and buprenorphine should never be given to a dog with liver disease. The current dr. And past dr.v are seriously the best bit again double check every medicine because we are all human and can make mistakes.

Louise Mori

3 years ago

Yesterday I brought in my little, nervous rescue poodle, worried that she had a major problem. It was not a long wait, not expensive, and not a big problem! I was so grateful once again for Value Vet!


3 years ago

I love the vet but once I started getting my dogs medicine from PetMeds I was not impressed. The medicine was double the price of PetMeds. Every time PetMeds faxed a refill it took a week for Value Vet to fax it back. This is the second month my dog will run out of his pain meds. My dog is in pain when he doesn’t get him meds and they don’t seem to care.

AJ Danese

3 years ago

Waited on hold for thirty minutes then hung up and called again and placed on hold for another ten minutes. Staff has no respect for the animals, they took my dog in the back to get an X-ray and knowing they needed two people the, lady did it by herself and hurt my dog. Waited over three and half hours to hear what was wrong with my dog. I’ll never will be bring my dog here again.

Emily Hussey

3 years ago

I think they did a good job so far. Haven't quite figured out what's wrong with my baby yet but its a process as she can't tell them whats wrong. They are doing their best i believe. I haven't been to another vet as our cats are inside cats and we dont take them in unless something is wrong. But i don't think it should be called "value vet" i dont think the value is very good. I paid 65 dollars for some meds that they didnt even put on to my cat for me. I could have just gotten it from Costco. And in my personal opinion, my own pharmacies have always told me how to get the cheapest medicine. But there is a goodRX for pets and I wish i would have known about that a day before our appointment. Since my cat is long haired and very fiesty (which they were not worried about, which is great) she needed to be sedated for some treatment, it was spendy and I wanted a sanitary cut but I believe they would have shaved the area around her wound anyway. It seemed we needed to pay for the sedation in order to get her treated which I do not like. They offered a lion cut which is not pretty(they warned us they are not trained) but why offer it? Its uneven and 105$ not worth the price. I wonder what they would have done if I hadn't taken their suggestions. Since the wound is on her neck all we can do is sock her. Or make her a scarf. It's hard. And we still don't know what it is. 327$ later. But what do I know. Maybe I should get pet insurance.

Erik WittaK

3 years ago

One star, go to a different vet.

becca hinshaw

3 years ago

I have dealt with them twice. One for my cats cremation and then for my dog whos claw had an issue and for shots. They were very kind and professional. Currently planning on taking my puppers back for a visit.

Loma Watkins

3 years ago

I have been a client at Value Vet for many years. I absolutely love their stuff and how they treat my babies. With them being a small Clinic my pets are 100% cared for from beginning to end. They are a small clinic so this does mean they don't just have people standing around waiting to serve you because they are busy. If you sit in the clinic for even 10 minutes you will see every associate running back and forth answering phones, helping each other and bending over backwards to help each and every client in any way they can. The Associates and Veterinary technicians have cuddled and sang to my babies to soothe them when scared. Even a rescue who is not dog friendly is brought in a side door and gets pampered while she gets her nails done in the back. I could not express the Gratitude I have for every staff member and doctor at that practice.

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