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Monti Wade

2 years ago

Doctor Kelly and Heidi were so helpful and they explained everything and even exposed where another vet was wrong. This is the BEST PLACE AROUND

Emilee Tin

2 years ago

Great vet and staff!! Recommend 100%. I noticed abnormality with my dogs eyes and was extremely worried. I rescued her so I didn’t have any previous history (medical or familial). Dr. Corcoran was able to accurately diagnose and pinpoint my concerns to a specific congenital problem. She sent me home with medications and provided proper education and information on my dogs diagnosis. Her staff is kind and enthusiastic, especially during a time when appointments are still curbside and extremely busy!! Dr. Corcoran discusses everything in person at your car and answers any question throughly. Very happy with the experience I received during my visit today. I trust her with my fur babies eyes and will bring my other dogs here for eye check ups as well.

Leonard Yang

2 years ago

Dr. Corcoran was friendly, thorough and answered all my questions to my satisfaction (I am a physician). Staff was efficient and polite.

Cynthia Core

2 years ago

Our sweet guy had a "cherry eye" repair surgery last week. The vet gave him a cone and some medicines to sedate him and relieve pain. We followed every single instruction she gave us and NEVER took the cone off, not even for a minute. The stitches came out after we left him in his crate for a few hours on Saturday morning, 5 days after the surgery. We came home, took him out, and saw the cherry eye was back. I texted the vet and several hours later texted her again. She said to bring him to be seen Tuesday. I had a 10:30 appointment, and when I dropped him off the vet tech who took him had no idea why he was there and asked, and I said he had a failed surgery. My pup was in the office from 10:35 to 11:50 (what?). A tech brought him back out and said the vet (Corcoran) would come out and talk to me. She was on a tear when she finally did. She said that all of his stitches were out and there's no way that could have happened without him rubbing his eye. I tried to say that I didn't know how he would have been able to do that since he was crated and wearing his cone when we think it happened. Then she raised her voice and said that I had no right to tell anyone the surgery failed. Um...I disagree. It failed. His eye is not repaired, so by definition it was not successful. I told her vet tech because he asked why we were there. Corcoran was extremely unprofessional - did not ask what we thought happened or for any information from us, just started saying that he had rubbed his eye and that's why surgery failed, no discussion. So that's $1500 gone, and now we start over, but not with her. Poor poor pup.

David Core

2 years ago

Do not recommend!!! We followed all guidance issued by this Vet following eye surgery for our dog. The surgery did not work, and she blamed us and became accusatory when we showed for the follow up and told the vet tech the dog was back for surgical failure follow up. Worse, she was unnecessarily aggressive and fully unprofessional in discussing our pet’s suture failures. Whatever Dr. Corcoran’s motivation for being so unprofessional, clients do not deserve to be treated in such a manner.

Julie Christie

2 years ago

Office staff is rude. In an era of sitting in your car and being required to call in before entering - they don't answer the phone. It's busy - which is unusual for a business - so you have to keep calling back. Then you get a voicemail saying they're too busy to take your call so leave a message. Then when you finally get a hold of the front desk staff they are rude, unapologetic, and unprofessional. Sitting in the car - trying to reach someone in the office when it's an hour past your appointment time and to be treated like you're the problem - we're done utilizing this provider.

Karen James

2 years ago

Love them. Took such good care of my baby (big husky german sheppard

Gwen Rynk

2 years ago

It's a shame that Dr. Corcoran is so good while her staff is rude and nasty. The Dr gets 5 stars from me, Mariah her office staff gets a -5, she's an abusive bully type. I called to ask why i hadn't been notified before my card was charged and was treated like a piece of dirt. She was so rude that i reminded her that's it's illegal to charge a card without permission and was told i was wrong and that i was the only patient who complained about it? So Mariah, this is for you "It's illegal to charge a person's credit card without their permission. It's a felony called Financial Transaction Card Fraud" I'll finish out the treatment with my dog because the vet is great but i would be hesitant to go back in the future as the front office staff is less than desirable.

Michael Kratz

2 years ago

caring, timely, professional, thorough. thank you!

Jason McLear

2 years ago

Dr. Corcoran is top notch! I first went to Vet Vision with my beloved Boston terrier Gorgeous George a few years ago and he received excellent care while keeping his sight until he passed at 15 1/2. Now I have a Boston terrier puppy with cherry eye in both eyes and have no doubt that his best chance is with Dr. Corcoran and the team at Vet Vision.

