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carolyn jackson

a year ago

The receptionist was polite and nice

Deanna Dustin

2 years ago

They are good with my older dog but my aussie puppy is another story. The first puppy visit they didn’t have control over him and he fell off the raised exam table. They also sent my fiancé home with the flea and tick treatment simparica trio which our breeder put in the contract we are not allowed to give. I haven’t gotten my aussies MDR1 gene tested yet and I have given them a “drugs to avoid and use caution with” list TWICE and it’s been brushed off/ the second puppy visit yesterday they tried to give us the simparica trio AGAIN and luckily my fiancé told me over the phone before we walked out. According to him, the vet who loves aussies disagrees with me. I mentioned that I am doing what our breeder told us and the simparica is specifically in my contract with that breeder to NOT give him and if I do I void any warranty. My thing is, this is the SECOND time I have had to tell them this and I KNOW there’s more than one flea and tick treatment so why not recommend something else for him.

Nayo Isreal

2 years ago

They have no programs for low income folks, they came off "money hungry" instead of caring genuinely for the pet. They don't even care if you have no money, no payment plans, nothing. There should be a place where you can take your pet and be affordably treated. It's sad when an establishment cares more for the money than the animal, the animals didn't ask to he here....just upsetting and the answer to the pet owner SHOULD NOT be "give the animal back or away if you can't afford it" Needless to say, my family will not be back, I'm not getting rid of my animal just because you're money hungry

Emily Proffitt

2 years ago

I was referred to Petvacx by my regular vet when my dog needed stitches out. I went to their walk in Wednesday and was blown away by how wonderful they are. Leslie the tech was fantastic and the doctor was so great. I am definitely going back, they were fabulous.

Patricia Alexander

2 years ago

Great service and animal care. We have been going there for over 30 years.

Jody Okash

2 years ago

Great vets and staff. They do their best to accommodate to everyone's needs!

Thomas Dubois

2 years ago

Wonderful facility with great people

Dinali Weeraman

2 years ago

love love love Petvacx! incredible + kind staff with knowledgeable vets who really care about the animals that come in! My first dog passed away and Petvacx came to our home to put her down and I wouldn’t have asked for better people to be with during that time. My rescue dog has some behavioral/reactive problems and they gave me great recommendations on how to work with her and a list of behaviorists who can help as well. Since she is reactive they know how to work with her which is why she enjoys going! Sadly I’m moving cross country and if I could pick up Petvacx and move the vets and staff with me...I would!

Emily Gil

2 years ago

Very caring staff I love it here!! Also they know what they are doing!!

Karla Villalobos

2 years ago

I wish I could give this place 10 stars! They are always amazing. We have a Dachshund and she isn't the friendliest dog but they still treat her with such gentleness and give us great tips to better care for her.

Stephen Sachs

2 years ago

I had a very good experience at Petvax in Rockville. They kept me informed, were quite good with my potentially stressed out, once feral cat, Roger, and there was little or no waiting. They were very nice and very professional.

Patricia Addison

2 years ago

Great Customer Service And Very Friendly Staff.

Jackie Yankanich

2 years ago

Very polite, professional and show a true love for your animals

Brigida Deleon

2 years ago

Excellent customer service doctors are great


3 years ago

So thankful for this hospital. My cat is just unable to go in anywhere because of his anxiety and I always worried what would happen if something went wrong. Well something did. They were short staffed and it took a few days to get someone out (but it was worth the wait and my cat luckily had no other issues while we waited). They kept in contact the day of and were on time. The doctor and the technician were so patient with him and took their time. He wasn’t traumatized and was perfectly fine after the visit. I am so so glad they were willing to come out during covid and see him.

Y C.R.

3 years ago

Great place. Great staff. Very caring and friendly

Chun Tark

3 years ago

Very polite and friendly staff.

Debbie H

3 years ago

My dog is scared by all strangers, so a trip to the vet causes some anxiety, one would think. Not at Petvacx, they are the MOST WONDERFUL group of people! The receptionists, technicians, and doctors are all just fabulous! My dog, who barks incessantly, at strangers never says a peep there. They give her all the time she needs to feel comfortable and do all the right things to keep her at ease. She even lets them pet her! Beyond their fantastic bedside manor, the docs are very knowledgeable and thorough and truly care about my pup. I would (and have) recommend Petvacx to anyone who has a furry family member!

Joyful Heart

3 years ago

While we don't have a long history with Petvacx, we reached out to this practice when our beloved dog was diagnosed with lymphoma and was receiving supportive hospice care. We wanted to find a vet that offers home visits and could provide supportive care to our pet in the comfort our our home. We were happy to learn that despite of COVID pandemic, Petvacx continues to offer home visits, while following all appropriate safety protocols. Unfortunately our pet's disease progressed rapidly, but in this short period of time we have received most compassionate, gentle and tactful care by Dr. Jacob. The entire team seemed to care and worked hard on being able to accommodate our pet's rapidly changing needs and provided the care with compassion and grace. We are sincerely grateful for this.

