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kristi viies

a year ago

I have been taking my cat and dog there and the veterinarians have been nice, and the staff as well, until recently. Due to the pandemic and all the new puppies they are probably swamped, so I haven’t been able to get an appointment and have been going to Friendship Animal Hospital and VCA SouthPaws. I did, however, take my pup there this morning for wellness exam. I was late, walked in and apologized and said I had an appointment. The woman at the front desk said if you are 15 minutes late, you will have to reschedule. No good morning, no nothing. I looked at the time, it was barely 10 minutes. 7:38/39 instead of 7:30. I could have been the first customer. She left and meanwhile another member of staff walked in, very friendly (5 stars for her), said hello to my dog and checked me in. The first woman returned and said the exam fee is 75, but I would have to pay $150. Or that I can reschedule. I understand, rules are rules. Just be a bit nicer about it? Like sorry but I’m afraid you have to reschedule? However, it is safe to say she was rude. Bedside manners are important. I would expect a veterinarian office (a place full of cute cats and dogs) to have friendly people. I understand, clients can be difficult as well, but so often I see the opposite. So I’m going to a different vet now.

NoRobert Hadley

2 years ago

It breaks my heart because I’ve been coming here for years and like the doctors. They have taken on way too many new patients and don’t leave enough time for emergency appointments so you can go days waiting for an appointment or have to go to the hospital (and spend thousands of dollars) on what could have been solved with a 5 minute exam and a prescription. I’ve been 0 for 3 in getting an emergency appointment over the past 18 months.

Kayla Cross

2 years ago

Today I was walking my dog and he started pulling on his leash. I was confused before I realized we were across the street from Dupont Circle Veterinary Clinic. My pup loves the people at the clinic so much he WANTS to go to the vet! It shows how well the staff takes care of him. As for quality of care, he’s gone here since he was 9 weeks old - they got him fully vaccinated on schedule during a very busy time and have taken in him for same day appointments when I have concerns. The clinic also did his neutering procedure and he healed quickly with no complications. He primarily sees Dr. Jones, who is extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly answers all my questions. I hope the clinic continues to expand their use of apps like VitusVet and online based appointment/contact systems. All in all, five star experience!

Sheree W

2 years ago

The reception staff have always been friendly and supportive, when I’ve called in concerned about my pup throwing up, they gave me some great advice over the phone which helped without me having to bring him in. Dr Dan has also always been an amazing vet to my pup and genuinely cares about him and always provides great advice on how to keep him socialized and healthy.

Erin McDevitt

2 years ago

I came to Dupont Vet on a recommendation from a friend and I have been very pleased with the care my cats have received over the last two years. My 15-year old has had quite a few health issues since I adopted him three years ago, and DVC has been very helpful in working with me to figure out what is going on. They also did an excellent job on the neuter and care for my 2 year-old and have always remarked on how well behaved my cats are when they come to visit :) On COVID-19 precautions, while a little frustrating to not be in the room with the vet to point out issues over the past year, I understand the need to set up these procedures and am very glad to be back inside the office to be with my cats, especially now that my senior kitty is experiencing some more serious chronic issues. Pricing....not much to be done there. I've been to other vets in the city and price differences are largely negligible. DVC has always understood the cost aspect of getting prescription medicine and has had no problem writing them for me to take to other pharmacies. We do live in an expensive city and the prices are what I pay for the convenience of having a vet right down the street and with excellent care from their staff. I will continue to bring my cats to DVC because of the great experiences with Dr. Rosen and (more recently) with Dr. Randall. I especially appreciate having more than one vet in practice who can see my cats on short notice -- they've made it very clear they review previous visits notes when discussing treatment options and next steps. One thing I would suggest for DVC is to be more upfront on their estimates for surgical procedures. I trust my vets to do the right thing by my cats and I already brace myself for costs, including those unexpected, but it would be helpful to get a better ballpark of what I'm going to pay.

