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C Stine

2 years ago

My cat was struggling with hair loss and I needed to spay her. They got me in pretty quickly and were very nice. They took care of her and were very informative during the procedure calling me right after the procedure that she had made it through the procedure fine and was recovering. They were very patient with my cat being very scared and allowed me to do what we needed under anesthesia (I wasn't very good at getting the pill in her food). Since the procedure my cat has recovered her full coat of hair and even seems to be more playful. Dr. Skarbek is great very caring and very experienced in veterinary medicine, glad to have her looking after my little one!

Yes Mmme

2 years ago

So, I have been a good, paying customer of this business for 20 years. I LOVE several of the docs, and the techs are always wonderful. The administration of the "business" is harsh, NOT customer friendly and gives the impression of greed to the highest degree. They recently told me they are booking "a month out", when I called for an appt for an elderly beloved pet who has been treated here many years. Miraculously, an appt opened up with just the vet I wanted to see, and I got my lil girl in. Had to follow up because she had gotten better, then gotten lethargic. Was told I had to pay an "Emergency visit" fee! Regular appt fee is $60. EMERGENCY fee is $!135!!!!! SERIOUSLY? Review the part about Client for 20 years. Follow up due to new medication. Not to mention, when they did "fit me in", I waited with my sick lil girl in a room for 1.5 hours. Resolution? Nope. Again, techs and docs (most) are wonderful. But today wasn't our regular doc. So we had to start from scratch. Told me, at end of appt, to schedule YET ANOTHER Tech appt for 7 days from today to recheck, again. OK. Had to have tech schedule appt with the admin staff. There seems to be no room left at this "practice" for true animal care and care of loyal clientele. Just book em full! Book em till our regulars with issues that can't wait A MONTH, don't have a choice but to pay for an "Emergency". How sad that greed has surpassed true compassion. And the office manager....... whoa! Scary! LOUD - no inside voice? I know that's her job, to scare people out of their money, but......... So, do I go out and about to try to find a more accommodating practice, AGAIN? Where would THAT be, I wonder? So, great docs (most) IF you can get an appt. If you have a HEALTHY animal, go here! Need more care? Forget it!

Kara Lynn

2 years ago

A couple years ago I moved away from the area and recently returned. I always had great experiences with this clinic in the past. When I returned for my first appointment since moving back it was immediately apparent this was not the same place anymore. The front desk staff was kind but lacking in knowledge. I was bringing one of my pups in to be examined for a possible UTI. I asked about preparations as this was the first time this has happened and they said just bring him in. Both dogs were up for their shots and asked about getting those done while I was there. They said as long as it was within the allowed 20 minute time slot there shouldn't be a problem. I brought the dogs in and the vet (Dr. Skarbek) asked me for a urine sample (I know this seems obvious but I didn't think about it and expected the front desk staff to walk me through what was needed). I didn't have one and she couldn't get any urine. This was a total of 5 minutes. I asked about shots for the dogs and she said the appointment was over (after telling me there was nothing she could do). I reminded her that I scheduled an appointment with a 20 minute window. She abruptly replied without hesitation or consideration that she needed to go because she had an emergency. It was obvious she didn't and was defensive by her response. She left the room and within seconds the vet tech came in and said the emergency was cancelled and the vet would come back to give the shots. This involved a quick exam and the shot itself- an additional 2.5 minutes for each dog. She also made out $$$ with this 10 minute appointment so it couldn't be about the money. It became apparent to me after that the heart of this clinic is not in the right place. We have since found another vet. I'm not ok with someone who is supposed to care for these animals, dismiss a client who cares and wants to take care of the pet in such an abrasive and unprofessional manner. UPDATE 6/1/18: One of our dogs had his teeth cleaned by this clinic in September 2017. Today he is in surgery again, less than 9 months later, with 6 seriously abscessed teeth. The new vet says that it is not likely this amount of infection formed in only 9 months, or even a year. As for the "UTI"; our pup was diagnosed with a slipped desk in his back under the care of a new vet. The incontinence was a result of him being in so much pain, he couldn't control his bladder. To say we made a great choice moving to a new vet might be an understatement.

