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tyler brost

2 years ago

Unfortunately usually bad reasons to be there but great staff and prices.

NiceGuy Mick

2 years ago

NO HORSE, NO VISIT. THERE IS NO MONEY IN DOGS AND CATS. if there was truth in advertising this place would be called 'CRITTERS - WE DON'T CARE'. if you have a pet that is SICK OR DYING, DON'T BOTHER calling here because they will not pick up the phone. IF YOU SHAME THEM ON FACEBOOK AFTER CALLING THEM 10 TIMES, THEY REPLY. this is some kind of millennial that will only take TEXT MESSAGES so if you use a phone, YOU DO NOT QUALIFY TO BE A CUSTOMER. what it comes down to is CRUELTY TO ANIMALS but they do not care about humans so why care about pets. NICE BIG SHINY TRUCKS ARE FOR THE EGO AND DO NOT HELP A PET WHEN THEY DO NOT SHOW UP AT YOUR HOME. THEY SHOULD TAKE THIS ONE'S LICENSE AWAY. BAH!!!!

Jasbir Dhanoa

2 years ago

Excellent place for anything and everything

Kitty Kennedy

2 years ago

Dr. Thea McFadden of Critter Care is the worst. She has a bad attitude, no bedside manner, is stand offish, curt and more often than not just outright rude. She literally makes every interaction uncomfortable and frustrating. I've been taking my animals to Critter Care since they opened back when it was called Critter-cal Pet Care and Dr. McFadden wasn't bitter and burnt out or devoid of compassion yet. Her ability to provide basic customer service or keep up acceptable patient pleasantries for the duration of a simple checkup has diminished throughout the years, and as far as I'm concerned all but disappeared since covid. While I acknowledge the unique circumstances and understand the stress and overwhelm being shorthanded must cause, that is no excuse for poor treatment and the bad attitude you make little effort to hide. Nor should it EVER affect the quality of care you provide our pets. I have also become increasingly frustrated with most of the staff recently and will not recommend anyone go to Critter Care ever again. I can only assume it has a lot to do with the example Dr. McFaddens sets. The cold indifference she shows certain customers and the dismissive attitude she has for customer service in general is likely toxic and most definitely contagious to the young and impressionable interns that have to work with her. Everyone except Reesa, that is. Reesa is always pleasant in person and cheerful on the phone. She is genuine and helpful and quite frankly the only good thing that place has going for it anymore. If it weren't for Reesa I would have switched to a different vet years ago.

Jessica Karraker

2 years ago

Just wanted to give a shoutout to Dr. McFadden and her entire team at Critter Care. Yesterday we had an emergency with one of our dogs. They were able to get us in quickly, examined, and referred to a speciality vet hospital in Spokane due to the extent and type of injury. We really appreciate the care and professionalism we received from Critter Care, especially with an emergency and our regular vet being unavailable this week.

Jim Rowles

2 years ago

Very nice. Very prompt. Very satisfied with their service.

Leo Perrone

2 years ago

Awesome place. Vets are great!

Maricar Diga

2 years ago

Critter Care is great with our fur babies and and fur parents.

Bri Reed

2 years ago

Critter care was so great to my Goldie Baylee! They were the only place within a 100mile radius willing to take a look at her ear infection, everywhere else was booked and the Emergency rooms were packed. We drove an hour to see them, they gave her some medicine which cleared up most of the infection. They also set me an appointment for 10 days later, they added a little bit more medicine in one ear because there was still some residue. They were so quick! Very helpful, I’d be happy to drive an hour to see them when needed! Thanks for the love and help!

Ken S

2 years ago

Take great care of. My dog!

Laurie Frederickson

2 years ago

It was OK. Not great, just OK. I took my cat to have neutered and was quoted a price, but when I picked him up they asked for more than the quote, which was 2 days prior to the appt. I pointed it out and was told that prices just had been raised. I asked " in the last 2 days?", and she said yes . I thought that was a bit weird.

Lorrie Henriquez

2 years ago

The receptionist was cold. Standoff ish absolutely acted like she didn't care about the concern of my Dog. I will never give my business. To them. Again Mt Stuart. I recommend to everyone if ya want compassion.

Austin Laverdure

2 years ago

I took my pit bull, Onyx, here in February. He had an ear infection since I got him last year and the meds I was given for him worked a bit but then the infection always came back. The ointment I got from Critter Care worked tremendously and they gave him shots at a great value. Would highly recommend Critter Care :)

Jeannine Kooy

2 years ago

We have been taking our pets here for year's and always a wonderful experience. Our cat recently passed away unexpectedly and they have been so amazing. I recommend to everyone.

Ramona Swann

2 years ago

Critter Care came to our rescue when we took our little Dale to them. They saved him and we will be forever grateful.

