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Rahul Banerjee

a year ago

I have been visiting this place for last four months. Recently noticed that the service has deteriorated very significantly. I have been trying them over phone for last one week, left messages a number of time. Neither they take the call nor they respond to my messages. I am in Banfield Optimum Wellness plan for my puppy. If this is the kind of service you receive, then what is the point of having such an expensive plan. Honestly though, the service was not this bad until two months ago. Very disappointed.

Stephanie Williams

a year ago

Please train your front desk receptionists to be more professional, friendly, polite, and look motivated to be helpful... rather than have an attitude, not greet the client, and remain at their seat (rather than standing up) when they're talking to the client.

vanise wai

a year ago

My 15 years old dog was very sick and we were not able to find her an appt with Banfield online for another 3 weeks (close to the end of Dec), we called and asked about the euthanasia option. The lady found our pet record in the system and told us we can schedule an appt on the same day when we are ready. We were never told once that an office visit /evaluation is required before the procedure is done. So we went to another vet who has available appoint and she confirmed that my dog's quality of life is poor and it's time to let her go. We came back and tried to schedule an appt with Banfield because we wanted to spend another two days with her and this location is closer to our home. When I called, the lady insisted an office visit is required even though they are overbooked. All of a sudden, they have appt available???? I told her we had proof from another vet one day ago and she refused to take it. She even told us to go to ER and the vet who gave us the diagnosis. Of course, they only care about money and not making this difficult time easier on us. Also, the qualification of the Veterinarian is questionable, they said my dog was overweight (she is fluffy dog) when she never has weight issue from any other visits. Don't waste your time there because you are not going to get the service you deserve there.

Judy Atwell

2 years ago

Customer Service was terrific. Food was hot and very good

Nelson Taveras

2 years ago

I really liked how quickly they attended to my dog.

Agnes Rigg

2 years ago

Left me on a 20 minute hold in the middle of an animal emergency. Receptionist was flippant and obviously eager to get off the phone with me. My cat's pharmacy tried for 6 days to get in contact with them about a lifesaving prescription but they never answered faxes or phone calls, even when I asked. The order had to be cancelled and my pet is getting sicker every day. If you care about your pets, don't go anywhere near this facility. Worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Bridget S

2 years ago

We need an approval for a prescription filled. Vet never in the office to review or respond to the paperwork needed from pharmacy. They don’t allow pharmacy to contact them via phone. After this comment being sent, immediately receive email promoting their own pharmacy service. Don’t waste your time here.

Dini Adaniya

2 years ago

I had an appointment for today (September 15th at 3:30pm) I had already confirmed yesterday. But as it happened they confirmed the wrong address. I called at 2:32pm to confirm the address again. I repeated the address twice ( Darnestown Rd) and they confirmed it. When I got here at 3:20, the receptionist said I was in the wrong location. And that my appointment was at the Kensington Location (Nicholson Ln). She called and told them I was on my way because I was in the wrong location. They called me then I said I would be there in 10 minutes. But they said they couldn't see my dog 15 minutes late. This is nonsense! And they didn't even apologize to me, like it was my fault! Because of their irresponsibility, I wasted my time and once again I will have to take my dog ​​to an ER because of their fault!

Kevin Shen

2 years ago

the doctor is very nice, but the worst customer service here and waste my time.

Leticia Salamanca

2 years ago

Loved the employees in this location. They are very friendly and professional

Mishell Dickson

2 years ago

Easier to book at this vet than the one in Kentland. The staff is very kind, and attentive. They care for each animal very well, and have really great Covid precautions

Ronald Díaz

2 years ago

Speedy service and on time appointments. Time frame given and it was right on the dot. The veterinarian was very knowledgeable and explained the game plan for our puppy throughout.

Amanda MacArthur MacArthur

2 years ago

We have several pets on plans and love their service!

Yakira Cordon

2 years ago

It’s unacceptable that my dog has to wait 3 weeks to be seen by a doctor, and drop offs require a dog to be caged for more than 8 hours until seen for drop off. Every time I call they are always understaffed yet have thousands on clientele for that location. This is unprofessional of Banifeild to take advantage of paying customers and supply them with the proper attention and respect we deserve. when I communicated with the receptionist Sarah, she rudely hung up on me instead my helping me out with an appointment for my pet who needs to be urgently seen. Worst experience ever!!

Shareese Forster

2 years ago

New puppy mom here! With COVID going on it’s been really hard to get the appointment you want in short timing. While everyone else had 3-4 week wait I was lucky enough to catch a cancellation for the next day. The employees there were super nice, professional, knowledgeable and helpful! They treated my little one like he was their own and his first visit turned out great! His vaccinations and deworming went smooth and they gave me his follow-up appointment to go with my schedule! Thanks you guys! Me and Beau appreciate the hospitality!

Fernando Salazar

2 years ago

Great staff and great service

AP Pinkney

2 years ago

The only good thing about this location is Dr. Sharma, outside of that this group is awful to work with.


2 years ago

worst customer service, I canceled my plan, I have to get or renew to get vaccines, it does not make any sence, I already have plan.

