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Madisyn Thurman

2 years ago

Took my Labrador Retriever pup Kuro here for the day camp training with trainer Maddy. My dog has always been a pretty big handful for me at home and the training he received here far exceeded my expectations. Our 1:1 training classes with Maddy were really informative and helpful for me, she explained things in a way that was easy to understand yet effective. Will recommend to any family or friends looking for training!

Kim Borchers

2 years ago

We appreciated the Instagram updates which reassured us that our seven-month-old Brea was in good hands was enjoying her self and responding to the attentive training. Maddie was our go home trainer and she was very kind, patient and empathetic to our needs going forward in keeping up with Brea’s continued training. When explaining and giving us instructions for the training commands and the use of the collar training unit she was very professional and yet kept it very simple and understandable. Thank you very much!!!

Emily Boll

2 years ago

Enzo's boarding and training works! We are a first-time dog family of 4 with two younger children and our goal was to for all of us to live happily together. Our son is especially greatful that our puppy no longer nips or bites. Our trainer, Maddy, is great at what she does - she taught us specific in-house and out-of-house commands and skills to work positively with our dog. Thank you!

Russell Tolle

2 years ago

We had our two 1 1/2 year old small breed dogs trained at Enzo's. It was hard being apart for two weeks, and wondered how things would go. We picked them up, and Maddy spent a long time with is demonstrating their training and teaching us how to command our pups when we returned home. Maddy was excellent and thorough when teaching us and giving us the confidence to return home. I would highly recommend Enzo's. We are very pleased!

Sarah Edwards

2 years ago

We took our 6 month old Boston Terrier for the two week board & train in December. They did a great job teaching him some behavior basics that have made a huge difference in our house. Thank you to Maddy for her instruction!

Stephen Rogers

2 years ago

What a great experience with Enzo’s Acres! This is our second family dog that has gone through their two week puppy boot camp training. Our once wild golden retriever now knows how to properly sit, down, “place” and so much more. Maddy was our instructor for our go home class, she was clear and to the point while taking extra time to answer our questions and very very kind to our sweet Alfie boy. Well job Enzo’s and thank you very much Maddy.

Naomi Lucas

2 years ago

We sent our fluffy samoyed boy, Mahi, to Enzo's for some corrective training to help him with his guarding habits and call backs. We worked with Maddy, a trainer there, for several hours upon picking Mahi up after his two week stay. Not only had she answered all of our questions(we had many) she was also incredibly patient with us as she taught my husband and I how to work Mahi within the new rules the trainers had set for him to hone in his energy. Mahi has been home for almost a week now, and--with us being as consistent as possible with the rules--has been an amazing good boy! He's now happily crate trained and doesn't wake our baby up randomly because he feels like barking--randomly. Lol. We haven't tested the guarding yet, but he hasn't wanted to guard anything, so we take that as a good sign. Enzo's really helped us, at least has helped my husband and I have the tools we need to work Mahi and not be ignored by him. He responds to us now, he's still stubborn af, but NOT AS stubborn. Samoyeds, right? They gave us a great foundation and we're being consistent because their rules are easy to follow. That's probably the best thing I can tell y'all if you're looking for help. Worth it.

Cheryl Austin

2 years ago

Was wonderful. Well trained staff. Did a wonderful job training our out of control dog.

Karen Peterson

2 years ago

Enzo's was our last hope for being able to keep our dog we rescued. She was such a handful!! Her trainer, Grace, was amazing and our dog responded exactly as we had hoped. We now have the tools to use at home that has brought calm to the chaos. We are happy with the outcome!!

Allison Kliewer

2 years ago

Great experience. Our dog is much better behaved. Would highly recommend. Mandy, our dog trainer, was excellent.

Andrea Cooper

2 years ago

My puppy Scout had a fantastic experience at Enzos. After two weeks, it was so great to have someone as kind and experienced as Maddy prepare us to take the lessons home. She answered all of my questions and was a wonderful teacher. I sent Scout hoping she would get a strong foundation, and I definitely feel like that is the case after being home for just one day. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Maddy in the future as well!