Susie Yun

2 years ago

RICHARD COHEN, PRACTICE MANAGER, was rude, offensive, and insensitive. I have been unemployed by COVID since March 2020 and thought I could ask about payment options when the procedures cost hundreds more than was estimated. I saved up as much as I could but was understandably strained. Shockingly, in a very accusatory tone, RICHARD COHEN asked why I don't already have the money upfront when an estimate had been given in advance. I was shocked into silence by his inappropriate tone and more inappropriate question. If an upfront payment is the only option, he absolutely could have told me this in a calm professional manner, especially considering how stressed I was about my pet being in surgery. I immediately offered to charge the full amount upfront to avoid further bullying. RICHARD COHEN DID NOT strive "to spend as much time as necessary to answer any questions that clients may have.....and giving realistic options for treatment plans that meet a person's stated budget." (Dupont Vet's own claim in a Google response) The receptionist SHOCKINGLY became defensive herself, even after I emphasized I knew she was not involved with the situation-- I just wanted someone to relay to him not to contact me again. At this point, I had already committed to paying in full. Yet when I asked about possible payment options, specifically about a credit card payment option I had heard of, she said this was 'not called a payment plan' and thus, it was not a 'technicality' for her not to mention it in the first place. Rather than recognizing the help I was asking for, she felt it was more important she was 'right' about something. I don't care if this was a one-off event. RICHARD COHEN and associate reacted with anger and rudeness based on the assumption I wouldn't pay. I COULD pay but wanted to hear all options before going into credit card debt! All of it was unfair and unnecessary. RICHARD COHEN and receptionist: Be more sensitive not just to me, but to all the other Americans who are struggling much worse than I am at this time. Dan Shillito and vet techs have always been wonderful.

Sarah Brown

2 years ago

It’s time for this clinic to start bringing clients in the building. It’s not fair for the people who have been vaccinated for months. If I can walk into other businesses with a mask on, why can’t I do the same here? Especially for my pet.

Taylor lewis

2 years ago

Very disappointed in the level of care from DuPont vet. We have a very anxious rescue, and I would have expected staff to be more kind and not label her as "bad" as I expect more from animal caregivers. We will not return, and would not recommend if you want to feel you can trust your vet to take kind care of your pet.

Weiqian Luo

3 years ago

We have been going to this place for both our dog and cat for three years, and we are NOT going back. The mismanagement and complete disregard of our cat’s wellbeing makes me regret so much that I ever decided to trust my cat with this place. We left for a five-day vacation, boarding our cat, Emilio, with the DuPont Vet. Emilio is a disabled cat with only part of his tongue intact. When we boarded him, we left clear instructions, both verbally and in writing, that he could only eat canned food and that he needed to have 1.5 cans per meal, two meals a day. We also gave the staff Emilio’s blanket, which he had been sleeping on since he was three months old, and asked them to please let him sleep on the blanket. When we got back, we were told: (1) instead of 1.5 can per meal, Emilio has been fed 0.5 can of food per meal for the past five days, which is 1/3 of the amount of food he needs, and we were not giving an explanation why they did this; and (2) they lost Emilio’s blanket. I could not imagine how hungry and uncomfortable Emilio must have been while we were away. And I do not understand how could a vet think a cat weighing more than 10 lbs needs only one can of food in total per day. We are never going back and I suggest you do not trust your pets with this place.

Strat Parrott

3 years ago

Doctor Dan was very nice and informative and took great care of our dog. While we understand that your practice, as many of us in business, is under pressure from the pandemic and you may be understaffed, there is absolutely no cause for customer service representatives to be so rude when we are about to pay you hundreds of dollars. Since we moved to the area last year, DVC came highly recommended. You have great reviews, but our previous visits have all had communication issues from the front desk. It's a weekday in the middle of the day we have work calls and a 3-week old baby. The audacity of the receptionist ”relaying the doctors message” of ”maybe you should turn on your ringer.” and refusing our call back within less than a minute from our listed secondary contact whom you didn't call is atrocious. For a place that prides itself on customer service and touts that as one of its leading offerings you’re out right rude, inconsiderate of the client.

Renee Collins

3 years ago

Horrible clinic. Treated my poor dog horribly and charged me $thousands for awful treatment both by dr. bruce herwald and the rude attendants.

Kathleen Soltis

3 years ago

It is difficult for me to express the level of gratitude I feel for DuPont Clinic. On 10/12, I had to make the incredibly difficult decision to put down my senior pom, Tinkerbell, who was 15 years old. Prior to this date, DuPont had been managing Tinkerbell's care over the past year had been so incredibly responsive to all my correspondences by e-mail and by phone. In the three days leading up to Tinkerbell's worsening health, DuPont was flexible with allowing me to bring her in to put her to sleep and allowed me to hold her at the time of her passing. This was so incredibly important to me as I feared I would not be able to do so in this time of COVID. Dr. Jones' empathy and compassion, to the staff's patience and understanding, made getting through one of the worst days of my life better. Not only did I receive Tinkerbell's remains in a beautiful memory box with her paw print, but I also received flowers and a handwritten card from the staff expressing their condolences. Their acknowledgement of my family's pain has made this process more bearable and I will without a doubt continue pursuing veterinary care for my surviving pet with their team. I recommend this veterinary practice whole-heartedly.