Kendra Sullivan

2 years ago

We've been going to WOAH upwards of eight years. In that time they've been professional, easy to discuss with and incredibly helpful. Whether it is from general advice or suggestions. This facility helped me navigate a difficult start for a newborn pup and Dr. Pepper was absolutely FANTASTIC in providing me with the best course of success. We've only had a few instances that were uncharacteristic and only once did we question whether we wanted to return over the unprofessional handling of scheduling our pups next appointment. Come to find out the staff just had a downright dreadful day. We are, after all, human. The Doctor's are fantastic in the approach of "What they recommend" and accepting the owner's decision as to whether or not they want to (move forward with a particular vaccine) Victoria is a fantastic groomer and the staff has been very accommodating for my unpredictable and reactive dog.

Reinaldo Morales

2 years ago

Great service and good dog training.

Tyler Fé

2 years ago

I was taking 2 dogs here for about a decade+. The wait-room staff is super friendly to what seemed to be their personal friends, and incredibly curt, rude, and snappy with me. I'm not sure if it has to do with my age, or my lack of personal relationship with them. One of my dogs was having seizures. They vet failed to identify why. The first vet I went to after them (in Blacksburg, VA) was able to provide an answer after our first visit. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, unless you personally know the staff. Try Fredericksburg Animal Hospital--good bedside manner, very helpful and informative and accurate, and just an all-round better experience.

Melanie Joy

2 years ago

Amazing service. At Fredericksburg clinic. These guys do not get enough credit. Ive been coming here for years. Ive only had 1 bad experience. Every other time has been amazing. Very caring and do all they can to get you in during an emergency same day.

Stephanie Dorsey

2 years ago

My dear friend recently needed help, her boy (pup) was injured. These people took him in, fixed him up (all while loving on him) and got him back to us so quickly. And the fact that the Vet took the time to explain the plan of care-- outside of our vehicle IN A thunder storm--I can not even begin to explain how touched we were with their care. And I am so relieved, knowing I am moving to the area this summer and I have found my new veterinarian. These guys are amazing!!!

Victoria H

2 years ago

Tried to get an appointment for a cough one of my cats has had since we got him a year ago. Took him to two vets before they gave him a shot for a slight inflammation in his lungs and ear drops for an ear infection he had at the time. …

Carrie Such

2 years ago

Outstanding in all aspects! The doctors (we've seen them all), vet techs, groomers, front desk - all are top professionals. We have dealt with aging dog health concerns, new pups, injuries, preventative health and grooming. Soon, training will be added to the list. We could not be happier with the quality care, friendly service, on time appointments, responsiveness (including phone calls of solid advice), compassion and love for our furry family. Thankful to have a wonderful support where dogs are truly family right here in the neighborhood. Thank you White Oak!

Christina Shelton

3 years ago

Brought our dog in for a wash they wanted to shave him instead in they word “take the time to brush him”

Dan Everton

3 years ago

This morning I took my granddog in for a 930 apt. Promptly at her apt time two young men came out and picked up Coco. I had brought my tablet because vets like doctors are never on time. Boy was I wrong. No sooner than I had turned on my tablet my granddog was returned to me. We live about 6 miles from this practice and I pulled in sons driveway at 950. Way to go White you have it down to a science. Thanks

Debbie S.

3 years ago

Dr. Pepper, the Veterinarian Assistants and the Staff are wonderful. Absolutely sooo impressed with Dr. Pepper with her compassion, caring and professional expertise in caring for my family member, a 10 year old dog. I have been taking my 'baby' to WOAH since he was a puppy and their care is absolutely heartwarming. God Bless you all.

Marilu Christian

3 years ago

Our miniature schnauzer Kobe was a patient at White Oak since we moved here in 2012. A few months ago Kobe passed away from renal failure. Dr. Pepper and her staff always cared for Kobe very well. He was also seen regularly for grooming and we were always satisfied with the service. It did not matter when I needed an appointment they were always available to see Kobe, especially during emergencies. I truly appreciate the great care Kobe received.

Mark Melnyk

3 years ago

Very professional, courteous and compassionate staff from the assistants to the veterinarians. Reasonable prices. I highly recommend.

