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April Horton

2 years ago

They did such an amazing Job on my Pippa. She had some Matt's on her belly and legs and Grooming with Diane did an amazing job with her. I'm so grateful.

Andressa All

2 years ago

Sandy always takes great care of our lab Buster! He is really happy when dropped off ♥️

Jemma B

2 years ago

Always able to get service here. Quick and relaxing. Sweet staff. My pup loves coming here for pedi’s and play dates.


2 years ago

They took great care of my dog while I was away. :)

Justin Jackson

2 years ago

Perfect with Huskies! My dog loves them!


2 years ago

While we're on a road trip and visiting Bellevue area for a week, we needed to get our Shih Tzu groomed. Found this place online. Diana was very nice, responsive, and professional, she also understood all our special requests and needs. Highly recommended! We will definitely come back when we're in the area again.

Tracey Trexel

2 years ago

We’ve been coming to A Pampered Pooch since we moved here a year ago. So appreciate Sandy and her team. They do a beautiful job grooming Kevin and they are so sweet and gentle with him. Love that he is always happy to come back and that he looks (and smells) great! Highly recommend!

Carla Banks

2 years ago

The ppl here are wonderful knowledgeable and helpful. They are extremely professional and I look forward to my furbabies next service

Skylar Kliewer

3 years ago

My dog has a ton of anxiety, especially when he spends a day with people he doesn't know. When I picked him up, it was like he had spent the whole day with people who care. Well worth the time and money.

Chris McQuillan

3 years ago

Sandy is great and very accommodating!

Jill Thompson

4 years ago

Sandi and her crew always takes impeccable and living care if our girls.


4 years ago

My dog has been coming here semi-regularly for years, and he's still excited to scamper in and greet the staff every time. I can't think of a better endorsement.

MQ Liu

4 years ago

LOVE Sandy and this place! They take such great care of our puppy. :) Highly recommend!

Ellie Becker

5 years ago

Drove by and saw a dog barking outside in the back on a 32*F day. I drove by 20 minutes later and it was still there, so I called the facility and the women told me that “every dog needs outside time to play.” And I told her the dog was outside by its self barking at the door. I told her that and she said “she’s fine.”

Jack Pritz

5 years ago

It was hard for me to trust someone to take care of my puppy, but Sandy won me over. I feel like she really knows my dog. I appreciate how she keeps me up to speed with who he plays with and how he behave day-to-day.

Rae Rankin

5 years ago

Love A Pampered Pooch! They take amazing care of all the dogs in their care.

Maddy S

5 years ago

I hired Sandy (owner) to do in-home pet sitting for 6 days. Worst service experience of my life. About a week before my trip, I scheduled an appointment to view the boarding facilities at Pampered Pooch. I went in with my dog to do an evaluation, we toured the place, and then I learned they did in home pet sitting. Within a day or two, I called to arrange in-home pet sitting for 6 days. Sandy comes to my apartment (which is less than a 5 minute drive from the business) and visits with my dog. My dog is really shy to strangers, but soon he lets her pet him and we go outside. Sandy assures me that it's totally normal, sometimes you just have to let dogs do their thing to get used to new people. Sandy mentions that she will make an extra copy of my key to give to her other employee who will stop by over the weekend. I hesitate, and I ask her who the employee is and their experience level, if they're good with shy dogs. We have a conversation about how they know exactly how to handle nervous dogs, and how it's all about gradually introducing them to new events and people. I say great, but they could visit my dog together specifically on friday so that my dog can get used to the idea of Sandy being around, and then get gradually introduced to the new employee. Sandy said absolutely, great plan, no problem. I go over the dates again. We agree VERY SPECIFICALLY to two 40 minute visits a day, one at 10:45 am and one at 7 pm. It's super smokey and hot that week, so I say no need to walk him. I leave on my trip, and after my plane lands on the East Coast I call Sandy to see how things went on day 1. She immediately is hostile and says this is absolutely not going to work out. She did one visit in the morning by herself that went perfectly fine. She then went back with the other employee a couple hours later to give her the key so THE OTHER EMPLOYEE could start taking over the pet sitting shifts. My dog was really scared and overwhelmed, and Sandy told me he started barking at them and wouldn't come inside. Sandy tells me that I need to get a friend to pet sit because she's not going to anymore. I ask Sandy why she brought over a new person so quickly, when we had agreed that we would wait at least 3 or 4 days so my dog could get used to new people. Sandy explained she was absolutely not going to go to my house after work in the evenings because it was out of her way and she wanted to go straight home. She starts yelling at me saying the it was my responsibility to make bring my dog into the boarding place to get evaluated and meet the other employee. I remind her that I had brought my dog in, he briefly met the other employee, and everything had gone fine. She keeps berating me, saying that it wasn't going to work out. She said that I'm the reason they don't usually offer in-home pet sitting and that I didn't comply with their two-week waiting period. I say that in-home pet sitting is listed on their website, I had no way of knowing that they never did in-home pet sitting. I tell her that nobody even mentioned a two-week waiting period to me during our multiple visits, and if that was the case somebody should have informed me and upheld that policy. When I say this, Sandy actually laughs at me. I explain to her that I have nobody else to do it. She sighs really dramatically and says "We'll see what happens but I can't guarantee anything." I called and texted her a little while later asking if we could speak again because I felt like we left off on a bad note, but she never returned my call. I received ONE text during the week, after I asked her again how things were going, and heard nothing the rest of the week. Long story short, Sandy accepted to job and figured she could easily just give the job over to her other employee to handle. When I went into pay, my bill was less than I thought it would be. She told me she only showed up once on Saturday so she only charged me for a half day. This meant my dog went at least 24 hours without being let outside.