Courtney Dunlap

2 years ago

I brought my rescue pup to Enzo's Dog Training after he showed signs of aggressive behavior towards new people and neighborhood dogs. He was assigned to the 3 week Behavioral Training and stayed an additional week based on the teams assessment. Upon pickup, Ayesha gave me a two hour review of what he learned through his stay and how I could implement at home. He has now been home for two weeks and I am thrilled with the education he got from Ayesha and team. I would highly recommend Enzo's to anyone who needs additional help with an unruly adult or puppy.

David Dixon

2 years ago

We took our 1 yr old Siberian Husky for some training for three weeks. The growth in him was amazing. Maddy worked with us every week to go over what to do for our pup. We were worried that he might change and he did for the better. He doesn't pull on walks, jump on people, or any of the bad behavior he had before. We would recommend Enzo's to anyone who has a dog needing training or a place to go have fun for doggy day care. Employees cared and were kind and helpful.

Jena Metting

2 years ago

Three years ago we brought our first golden doodle, Gus to Enzo's. We were so impressed by the quality training and genuine care of our baby, when we decided to get a second golden doodle, there was no other choice for training other than Enzo's. We live almost 2 hours away, so this is a commitment. However, it is so worth the drive to know our pups are in such good and capable hands. This time around, Ayesha was our trainer for Molly. We were impressed with how well she got to know Molly's personality and how she genuinely cared for the success of Molly and for us (the work doesn't end when you pick up your dog). This is a lifelong commitment and relationship and we couldn't advocate more for Enzo's. A huge thank you to Ayesha for the time, commitment and care you showed not only Molly while she was under your training supervision, but while we worked together during her "graduation". We are forever grateful!

Kayla Hannah

2 years ago

Not going to lie, we had a lot of doubts about pulling the trigger on such an expensive training for our German Shepard puppy, Ford… but I’m so glad we did. They gave updates when I asked for them which was great and when we picked him up he was so well behaved and sooo much calmer. The tools that they give are hugely helpful. Maddy did our take home lesson and she was so patient and answered everyone of our questions well and never once seemed frustrated with the amount of questioning or re explaining. What made things a million times better was that I could tell that Ford genuinely loved his trainers and being there. We had to go back the next day because of a few questions we forgot to ask and when we got there he couldn’t wait to go inside the building. They were still extremely nice and welcoming for us just walking in without an appointment. Told us we can come back anytime with any questions that come up. Thanks Enzo’s!

Laurel Brewster

2 years ago

We left our puppy Enzo in safe hands. The facility is bright and clean and has a positive energy. It was worth the money. We learned so much from Enzo's trainer Maddy. She really took the time and explained each tool and command so that we felt comfortable and confident before we left. It was clear how much she enjoys her job and the connection she made with Enzo.

Lee Stout

2 years ago

My one year old mastiff mix puppy and I had an outstanding experience with Ayesha at Enzo's! With such a large puppy cooped up inside through covid, I wanted to see if an e-collar would improve our 'manners', especially around new people. (We previously tried 'virtual' puppy training, with another company, with little success.) I was very concerned about purchasing an inferior/unreliable device or of using it incorrectly, and possibly harming my pooch (or our relationship!) Ayesha was great at hearing and addressing my worries, took ample time to acclimate my puppy to the e-collar and trained me to a level of confidence using the e-collar system. It's made all the difference in the world, and I have no regrets about this training investment.

Lisa Cunningham

2 years ago

Our Vizsla River just came home from 2 weeks of training. Maddy did a fantastic job of showing us how to build on everything he learned. She showed a real understanding of our dog and was able to explain things in a way that made sense. This is our first time sending a dog to professional training, but it definitely won't be our last.

Lyra Clark

2 years ago

I picked up Daisy last week. Ayesha was her trainer and did a wonderful job! We've been working with her every day and she walks like a rock star on the leash! Impressive job Ayesha! Thank you!

Summer Miller

2 years ago

We just finished up 3 weeks of training with our one year old lab and couldn't be happier with our experience at Enzo's. Not only did we see a noticeable difference in our puppy's manners but he LOVED going to school every day and was excited every time we pulled up to the building. We received one on one lessons each week with Maddy and she was wonderful! She clearly liked working with our dog and was fun to work with and was a great communicator. All the staff we had interactions with were friendly and helpful and obviously enjoy their jobs. I would highly recommend Enzo's to anyone thinking of getting training for their dogs.