Mackenzie Johnson

2 years ago

The staff is nice but they did not think about my dog as an individual. They immediately recommended extraction of my dog’s eye without explaining anything to me or really understanding my dogs prior history. The vet also changed my pups regime when I challenged changes that led to reduced improvement. The practice would pressure me to remove one of my dogs eyes after asking about other options and made me feel like an unfit dog parent when I declined to move forward. We decided to get another consultation at two different vets who recommended other types of treatment to keep our baby comfortable rather than extracting his eye. I left vet vision in tears for multiple weeks because everything was rushed, poorly explained or neglected understanding how my dog was progressing individually. They also refill scripts using paper fax instead or calling. I had to go to the clinic each time I needed something refilled because my pharmacy doesn’t accept these forms or fills anymore.

Shaun Escrader

2 years ago

Dr Cochran was great and explained all procedures for my best friend.

Vannessa Calderon

3 years ago

When our dog developed sudden cataracts we called vet vision. Our experience in terms of the doctor, surgery, and follow up appointments have been great. The reason why it’s not 5 stars, is that there are long wait times in getting an appointment, at the actual appointment we usually spend about an hour or more, it is very busy. There are extremely limited people in this profession so it’s expected, however, I have waited 30 minutes past our appointment time to get our dog in and then waited 45 minutes to an hour for the appointment. The staff, while friendly, are usually rushed on the phone and in person. The procedures are pricey but it helped to know that some of the follow up appointments were included and that they accept care credit. Our dog’s surgery was a successful and he was able to regain vision in one eye, the other eye was inoperable since it had significant damage. We were grateful for the honest professional advice.

Jennifer S.

3 years ago

Hard to get an appointment and very expensive but the Dr. was really wonderful as well as the staff.

Alan Hew

3 years ago

Dr. Jacob is great she asureed us of our old kitty's failing sight was treatable and helped guide us with medication to restore his vision.

Kimberly Price

3 years ago

My cat needed an operation to correct her eyelids. Everyone was very patient with me and answered all my questions in a helpful manner. I was very nervous about getting surgery on my 13 year old cat, but all went well, and she is recovering quite quickly.

Karin Wiley

3 years ago

worth the drive. awesome vet and staff. Dr. removed a complicate ocular dermoid from my dog's eye. Everything went great and he now can see well and has no issues.

Heidi Marie

3 years ago

My dog Lulu recently had eye surgery with Dr. Corcoran for a melting ulcer. She was so compassionate and responsive to her needs and addressed all my questions and concerns. Dr. Corcoran is an extremely busy doctor. But she seems to try to help as many clients and pets, as she possibly can. God Bless her!

Lindsay Grinder

3 years ago

I appreciate the knowledge Dr. Corcoran shared with me today about my dog Delilah's eye. The practice is very busy but when it's time to discuss your pet and the prognosis Dr. C takes the time to thoroughly explain and offer recommendations and options. Her front desk staff, specifically Heidi, was so kind and patient prior to me making an appointment by answering my 100 questions (I was a frantic pet mom) and calming my nerves. When my dog was referred by our vet to an ophthalmologist I called at least 4 places and I'm either still waiting on a call back (3 weeks later) or the front staff was less than pleasant to speak with. Vet Vision answered each of my calls the first time and has been nothing but the best. I look forward to their help in keeping Delilah's vision up to par and I thank Dr. Corcoran and her staff for being so kind and helpful.

Corey reed

3 years ago

I was a bit hesitant at first because I found Vet Vision from google and a review said good and cheap, which I would have preferred it to say inexpensive, but after everything I’m 100% confident in the surgery that took place and the fair pricing especially for this area. We were recommended to go to a different place from our normal vet, who would not perform the surgery, however, we could not get an appointment and the estimate was very high. While it did take a bit to get in to see the doctor at Vet Vision, they were confident, helpful, and professional. Koda had her surgery on February 18. The surgery went fine, the recovery was good, (everyone at home is very happy to have no cone) and now we are onward with the healing process. Anyone looking and especially concerned about a tumor needing removed I hope this review is helpful. Koda had a tumor on her upper eyelid and 2 other vets looked at it and said they could do it, but were not sure. Well that was not good enough for me. While I don’t want anyone’s dog to need surgery. If they do and if she did again, I would be back. Thanks to everyone at vet vision for taking care of koda!

