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Nathan Gantt

a year ago

Had to bring my dog that was just bitten by another dog here, everyone was so attentive in made my dog and I very comfortable after what just happen. If anything ever happens like this again (which I hope it doesn't) I know where I'm coming.

Justine Ott

a year ago

Extremely receptive to cats and their needs. Really happy with vca Saint Mary’s.

Audrey Norris

a year ago

I just got off the phone with a very rude and snippy receptionist. I was trying to call for my sick cat to make an appointment, but I wasn’t aware I needed paperwork since she hasn’t been seen here before. I just moved here unexpectedly from SC, so when I tried to tell the receptionist I would have to try to contact the clinic in SC to get the paperwork, she got extremely snippy and put me on hold. Then she came back to rush me off the phone without further assistance. A simple “I’m sorry you need paperwork before you can come here” would have been fine, or even alternatives if I was unable to receive the paperwork. She did not give me a chance to speak, therefore I could not explain my situation and tell her that I would call them back if I was able to receive the paperwork. Instead she rudely rushed me off the phone with an attitude for no reason. I would have hoped anyone I called at VCA would already have a good understanding that as a pet owner I am calling to help my pet, which most times involves more guidance and information from the employee. I called hopeful to help my sick baby but instead got left feeling worse about my situation. Consider hiring workers who can do the bare minimum of customer service. No one like that should work for the front desk of a veterinarian hospital, where so many pet owners go worried about their beloved animals.

Kailyn Raum

2 years ago

The only redeeming factor of this practice, is the staffs patience, and ability to communicate. After coming from San Diego, arguably the highest cost of living in the continental U.S. with outrages pet care factored in of course, I can promise that I have never spent more money for my pet then at this practice. A simple lab draw, nothing emergent, resulted to be kissing $400.00. I have had other family members get a same day emergency appointment at Companion Care Veterinary Hospital in Mechanicsville for less then $300, Where my husband and I had to schedule our appointment 3 months in advance for a blood draw. There are amazing places in town that provide the same quality care at a quarter of the price. Unfortunately I will not be taking my pets back here.

Leona Charles

2 years ago

I don't think I can recall every being treatly as badly as I was at this place. I was 7 minutes late because I have a puppy and sometimes they don't cooperate. However I was late. My 80lb puppy was pulling and it generally takes about 3 resets and he is fine. This lady decides to yell across the lobby, I realize you are trying to do some kind of training but you were already late can you hurry up. Incredibly unprofessional. I cancelled my dogs appointment for that day and the one I had scheduled for my other dog right then and there. Take you baby anywhere else but these people.

Kayla Finall

2 years ago

Seriously, words cannot begin to describe how happy I am to have found this place. Wonderful first impression for our first time here today. My baby Gracie developed some kind of infection in her paw over the weekend and since my previous vet had burned down, I was in a panic on where to take her. Thankfully, I came across VCA St. Mary’s Animal Hospital. I was able to book an appointment online for the next day which was amazing in itself. Unfortunately, due to the last minute visit, I was not fully prepared leaving me going to this appointment 6 months pregnant bringing my dog in with my 2 year old also in tow via stroller. Needless to say, my hands were very full. As soon as I arrived, I was checked in and the staff assisted by taking Gracie to be weighed seeing that my hands were full. Once checked in, they got us into a room where we vetted and attended to. The doctor was absolutely amazing. She made sure that Gracie would take a liking to her and was very attentive in listening to my concerns. I felt very heard which ultimately led to Gracie being treated as she saw fit. They also did me a solid and was able to get her up-to-date on all of her vaccines. On the way out, the doctor went above and beyond and helped me out to my car so that I could get my daughter out of her strolled and into her car seat without struggle. Seriously, above and beyond. I will 100% be a returning customer and will gladly recommend VCA to anyone in search of a veterinarian!