Nikki Tavasoli

2 years ago

Updated review: After I posted the previous review on Yelp and Google (see below), one of the veterinarians here reached out to us with great apologies and assisted us in rectifying the situation. Once we submitted our dog's medical records, the Rabies certificate was corrected to show a 3-year expiration. I am glad that this issue was resolved, but I wish it did not have to take a scathing online review or several phone calls to fix the problem. The answers we were initially given by reception for an issue that seemed to have an easy fix (and indeed it did) were so immensely outrageous that several other local veterinarians confirmed that it was legally and medically questionable. I am not sure if the person we previously spoke to misunderstood the situation and gave us an incorrect answer as to why the certificate had the wrong expiration date, or whether there were any financial motives for the move. Perhaps most other people would not have noticed the exact dosage given to their pet, or would not question the situation as much as we did; however, we work in medicine and pharmaceutical research and we tend to have a sharper eye for these details. I would like to clarify and address why we were so alarmed by the prospect of our small dog receiving two three-year vaccines within one year: Over-vaccination for rabies (such as giving 3-year vaccines annually) has been cited in veterinary research in several other states to be a leading cause of injury and fatality, despite the fact that the 1-year and the 3-year vaccine have similar viral loads. The danger comes from the presence of the excipients, which make the vaccine last longer in the body for the 3-year vaccine compared to the 1-year one. Imagine if as a human, your doctor would try to give you the tetanus shot (normally administered every 10 years) every year without medical necessity. The veterinarian that examined our dog during the initial visit was very thorough; so we do not think that the issues with this hospital are with the medical care, but rather with its administration. In any case, the communication with pet parents regarding paperwork and care needs to be greatly improved. We are unsure if we will come back here after our ordeal, but if you do choose to take your pet to this Banfield, you need to keep a keen eye on the details to ensure that your fur family receives the care that it deserves. ------------- If you would like to be extorted and have your dog's vaccine record be manipulated for the sake of a practice pressuring you into return business, this is the place for you. We scheduled one of our dogs to get his rabies vaccine here (our dog is 10 years old), and they made no mention that we should bring our dog's extensive medical history and records here. It's fine, let's move past that. Our dog gets his vaccine, the Defensor 3 (which by FDA Veterinary guidelines should be good for 3 years), and yet his rabies certificate expires in 1 year. We thought this must be an honest mistake, because first of all why give a 1 year vaccine to a dog who has been getting 3 year vaccines, or alternatively, why give him the 3 year vaccine and have it expire in one year? We called, and the excuse that we have gotten repeatedly from reception is that they did not have his vaccine records, so they want to give him another shot next year. Why did they not tell us to bring his records? And most importantly and damningly, why not give him the Defensor 1 (which has a lower vaccine load and expires in ONE YEAR) if that was the case? Why should he get TWO Defensor 3 shots (which is 6 years worth of rabies protection) within a span of 365 days?! That is medically unsound, particularly for an aging dog that weighs 13 lbs. I'm shocked that any business would do this, and I hope that this matter is resolved. I will be reporting this issue with Maryland's Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, and we will most definitely not be bringing our dog back here for any follow-up vaccines nor examinations.

Sean Wikman

2 years ago

Our 7 month old puppy has been having allergic reactions that we had questions about, and instead of suggesting we see an allergist or providing various options, their staff immediately jumped to us paying them for an injection he would need repeatedly and indefinitely... I asked why the doctor hadn't spoken to us about a next step that involved a second opinion or further investigation, and the woman on the phone gave us a nasty attitude with no meaningful feedback (basically saying it's not their job to make suggestions or provide alternatives) and then hung up on us when we said we'd probably contact another provider. After the last few visits, where I had to actively call out credit card charges their staff skipped over without explanation, I had a bad feeling in my gut that they were throwing in anything they could charge us for, and this last experience made me more sure of it. How depressing that these are the people we're supposed to trust to help us take care of our puppy...

Shayne Matthews

3 years ago

We had to put our dog down. Really the sooner was better for the dog. My wife had been trying other venues, but getting nowhere. She was able to make an appointment today with Banfield, in a matter of 2 hours, maybe not even 2. We were to call when we were outside facility at our appointment time to enter with our dog. We were told to have masks , to no surprise. Banfield, like many other businesses are trying to operate under guidelines for the VID. We were glad they were open. Once inside we were explained the process of letting go of our dog, what to expect, how it works and most importantly, we were not rushed. With the VID shortening all aspects of our daily lives, Banfield made us aware of what was going to happen, made us feel as comfortable as we could be, and did not rush the process. Thank you Banfield for being open, being professional and compassionate in our time of need. Travilah location.

Dwayne Royster

3 years ago

I love the way they care for my dog.

Kelsey Prissel

3 years ago

We chose to take our dog to this Banfield over others in the area because of the reviews. So far we have had great experiences with the doctor and staff! Very polite and courteous.

Lee D

3 years ago

Everyone is very friendly and helpful

Mistr Gizaw

3 years ago

I have the Banfield optimum wellness plan for my now 2 year old golden retriever and around New Year’s Eve he started having trouble keeping food down. I tried calling the ER and they advised me to hang tight till Monday and call his primary vet office on Monday morning when they open and ask they see him since it’s urgent. No other Banfield location was willing to see him except this particular location. They were so kind and understanding they had me do a drop off and took very good care of my Loki. Not only that but they were very mindful of the costs I would spend and tackled issues in a very impressive matter. I am very grateful to Dr pollard and the whole team that worked with Loki that day! Thank you

William Van Orman

4 years ago

Excellent staff, and they really do care for your pets wellness. Get the pet insurance, it's so worth it with the discounts & benefits & peace of mind:)

Vivian C

4 years ago

Did the drop off option (super convenient) for my two cats and was updated through out the day by a vet assistant and by the vet herself. Provided me with future recommendations and didn’t force any sales on me. And I understand their pet plans are NOT insurance plans.

Steven Dzupin

4 years ago

Great caring people and Zuma likes to visit ????

Ryan Gomez

4 years ago

Just recently started using this location, versus the one in the kentlands. I'm a big fan of this location. Staff is great, and Dr. Pollock is terrific with our animals.

Nicholas Klank

4 years ago

I love the vets that work here. They've got great bedside manner and have helped improve the quality of life for our elderly dog.

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