5 years ago

The best of the best in pet hospitality...

Becky Scott

6 years ago

The groomer has left, DO NOT take your dog there for grooming needs. I took my dog in for a bath brush and nail trim. He's a Siberian husky blowing his coat. And I received him back still wet, smelling like wet dog. And absolutely no brushing was done what so ever. She also charged me 110 dollars for that... because he was difficult to groom. 110 dollars for something a 14 year old could do in their bathtub. The owner is nice. But the job isn't worth the money bottom line.

Tricia Hall

6 years ago

They no longer do grooming, but was a great place to take when they did.

Kristina Ash

6 years ago

My dog goes here almost every day. She's extremely anxious and cries when I leave her anywhere else. But from day one, she's loved going here.


6 years ago

The whole staff is friendly and helpful! You can tell they genuinely love animals. Our dog loves coming here! It’s one of his favorite places. As furr parents, it is so comforting to know that we are leaving our sweet boy in capable and caring hands! He always comes home tired from a full day of play and excercise. Thank you for taking great care of our Koda!!

Anh Le

6 years ago

Sandy is great. Elsie, our dog, loves her doggie friends there. I have peace of mind knowing Elsie is there if she has to be away from home.

Naomi Finnecy

7 years ago

My boyfriend and I had an emergency come up and we were in desperate need of a place to watch our dog while we went out to handle it. We got our Ridgeback/lab mix recently and she unfortunately has a bad case of separation anxiety and we have a system of how we leave her alone and make her feel comfortable but unfortunately we couldn't do that. I called place after place and got denied to bring her in because she hadn't gone through a temperament test. I called Pampered Pooch and they were really nice, understood my situation and told me to bring medical records and vaccine list and they would take care of the rest. Luckily my dog is a big people person and likes dogs so I wasn't worried but they took care of her and came to my rescue. When i went to pick up my dog she was so happy and they said she did really well and they were happy to have her. I am so grateful for their kindness and understanding and I am definitely a customer now!

Joanne Wynstra

8 years ago

My dog LOVES a Pampered Pooch, and so do I! My dog has been going to a Pampered Pooch for about two years now, for once a week daycare and boarding as needed. We only have to ask our dog if she wants to go to daycare, and she runs to the car in excitement. Our dog returns to us at the end of the day, exhausted after playing, and sleeps for the next few days! Sandy, the owner, provides the dogs with a safe and fun play environment. We feel fortunate to be able to board our anxiety-ridden rescue dog and not have to worry about her. I honestly don't know what I would do without a Pampered Pooch.

Matthew Wahlrab

9 years ago

After a three months of bringing our high energy dog in for day care with great results, it was a no brainer for us to trust Sandy and her team to watch our dog and five cats for their in-home care plan. Sandy and her family run business have always been incredibly trust worthy and our dog always comes home happy. This holiday season we had Sandy come by and pick up our dog from our home for her regular day care sessions and drop her off back at home every evening. A Pampered Pooch also fed our dog her special diet twice a day as part of the in-home care. In addition to watching our dog, Sandy and her team also looked after and played with our 5 cats while we were gone! As part of the care, Sandy fed and cleaned out our cat boxes everyday! When we came home the cat boxes were pristine, they had taken out our trash, and our cats hadn't acted out at all (which they are prone to do when stressed or upset). It was great coming home to 6 very happy pets. I can't recommend A Pampered Pooch enough for day care AND in-home care. We will most definitely be using A Pampered Pooch again during our next out of town trip and of course for the doggy day care!

Crystal Madrigal-Aguilar

10 years ago

We love Pampered Pooch!!! My Aussies go to daycare there a few times a week and I'm thankful that they have a place to go, if they need to. Sandy is always warm, friendly, and flexible!

Jim Brown

10 years ago

We've been taking our dogs there for the past 3 months and are very happy with how Sandy interacts with our pets, and happy with the qualify of the facilities and the value received. Also, we just utilized the services of the new groomer (on 06/22/2013), who did an excellent job as well.

Lacey Ethier

10 years ago

Our dog loves coming to doggy day care at the Pampered Pooch. She races into the building in the morning and comes home properly tuckered out from playing and often smelling a little better than when I dropped her off.

Shaun Heineken

10 years ago

I have been taking my dog, Boone to A Pampered Pooch for a little over 3 months now. I have to say that Sandy, the owner is one of the best people to ever leave your dog with. She can read a dogs temperament like no one else I have met. Every time that I come and pick Boone up he looks so happy and is always excited when we get close to A Pampered Pooch.

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