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2 years ago

I like others never thought I'd be writing a review on this matter, but sadly I am. I am so very grateful for Dr. Pamela White! She saved my boys life!! My handsome Ocicat Wiley was diagnosed with a brain tumor it was quite large about 1" in size. Dr. White and her team were amazing and put my mind at ease by explaining everything to me and reassuring me how much they love the sassy kitties! They love my boy so much and it showed. He stopped hissing after a couple of visits! This cat is my whole world and I am grateful to have more time with him !!

Janice Pardun

2 years ago

My dog has been getting mast cells. This office has been able to help us catch them early. Service is very good.

Jason McCowan

2 years ago

They saved my dog's life!

Marissa Bacino

3 years ago

I brought my dog here after an adenocarcinoma diagnosis. She underwent testing and multiple rounds of chemotherapy in the office. The staff and vets are all nice. Certainly friendly and professional. However, there is a bit of an assembly line tone to the operation. You show up, you never get to go inside (based on other reviews, it sounds like you were never able to go back while your pet is being treated, even outside of Covid times). My dog had to be sedated at TOS' request to go to those appointments. Which I found odd, because she is really great at the vets office and I've never had that suggested before. After a few appointments she had to be dragged into that office without me, which also has never happened before. The cost for treatments are high and in my case didn't really yield me any results, as my dog died w/in 5 months. There's a lot of checking of labs and xrays and ultrasounds. The ultrasound is one area where I had an issue. They take the pet to another entity in the same building to have the ultrasound. But they charge you a $100 referral fee to do that, on top of the $500 for the actual ultrasound that you pay to the other entity. This just felt like a cash grab at the end of the day, on top of the $700-$800 each individual treatment cost. But we paid the bills and got the treatment. On our last visit, as the cancer had spread to her neck and chest. I took her for one last evaluation. She was in a fair amount of pain and was prescribed several pain medications that I had to fill at a local pharmacy. I left the appointment and went straight to CVS to drop the scripts off (around 2pm). I went to pick them up at 5pm that day and couldn't, because the TOS office purposely omits the DEA number required to fill controlled substance prescriptions, but they never communicated this to me. CVS stated they called the office at 3pm but no one returned the call, so they couldn't fill it. TOS has absolutely no after hours help at all. So I was left at CVS with a dog at home in pretty horrible pain, unable to fill her script that evening. I called my usual vet that has a 24 hr dept. and begged them to call in one of the pain meds so I could keep her at least somewhat comfortable that night. Thankfully, she had been to that vet the week prior and they were willing to call it in. I sent an email to TOS that evening explaining the issue, and how the whole issue could've been avoided if they had told me at the office that when I went to fill the script that the pharmacist would need to talk to them. It took me 3 hours that day to get 1 of the 3 prescriptions I needed. The office called CVS the next day and got them filled, but no one ever apologized to me or even acknowledged the issue I had trying to fill them and how easily they could've prevented it. This made for a very stressful and emotionally draining night on my dog's last couple of days alive. In the end, her cancer spread regardless and we had her put to sleep at home. I'm glad we tried to treat her, but I would've rather done it at another facility that cares more about customer service.

Amy Kubler

3 years ago

Dr. Rusk is the best. Responsive, caring, knowledgeable! At 8:45 on a Saturday night he responded to a concern I had about my dog. This is the epitome of quality care! While it sucks to have to have an oncology doc for my dog, I sure am glad for Dr. Rusk and his team! Hands down 10/10 RECOMMEND!

Topdog Mechanic

3 years ago

Is there a problem with your guy's phone that you cannot answer it everytime I call no one answers that phone.. in the meantime my pet's health is declining getting worse by the day.

Mary Ann McGowan

3 years ago

Very impressed with The Oncology Service

Shirley Burt

3 years ago

Dr. Rusk gave my dog over 3 1/2 years that I don't think I would have had with anyone else.

Cathy Gurski (Cathulhu)

3 years ago

I honestly never thought I would need an oncologist for my dog, but after having a cancerous mast cell tumor spread shortly after it was removed our vet recommended us to The Oncology Service. Our experience with TOS has been amazing. They are very thorough in evaluating your pet's overall health and situation and work with you to determine the best course of treatments. Everyone we have spoken with has been so compassionate and kind, right down to carrying and snuggling a nervous dog into the building for his visits. That helps a lot during such a stressful time. We've been working with Dr. Manley and are just so impressed with her caring demeanor and personality. She talks to you, not at you, and makes sure you have a chance to ask questions so you understand what is going on with your pet's health and next steps. While I wouldn't wish on anyone the need for their services, if they do TOS is a great place to go.

Yvonne Trask

4 years ago

The staff was super friendly, and Dr. Speas was awesome. Everyone was great with Zoey.