Nancy Vivar

3 years ago

I heard of this location due to a friend who brings there puppy here. Let me start off by saying wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!! When I first brought my puppy here for her first ever vet appointment, they definitely make you feel welcome. They keep you updated with everything that they are doing and always ask if you have any questions or concerns. They definitely keep you at ease. I would recommend this place to anyone who has fur babies!!! Definitely give this a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating. Me and Chispita appreciate all of the staff at Petvacx. Thank you so much for everything that y’all do. You for sure made my experience unforgettable.

Nodda Dim Lass

3 years ago

Fab! Been using them for decades! And, their no-contact system during this pandemic is top notch!

Rosecampbell Campbell

3 years ago

This entire team is simply the best in the state of Maryland. They kept my last cat alive for 21 years. They are the most compassionate and so on top of everything. Very knowledgeable and willing to share with you ideas and they go over every little detail. I send everyone I know that has a pet to them, simply they are brilliant doctors but also just sweethearts. Dr Hudgins Precious ll adores you and so do I. This team gets 5 Stars ????

sandra broadhurst

3 years ago

Very caring vets plus they make house calls.

Sarah B

3 years ago

I could not be happier with this veterinarian. When I adopted my new cat earlier this year, I had a budget all set out for how much I expected her to cost me. But she had other plans involving persistent ear infections and allergies. I started out going to Banfield Pet Hospital inside the PetSmart in Kentlands. The visits were extremely expensive and somewhat rushed. The veterinary assistant was really kind but not super professional unfortunately, which made things more stressful on the cat and resulted in her getting subpar treatment. I never felt that the staff there had enough time to really do what needed to be done, but they sure were happy to make a huge dent in my paycheck. Luckily I switched to PetVacx after reading some excellent reviews online. First of all, the fees were MUCH lower. A visit to Banfield would easily run me over $200 for the tests and the office fee. A visit to Petvacx with tests and office fees would come out under $50. They didn't recommend the most expensive prescriptions they could find like Banfield did, but rather affordable options that were also much more effective. My cat has gone from itching like crazy and miserable to having her allergies managed for a fraction of the price. And let me tell you, they don't rush you in and out. You can almost always get an appointment within the week that you call, and the veterinarian and the vet's assistants always have time for questions and go above and beyond to get you the best price and information on medications. Example: I just called to ask about preventative medication to take my cat outside on walks, as she has been interested in doing so and has been adapting really well to harness training. The vet's assistant warned me that the most effective medication would be costly (it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected after she told me that) and she helped me find the best deal possible before sending it straight to my inbox. That was without even talking to the vet herself, and all over the phone. When it comes to following up on issues and concerns, the vet doesn't make you keep coming in for more expensive tests (Banfield did). She has me update her on progress over the phone and then gives me instructions without even having to come in. I realize I sound cost-sensitive in this review, but other than requesting the best deals on medication (e. g. buy 6 months' worth instead of 1 month's worth to save a bit), I don't communicate that to them. They keep the costs low without me having to ask. And they are very friendly and kind to my cat, which is a plus. They tell me they appreciate her and that's she's very cute. I'm sure they say that to everyone, but it does make my day a bit when someone else appreciates her as much as I do. If you're looking for a vet in Montgomery County, just go to this one. Vets can be such a racket. I'm lucky I found a good one on my second try.

Valentina Marin

3 years ago

came in today because my dog was sick. we waited in the car, they got him & called me to get all of his information and why we were there today. they recommended blood work & xrays and got back to me very quickly with results. after a long talk, we came to the agreement that it was best if he was put to sleep. Its been a long and stressful day so I don’t remember the Doctors name but everybody was really nice, respectful and even though it was a bad day, I am glad I made the decision to come here. Thank you to all of the people who I talked to today, you were all very helpful and caring.

Mrs. Jones DC

4 years ago

Everyone was great! Bambi was very nervous. The staff was really good with her . The mobile unit was on time and the process was well organized.

Karla Urbina

4 years ago

Absolutely amazing veterinarian's office carrying and affordable

McKayla Clark

4 years ago

Me and my mother have been bringing my dog here for years for their boarding services and we love it and so does my dog. The employees have always been very welcoming and we have always trusted our dog with them. However the last two visits we have not felt very welcome by the receptionist specifically, which had us feeling a little uneasy the first time. But this last time was the last straw when we realized that we were charged a fee that was never communicated with us (as the receptionist seemed to want little to no interaction with us and we were not provided a write up of our dog’s as we normally do). Once we noticed the extra fee we contacted the facility only to find out that our dog was actually very sick during her stay. We trust that the facility took good care of our dog but we are furious at the fact that the receptionist or noone for that matter told us that our dog had been sick during her stay.

Michael Tang

4 years ago

My dog had swollen gum that wouldn’t go down. I went to two other places to get a quote, and they asked for 2000+ dollars for teeth cleaning for presumed dental abscess. The vet at Petvacx brought up the possibility of cancer, and quoted me a lot less. Unfortunately my dog did have cancer when they started cleaning his teeth, and they called me promptly to ask if I would like to have him euthanized. Overall, their service is very reasonably priced, very professional, and very prompt. I don’t have a pet anymore, but if I ever decide to have a pet again, I would go to Petvacx again for sure.

Amanda Fletcher

4 years ago

My dog went in because she had a UTI so they put her under to to fix it. She never woke up. If it we're possible to give NO stars, I would, but it's not. Ever since the previous owners/doctors left, I would never go back. Because of this place I no longer have my dog.

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