katie b

2 years ago

My kitten had an appointment today 7/17 at 12:30 and apparently the office had double booked and decided not to tell us. My daughter was over hearing the front desk ladies talking about it and laughing. Many unprofessional words that shouldn’t be used in front of customers were said from staff. The gentleman who also had the same appointment time came after us and was seen first. The staff asked him if his pet was out cats name and he said no but still they took him first. The doctor walked by our room since I guess they didn’t realize we were there. The doctor was rude saying my cat was more upset this time and she would have to get some kind of medication before her next appointment. But why the heck wouldn’t the 4 month old kitten be upset after AN HOUR waiting in a crate . Over hour for a simple booster shot???? No explanation or anything. With how much this vet charges and over adds what they think you need ,I would expect more. If you are looking for a vet I might think twice about them here.

Doug Scott

2 years ago

Nice vet. Very helpful staff. A positive experience for the fur baby!


2 years ago

Absolutely horrible service the last 3 visits. Once I was left on hold whilst in the parking lot for 45 minutes All 3 appointments have been upwards of 40 mins late What’s the point of an appointment time if your not going to keep it. People have other things to do .....heavens forbid if I was late. All 3 of my animals will be going to another vet Unacceptable...period No explanations for being late

D Thron

2 years ago

Capone is 20 years old and he needed a new veterinarian. From my first phone call, during which Lizzie was friendly and patient with my incessant questioning, through Capone’s first visit, VCA’s entire staff were incredible. Capone was very stressed during his visit but Suzanne was able to manage keeping him safe and as comfortable as possible during Dr. Powers’ examination. Thank you for your thoroughness, empathy and sincerity. We’ll see you again soon.

Danielle Green

2 years ago

I am writing about Dr. Forrest. I have been bringing my pitbull Bentley to VCA since he was an 8 weeks old puppy. Though his size (over 100 pounds) is now very intimidating, the only doctor that didn't panic and try to muzzle Bentley is Dr. Forrest. Dr. Forrest realizes Bentley is is a big teddy bear with all bark and no bite. Dr. Forrest has been seeing Bentley for the last 4 or so years. I will be really sad when he is no longer treating pets and fully retires. I am very grateful for the level of care Dr. Forrest has provided all of my dogs. Thank you Sir!

Steven “Steven's Dad” Kendrick

2 years ago

Been going to this guys for two decades.

Dawn P

2 years ago

First visit to this vet. We were fostering a 2 1/2 yr. old English Bulldog that we needed vetted to be adopted & this is the vet we could get the quickest appt with. Unfortunately, they do not work with rescues and the costs for just a HW & fecal test along with shots was VERY expensive. The doctor seemed nice when he called. I just think it's very sad that they don't work with rescues. The bill for the rescue was $430. Crazy! Now that we have adopted him we will be looking for a new vet. I don't mind paying for good care but that is a bit too much for us.

Bonnie Titus

2 years ago

We've been taking our fur babies to VCA for over 10 years. They have always taken great care of us.

Stephen Gray

2 years ago

Staff is extremely professional. The Doctors and Techs are knowledgeable and personable. Been a member for years, and will remain a member as long as I am in the area

Wayne Adams

2 years ago

The staff was professional and sensitive to my wife's concerns. This really help her to calm down and all of her questions.

Rick Cook

2 years ago

Had to have my sweet Zoie put down. Very sincere and caring staff. Everything explained and exactly performed. I miss her sooo much.


2 years ago

This place is WAY overpriced for poor service and the length of time you have to wait. Never have I ever been to a vet where the basic fee for your pet to be seen is $80 (not to mention any additional charges for shots and what not). In two years I don’t think a visit here ever took less than 1 hour due to waiting to be helped then waiting for your pet to be actually seen. Not to mention, now with the pandemic you don’t even get to speak with the vet. Do some shopping prior to taking your pets here, there are a few other veterinary clinics in the area that are a fraction of the price and actually show you that they care about your pets wellbeing. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Kivah H

3 years ago

Really nice and have been helping me as much as they can with my baby. Thank you!