Salena Keene

3 years ago

Love taking my dogs to white oak. They are always so kind and informative. Between day care, the trainers, and the vet staff I wouldnt wanna go anywhere else

Brandon Johnson

3 years ago

My elderly mother recently received copies of her pets’ medical records in the mail with a note from the owners stating that they would no longer be providing veterinary services to her pets and “good luck” (yes, they actually wrote that). They gave no explanation as to why, but I do know that she had an issue recently with very rude office staff. Rather than contacting her and discussing the matter, they just dropped her after being a customer for the past 20 years. I was also a customer until my last pet passed two years ago. The vets were great, but the office staff were often rather rude and unprofessional. It was difficult to get an appointment, and when I called I was usually greeted by either a busy signal or being immediately placed on a lengthy hold (without being asked if I could hold first). Several times when I showed up for appointments I was ignored at the counter by office staff while holding my anxious pet. The prices are rather high, and while the vets were great, the lack of customer service skills on the part of the office staff make this not worthwhile. I got the impression that they believe that they have enough business and don’t care about customer service or basic professionalism-that’s fine, they have PLENTY of competition in the area.


3 years ago

I've been coming here since I first moved to the area and adopted my GSD. My aunt and uncle also used them up until they moved out of the area and found a closer vet for them. I am forever grateful for the patient and kind staff. They always keep my pups comfort in mind and always listen to my concerns and opinions as his owner. On top of that they work with dogs with needs outside of medical needs. My pup is a very leash reactive dog and they work diligently to make sure a room is available when I arrive or that one is available quickly if there is another dog in the room. My dog is NOT aggresive but fearful of other dogs when on a leash and reacts to that fear. I appreciate the staff for acknowledging this and making our visits as easy as possible for both my pup and I. And recently, after an awful experience with Kincheloe, I'm able to neuter my dog with my own vet thanks to them. Somewhere I trust the people at and know that he's in the best possible care.

Eric O

4 years ago

White Oak was a great place for our veterinary needs. The only reason we left was due to the drive. We are on the other side of town on the fringes of Fredericksburg mailing in the Chancellorsville Battlefield area. Getting to the vet with traffic was always a 40 minute plus drive one way due to traffic and was a ton of stress on the dogs. We were fortunate to find a quality vet much closer to us but I wanted to leave a review for those looking for vet needs here.

Frank Clark

4 years ago

They lied when giving a recommendation to adopt a puppy. Very sad and upset that this happened. I wish they could have been more honest.


4 years ago

Holly at White Oak served as a resource guide for our dog that requires specialty care. We didn't even get to make an appointment and she went out of her way to recommend other places that would be better suited. I would recommend White Oak and Holly especially for the care of my animals.

Michaela Harrell

4 years ago

Today was my first time being there with my new puppy. This vet clinic is absolutely outstanding. The staff is all extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The vet Dr. Wolf is very helpful and understanding. I especially appreciated this with it being my first time owning a pet. She’s very patient. I would highly recommend using this clinic for any of your fur babies.


5 years ago

My wife and I have been taking our two cats and one dog here since 2005. Quality used to be high but has rapidly declined within the last two years with high turnover at the front desk and most of the staff. This place has become nothing more than a doc in the box. Poor service, long waits, canceled appointments due to over bookings. If you need a vet look elsewhere.

Missy Tarasoff

5 years ago

I have been a customer since they opened and honestly have had ups and downs at this place. Some of the staff get little "too big for their britches" attitude which is the worst. I've spent alot of hard earned money here with 11 dogs and 2 …

Matt Davis

5 years ago

We've been bringing our dog here for some time. Most of the time the clinic is friendly and seem to care about the pets that they care for. Our dog has been on meds for a little over a year now for a respiratory issue which has been keeping it under control for the most part. Our problem came when we called in the refill, like always, and went to pick it up. We were told it should be ready in a couple hours and we would get a call if there were any problems. When we arrived to pick up the meds they weren't ready and we were told we had to make an appointment before our dog could get meds, apparently it's policy which is fine. However, no one called us prior to or to alert us to any issues with filling the script. I found out at the counter after I had been waiting for over 30 mins. On top of all this the cashier had the audacity to cop and attitude when I was upset. The issue was not we had to make an appointment for meds, it was the fact I had to wait 30 minutes to find all this out when I was there to pick up the meds. A heads up prior to us driving all the way out there like we were promised or a courtesy call before the year was up would have been nice. In the end I had to fight with these folks to get meds at least up until my poor dogs appointment just to keep her breathing comfortable. Disgruntled pet owner for sure!