Tracey Elizalde

4 years ago

A place of such kindness and professionalism. Thank you for your commitment and for giving us such hope.

Michael Siuta

4 years ago

Great, knowledgable and friendly staff.

Ken Dahl

4 years ago

The doctors and staff have been taking great care of my pet. He loves all the attention after his treatments.

Jennifer Young

4 years ago

Great staff and very caring about our fur baby.

Jaremy Leach

4 years ago

ToS took care of our beloved Lola when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, their staff was extraordinary and so kind.

Harry Lloyd

4 years ago

Absolutely the most compassionate people. They really make you feel comfortable and they explain everything. Chosing this over other recommend places has really helped quell some of the fears. We have had nothing but positive experiences here and I truly feel that they have the patients best interest in mind. Would 100% recommend to anyone.


5 years ago

We started looking for an oncologist once test results from a removed tumor indicated malignancy. We chose The Oncology Service based on recommendations. Unfortunately, our experience there did not even come close to our lowest expectations. From the first appointment, communication from The Oncology Service to us was severely lacking. We were never told to expect over $2k and 4 hours worth of testing on the initial consult nor were we ever told simple preparation steps such as not feeding our dog the morning of the appointment (we did just in case). Our dog was taken back and received a series of tests that were inadequately described to us before hand and came back terrified and in a muzzle. Following the test results, we received word that multiple needle aspirations were inadequate and would need to be redone. Given that the treatment would not change with confirmation or contradiction of findings from these aspirations, we decided to not subject our dog to further anguish and proceed with a systemic drug treatment. Initially, we were told that the cancer drug would be in the mail the next day after being phoned in to a compounding pharmacy. We canceled our Christmas plans to be able to start treatment right away and when requesting the prescription, were then told by the pharmacy that the prescription would not be filled until about a week later, well after Christmas. The Oncology Service was able to find an alternative compounding pharmacy at double the price. The communication from the veterinary technician handling this prescription was very patronizing and disrespectful and we were accused of placing a price on treatment of our pet. We eventually called our primary vet, who discussed the treatment with the actual oncologist, not the intern, and presented us with the option of obtaining a prescription the very next day at the manufacturer's recommended dosage. The intermediate dosage requiring a compounding pharmacy is suggested by a 2013 study to reduce adverse effects but is lower than the recommended dosage from the manufacturer. We were told we needed an intermediate dosage because our dog fell in between body weight categories, which is true for the lower dosage, but is contradictory to the manufacturer's dosage recommendations. The option to use the standard treatment was never presented to us. Since we were able to obtain the recommended prescription through our normal vet, we received a phone call from the intern assigned to our case and were told that we should not call them with treatment questions since we did not use their compounding pharmacy. Navigating through cancer tests and treatments for the first time is very trying and stressful. We were hoping for someone to patiently explain and guide us to the right treatment choice for our situation but instead were left anxious, confused, and aggravated. I do not recommend The Oncology Center.

Greg Costanzo

5 years ago

Caring and knowledgeable doctor and staff. I trust their advice implicitly.

Tessa Durkin

5 years ago

Dr. Speas and the rest of the staff are spectacular. Incredibly knowledgeable and informative. My Boston Terrier and I travel over an hour to see them. There are other oncologists much closer to where I live but The Oncology Service is the best out there and I wouldn’t want anyone other than Dr. Speas caring for my Bambino. I trust them with my fur-baby and they always treat us with respect and kindness. Everyone remembers who we are when we go back for appointments and they treat us more like family than clients. They truly care. Karla and Coby, who work at the front desk, are also amazing women. Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude for The Oncology Service and its team. I wish this wasn’t a review I was able to write but there is no place else I could recommend more than this for a beloved pet to receive oncologic services.

Sheryll Evangelista

6 years ago

Dr. Gordon, KC and their staff are wonderful! Thank you so much for taking such great care of Tank!

Suzanne Rzewnicki

6 years ago

I hope nobody ever needs to read this review but should you ever find yourself in need of a veterinary radiation oncologist, I can't say enough good things about Dr. Pamela White. She treated my beloved oversized miniature poodle for nasal cancer a couple of years ago and she made what was a stressful process a lot easier to navigate with her compassion and her patience. She's knowledgeable, always willing to answer questions or address concerns, and has the best dogside manner. The front desk staff and techs at ToS--shout out to Tara--were all incredibly kind, supportive and helpful. When you're treating a beloved furkid for cancer, the little things mean a lot to you. So while I hope nobody ever needs a consult at ToS, if you should find yourself in this situation, rest easy knowing there are vets out there like Dr. White to help you and your furkid. (And Dr. Gordon too!)

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