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Frances Garcia

a year ago

I've always had a positive experience. I've taken my two dogs here. Staff members are professional and they really seem to love the animals.

Dana Foe

a year ago

. Place is 100% a scam, our dog actually came out in worse shape then when he went in. They charged us $600 to clean and remove a nail. They originally told us it would be under $500 and didn’t inform us of any additional treatment/medication that they charged us for. They kept trying to jack up on the price to get us to spend more by keeping him overnight, bloodwork, X-rays, etc… for a broken nail. We asked them to remove any ear treatment as we have stuff for that, and when we went to check out and noticed ear medication, they refused to remove it. The nurse was talking to my dog in a somewhat aggressive manner and her excuse is that he’s a big dog and too strong. Mind you, he’s a well trained boy and doesn’t respond well to aggressive commands. You can tell my dog was in distress back there, despite their recommendation of making us pay hundreds to put him under for his comfort, as he came back with soaking wet eyes from tears (which I have never seen him like that in his 8 years). While the front desk girl was very kind and the only saving grace of this place, we will 100% never return.

Aekam Sandhu

a year ago

Best Vet in town! Dr. Sani and his team have been taking very good care of my reactive German Shepherd for years now. The office is very clean and everyone is super nice, caring and helpful as this is especially important for me when choosing the best Vet for my pup.

Natalie Quijada

a year ago

Overpriced medication and now my poor dog doesn’t like the vet

Cory Dillon

2 years ago

After much thought I am writing this negative review. We were cheated and stolen from. We noticed something going on with our dog and brought him in and the initial diagnosis was diabetes. Fine and not a problem but the problem begins when the supplies that was sold to us was massively marked up and expired. The biggest problem we have from this visit and last visit is that we were sold a glucose meter that expired in 2018. This was discovered after getting home. We used it because of the dire condition our mutt was in. Then we were only supplied with about 15 glucose strips. When we ran out in about 5 days we couldn’t find any replacements strips online and called the office to buy more. Well since the device was expired in 2018 it makes sense that you can’t get anymore because it’s late 2021. Not online or not from this office. Well we notified them we wanted a refund because the medical device was expired and we can’t get components for its proper operation. Well the excuse we were given was we don’t take returns because of COVID. Please, it was expired and not operational. The kicker, you can get a new operational device for $20-$30. This office charged us $75 for an expired device that was unusable and refused to take it back. This experience is enough for us not to recommend this business or bring our second dog back and certainly terrible enough for us to leave this review.

Sai Ravipati

2 years ago

My go to place. Doc & staff are super friendly and always took care of my dog really well.

Luna Rae-Dove

2 years ago

I have a cat, who is very afraid of anyone or anything . We've been trying for month to get to her to a vet with no avail. Finally I contacted cascades mobile vet and see if they would be willing to coming inside my house to see her. I'm so grateful for them. Not to mention the LVT is a cat whisper and was able to calm my girl down enough that the dr could take a look at her and prescribe antibiotics. I will be useing them in the future.

James Gannon

2 years ago

Very caring and knowledgeable, really went the extra mile and I was amazed at how well they took care of my pup. Thank you again!

Gagan Mavi

2 years ago

If you are looking for the compassionate, friendly, professional and expertise for your pet, then this is the place to go. We have 13 year old Siberian Husky, regardless of age and health conditions, Dr. Saini is the best vet to go. We wanted to get his nails done and we contacted alot of vet's, everyone prescibed sedation in order to accomplish this task, finally we met Dr. Saini, he made this impossible task possible without any sedation. And, he went every extra mile to take care of chronic allergies and ear iinfection our dog was suffering from. I recommend this vet to every owner who want the best for their little babies. Honestly, after 2 visists at this place, out sweetie looks more healthy and young. Once again, thanks Dr Saini and all the staff who handled the situation very confidently and politely ☺️

Carter Egbers

2 years ago

I've been going to Cascades Pet Hospital for my 3 dogs for years. They are super friendly always whiling to help my pups. In my opinion their prices are very fair. I Highly recommend this vet!

Charles Green

2 years ago

When we were unable to get an appointment for international travel documentation from our regular vet or other USDA-accredited vets within the short timeframe required, Dr. Saini was able to see our two dogs the next business day and submit the results online to speed the process of getting our certificates as quickly as possible.

Corinne Petro

2 years ago

This vet overcharges compared to other vets in the area and is difficult to work with. Brought my dog in for an upset stomach and he insisted on doing a full work up and she left with multiple costly prescriptions and a new diet. He then offered me a $15 discount to give him a 5 star review on here. I currently have the same dog in a kennel while I’m on vacation. Her upset stomach is acting up due to separation anxiety. They called him and he said he would not prescribe her anything and that the would only see her in person to give her injections (?) He also told the woman at the kennel that she would need to call him back in 30 minutes or he would charge for an appointment. Don’t waste your time or money here. EDIT: 15 minutes after I posted this he left a long angry voicemail on my cell and said “you can’t just write whatever you want.” Actually, that’s the point of Google reviews.