Lisa Ferrell

5 years ago

Absolutely love this place! Vet was knowledgeable and gave us correct diagnosis unlike aquia garrisonville animal hospital , that have been going to for years! Found a new Veterinarian for our Fiona!???? highly recommend!

Lindsey Ulrich

5 years ago

Prior to getting into the grit of why we will no longer be bringing our business to this establishment, I do want to say that we had very pleasant experiences with Drs Dunn, Corbin, and Pepper. We also have no issue with most of the front desk staff, though a few of them have been less than polite. We brought our large male cat in to be treated for a urinary block in mid November 2017. We were pleased with his initial treatment. He continued to experience difficulties with urination, and we brought him back to WOAH for several appointments. Each appointment was scheduled with a different veterinarian, which we feel contributed to our cat’s unease in their office and a delayed recognition of a second blocking episode. Each appointment concluded with the prescription of a medication to promote more relaxed urination. We were later informed, after weeks of giving this to our cat, that it causes constipation. This side effect is listed nowhere in the paperwork we were sent home with, but we feel it resulted in the need on Feb. 14th to give him an enema that removed several pieces of impacted feces from an obviously uncomfortable cat. During one of these visits in late January, our cat saw Dr. Skarvek, who along with her inexperienced vet tech behaved as though they were afraid of our cat. He was vocal because, as most cats do, he had figured out the vet is not a fun place to be. He was not physically aggressive, yet I was asked to handle him myself to remove him from his carrier and was asked to weigh him myself. Dr. Skarvek handled him in a way that made me feel she was not actually concerned for his welfare, but more concerned about getting us out of the office. She also did an X-ray that showed he was constipated, but did not offer any suggestion of what to do and simply told us he “needed to poop.” Ultimately, our cat ended up having another blocking episode and was again kept for several days. During this time, the vet staff consistently communicated that he was “aggressive.” We were told that he has abnormally narrow urinary anatomy- a trait which has likely contributed to the continuation of his difficulties, and one which was likely noticed and not communicated during his initial episode in November. Had we known this, we could have made a more educated decision regarding surgical solutions when it became clear this would be a recurring issue for our cat, who has been extremely uncomfortable for the better part of three months. We were told we would pick him up Feb. 16th. The morning of the 16th came and went with no call. My husband called at 1pm, and the staff acted like his call was an inconvenience until it was pointed out that THEY missed the initial morning call. He then was told our cat would be kept until the 17th for observation and that we would receive an evening call. We did not receive a call. On the 17th, we were told he would not be kept over the weekend because he was “aggressive” and they did not have staff that could handle him. When my husband picked him up, he was asked to handle our cat, again, by Dr. Skarvek. When he left, he asked for our cat’s paperwork and notified staff that we would not be returning. When we got home and read through his paperwork, we found that he sustained an injury that resulted in a bloody nail during his first visit, which we were never notified about. We also noticed discrepancies in what doctors noted they said during calls and exams vs what was actually said to us. My two biggest complaints are this office's communication, and Dr. Skarvek, who acted scared of our cat on multiple occasions, once in front of a young, inexperienced vet tech who will likely reproduce similar behavior in her own career. We will be exploring surgical options for our cat at other locations. I would not recommend bringing your cat here for anything other than routine exams or vaccinations.

Kari Hawkins

5 years ago

During one of the hardest times and decisions of our lives, I saw compassion in the staff. As the time approached and I was a mess. I saw the staff crying as well. It was nice to see such compassion, especially for an animal they had only seen twice and not under the best circumstances!! Would highly recommend them!!

David Shifflett

5 years ago

Very rude and slow front desk staff. Appeared to care less about the customer and I felt like I was burdened them for coming in with my pet. The doctors are great but the front desk is horrible. Will be taking my business elsewhere.

Brittany Rowbotham

5 years ago

I called several times to schedule a training appointment with Paula for more than a week. Each time I was told that I'd have to leave a message and no one could answer my questions. When I called today, Holly kept talking over me and …

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