Alex Perry

3 years ago

Love Dupont Veterinary Clinic and their team. My cat Nutmeg Has received excellent care from Dupont over the last two years, including regular visits and diagnosis and care of several chronic conditions. Excellent place to go for vet care; vets are kind, professional, and ultimately help you and your pet through sometimes difficult times. They also have an app through which you can access all your pets’ records, and an online store to purchase any vet prescribed foods or medications that is easy and convenient to use. You are in good hands!

Adrian Palma

3 years ago

The staff and vets are professional, attentive, and genuinely care about your pet. However, do think twice before buying any medication directly from them. A generic drug they just prescribed for my dog cost me $70+ at the DuPont Vet Clinic, while online sources price the same drug and quantity at $20. I support local businesses and understand that local prices will inevitably be higher, but this clinic’s med prices should not be 3.5x higher than other pharmacies. Again, this is a great place to get care for your pet, but please do your research on medicine costs before handing over your credit card to the receptionist.

Mikael Taieb

4 years ago

I liked the donation fund sign for low Income family who can't afford taking care of their pets... but seeing the price for just clipping small dog's nails here... it's kind of ironic. 25 usd for clipping nails of a chihuahua dog?!? We are talking about a 1 minute job. I know places that do that easy and quick basic care for free. I'm not questioning nor judging the competence of vets or cares here, but following that experience, I unfortunately believe making good profit comes before pet's care. I'm standing by for correction or explanations about what justify 25 usd for a quick nail clip.

c ginther

4 years ago

Dupont Vet clinic was recommended to me several years ago by others with German Shepherds. Never been disappointed, three dogs later. Very courteous and helpful front desk, solid vet techs, and expert treatment. While I typically ask for Dr. Dan Shilito because of his German Shepherd experience, I've had other Doctors and have always been pleased. Treatments are on time, communications via email phone and face to face are always clear and easy to understand, and the staff will recommend a whole host of options for whatever is ailing your pet. My dogs have had exams, vaccines, labs and surgeries with these folks, and never an issue. I am very happy with my vet!

Craig Kaplan

4 years ago

We have been taking our dog here for years and love them. Dr. Shilito isn’t fantastic and so is the whole team. Very happy and highly recommended.

Doug Deming

4 years ago

Franc has made a complete recovery and is back to her loving, playful activities. Dr. Blalock was professional, knowledgeable, kind, and courteous to Franc and us. She is a rare doctor which has all of those attributes. Furthermore, the entire staff was friendly and helpful during our visit.

Grethel Anderson

4 years ago

It is very good the service of the doctor who attends to my dog, I have a Pug, reason why this one gets sick frequently of the respiratory ways, for my fortune these professionals live literally to a block of my house, reason why as soon as I see that it gets a little bad I take it, I like very much how they treat Nikki