Colleen Meiman

2 years ago

I live in Maryland but have found Cascades to so responsive that I drive out to them. They got the root of a problem with my cats' ears that other vets had only treated superficially, leading to on-going pain and even surgery. They fit us right in on an urgent basis when I explained the situation, when several other vets wanted us to wait a couple weeks. And they have followed up to make sure she's doing OK.

Jordan Alzeer

3 years ago

I cannot even begin to explain how disgustingly greedy and uncaring the vet at this hospital is. I am just absolutely speechless

U seen it Oi! 4life

3 years ago

We are from out of state traveling with my husband's work. We brought our dog Ruby with us. She started limping and had a knot on her leg. I was very concerned but also nervous being away from our regular vet. I contacted Cascades Animal Hospital and they were able to get her in the same day. Everyone was so friendly, and the Dr. was very thorough in explaining different options.....she needed A LOT of things done! We had to choose what was the most immediate due to financial constraints at the time, and I feel he was very honest with me when I asked him what he would do if it was his personal dog. I do not feel that they were just trying to "make money" by adding extra things. They were all very professional and were generally concerned about my baby! They were very kind in working with us as far as payment.... we were new, from out of state, and they did not know a thing about us, but they worked with us. You dont find that everywhere! Im very grateful for the care they have provided Ruby so far, and will continue to use them as long as we are here!


3 years ago

The service was absolutely terrible. The veterinarian threatened to call animal control because I declined a procedure. He actually did call animal control and sent them to my home because I could not afford the extra procedure. My dog came out of the dental cleaning completely out of it, something that has never happened before at any other animal hospital. Extremely poor service and complete money grabbing scam. The front desk receptionist wouldnt even speak to me directly and spoke to my son because she thought I could not speak english.Extremely overpriced as well compared to other, better, cleaner animal hospitals. I am absolutely horrified at everything about this "hospital." If you love your pets, do not go here


3 years ago

Had an great experience with Dr. Saini! He helped out our pet Teddy with his dental procedure and was able to do a great job. Teddy is doing great after the procedure. Would recommend this doctor to anyone.

Nataliia C.

3 years ago

Cascades Pet Hospital was a positive experience for me. My pet had minor surgery there and recovered very quickly. I was called and reminded about appointments, as well as follow up. As to me, prices seem to be reasonable in comparison with high wages in suburb Washington, D. C. Overall my pet lived it well. Will be going back another time.

Sean Kullavanijaya

3 years ago

Clean place. Wonderful and friendly staff. Abigail, Rhea Negi & Jas were awesome with my dog. Alexandra (the groomer) is very nice as well. My dog now smells amazing. Very friendly and gentle with my dog. They even offered me bottle of water while waiting. Thank you for squeezing me in. Sharkbait and Sean

Kelvin Hernandez

3 years ago

They cancelled my vet appointment without informing me. Products and services overly priced Employees don’t act like they even care. Avoid and go to other reputable hospitals EDIT: They saw this review and called me. So they couldn’t even bother to send an email when they canceled my appointment I made a month ago but they can scramble when someone gives them a bad review. 1 Star definitely deserved

Katie Kennedy

3 years ago

This is not a good place for your pet or you. UPDATE: I have changed the review to 1 star because the vet, Jaswinder Saini hung up on me while discussing my cat's prescription. There was a delay in getting the prescription request approved for it to be fulfilled by Chewy, and rather than work with me he demanded "who do you trust more me or Chewy?" and hung up on me. So incredibly rude and unprofessional. The vet himself talks over you and won't listen to anything you have to say. He is always to trying to add in unnecessary tests and then doesn't even explain the results in any meaningful way. He gave instructions for my dog's medication (he said 2 drops twice a day) and then left us. When we got the medication it was a cream and not at all like what he said, but we were just told to follow the instructions on the box. Another time he insisted on blood work for my cat, which wasn't cheap, and then couldn't explain any of the results and simply presented me with a short receipt readout with letters and percentages on it. Instead of explaining the results he tried to push some expensive cat food on me instead (without even knowing what he was currently eating). He doesn't seem to actually care about the animals at all and is only there to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. The woman who works at the front desk, who I assume is the vet's wife, is unprofessional and was wearing her face mask around her chin and touching her face while interacting with customers. She doesn't seem to have any ability to actually work with animals (or people). She just says "Stay" or "Sit" loudly over and over to a dog after getting them really excited by using a high pitched voice. Lastly, the customer service is terrible and unprofessional. I was double booked for an appointment today and they never apologized to me or the other person at any point. They also left several of sitting around at the vet desk without checking any of us in or telling us what was happening. The only good thing about this place is their vet tech, Olivia. She genuinely enjoys animals, is excited to see your animal, listens to you and offers help and suggestions whenever possible. Without her this place would be a 1 star.