Alison Pruntel

3 years ago

What can I say, our dog can see again! Suffered from juvenile cataracts and finally decided to spend the money (it is a significant cost for 2 eyes) and hope for the best. He was basically blind before the surgery, and within a day or so post-surgery, seeing out of both eyes. His personality is back (no longer fearful), it's just incredible! You just need to prepare yourself for (a) the cost (you'll have costs pre- and post-op, like for additional meds, etc.); (b) a number of post-op appointments (I live quite a ways away and work full time); and (c) administering medications (oral and the eye drops), often a 3-4 times a day. Dr. Corcoran is great, and her staff is very pleasant/helpful as well. Yes, it can be chaotic when you get there with all the other animals being dropped off, seen, etc. (you may have to wait outside for a few minutes, sometimes they can't get to the phone), but as long as you prepare yourself for that/get over that, it really isn't a big deal. The aggravation w/this being a busy practice is worth it. They are doing the best they can with being closed for COVID-19, being a super busy practice with one doctor. I'm very pleased with my dog's progress and would highly recommend.

Terri Holder

3 years ago

Unfortunately, I had an experience in care that was completely avoidable and completely unacceptable. I had a rescue dog that came in under this clinic for an eye and cataract treatment. While admirable that they work with the rescue, when I took over care, it was nothing like the care that I had received for other dogs through my normal practice at Eye Care for Animals. Since they started care for her here, I stayed, but when I started dealing with glaucoma matters (very important to get help fast when needed), we were treated unacceptable. I had a pressure issue the week of New Year's Eve, and the practice is closed on Wed (I believe) so I managed through that with the emergency control kit and called them the following am first thing. No one returned call. Got a message to check my email for help (never sent an email). After multiple calls and facing the long weekend without help and asking to drive her up to do an eye pressure, they refused their own patient and help. Told me to go find another place to get a pressure done. I certainly did that. Unanswered phones, lost eye drops sent out, and leaving a dog who WAS a patient with a glaucoma pressure problem before a weekend without any care or follow up is unprofessional and negligent. I contacted my normal eye care and they took her in immediately, diagnosed the issue and got her on the right track immediately --- even on New Year's Eve. I wouldn't recommend and I gave many chances. My dog's vision was at stake.

Matthew Rhoades

3 years ago

Loved the doctor and staff. The doctor solved our dog's eye problem with one visit.

Zoie W.

3 years ago

I called to gather information and was talked to and treated terrible. The nurse literally hung up when I was trying to get more information. They just want your money. They don’t want to help worried pet owners who aren’t rich.

Sara Kent

3 years ago

Dr, Corcoran has helped two of my dogs, restoring sight to my rescue with a severe cataract of unknown duration blinding her completely in one eye. She has been visual in that eye now for 7 years. Most recently we called her on an urgent basis following an ER visit the day before for another dog with an eye injury and got an appointment right away. She is great with dogs, gentle and understanding and a brilliant and skilled veterinary opthalmologist. We are so grateful.

Saliq Khawar

3 years ago

Horrible experience will not recommend. Dr is too busy to even come out and speak to the owners. The phones are almost always busy and you have to call 5-6 times to get through. Staff will see you standing out freezing and will not acknowledge you. They don’t care.

Rafael Javadov

3 years ago

Thank you Kelly! Lexy is 9 now. Your hands are the best!

Jack MacDougall

3 years ago

I am forever grateful to Dr. Corcoran and the entire staffs of Vet Vision! My cat Tommy developed cataracts in both eyes and was almost completely unable to see. The quality of care and the level of compassion that both Tommy and I received and continue to receive from everyone at Vet Vision is extraordinary!

Jannah Swink

3 years ago

It took 6 days to get a call back from this office. When I had additional questions, the front desk person Mariah said, "Don't shoot the messenger." I am changing providers.

Karen Sargent

3 years ago

My 16 year old dog had an ulcer in his right eye. His vet tried to remedy the situation without success and advised the only thing she could do was to remove the eye or I could take him to a Vet ophthalmologist. Vet Vision was able to eliminate the ulcer with treatments/eyedrops in a couple of months. I was very impressed with Dr. Corcoran and the entire staff.

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