Liz Trotter

4 years ago

I have been with them for several years now and I'm sorry to say, that our relationship ended on Monday due to unclear invoices, unprofessionalism, and a complete disregard of sensitive situations. It should also be noted that this was my only problem EVER to be experienced at the clinic, besides from the standard pushiness that comes from up-selling & exaggerated costs. I think it's unnecessary to document every point but I will give you some toplines: 1. Due to the unprofessionalism of the front desk staff* ( except for James -- I think that was his name---- as he was patient, professional, and competent) I was flagged as a person that was no longer valued and therefore my dog and her test results suffered. We were both placed last on the list and disregarded. I had to call several times the following day for my dog's test results--- which were pressing as my dog is having neurological episodes--- and asked to speak with the vet, which was denied. Around 8 PM, Dr. Randall sent results, notes, and a PDF of an Rx ( which cannot be used in that medium) to me via James. * at the unprofessional experience with the front desk I will say I asked the cashier to stop speaking because she would not leave a situation alone-- and I would like to apologize for that. But please know that everyone is fighting their own battle that does not include her. Me holding my credit card out to her and wanting to pay and leave as quickly as humanly possible turned into me attacking her. My dog -- my roommate & best friend whom I bottle fed--had had 12 seizures in the span of 24 hours, yet this was disregarded. The language that was used on the internal document( see #3 for an explanation) was that I was "shoving my credit card in her face". Good news is, I believe there are cameras at the front desk so a quick review of the tapes can prove to any and all employees who are interested that that was an egregious exaggeration on her behalf. 2. The protocol for owners to approve of services is 100% inadequate. Every line item must be explained throughly and officially signed off by the customer. There should be no surprises when we get to the front desk to pay. It should also be flagged for the front desk that just because the vet suggests something does not mean the vet has the right to perform the service. My dog is just that: mine. I was informed by the front desk that the vet will do what the vet thinks with or without consent from the owner, and that is not called veterinary science, that is called a lawsuit. 3. I asked the desk to send me records due to my poor experience with the clinic as I wished ( and still do) to never return. I got a blank email with a pdf of paperwork a day later with the front desk's take on the situation which included the phrase-- "DO NOT CALL OWNER". ( hence why despite the fact that I needed to talk to a vet, I was denied) I wish the team the best of luck and as I can see by some of the other reviews on here, it may be time to evaluate the front desk with professionals, establish a clear sign off invoices, and take a look at pricing. Nepotism ( I'm guessing?) and word of mouth don't seem to be cutting it. Additionally, I would suggest to Dr. Randall to stop being so pushy and listen more. She told me that she had "been doing this a long time" and then told me she was approaching 30. Quick flag: education does not count for professional experience. You in fact have not been doing this a long time and it shows in your naivety, bedside manner, and your dismissal of agency from owners as you consider yourself the only "expert". Turns out, owners know their dogs extremely well and in no way should that be discounted. I now have to find a new vet to look at my poor dog because the medicine Dr. Randall prescribed actual drastically exasperated the situation. So much for that oath you took at vet school? I'm sure you will all be fine as the District of Columbia is rather flushed with cash, egocentric, and transient-- which is the recipe for success for a good business with dismal customer service.

mary powell

4 years ago

great vets, and always a super friendly staff.

Michael Smith

4 years ago

Highly recommend! All of the veterinarians and staff are fantastic. Dr. Babcock just treated my dog Meredith for hookworms and she really went above and beyond. I went in at 2:00 PM, we spoke again a couple hours later after Meredith’s symptoms progressed, and she called me at 8:30 PM before she left for the day to see how Meredith was doing. She also called me the next morning to see how Meredith did overnight. I was blown away by the level of care and attention. Meredith has recovered very quickly thanks to the help of Dr. Babcock. All of the staff I have interacted with over the past year have been extremely kind, patient, knowledgeable, and thorough, and they always do everything they can to make Meredith feel safe and comfortable. I’ve had some bad vet experiences in DC the past, but not once here. I am SO glad I found DuPont Vet!

Paulina Arcos Cabrera

4 years ago

Our dear Jack Russell terrier Pelayo went to Dupond veterinary clinic very ill with a terminal cancer. Dr. Daniel Shillito attenden him in such a professional and loving way that helped us to overcome the pain of losing our dear friend and companion. Everybody is nice and caring. Highly recommended.


5 years ago

Their practice manager, Richard Cohen, forced me to leave this place after having been caring for my pets for well over a decade. He is OBNOXIOUS! Do NOT take your pet here. I continued to support it even though it is far more costly than …


5 years ago

This place misrepresented itself, and made untruthful statements both verbally and in writing. …

Sean J. Kent

5 years ago

PROFITEER WARNING for most pet owners, man's best friend is another member of the family and deserves the best care, but you need to be alert to profiteers, some of the veterinarians at this place are out to make an extra buck, they pad the bill with unnecessary tests and procedures. Speaking from experience, I suggest you approach this otherwise excellent veterinary clinic with caution -- never hurts to question your doctor so why not your dog or cat's.

Chelsea Spangler

6 years ago

We've worked with several vets here, and all are amazing! The techs and front desk staff are also great.

Cheryl Klingler

6 years ago

Everyone at Dupont Vet Clinic is outstanding. They really do care about Ollie my 11 year old Havanese and treat him like a real prince.

Diana Blackwelder

6 years ago

Dr Murdoch is very capable, compassionate, and communicates clearly recommendations and options. My Buddy cat is recovering very quickly from an urgent procedure. Everyone else I encountered was professional and helpful.

Emily DeMent

6 years ago

Great place although a bit expensive. However they outlined the cost every step of the way and Dr. Dan was fantastic!

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