Kyle McCoy

2 years ago

Brought our two golden retrievers in for training. The staff was excellent and patient with us and our girls. Ayesha did excellent with teaching us the e collars and how to use the prong collar. Thank you!

Keith Mathews

2 years ago

Enzo’s was great for our bulldog. Ruby went in and definitely had bulldog tendencies, she came out of her 12 day training and was minding very well and learned a lot of really great new skills. Maddy was excellent with ruby and really showed us how to properly work with Ruby and showed her right from wrong! I will definitely recommend Enzo’s to anyone that needs help with their dog.

Monica Austen

2 years ago

I am a first time dog mom with a rescue dog who needed to learn some manners. Maddie at Enzos did a fantastic job not only with my dog but also giving me the confidence and training I needed. They were always willing to answer questions and cared for my pup just as much as I do. Great experience!

Sarah Lowe

2 years ago

So, I'm a first time dog owner and I adopted a super smart, super energetic German Shepherd puppy. I knew full well she would be a handful, but I trusted that with proper training we could all find our way. Our trainer Ayesha made sure of that.She made sure our puppy was so well mannered, but also that our whole family understood how to maintain her training. We did the two week Board and Train puppy package. When we picked Gwen up I was so impressed by her attentiveness, good manners, and eagerness to please. Ayesha answered about a million questions of mine from everything from dog training theory to her new commands, but she also worked really closely with my son to help him understand how to train with her. When we had a few SUPER cheeky days after we got home I emailed them, and they helped me sort her behavior out, and we saw an improvement that same day. Thanks, Ayesha and Enzo's!

Tyler Close

2 years ago

I had a really great experience when picking my dog up from the 2 week training. Ayesha was the name of the trainer who gave me the go home lesson, and she was absolutely fantastic. She took the time to make sure every question I had was answered thoroughly, as well as made it a fun experience. We even laughed about putting one of the E-Collars on me because I was way too excited to finally see my dog after 2 weeks. Ayesha was professional, kind, and even took the time to go on a little walk with my dog and I to make sure I had the go-home training down. She deserves a raise! (Also, I think it’s really cool the dogs got a field trip!) The only reason I didn’t give this a complete 5 star review, was that I felt it was a bit expensive. I haven’t researched the competitor prices tho, as I was referred to this business by a friend who had an equally good experience.

Matt Elerding

2 years ago

We've had two of our dogs go through training with Enzos. They are top notch and I can't say enough good things about their operation.

Julienne Buzan

2 years ago

Ayesha was a great help in training us to take Bjorn home. Now Bjorn is much less nervous and anxious and most often minds his own business, when other dogs or people are around. We are delighted with the help he, and us as a family, received from Ayesha's training. We look forward to our follow up visit.

Tyson Gallas

2 years ago

I brought my two Siberian Huskies to Enzos and were lucky enough to get Ayesha as our trainer. She not only helped us get our Huskies better behaved but also introduced us to dog pulling(scooter, bikejor)! A great way to exercise your pups! We're so greatful to Ayesha for sharing her knowledge and experience.

Calysta Upperman

2 years ago

We took our shepherd/pit bull puppy, Chloe, for a 2 weeks class and are so happy with the results already! Grace did an amazing job with Chloe and was incredibly informative and helpful during our class when we picked Chloe up. Enzos and their staff is definitely worth it! Thank you Grace!

Jonathan Blumhoefer

2 years ago

Our dog Sam went for a "refresher course" and it turns out we all needed the refresher, not just our dog. Ayesha took such good care of Sam and did a great job of explaining what to do when we brought him home. She gets to know the dogs on a personal level and tailors the training to suit them specifically. Ayesha really cares about what she does and is so passionate about all the dogs that they take care of. Also, DJ was very friendly and helpful. He made sure everything worked out regarding the dates we needed Sam to be there and responded so quickly to all our emails and questions. We LOVE Enzos and they make such a big difference on how our dog behaves and interacts with our family and others. They didn't just train Sam, they trained us too ;)

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