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Mina Jahandoost

a year ago

Thank you Dr. Felrice for taking good care of my bunnies especially during their spay and neuter procedures. I am very grateful for the quality of care I received. Dr. Felrice always returned my calls whenever I had any concerns which shows how compassionate he is. Cosmo and Cocoa are very happy. Look no further for your vet needs in the area.

Jetta R.

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my pet for over 4 years now and I was totally happy with their service. Since the pandemic started, it has declined. Appointments takes less than 5 minutes and last time I was charged for medication I did not even asked nor was asked if I would like to purchase. All this, for an appointment they have not even scheduled yet since they are so busy lately. I was told by the Doctor they will call me to set up the appointment and it’s been a month and still no one has called me yet. I went to the office and I was told that the person in charge of the schedule does not have the schedule ready yet. That it could take up to 2-3 months! I’m glad for them but not right for customers/patients. Time to look for another Vet.

Valeria Xavier

2 years ago

Family business that treats you as they family as Well . Thank you for the follow up on Violet ‘ s post dental surgery ????

Robert Swisher

2 years ago

Best vets in the world. Wouldn't take my dog anywhere else.

Lydia Laub

2 years ago

I've been taking my critters (rats, mice, and rabbit) here for over a decade. Dr. Felrice has always been great with them. Knowledgeable about small mammals, yet willing to admit when he doesn't know something. He's good at explaining the situation and helping me choose the best treatment option. Fairly expensive, but he is mindful of people's financial situations and often gives discounts, especially for rescued critters. I will say I'm not a big fan of Dr. Geibel, as he once recommended euthanasia for one of my mice over the phone, without even examining him in person! (The young and otherwise healthy mouse had a lump on his abdomen.) I went to Dr. Felrice for a second opinion; he examined him and it turned out he had a swollen spleen and was fine after a simple course of antibiotics. Front seat staff are friendly and return calls asap. TL;DR five stars for Dr. Felrice and front desk staff, not a fan of Dr. Geibel

Glenn Harless

2 years ago

Great doctors Great staff always feel like our dog is well taken care of

Lindsay W.

2 years ago

My family have used this vet for over 20 years. Dr. Geibel has seen our dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. I would seriously consider them family. Everyone is friendly and they care deeply for all the animals. When my dog had an emergency (it happened several times) they saw us immediately. I can’t say enough good things about them. One of the big reasons I didn’t want to move away from the area was that I didn’t want to have to find a new vet and say goodbye to them haha!

diane mcmahan

2 years ago

Excellent care by Dr. Amspaugh (the Cat Whisperer)

Ryan Fleming

2 years ago

25-year customers with lots of animals from geckos to dogs. We mostly use Dr Amspaugh for our dogs. He is gentle and kind and fully engaged with our dogs throughout their lives. If you’re there enough, you see and hear Dr Felrice, Dr Megan and more recently Dr Lauren and all have great bedside manners and are fully-engaged with their clients (I mean this only positively: so fully-engaged that none has really ever spoken to me since I only see them when they’re engaging the client in front of them). Techs have been great and the front office team is friendly and knowledgeable. We very comfortably put the lives of our family in Dr Amspaugh’s and the team’s hands and they completely own that responsibility all the while remembering that they’re working with emotional pet parents.


2 years ago

I had brought my dog to this practice since he was a puppy, and he is 12-years-old now. I was happy with their services overall, but not anymore! My dog had a bad infection in his armpits back in December last year, and the doctor there prescribed Neo-Predef powder back then. The infection was gone but I noticed lately his armpits start showing redness again, so I used up the remaining powder. When I tried to see if I can get a refill, I peeled up the label they put on the bottle and reveled an expiration date of May 2020! That means when they distributed it to us, it had already expired 7 months! I called them and the reception lady tried to play it down by saying it is usually ok for medications to use even after expiration date, that is what I expected they would say, but, I asked that lady, would you purchase something that is already expired for yourself, let alone your pets? I was told someone would give me a call back regarding this matter but I never heard back from them. I understand making profits for a business is essential, and nothing wrong with it, but making profits by selling expired medications, and taking advantage of their customers’ trust, that is gone too far!

Rachel W

2 years ago

The elder Dr. Geibel is one of the rudest, most unprofessional people I've ever met. He got way too close to me during the pandemic, even touching my hand before I was vaccinated (I am immunocompromised). He doesn't listen. He forgot to return my call several times. He yelled at me over the phone for NO discernible reason. He is condescending -- though he's much more polite with my partner (who is male). I do NOT recommend this vet, though I'm told by reliable sources that the elder Dr. Geibel's daughters (both vets at this practice as well) are wonderful. After being berated in March by Dr. Geibel, I decided to wait and cool off. I've also given the staff opportunities to address these issues, and I've decided this review still needs to be written.

Andrea Black

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing place! 100% Recommend. I want to say that if I have a bad experience, I am one of the first people to leave a review. I don't like being taken advantage of or being pushed into something. I can only say great things about this place. They saw me same day with my dog in pain and with me frantic that I would possibly be spending tens of thousands of dollars for testing (thought my dog had potential IVDD). We had not slept in 2 days and I spent the night before researching all night for a vet hospital that actually cares about their patients. Immediately from the front office staff to the doctor, everyone gave my dog and I their full attention and put us at ease. Prices were very reasonable and they did not push me into anything or try to scare me. They thoroughly assessed my dog, prescribed some meds, and asked me to follow up at the end of the week. My dog is 110% better (my complaint is that she has too much energy!) and honestly I am very happy with my decision. I will go here again and most likely make this my family doctor for my fur baby. THANK YOU!