Kaitlynn Miller

3 years ago

I love this place, I got a puppy in April and on the way home I realized he needed a check up asap I called and they fit us in the next day. This was at the start of this Covid-19 thing, masks were on at all times. The people who work there genuinely Carr about you and your pet. They will work with you and will explain everything. I can’t go back with my pup because of covid but I completely trust the staff with my dogs life! They will talk to you and help you not feel so alone. I can’t say enough good things about this place. I’m allergic to cats so when I’m in there sometimes I must remove my mask to wipe My nose and they never freak out and yell at me to leave, it’s hard to breath with the mask sometimes so it’s nice to know that they won’t jump down your throat. Plus they stay away I’m always walking into their bubbles since my pup loves them all so much. They really are the most caring and knowledgeable vets I’ve taken any dog to on at least 20 years. If you’re thinking about taking your pet to them, DO IT!!!!! You’ll be happy, your pet will be happy and healthy! ❤️❤️❤️

Clifton McCraw

3 years ago

Company is selling a groupon for "a complete dental package for one dog." When I called to schedule, they required a separate check-in that is not covered under the package. I went though and read the fine print, and they didn't even bother to add this "extra required purchase" into the contract. Pretty much, these guys are total fraudsters. When I called them out for the blatant LIE, the actual vet that works there told me, and I quote: "Listen man. Not that many people complain about it, and we are just doing what we have to do for advertising to bring in business" This is a veterinary clinic, not a fly-by-night used car dealer. I don't care about $50, but I'm not going to do business with an ADMITTED liar, and neither should you.

Jessica Smith

3 years ago

Cascades Pet Hospital was very professional and had great customer service. My cat Arthur had a grout on his paw that needed quick removal and they were able to quickly schedule a time for the removal at a VERY reasonable price. I really recommend this place to anyone looking to care for their pet :)

Jason Schwarz

3 years ago

Was there for us when we needed to put our little guy down. He was compassionate professional and explained the entire process so we could feel comfortable . He and his tech made the time to come out when nobody else was available. Highly recommend them to anyone .

Heather Jenkins

3 years ago

My husband and I adopted our now 6 year old cat in 2019 and since, she has become a very important part of our family. I have been taking her to a specialized cat clinic for all of her vaccines and wellness checks since we adopted her, but at her last visit, we got some news that she had a broken tooth that they would need to extract. The quote I was given by her original vet was way out of our price range. I saved up for 3 months to be able to take her there, just to be told that there were additional fees on top of the quote they had given. I contacted Cascades and Dr. Saini was happy to talk me through the quote he was giving, which was significantly lower than her regular vet and I understood that since he was giving the quote based off what I was telling him, that there was a chance it cold be more. I was only providing him with the information given to me and even her regular vet said that there were probably additional teeth that needed to be pulled. He was able to fit us in for an appointment the following day and was able to do the entire procedure that day. Her original vet was going to have to send out her bloodwork and it would have been another month before we could get her taken care of. After talking with him and his staff I felt comfortable bringing her there. Halfway through her appointment he called me to provide me with an update. Years of neglect on her teeth had given her multiple cavities and tooth fractures. He was able to complete all of this extra work (4 additional extractions) for under the cost of what the original quote for one tooth from her primary vet was. I was able to pick her up same day and she is doing very well after the surgery. You can tell she may be uncomfortable, but she feels so much better with these teeth out. I didn't want to skimp on cost because of how important she is to us, but I knew this tooth had to go and we had already put it off for so long to save. The day after her procedure he called to check up on her which really meant a lot. I will be taking her to see him moving forward. I will recommend him to anyone that asks. Thank you Dr. Saini, for helping our sweet girl feel better.

Kimberley Easterling

3 years ago

Dr. Sainis and his assistant, Lexy, performed surgery on my dog's leg. They worked well with my schedule, did an awesome job on the surgery, and were competitive in prices. My dog was well taken care of and is doing great! I would recommend everyone take their furry family members to Cascades Pet Hospital for their health needs!

Bella Schoshiski

3 years ago

Even though I didn't schedule an appointment, the wait time wasn't long. The visit to update my dog's vaccines went smoothly and I felt pretty at home (seems to be a family run business). Overall, I was satisfied by the visit.

Greg Hartman

3 years ago

Vet would not allow us to use a different source for filling prescriptions. This is unethical as his medications cost over 3x what we found on You can’t deny a patient their own prescriptions. Lump on my dogs side from a vaccine site which she’s never gotten before. Has not reduced after 3 weeks and massage/warm compress as instructed. Do not use this Vet. Edit to include the vet denying the claim that they would not allow us to use on this review. I had to cancel my order before leaving their office. I would not make this up. This has been a common complaint, look at the other reviews.

Dana ONeill

3 years ago

Dr. Saini and his team have worked with two of our pets. The first was our dog, and we desperately needed to find a vet who could come to our house because he was large and couldn’t stand up. Not only did Dr. Saini come to us, he did it willingly and did not make us feel bad for dragging him out to our house :). The second experience was with our 16 year old cat who was in very poor shape when we brought her in (we actually came here from another local vet when we had run out of options there). She wasn’t eating, weighed 3.5 pounds, and was on the brink of death. In addition to everything else, Dr. Saini taught us himself how to force feed her until she could start eating again and this alone bought her more time (we had been trying before but it wasn’t working somehow). He has continued to provide care for her and I am convinced that without his help, she would not be here today. There is a friendly atmosphere at the clinic and Dr. Saini and his staff have been patient with us and have answered all our (many, many :)) questions. Thank you so much to all of you!!

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