Em Owens

2 years ago

If I could give this place negative stars, I would. I cannot believe the experience I just had. Yes, it's one of the cheapest in town, but at what cost? I always had mediocre service until now. What happened today made me lose all respect for them. I don't think I have ever been so insulted and disrespected in my entire life. The techs were nice and so was the lady in the office, but the doctor killed the whole experience. I had to take my mom's senior dog in to get him euthanized, when on the phone, I gave them a general weight estimation and instead of weighing him to see how much medicine to give him, they guessed and guessed wrong. Not only did they have to administer another syringe full, he was also needing a sedative to calm him while she continued to attempt to poke him with the needle. I felt like my dog was tortured until he died. Not to mention that not long after the second dose, the doctor came in and practically told us to leave because they were busy and had other appointments. I don't think I would've been as irritated if she didn't say it in a snotty voice, acting all nonchalant, disrespectful, and insensitive about everything. Not to mention that my mom and I were unsure if he was even completely gone before being rushed out. I don't think I ever wanted to hit someone more in my whole life. Overall just a cruel experience and I will NEVER go back. I advise you to do the same.

jason ashley

2 years ago

They did good kitty's and not many people due Declan anymore but they did great

Cassidy Kopp

3 years ago

Got my cat neutered and they were affordable as well as welcoming. They made me feel like my cat would be ok. My kids are no longer scared of their animals going to the vet. Definitely recommend this place.

Annika Hald

3 years ago

Great place, very friendly staff and good prices

Daniel Hogue

3 years ago

Staff are all friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They are wonderful to the animals and it shows they love what they do.

Robin Gulledge

3 years ago

They were priced reasonably. Staff seemed to truly be sensitive to the importance of my fur baby & my 18yr relationship with her. She was put to sleep due to old age & she no longer was able to stand & was in pain. The only problem I had was that I could not hold her, in order for her not to be afraid. She growled at the young woman who took her from me out of fear of a stranger after a secure & happy life. THIS IS SAD. This they claimed was because of Covid. I would have been willing to do temp & wear face mask. My cat didn't understand any of that. I was one person w/one cat in a big building.

Jimi Gordon

3 years ago

Moving all of my animals to Critter Care for their veterinarian needs.

Whitney Fredette

3 years ago

My dog's regular vet wanted almost $300 to drop her off at 5 pm (!) when my baby girl had been sick for almost 3 days... Thea got her admitted at 10 am for a $150 emergency drop off fee, and called and informed us what the issue was within a few hours. She and her staff took wonderful care of our baby, when our dog's regular vet wanted to price gouge and ignore an emergency for a regular customer. Needless to say, we have a new vet ????.

Rhonda Gehlen

3 years ago

We adopted a little girl kitty from the Yakima Humane Society. Unfortunately it was after the first evening she had an accident outside the litter box that had a lot of blood in it. She was constantly in and out of the box peeing small amounts. It was obvious she had an UTI. Our vet said they couldn't see her for 2 weeks and to take her to Yakima pet ER. Same with other vets in town. Until I called Critter Care They got her in the next morning and started treating her. 2 weeks later she still had blood in urine. We had an appt with out regular vet. When we got there we were told we missed our 11:45 appt and they couldn't see Gertie . I had the appt down as 12pm. I had actually repeated the time when I made it, as most of the time you don't get a 12pm appt! Left angry and called Critter Care and said Gertie still had a lot of blood in urine, they said bring her right in! We will be loyal fur baby parents to Critter Care, Dr. McFadden and her crew! ???????? I don't know why everyone says after 5 take your pets to Yakima ER, but I also don't understand when you have a pet in an emergency how you are expected to get them there safely and alive. That would be like KVH saying go to Yakima after five with your emergency. REALLY????!

Renee P.

3 years ago

Highly recommend this clinic. Very caring staff, excellent vet.

John Ellsworth

3 years ago

Critter Care is ran by people who love animals and truly appreciate the job that they do. But like any Clinic there are mistakes from time to time however we still trust them with our animals.

Daniel Cook

3 years ago

Will not be returning after giving them a second chance. My girlfriend and I got a new puppy and took to Critter Care, the vet my girlfriend’s family has used in the past (but not for last couple of years). The veterinarian couldn’t care less, rushed through the appointment and I just felt that they tried to be in and out as fast as possible. They made no eye contact and didn’t seem to pay attention to my questions because I had to repeat each one 2-3 times and it was not loud at the time. Also, they are very back and forth on their policy. Two weeks ago, we were allowed to come in with our puppy to the appointment but this week we were not allowed inside the building. So we were allowed inside during the COVID stay at home orders but are now not allowed to when Kittitas county has been approved for stage 2 opening? They also almost dropped my puppy when handing her back to us in the car, they care more about being contactless than the well-being of the pets. They also lost the health record we brought with our puppy and took them as long to find it as it did our 15 minute appointment. Because we have had good experiences with Critter Care in the past, we went back for a second appointment but again, it will be our last. I’m not sure if they’re under new ownership in the past couple years or are just so distraught by the COVID pandemic that they have let themselves go.

Diah Roberts

3 years ago

Wasn't able to go inside but at the time they answer the phone when my normal vet wouldn't. Friendly staff.

Gary Robertson

3 years ago

Treated dog well not over expensive

Carrie Young

3 years ago

Friendly and courteous to man and beast

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