Lauren Bolding, DDS

2 years ago

We have been bringing our dog to Dr. Lauren Giebel for years and she is fantastic. She is so caring and really takes the time to explain everything. Recently, we had an emergency and Dr. Larry Giebel was able to squeeze our girl in and quickly addressed the situation and got us in the hands of some very capable nearby specialists. Knowing we were worried, he made it a point to reach out to us every day to check and see how we were doing, while she was away. This practice is truly outstanding and the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate.


2 years ago

They are good people and really care for your animals even when my dogs collar got loose they help me catch her and put the collar on and tightening it they are really good people

Jake Paiva

2 years ago

Great experience! They took great care of my kitties and gave me so much great information and advice. Super covid safe - they meet you in the parking lot and bring your critters in and out. There's chairs out front and a nice deck to relax while you wait.

Reid Winchester

2 years ago

I called 4 times over the course of 4 days trying to see if they just had an appointment available, and gave my information to someone at the front desk, including my number and email, who informed me that she would check with the doctors and call me back. I have not recieved a single call back from them. Each time I called I kept trying to stress that I needed an answer, as I'm in the middle of moving house and need a wellness check in order to bring my ball python with me to my new apartment. I don't know if they read online reviews, but I hope they do because I'm still looking for a reptile vet appointment


2 years ago

You guys don’t have an email on your website but I hope you see this soon I wanted to say I am so grateful and thankful for the kindness, patience, and sympathy the doctor showed me when I brought my 8 year old rabbit thumper to be euthanized. I think it was Dr. Geibel, Who also sent me a card expressing his sympathy and kind words, that made me cry all over again. My animals mean the world to me and I’ve had the opportunity to have many but with many also comes much loss. But I feel like if it isn’t a dog or a cat many people don’t care. I didn’t feel that way here with the doctor. Thumper and his brother were one of the first animals my parents ever let me have, and were with me since I was around 14. They fought so hard for years. I was told by previous vets that they were so resilient on not dying, they were so determined on living, and i felt like i was forcing them to give up. but the Dr was so incredibly kind and helpful when he told me i was giving him peace... Theres just not enough words, thank you, so so much

Mindy Felinton

3 years ago

In all my experience with different veterinarians over the years, I have never known a veterinarian to be so kind, caring, compassionate and qualified as Dr. Tom Geibel. He is a man of great integrity and compassion for both animals and their owners. I was recently referred to him when my dog suffered a stroke. I have only been going to his practice for four days after my dog had a stroke. He met me today, because it was her time, after hours, and spent so much time sharing loving and comforting thoughts with me. He is an exceptional person who I can’t speak highly enough about. A true gem.

Amy Hapip

3 years ago

If you are looking for an amazing care team for your loved pet(s), rest assured that QO Veterinary Hospital is the perfect place for you. My whole family trusts the docs, techs and staff here, as they have cared for our pets (cats, rabbit, numerous dogs!) for 10+ years now, and we couldn’t be happier. We have had wonderful experiences with, and have full faith in every single doc there. From rabbit spaying, rabbit care, dog spaying, dog lipoma removal, general well dog care including nail trims, emergencies and end of life care- each interaction has been thoughtful, courteous, and with love. We are so grateful for them!

Angeline Tong

3 years ago

I have been taking my cats to Dr. Lauren for years now. After taking one of my former cats to her just for an initial checkup, he died that year and wasn’t even treated by her during his sudden heart failure overnight. She wrote the most eloquent and heart touching note to me simply because she knows how loosing a pet can be so traumatic for the owner. I was truly appreciative and delighted by her unexpected warm gesture. I trust her implicitly in my other cat’s and new kitty’s health. Currently she has been treating both of them for these crazy ear infections. I know that she would do anything to heal them and keep them healthy.

Austyn Wood

3 years ago

Dr. Lauren and all of the staff at QOV are amazing. They go above and beyond to provide the best care for my dog. I completely trust them, they treat my dog like their own. If I could, I’d give 100 stars!

Brian Willis

3 years ago

Only place to take my iguana

Catalina Smith

3 years ago

Dr. Felrice was unavailable when we had an emergency with our dog (she ate old rat poison). Dr. Geibel was quick to jump in and help us and we are soooooo grateful. We've been taking our pets here for many years. Mainly because Dr. Felrice specializes in birds (so does Dr. Geibel). I bring my cockatiels here and I really like the support staff.

Jenny Dun

3 years ago

Absolutely love them. They're 2 hours away and I make the trip. Dr.Giebel was absolutely fantastic with my guinea pig. She needed a tooth trim and cyst removal/spay and he did great. He took proper care of her and took his time. You could tell he really cared and it was well worth the trip. They took such good care of my angel. Their nurses/secretaries are knowledge and kind as well. Good pricing as well. Thank you guys. So glad I was referred to them. Better than any vet in st marys

John Benefield

3 years ago

I can't recommend this vet more highly! Dr. Lauren and Nicole walked us through a scary operation for our dog Maddie - they were so kind, professional, and wonderful! They took excellent care of Maddie! Also, Dr. Lauren has *always* been such a huge help w/ Maddie's chronic allergies, and any other problems that popped up. Thank you so much QO Vet!

Jonathan Smythe

3 years ago

We travel 20 miles to come here and have been doing so for years. Take your pet here if you have the opportunity!

Karin Clark

3 years ago

Dr. Lauren is amazing! She is up to date on medical advancements and treatment options. She takes time and listens to us. I always know we are in good hands with her (and everyone at the practice)!

Leila Stiebel

3 years ago

All of our dogs have been and are patients of dr. Larry Giebel and his excellent staff of vets and techs for 35 years.

Mary Willey

3 years ago

Loving & caring for our pets! Thumper & Zhu-Zhu!

Mr. B

4 years ago

Greatly pleased with my experiences here, very knowledgeable, exceptional veterinary medicine experience/education, great staff.

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