Jean-Marie Hansen

3 years ago

All of my dogs, Ebony, Dakota, Bella and now Ponyo have been patients of Drs. Meadows and Cabral. Dakota was diagnosed almost 8 years ago with Lupus by Dr. Meadows and soon she will be 13. Ponyo was just spayed last week by Dr. Cabral, the stitches are a work of art. When are Ebony died over 13 years ago, Dr. Cabral donated monies to the Morris Animal Foundation. I will never forget her kindness. My faith in the integrity and wisdom of Drs. Meadows and Cabral is unshakable. For me it's hard when one of my dogs gets sick. Their patience and understanding is unwavering. I humbly thank them.

Kathleen C

3 years ago

Professional caring staff. Quick in and out for my furbaby's vaccinations.

Jeremy Tully

3 years ago

Bottle of the girls in this office have an attitude and think it's okay for them to talk however they want to people... Starts with the office manager and clearly has trickled down. Also this place is way overpriced. Shop around it's not worth the headache

Kimberly Enquist

3 years ago

Yesterday afternoon, my son called me because something was wrong with my dog.She was lying on her side and had loss the control of her bowel and vomited. She couldn't move. I was on my way home from work. I told him to meet me at VCA and called ahead to let the receptionist know I had an emergency and that we were on our way in. I put on hold for 3 minutes and then told not to come because the doctor was busy. It was 430pm when I called...they close at 600. Iwill NEVER use them and would not trust the health of my dog or any emergencies in the future. Would not recommend ever!

Paula Shipp

3 years ago

The people r great that work there !!

Rachele Huot

3 years ago

Everyone here treats my dogs well and I love bringing my dogs here. I also love the pet care plans! However, one addition I would like to see is additional trees or shading in the parking lot. It's okay and understandable when they get behind, but in the summer, even with the AC blasting in my car, it would be nice to be able to park in some shade. There is none here.

Scott Mclaughlin

3 years ago

I recently took my dog there and found out she has cancer. The doctor that seen her was Dr Ann Fitzsimmons. This is the most uncaring and non sympathetic doctor I have ever encountered. She never showed the dog any affection. Then she was very nonchalant when she told us that our dog had cancer. She truly did not seem to care. This diagnosis was also made with no blood work or tests. Then when we went back to receive medicine she never came out to explain anything to us at all. I will never go back to this hospital nor will I recommend them to anyone. I also will tell anyone I know that is currently going to find another doctor. This is sad because the staff was kind and considerate but one bad apple truly ruins the bunch. This woman needs to find another line of work. I would love to give this a zero but one is the lowest


3 years ago

After calling and speaking with this location I can see why I have not been back in over 7 years with any of my pets. Just like I remember it the last time I was here. Service...What service. Enjoy your half day today. Don't worry about the pets. Put the top down on the car and go spend that money. Really after telling the clerk my pets issue she says oh yes he should be seen. Very important because..... and she goes on for 5 mins...Then I say great I can bring him in....Oh no we cannot see your pet..We are booked solid with emergencies today.....So first of all why not lead with that. Don't make me wait 10 mins to tell me we cannot see the Vet today. I already said I had another appt for Monday somewhere else. Seriously why would I expect anything more from this place?

Theresa Rainey

3 years ago

Quality service. Always text the day after appointments checking on the pet. Care plan covers all important things for puppy. Very personable staff.

Todd Mattingly

3 years ago

I have always return to St. Mary’s Veterinary with my dogs. They seem to always have the best Vet Techs and Doctors!! Both always explain everything that is being done at the time of service. They make me feel comfortable and they truly treat my dogs very well! Their Care Pet Program is the best! I recently enrolled and it is well worth it! Knowing how expensive pet care is- they know too and all the more reason to join their Care Pet Program! I highly recommend!! They care about all animals!!

Michele Hayes

3 years ago

Love the team that works there!

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